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Teemo Build Guide by ehrid

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ehrid

Teemo - Dominion's Master of Mushrooms

ehrid Last updated on June 13, 2012
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Honor Guard

Defense: 9

Strength of Spirit

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Updates are coming soon (as soon as I'll end all exams)

This is my first build, made for Dominion. if you have any questions just ask in comments and also if you don't like it please at least say why :)

Also soory If I'll make some mistake, I'm not form English-speaking country.

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Why AP instead of AD

I don't know if it's some kind of joke, but every Teemo playing Dominion is going AD... Who the hell started it? Are you trying to lose?

It is true, that AD champions is usually better than AP ones. But turning Teemo to AD is not so good idea, since AP Teemo is much stronger than AD Teemo. Of Course AD one can be better, but it is the same way as killing three enemies without any help, can be done but it is NOT easy ;]

As Ferrovial wrote in this build:


Why Attack damage (ad) sucks like hell on teemo

Just don't play Teemo as ad. Before I go any further I would like you to know that teemo is NOT an Ad carry. And he sucks heavily when you play him so for two major reasons, which follow:
  • Teemo has an surprisingly small range of 500
    This kinda sucks because Teemo is really squishy. You should already know that. Having 500 range means that you should go close to enemies. But this is not the case is it? Doesn't the as/on hit effects have to come close or what? It does have to come close but, check at the point below too
  • Teemo doesn't have any skills that empower his normal hits by giving him extra attack damage nor add any synergy to it.
    I will say it again, and try to repeat after me. Teemo is not an attack damage carry. By saying so, I do not suggest that you can not play him as such, but it takes a special kind of idiot to do so. Why am I so absolute you may wonder so far. I am because, even if you do play him as ad, he is not worth the spot. Other ad carries such as Ashe, Caitlyn can do way better job than he does.
  • This way he is based on attack damage, making armor a very effective counter to him
    Needless to say, that once enemies build some armor, which they will if they are good players and face a heavy attack damage enemy team, your damage will fall so dramatically, that it will be like it has fallen from a bridge. Before you begin whining about me being a noob because I ignore armor penetration, let me tell you that the attack speed/on hit effects build is, if not uncounterable, much more difficult to counter.

And it's true in every word.

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Pros / Cons


+ Great damage
+ Easy to master
+ Best assassin (IMO)
+ Passive Toxic Shot
+ Ultimate Noxious Trap
+ Super fast with Move Quick
+ Invisibility with Camouflage
+ Tanks and AD champions destroyer


- Quite squishy
- Usually focussed in teamfights
- Very low range
- Need items to be good
- Low health points
- No stuns

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As for masteries i go 21-9-0:


Because you deal tons of magic damage you'll some extra AP along with magic penetration. Also because you are very squishy 9 point in Defense (Some armor, MR and HP Regeneration) will help you survive longer :)

other good set is 26-4-0:

Bigger damage instead of survivability. +4% AS and +10% Armor Penetration seems to be good choice. But remember that you can die more quickly ;]

in the same way works 30-0-0:

But I don't recommend it very much. Two up there are much better (IMO).

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9x Greater Mark of Magic Penetration
3x Greater Quintessence of Magic Penetration
In this build you deal tons of magic dmg, its obvious that you have to take them. +14,22 magic penetration can be very usefull. Arcane Knowledge gives you additional 10%. Very good start :)

9x Greater Seal of Armor
You would be surprised how your survivability grow with +12,69 from runes and +6 from Hardiness .

9x Greater Glyph of Magic Resist
Same as up. 12,06 (runes) + 6 ( Resistance ). Great start, much better survivability.

Greater survivability and demage is exacly what we need to start game properly ;]

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Summoner Spells

Simply best choice for Dominion. Ghost is for mobility and Ignite for killing (very usefull in early game).

other good set is
Not so good in early game, but after Kitae's Bloodrazor will provide you many kills.

May consider

Flash is good spell for obvious reasons, if you like it you can take it :). Surge is opposite of Exhaust, very good spell, but can be easily beaten by Exhaust. It's your choice. As for Heal... it can save you countless times xD

Absolutely don't take!

Smite just don't. Revive can be useful, but you don't spent so much time dead ;] Promote is also not good spell as it would seem, it can be easily killed. Don't take Clarity you just don't use so much mana. Cleanse is very good spell, but if you need it just buy Quicksilver Sash, much better choice (90sec cooldown instead of 210). Personally I don't like Garrison, there are spells that will benefit you more.

