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Teemo Build Guide by Caden76

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Caden76

Teemo is dat spank AP and AD. (57% done)

Caden76 Last updated on March 12, 2013
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AP and AD teemo

Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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So you wanna spank dem newbs with Teemo?


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Invisible text!Invisible text!Invisible text!Invisible Teemo
Look no where else this is your complete and personally used guide to super smack dem hoes with Teemo.

The build has a very simple objective, FAT AP. You wanna mess em up right? then build AP, not hybrid, not AD(although i will include an AD guide).

The plan is simple, run in and hit 1 person hard enough to kill them and run out, then return in 2 seconds to kill another target. Your auto attacks will deal massive bonus damage with Toxic Shot as well. This will have further explanation in guide.

This is my first Mober guide for my most well played and favorite champ Teemo!

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Super Rune buff

Invisible text!Invisible text!Invisible text!Invisib

These runes are important. The Amplifying Tome first item and your 15 AP Quintessence of Ability Power AP aswell as Mental Force and Archmage will give you 44 AP at level 1.

This is very important because of how hard it is to start a game AP Teemo do to his low damage output with AP, but 44 AP will last u until Lvl 8 before you start to notice your not doing considerable damage.

Invisible text!Invisible text!Invisible text!Invisib

The Glyph of Magic Resist is for mages cause Teemo uses Blinding Dart to disable AD so armor is a no no, you want that nuke protection especially if your going mid.

Invisible text!Invisible text!Invisible text!Invisib

Mark of Magic Penetration is pretty straight forward, get through there magic defense.

Invisible text!Invisible text!Invisible text!Invisib

Seal of Attack Speed helps Teemo get cs(creep score). You want do a lot of damage low level so you'll have to snipe a lot of minions for last hits, 6.8% attack speed helps not to mention improve DPS from auto attacks against champions.

Invisible text!Invisible text!Invisible text!Invisib

Getting 9 Mark of Attack Speed (It's 1.7% attack speed Mobafire is wrong) gives you 15.3% more attack speed, plus your Seal of Attack Speed, thats 23% attack speed and 44 AP at level 1, for 8 magic penetration, you might feel this is worth it.

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The mastery page gives you health with Veteran's Scars and magic resistance with Resistance ! perfect to counter mid.

Not to mention the bonus magic damage based on AP with Spellsword you do with auto attacks and the 6 AP Mental Force gives you as well as Archmage And Executioner can save the kill with Toxic Shot's DoT.

Either or it's a pretty straight forward AP build.

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4 Bonus magic damage sources on attack! 3 Based on AP!

+ ++

The deadly combo!

+ +

Essential items!

+ +

3 DoTs, up to 4 with red buff!

++ +

Get Malady first

Invisible text!Invisible text!Invisible text!Invisib

Malady will make Teemo have about 1.3 attack speed with his Seal of Attack Speed runes and make his auto attack do 15 magic damage plus more based on AP! this stacks with Toxic Shot AND Spellsword making Teemo have 3 magic damage sources from his auto attack and rendering him NO NEED FOR AD ITEMS!

Magic penetration

+ + + +
You can deal almost 300 damage per auto attack with a full build, not to mention more magic penetration from Mark of Magic Penetration, Sorcerer's Shoes, Liandry's Torment, and Arcane Knowledge .

Invisible text!Invisible text!Invisible text!Invisib

THEN to **** em up even more you get that Rabadon's Deathcap you get that fast! That Rabadon's Deathcap will move your AP to around 250 and make Blinding Dart do RIDICULOUS damage plus the bonus magic damage from Toxic Shot makes Teemo auto attacks also RIDICULOUS.

Invisible text!Invisible text!Invisible text!Invisib

THEN YOU GET Lich Bane AND IS GG. Lich Bane will give Teemo EVEN MORE MOVEMENT SPEED, MANA FOR Noxious Trap, AND SPELLBLADES 2 SECOND MAGIC DAMAGE BONUS making you have tons of burst damage!. Its Blinding Dart auto attack and there dead!

Invisible text!Invisible text!Invisible text!Invisib

Liandry's Torment will give your Noxious Trap and Toxic Shot another damage source based on there health percentage so you can kill people with lots of health easily, as well as 300 health and magic penetration.

Invisible text!Invisible text!Invisible text!Invisib
Rylai's Crystal Scepter will give you 500 health and a slow that can help you secure kills and escape. But can be replace with Nashor's Tooth or another preferred item.

Its just the best AP Teemo build ever. But the last 2 items are optional if you don't think he has enough magic penetration or health you can build Warmog's Armor or something idc. (don't build Warmog's Armor)

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Skill Sequence

Invisible text!InviFirst max out Then 1 point at level 10 to

Invisible text!Invisible text!Invisible text!Invisible

Okay this is pretty simple. Blinding Dart is AP Teemo's most damaging attack besides his Noxious Trap so u want to max it out first.

