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Teemo Build Guide by nessie210

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League of Legends Build Guide Author nessie210

Teemo - do you really think you'll get away alive?

nessie210 Last updated on November 17, 2012
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First of all, welcome to my Teemo build guide! And please excuse me if I ever make some english mistakes.

I want to explain why I've chosen this build for Teemo. As you know, the really special feature of this champion is his poison: a powerful DOT (Damage Over Time) which, well used, can make you win 1vs1 fights against nearly any champion. That and your mushrooms are your most important weapons.

I've seen many people build Teemo as a classic AD carry, specially in low gaming levels. Sure, it works, but just as the other carrys in the game, you're not really taking advantage of all he can do. There is also another way of building him, which is full AP, so that your Blinding Dart and your Noxious Trap deal tons of damage (more of a supportive type of Teemo). But after trying many builds I found, I decided to make my own. And I promise you, it really works well.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this guide, and if you ever find anything you don't like, or any mistakes, please let me know, so that I can fix that!


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Summoner Spells

At the beginning of the guide, you can see that my main summoner spells with Teemo are Ignite and Flash, but I will explain why I chose those, and other viable summoner spells for this little champion.

Best Summoner Spells:

  • Flash is nearly a must. You already have a sort of natural Ghost, so a Flash in the right moment can save your yordle's ***.
  • Ignite is my second favorite spell for Teemo (after Flash). As you can see, there is no life steal in my build (not normally, at least), and Ignite can (and will) make the difference in a 1vs1 fight. Use it while attacking, add it to your poison (and mushrooms, once you'll learn how to), and no one will be able to escape.
  • Teleport is perfect whenever you're going solo top or mid. Not only because that you sort of need it when you're on top (not everyone takes it, I prefer to do it), but also because you can teleport yourself to any of the mushrooms you've put in the map. It makes you a really dangerous backdoor character (above all considering the amount of AS that you'll have...)
  • Heal seems to be a popular choice for everyone since it got improved, but specially for AD carrys. Again, as you don't have life steal, it's a very good choice.

Viable Summoner Spells:

  • Ghost isn't a bad summoner spell for Teemo, but as I've already said, your Move Quick could be considered as a Ghost. If you prefer having two of them, go ahead, it works too.
  • Exhaust is a spell I don't like mostly because I don't really know when to use it, so I don't take it. But if you know how and when to place it, go ahead and take it.
  • Surge can be a nice choice for this Teemo, since it gives you both Attack Speed and Ability Power.

Non-Viable Summoner Spells:

  • Clarity is useless for Teemo, you don't really need your mana, because your main source of damage is your "Toxic Shot", a passive. You will only feel the need of mana if you put a lot of mushrooms without ever getting back to your base, in a long period of time.
  • Clairvoyance won't really help you while playing this Teemo. Your mushrooms give you enough visibility, and for me it's more of a supportive summoner spell (but if you want to play support Teemo, I'd rather take Teleport).
  • Promote, a spell which only helps in early (but, early early) game, and I find it useless.
  • Cleanse won't really help you survive longer, I've already tried that and you will hardly see the difference.

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After trying many rune types, I've found two different builds, which are only different in the quintessences:

The AS early game god:


Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

Greater Seal of Attack Speed

Greater Glyph of Ability Power

Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed

The AP damage Blind dart king:


Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

Greater Seal of Attack Speed

Greater Glyph of Ability Power

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power

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There are different ways of building this AP/AS Teemo, so I will take my time to explain the core build and the situational items.

Starting Items

These are your main items during the first minutes of the game. You'll always want to start with a Doran's Ring, because the life and Ability Power it gives you are really nice. You won't have many Attack Speed (specially if you don't have the AS runes), but you're main source of damage in this moment is your Blinding Dart. Your next item will be your boots. Why Sorcerer's Shoes and not Berserker Graves? Berserker Graves will give you some Attack Speed, really remarquable at the beginning of the game, but you will be getting enough AS really soon, and the magic penetration of Sorcerer's Shoes make a real difference in your damage. Dagger and Amplifying Tome are your early source of Attack Speed and Ability Power. Always buy first whatever you don't have in your runes.

Core Items

These three items are the most important things you'll have to buy during the game. Whenever I get these, I consider myself almost full stuff. You have 1.8 Attack Speed, around 100-120 Ability Power, and the passives of the three of them. Take this, and the fact that they aren't expensive at all, and you'll see why this build is so powerful.

Last Items

Now that you have enough Attack Speed, you can start to seriously get Ability Power. And nothing will give you Ability Power as a Rabadon's Deathcap. It surely is expensive, but if you get kills and creep (I will explain that in the Gameplay chapter), you will finish it without problems. After that, sell your Doran's Ring if you already haven't, and get a Guinsoo's Rageblade, a really cheap item which will get you to 2.5 Attack Speed, Ability Power and even Attack Damage. Now you're in the machine gun mode, and you should be able to kill anyone.

Situational Items

There are some items which I like to get depending on the match. They normally take the place of my Guinsoo's Rageblade, because I consider the other items too important to replace.