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Skill Sequence

Ability description







Teemo's passive - invisibility & bonus AS Very good passive, maybe not the best but still very good. Of course if you know how and when to use it. You can not only easily escape, but also make use of +40% AS after leaving stealth - nice ambush can be made :)

Surprise! You cant see anything! After hitting enemy he is blinded as so he can't attack. Use it to save yourself or allay as good as to gain advantage over enemy.

For escaping and chasing - cool passive, better active. Passive gives you 10/14/18/22/26% bonus movement speed until struck, bonus speed is always good. Active doubles your speed for 5sec, great escaping and chasing skill.

Our beloved passive - poisonous shots. Some bonus magic damage On-Hit and great poison. Basically reason of making On-Hit build ;)

Teemo signature - Mushrooms. Our free mini wards and traps. Use it wisely to kill enemy, escape or prevent enemies from using buffs.

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

How to use skills

Blinding Dart

Blinding Dart blinds enemy, while blinded he can not attack. This is great lifesaver, you can save your ally or yourself. When you see your ally slipping away just attack enemy, he will not be able to attack. It can save your teammate. You can also use it to gain advantage when fighting, blinded enemy can attack, so it give you free seconds under capture point or when fighting directly.

Move Quick

If you ever wondered why you see teemo in many places at once here is your answer - Move Quick. Great ability. You can easily escape (described in chapter Strategy) as good as chase enemy. But first of all - don't use if you don't have to. It's fine if you'll use it to get faster to point and defend it, but it is not when you use it without any good reason. It can provide you kill and save your life it's not wise to waste it.

Noxious Trap

see chapter Mushrooms...

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Mercury's Treads, Berserker's Greaves and Sorcerer's Shoes. Three boots that are worth our attention. Personally I'm taking first one, Mercury's Treads, because of his passive. +35 Tenacity means -35% of CC duration, having these can really help you, in addition +25 MR. If for some reason you don't like it or opposite team don't have anyone who can stun or slow you down, you should consider other two Berserker's Greaves gives you +25 AS and Sorcerer's Shoes +20 MP. Both are good choices.

Really great item. What do we need? Attack speed? Ability power? Sure Malady is perfect choice. But for Malady it's not enough. +20 Magic Damage On-Hit and reducing opponents MR. First step in becoming killing machine!
Our second On-Hit item. 40 AS and 30 MR, sound nice. But it's not why we buy it. Extra 42 damage on-hit! In total with Malady gives us +62 Magic Damage. While Malady reduces opponents MR, Wit's End increase our MR :)

By now we deal pretty good dmg, but we still want more, don't we? Kitae's Bloodrazor means additiona AD and AS, but just as in the previous items, it's all about on-hit passive! +2,5% of target's maximum health. Isn't it great? Along with this weapon we should easily become top one killer!

Nice armor (99) and even better passive! It reduces cooldowns and nerbly enemies AS by 20%! Helps a lot in late game.
Last and final item. But we're still low health, besides that our enemies are slipping away... Frozen Mallet is now our priority. It gives us +700 HP and +20 AD, but more important it slows your target by 30%! Usually game won't last so long that you will buy it, but there is still that option.

Optional items

Odyn's Veil If there are many AP players, its active is something like small Ignite. Can be useful.

Hextech Gunblade If instead of armor you prefer some damage. In addition some spell wamp and life steal, also cool active - some sort of combination Ignite and Exhaust.

Void Staff If enemies builded good MR and you are having problems.

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It's very important to know exactly how to start your game. With proper start you'll become top player after few minutes, otherwise it can take time.


Gong TOP

In the beggining you must inform your teammates that you will take first top (that middle one) point, and then join them. Use your Move Quick to get to the point and just after capturing it use again Move Quick along with Ghost to get to the top point. If you do it right, when they will start fight you'll be with them.

If you can be the fastest why don't go and take top one? Because at that point you're not so strong. You are good as support, and you don't want to die to early. So its better to let your teammates fight in the first line, as support you'll help them better than unnecessarily dying. Know your place.

Going BOT

It's better for Teemo to go TOP, but still he can go BOT. That strategy works well with one careless enemy ;). Firstly go and capture you point, your enemy will do the same (red arrow). Go and hide while you'r enemy will approach your point (blue arrow), then quickly attack him before he'll take point. (green arrow). Remember to use Ignite. Most likely you will have to retake point (it will be neutralized), but you'll earn kill, good start.