Invisible text!Invisible text!Invisible text!Invisible

There's no need to level Toxic Shot more than once because the Bonus damage it does starts at 10 and is based on AP. Increasing it only raises its base damage by 10, while increasing Blinding Dart increases its damage by about 50, 10 damage or 50 I don't know you decide, plus your already getting fat damage from it cause you have tons of AP.

Invisible text!Invisible text!Invisible text!Invisible

I put a second skill in Move Quick instead of moving Toxic Shot to level 3 for evasiveness, 10>14% movement speed doesn't seem like much but when you active move quick that's 20>28% which almost renders u immune to slows. Plus the 10 damage isn't that incredible at level 10.
Invisible text!Invisible text!Invisible text!Invisible

Once you've maxed out Blinding Dart though max Toxic Shot out cause it will move to 10>50 base damage which is incredible at level 14.

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You don't have to pick Heal and Flash, I just like them cause u can trick people into fighting u at low health and then healing, securing the kill... for you!

Also can save you at low health when your running or turret diving. Flash can also be used defensively and offensively, i often use Flash to get someone who just hit one of my Noxious Traps from 20-40 yrs away , they will not expect you to suddenly be there if you 30-50 yards away so they will often extend a little more after hitting the Noxious Trap, which is a kill for you!

Also, Flash over the walls, and to dodge skill shots about to kill you.

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Getting blue, the advantage

At level 8 with malady Teemo can easily solo blue with auto attacks. Getting blue can be imporatant for you to spread mushrooms everywhere before you get Needlessly Large Rod or Blasting Wand. Or if your fed and already have those, get you tons of kills.

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Playing teemo

Okay you've read about how your gonna smack face with Teemo, but there's something missing? Oh you haven't read about how your going to smack with Teemo!

As i once said to a bad bot support, Teemo is a moving fighter, meaning if you stand still your likely to get killed cause hes squish ball, LUCKILY all 4/5 of Teemo's skills can be used to save him and spank, yes at the same time! It's so exhilarating!

I play Teemo like there's no tomorrow and to give you a very very best play guide ill move his moves into chapters because of how many uses they have and then in a final chapter explain combos!

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Blinding dart, the super spank

Invisible text!Invisible text!Invisible text!Invisible

I love Blinding Dart. Its a fat poke, if your midding and u get level 2 Blinding Dart, it can take about 1/3 of your opposing middle lane opponent's health in one shot because of your 44 AP.

Blinding Dart is your first move every time, if you don't have mana for Blinding Dart, or its on cool down, don't try anything, its your damage and evasion. Blinding Dart is your poke, landing it is hard since its range is 30 yards and other champs can hit you with their pokes and auto attacks, the best place to use it is when their back is turned, your hidden with your passive to initiate, or your protected by minions from skill shots and tank crowd control ability's.

I wouldn't spam Blinding Dart to poke unless you knew you could get them to low enough health to kill them and still have enough mana for Blinding Dart because your auto attack low level wont deal damage very effectively, your Blinding Dart is literally your main source of damage the entire game but especially in the beginning lane phase.

Late game Blinding Dart is a murderer, hitting one Blinding Dart can definitively get you a kill on anyone less then half health so don't be afraid to KS your team mates with it, normally i would say you shouldn't ks, but u can 1v5 with a well played Teemo, I've done it before, so being fed on your team with Teemo is better than your AD carry being fed.

Blinding Dart is a very defensive spell as much as it is offensive, since it blinds targets for 3 seconds, it counters AD champions hard, laning against AD is cake with Teemo, they simply can't damage you if you dodge there skills shots,taunts, ext. It also can be used against champions while being chased, not to kill them but to make them miss for 3 seconds and secure your escape... so many Blinding Dart escapes it makes me cry :').

If i had to say anything else about this spell is that it is one of the best spells in the game due to being a disable and doing massive damage.

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Move quick, MOVE *****

Invisible text!Invisible text!Invisible text!Invisible

This is a fat spell. It gives Teemo a passive movement speed bonus so he can run through the map and place Noxious Trap's in valuable locations before a battle starts, give you the escape, or secure the kill.

Not to mention activating it doubles the passive for a short duration, allowing u to dodge skill, shots, escape enemies, and even poke them super fast with their back turned. The con to this spell is if your struck with it you will lose the passive but not if u activate Move Quick, activating Move Quick will give you permanent movement speed during the duration.

Move Quick can also be used to get for your nexus, or anywhere on the map, alot faster by activating it and doubling your bonus movement speed.