Sometimes you'll feel that you can't survive because you're getting bothered by stuns and other type of Crowd Control. You don't want to feed the enemy team, so take this without hesitating whenever needed.

This is a great item for Teemo. Many times I get this in my main build, but specially if there are many tanky champions in the enemy team. The passice of Madred's Bloodrazor, added to the passive of your Toxic Shot, will make theis life fall as if they didn't have that Warmog.

Are they getting too many Magic Resistance? Get this. The Ability Power is always good for yourself, your Noxious Trap will get you more kills than it did before, and your basic attacks will continue to deal the same amount of damage than before (or almost).

Do you feel that you don't have enough survavility? Get some life steal and spell vamp, and all your problems will fade away! Remember to start building this item with the Vampiric Scepter, because the life steal is a priority in this case. But you will also see how you heal yourself with your Noxious Trap and your Blinding Dart, and seeing the damage they deal, believe me when I say you will like that.

If the one getting fed in their team is the AP carry, this can be a nice item. It gives you bonus Attack Speed, and Magic Resistance whenever you're hitting a target. It also stacks with Malady's passive, so it really is a good item for Teemo Many people might say this should be part of the main item build, but I personally prefer Ionic Spark, as explained in the Core Items. Anyway, this can be easily fit into the build, taking the plae of the Ionic Spark.

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Skill Sequence

Ability Explanation

  • Camouflage Camouflage: Your life-saving, kill-getting passive. Whenever being chased, or waiting for an enemy to appear, just stay still for two seconds. And, by magic, you're invisible. It's also useful for the buff it gives you. I'll explain how to use it in the Gameplay chapter.
  • Blinding Dart: It may not look like, but this ability will get you many kills and deal tons of damage. In early game, hitting the AD carry or the support with this will surely take one important part of their life away. But it's its passive which will make the difference. A blind AD carry/jungler can hit you, but that doesn't mean he will deal you damage... But you, you will be doing it to him! It can also help you farm. It should be your first ability, but max it second.
  • Move Quick: Your surviving/chasing ability. You can get away from ganks with this natural Ghost, but you can also chase your escaping enemies. Useful, but remember to maximize it last.
  • Toxic Shot: And here is your main source of damage. This passive is what will be getting you most of your kills. Even without the bonus you give to it by getting Ability Power, the damage over time can make the difference in ganks, teamfights and 1vs1 fights. Take it as your second ability, but prioritize it after.
  • Noxious Trap: Your ultimate. This is the most known Teemo ability, and it is what will make your enemies think "Oh god, not Teemo" whenever they see you charging before the game. With this build, you won't be far from the 1000 points of damage dealt whenever one of these little explode, but they will also serve as wards and escaping ways. I will dedicate a chapter to them, so don't worry, you'll learn to love and use them so that the enemy team will think of your family whenever they walk accross one of them.

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And now comes the tricky part. Because Teemo can get some time to get used to him, specially because you are very squishy, and you seem to have the hidden passive "Gets focused by everyone". But don't worry, because if you do well, they will regret having engaged you.

Early game: laning phase

This is the most important phase of the game for Teemo, I'd say. Your main goal now is to farm, no matter whatever lane you're in. If you are in top or mid lane, no one from your team will take you any creeps, but beware your enemy, specially before level 6. Try to harass them a bit with your Blinding Dart and some basic attacks, but don't engage a fight unless you are sure to win or you are being ganked.

In bottom lane, with a support beside you, farm and try to keep their AD carry away from minions. You'll see that farming is easy thanks to your Toxic Shot. With practice, you'll learn to calculate when to hit minions, but even if you fail thanks to those secret 3 HP minions seem to have, poison will do the rest for you. To bother the enemy AD carry, just hit him with Blinging dart whenever it's up and you don't need it for farming, and offer him some poison too.

In ganks and fights, always remember to blind the enemy AD carry. He won't be able to deal any damage to you, and he will get a good amount of damage himself thanks to the Ability Power you already have. Always try to get the kills (as with any AD carry), and never forget that you have your Noxious Trap. Take advantage of the fact that they will focus you, and run to the mushrooms you should have in your bush (how to place them is explained in the Mushrooms chapter). Wait for them, and once they've hit the mushroom, blind them and hit them. If necessary, Ignite to get the kill.

Mid game: everyone is already everywhere

Ganks, ganks everywhere during this phase of the game. Even if there are always many people in your lane, of when there is no one, don't forget to prioritize farming. You will surely be spamming your Noxious Trap in this phase of the match, because your ganking mushrooms are nearly always being activated. Specially if you have managed to get fed in early game, but if it is like that, sometimes you can even solo the both from the bottom lane and the jungler (already happened to me, but not recommended if you don't know the damage you deal).

Start to roam a bit, put some mushrooms in the dragon or the baron, and in your jungle (explained in the Mushrooms chapter). Go to their jungle too if you feel safe to do that or you know the position of their jungler. Always put mushrooms in mid lane, because the first team fight for a turret will surely take place there. Mushrooms will give you assists and kills, which mean gold, or they will make their ganks fail, which can give your team a very important advantage.