Distracting enemy

In that starting strategy your role will be to distact your enemy so your team can win TOP. So how it works? You will fallow red arrow and hide in bushes near Speed Shrine, but remember not to enter that area in center (you can't let them now :P). After you'll see that they started fighting and no one is near the point start neutralizing it (blue arrow). At least one or two enemies will rush to you. If you can neutralize -> do it, otherwise run (green arrow). It should be enough for your team to win top. After that you can help BOT or go TOP, it's up to you. If you need then use Ghost, but I don't think it will be necessary.

Capturing TOP

Capturing TOP needs a litle bit different build and Lulu. Changes are very important if you want to succeed. Also Lulu in team is very important because of her Whimsy. As you can guess you have to be very fast. (without Lulu you would have to change runes and masteries, but then you need totally different build)

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Haveing 3x Move Quick as first three skills will give you +18% of movement speed, Whimsy gives you +35% for 5sec, Move Quick active doubles your speed. Speed shrine means another +30% for 10sec and Ghost +35% for 10sec. But it is still not enough.

Second change are boots. You will buy Boots of Mobility instead of Mercury's Treads. Later on you will change your boots to Mercury's Treads.

With all that changes and proper route you should be able to capture that point, at least you will have it nearly captured.


Neutralizing the points

Everybody knows how to neutralize points, it's not any kind of secret, but many don't know when. Our job is to neutralize point and run, so our enemy will have to go back. Easier job for our teammates and also some extra points ;]

But first things first - safety. Place three mushrooms on two nearby Health Relics and on closest Speed Shrines. It will allarm you if enemy is coming, also slow him down. And second condition. You need to have all enemies visible and outside your safety zone, safety zone provides you not only enough time to neutralize point but also run (without few exceptions, but for sure you'll have time to act). If for some reason you'll be disobedient, very likely you'll have to use Ghost or die...


Next very important thing - Escaping. It's nice if you distract enemy, but it is not when you'll die. So it's very important to know how to use it properly. Basically there are two ways. First one is to use your passive Camouflage and second one is using Move Quick and/or Ghost (try to avoid using this one).

First way (using Camouflage) is quite easy. Just go out of point stand still, you can also press B. Here in Dominion when using recall spell you will still become invisible. On damage you will not become visible again. To escape that way you need at least 3 seconds.

Second way is using your accelerators and run as fast as possible while avoiding enemies. The key is to choose the right path.

And here you have two examples of using it:

And one additional thing that you should know. ZOA - Zone Of Activity, this is area that you should avoid, most likely your enemy will be searching you there. Of course on circumstances you can enter it.

Coming soon:


Against turtle strategy

Against Heimerdinger

Against archers


One on one

Many on one

Many on many

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Mushroom Placement

It's very important to know where to place Mushrooms. Many Teemo's place it in bushes etc... Huge mistake. It is so dynamic map that simple knowledge where our enemy is heading is not so important. If you place it right, you can get few free kills and many assists.

  • Red - Always place there.
  • Blue - Only if every red is covered.
  • Green - shouldn't really care about it.

You would be surprised how many people will run into your mushroom and die instead of heal. It can give you many free kills and assists.

Slowing enemy instead of speed bonus is also very usefull.

But it's not all. If you play against some tanks keep at least 2. And simply place it under him, with it you can beat everybody ;]

Coming soon:

Mushroom the lifesaver

Mushroom the death reaper

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  • Keep moving.
    If you can take point, take it. If you can assist your teammate, do it. With Move Quick you are very fast, dont forget about it.
  • Be top assassin.
    After Kitae's Bloodrazor you will deal enormous damage. Find enemy and kill him, its your game now! If they will buy Magic Resist Item then just change Mercury's Treads with Sorcerer's Shoes and if it's not enough then replace Wit's End with Void Staff
  • Don't try to attack enemy on point with out any help.
    You are not Shaco to attack two enemies at point and take it. Don't be stiupid, before Frozen Mallet you dont have any chance. Its better to backdor and assist others.
  • Use your passive to defend points.
    After getting Kitae's Bloodrazor along with Camouflage you can easly defend point against two champions at once. If you're like 3-2 points captured, and <50 points on both sides its good idea to defend. Few times I defended point against three enemies at the end of game.

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This is just the example of how good is that on-hit build. Game was very balanced and most of my kills and assists I get after Kitae's Bloodrazor. Simply no one was able to take me down one on one. This is just one of many, only problem you can have are tanks with MR near points.

And another one. Before (yes you're right) Kitae's Bloodrazor I had 1/8/11 ;] I didn't even have time to buy Frozen Mallet completely

Today I played Teemo only 3 times, but in second one we had 2 afk ;]

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