The spell outline is pretty straight forward though, it makes Teemo dip. which also helps in fights allowing you to poke and run away and them having no way to catch up to you while you constantly harass them with movement speed. poke run away, poke run away, they cant catch you! Its almost op.

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Toxic shot, teemos annoying DoT

Invisible text!Invisible text!Invisible text!Invisible

Everyone hates Toxic Shot for one reason, DoT(damage over time). you killed Teemo yeah, but his Toxic Shot DoT killed you, or you got away, but not from the DoT, I'm sure we've all experienced a humiliating V kill from Teemo.

It also is going to give you damage on your auto attacks based on AP, which allows Teemo to do fat damage with auto attacks and remain heavy AP, i love this spell so much because of that reason.

Its obvious whenever your fighting anyone keeping the DoT on them with auto attacks can win you it easily, especially in the beginning lane phase.

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Noxious Trap, your secret weapon

Invisible text!Invisible text!Invisible text!Invisible

Hence secret meaning its invisible. Yeah they can be countered in the lane with a Vision Ward but Vision Wards are expensive and cripple enemy team building and there will still be place you can place Noxious Trap that the ward wont reveal, like in river, it dosen't matter where your Noxious Trap's's are as long as they are in high traffic areas.

Middle bushes, dragon, and baron are the best places for random Noxious Trap's placement. Also they reveal and area of the map so there like little mini wards, and mid,dragon baron, are popular places so it saves money on wards that you'd normally place there.

But your Noxious Trap's are more than wards, they're bombs, fat bombs... of death. If someone lands on your Noxious Trap's they will take DoT, meaning stacking a bunch of Noxious Trap's's on top of each other is a waste cause it will only refresh the DoT and not do any more damage than 1 Noxious Trap's, spread out Noxious Trap's's are scary. I've gotten countless kills with idol Noxious Trap's's that were well spread out an an area.

The other thing that makes your Noxious Trap incredible is its damage is also based off of AP (whoever thought of AD Teemo is dumb) and that the explosion from landing on them can affect all 5 enemy champions, meaning you can do fat AP damage to all 5 enemy champions at once which is deadly I assure you.

They also slow your target making him an easy target to chase... or escape! Yes like I said Teemo's abilitys are defensive and offensive! While being chased put a Noxious Trap down and slow them for your escape, or do enough damage to turn around and outright kill them, which can piss a person off it your at 12 health (hehe).

This ability, to run and place shrooms is in fact your second source of damage not auto attacks. Teemo runs away and poops and mushrooms while shooting things at you, your all slowed and cant get him, taking both Toxic Shot Dot and his Noxious Trap's DoT.

Also allowing you to farm about a million minions at once since the damage is AoA(attack on area).

Getting this in the lane is obviously a tide turner if u can get them to run into it and make them run, there slowed so they cant run, or get you, they can just take a bunch of damage form Teemo and die.

Heres comes how to solo 5 people. Have a fat shrooms trail, have them chase you through it, turn around and kill them all. can be done anywhere on the map and even if you don't have shrooms available for cast due to low mana or none stocked, just go to a place you placed early in game and they'll be like ''why is he going in our jungle?'', SHROOOOOMM FIELLLLD OFF DEATTHH!!! They all die.


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Almost forgot, Stoner passive

Invisible text!Invisible text!Invisible text!Invisible camouflage
Teemo's passive is also very annoying. if he stands still fro more than 2 seconds without taking any action he will become hidden and when he leaves stealth he gains 40% increased attack speed for 3 seconds.

This can be used to get away by quickly flashing or escaping into a bush or fog of war and standing still for 2 seconds. They just like "duh fuq". trust me its a a great escape.

Also sitting in lane hidden and waiting for your enemy laner to show back up and think your not there will cause them to over extend and give you an oppurtunity to hit them very hard, hit Move Quick and escape, or hit Move Quick and kill them.

I call this a stoner passive cause any stoner can smoke weed for awhile and come back to an over extended enemy laner and kill him super high. I've done this.

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Mixing it all together, the combos

So you know how to use everything, I'm going to tell you how to use them together!

Standard Teemo poke

My favorite combo is the standard combo poke, Blinding Dart isn't enough, you gotta give em that annoying DoT stuff too. Not even that make sure they cant hit you either.

Pop Move Quick and dash from a passive stealth, or not. The Move Quick will give you the time to use a Blinding Dart and hit them with 1 auto attack and activate your Toxic Shot DoT. this is a fat Teemo poke if landed correctly, then simply run away with increased movement speed. You may want so use Move Quick last to ensure a better escape or chase.

Landing 2 or 3 of these has the potential to kill. If you have items, once, add a Noxious Trap, your kidding me. The Noxious Trap placing in this equation is a little different.