Late game: now this is what damage means

Even if you already dealt lots of damage in the previous phases, this is where you really shine. By now you should at least have your Sorcerer's Shoes, your three core items and your Rabadon's Deathcap started too. Your mushrooms should be everywhere, specially because its cooldown is almost a joke once they are level three and you have your Nashor's Tooth.

In teamfights, stay behind, or even get there later. Once they have understood the damage you deal, you will be focused. But don't worry, because that doesn't always mean you will be killed. Your team should protect you, and you just have to be sure to blind and kill their AD carry, and then start focusing the rest of them. Don't worry if you get found while putting Noxious Trap all over the map, you should be able to win almost every 1vs1 fight (excepting against some Crowd Control or heavy AP champions).

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Ah, the Noxious Trap. The little jewel that Teemo has, which can save you, your team mates, ward the map for 10 minutes, and get you kills. So, let's get started with them.

Where to place your mushrooms?

After observing Summoner's Rift, I've found many good places to put this little bombs so that there is always (yes, always) someone who walks through them, even if they just did one second before and you just put it there again... Basically, wherever you have little place to walk, and, if you want to get to a place X, you'll be forced to get past that point. But it depends on the phase the game is into, too.

Mushrooms while laning:

  • Light orange is for bottom lane.
  • Purple is for mid lane.
  • Dark blue is for top lane.

While laning, you'll want to get as many gold as you can. And one thing you can take advantage of is that you don't really need wards (at least not after reaching level 6). Noxious Trap will give you some visibility around them, and it will slow enemies who enter your lane and activate them.

If you are laning bottom (surely with a support), be sure to put many mushrooms in the bushes. They will show you when your enemies entered them, and if you ever engage a fight (or get engaged), you can use them to escape and deal damage.

In mid, the most important thing they do is serve as wards. They will also deal damage to that annoying jungler who thought he could wait for you in the bush, or enter the lane from your tower and get you from behind. You can also put them in the middle of the lane, to farm.

Noxious Trap is specially important during this phase if you're laning in top lane. Because you're alone, their warding ability is essential, and the one who is between the river and your tower will help you escape if you're being ganked and you can't kill them.

Mushrooms in mid and late game:

Light blue and purple just design whatever side of Summoner's Rift you're putting mushrooms into.

And yes, I know what you're thinking: "Oh my God, that's a lot of mushrooms". Yes, but this are just all the possible places I propose to you (and I've surely forgotten some of them). Feel free to choose your favorite, and to tell me if you have one of those places where nobody misses walking through the mushrooms and it's not in my image.

Most important mushroom places:

Yes, there are too many mushrooms you'd like to put, we'd all love to make Summoner's Rift into a mine field, but you won't surely have enough time to get all that done. So, here are the most important mushroom places (it was hard to choose, and you won't agree with me, I really don't either, every place can be vital).
  • Purple is for warding Nashor.
  • Orange is for warding dragon.
  • Red are random mushrooms.

You might have noticed that the red ones are the same on different sides of the map. Well, Summoner's Rift is kind of mirrored, so the important crossroads are the same on purple and blue sides.

I can assure you, most of the people will at least get 5 mushrooms all along the game if you place them like that. Even if they just walked through one of them 1 minute away and you had the time to put it again in there, they will still fall for it.

Mushrooms in fights:

If you feel that a teamfight is about to begin, try to put some mushrooms wherever it will take place. Even if enemies see you do it, they will not think about it while chasing you, or during the blur of the teamfight. These little thinkgs can make the difference during the fight, because everyone around them will get the damage, get slowed, and they will surely get you some kills.

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AP/AS Teemo vs other Teemos

This is a crucial part of the guide (which I hadn't originally thought of, thanks to Fulundry for suggesting me), where I explain to you why I prefer this way of building Teemo instead of the other viable ways.

AP/AS Teemo vs AP Teemo

You might ask yourself, "Why Attack Speed, when you could have just an Ability Power Teemo?". The answer is simple: you want to deal damage with everything, not only with your Noxious Trap. Yes, they will be getting you kills, and even your Blinding Dart can be an important source of damage, but this is more of a supportive Teemo, which will mostly be pressing R all over the map and not getting into teamfights.

AP/AS Teemo vs AD Teemo

Ah, the big question. Why not a classic carry AD build for Teemo? Yes, you deal tons of damage, and yes, you can carry your game too. But for me it isn't as fun as the other Teemo. You can play any champion of the League with a classic AD build, and it will surely work, so Teemo is not an exception. But playing him this way will make you use all of those little things that make Teemo special: you will still be dealing huge amounts of damage when basic attacking and blinding the opponent, but the last one will be a burst, and the power of your Poison shot will give you the kill combined to a good Attack Damage too. Your mushrooms will deal their basic amount of damage and slow the enemy, but they will add ~400 points of damage to what you already did before.

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Teemo is a very versatile champion, if not the most we have by now in the League. This build tries to take advantage of all the special features this little yordle has, from Camouflage to Noxious Trap. That is way I've put it over the AD or AP ways to build him. Just try it, and tell me whatever you think of it!

And please, explain why if you downvote, so that I can improve my build!