When i stealth i usually place a Noxious Trap on me but sometimes minions trigger it and I'll lose it. If a target is in melee range I can place a Noxious Trap on them and activate and then use the poke, Blinding Dart, auto attack, Move Quick, To either escape damage or secure the kill.

This is your standard Teemo combo and with AP all of these ability's are amplified, so landing them as AP Teemo is ridiculous.

camouflage+++=Basic Teemo poke
/league-of-legends/champion/teemo-9 Blinding Dart and an auto attack and runs out. Simple enough, but heres why. Your Blinding Dart will proc Lich Bane and then your auto attack with apply a DoT that will do damage while your gone. Meaning your doing massive damage to one target, you pick, I like the squishy's.

Running out saves you from taking damage and lets 2 secs to pass and allows Lich Bane's ability to refresh as well as Blinding Dart, then you run back in and kill another person. Once they've thinned you can chase.

After comboing them you can place a noxious mushroom down where you are while blinding shot is on cool down, to prevent them to from catching up to you if they focus.

You and also place Noxious Trap's in escape places to help secure kills for your team, and use Noxious Trap as a slow to help your team escape enemies.

If they try to fight you at this time you Move Quick and use a Noxious Trap to escape and attack them again, at this time if you were chasing they had low health and are probably dead.

If this is the case it may be a better choice to use blinding dart on someone who is also at low health or can deal damage to you to allow u to sustain no damage and get the kill on the other person as well.

You can easily take on 3 people at half health through 2 or 3 Noxious Trap's and kill them all alone, if you are even more fed, all 5 at full health. This is a luring tactic but Teemo can always chase again, just be wary of ability's that can disable you, usually a freshly spawned enemy team is best beat up on shrooms and not attacked at all for your team to come and finish them off, with you as well using the same tactics. Above.

+ ++=Team fight combo
to escape and dodge

Another combo is surviving a turret dive, on both ends.

If an enemy invades your tower and your confident you can take a few hits, put a Noxious Trap down and run through the back of your turret. Place a Noxious Trap on the path leading back to there side of the lane so there trapped in your turret. If they chase you around the turret be confident because there slowed.

If you can kill them with Blinding Dart use it now but otherwise, there slowed so an auto attack is good damage and you can land it. You should also use blinding shot only in the case where either someone else is damaging you not taking turret damage to disable them while you kill their friend. Rinse and repeat on them or chase and kill, you decide.

You might want to save Move Quick to escape being killed or to get the kill, Your slow is enough to disable the target for you to not take damage and save Move Quick for this time, otherwise if you are at low health your next option is to activate Move Quick then and run around the turret and place a Noxious Trap then, then use Blinding Dart on a target and follow above tactics.

If you have low mana just use Move Quick and/or a Noxious Trap to escape, unless your confident you can finish them off quickly with auto attacks. This is a very useful tactic on solo top lane or if your alone after your lane partner is killed and they think they can get you too.

noxious mushroom++=Turret survival combo

If you are turret diving with Teemo either get close enough to land one Blinding Dart and that is it, or run all the way through the turret after an enemy before attaking him until you are out of turret range, you can use Flash now or Heal to survive a few hits and place a Noxious Trap in frost of your target and then Blinding Dart and kill them, remmeber to focus one target or you might miss kills.

This is your basic Teemo ability combo sheet, used defensively and offensively to get dem kills. You can also use Blinding Dart to blind enemy AD and save teammates and escape yourself, your finish the target off by running him through Noxious Trap's.

Teemo is indeed a moving fighter. also luring them into Noxious Trap cause they think they kill you is deadly.

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So now that everyone knows how to play AP Teemo hes gonna get nerfed. But don't worry, Teemo will always be OP, even if his Noxious Trap cd is increased even if he gets a limited amount of Noxious Trap's on field no no no, even if his AP multipliers are decreased, he gonna smack your face.

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Quick AD explanation

AD is pretty similar except your Blinding Dart is no longer your main source of damage your auto attacks are. so use it only to secure kills or to disable targets and prevent them from damaging you. You also want to max Toxic Shot out fast cause early game 50 damage is a lot and that's the amount of bonus damage you receive for at level 5 of the spell. Its kinda like Yi's passive with a DoT. Also use it to poke with or without Blinding Dart in laning phase. Your Noxious Traps are more wards than anything now and a slow to secure kills and escape, but they will not deal much damage. I don't like AD Teemo cause he has to stay in there to get kills. The rune page and mastery's are also optional, i just think 7.3gp10 is worth 8% attack speed and 6 attack damage because you get 600 more gold every 15 minutes. You don't have to get in any kills just cs about 75-100 minions at 15 minutes and you'll have over 4000 gold. Phage, Berserker's Greaves, B. F. Sword right there. Team fights are pretty simple just sit and auto attack, maxing move quick out too will give you evasiveness in the team fight if they try to focus you.