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Teemo Build Guide by BoomDeAhDa

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League of Legends Build Guide Author BoomDeAhDa

Teemo ShroomWarfare

BoomDeAhDa Last updated on October 18, 2011
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Hello, welcome to my Teemo Ap Shroom guide!!!
This guide is guaranteed to give your team the major advantages and it will certainly make the opposition fear of venturing out.

This is my first build, so dont hold anything against me on this

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  • Can kill most champions in an instant
  • Great map awareness
  • Stops ganks before they occur
  • Pick up kills with out being at risk
    • Very Squishy
    • Difficult early game
    • You get focused in team fights
    • You may get reported by a free week Tryndamere for using a supposed troll build :)

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Summoner Spells

  • Ghost Great with move quick for escaping.
  • Flash A must have, for escaping or getting into range for the kill.
  • Exhaust Along with blind, this will make a good ganking spell.
  • Ignite Can add to your Ap nuke to ensure the kill, but isn't necessary.
  • Teleport Only if you are eager to get back in lane ,TP to a shroom ,backdoor or help out at baron.

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Start off with either a Doran's Ring or a Doran's Blade. This will give you that bit more health at the start and extra punch.

When you recall you should invest in Boots of Speed then start working on Catalyst the Protector and Blasting Wandwhich turns into Rod of Ages.

Turn your boots into either Boots of Mobility or Sorcerer's Shoes depending if the opposition has already started to stack magic resist

At this stage you will have your shrooms and want them to deal a decent amount of damage. Buy another Blasting Wand and work your way to a Rabadon's Deathcap

Next you should buy a Morello's Evil Tome for the CDR, but sell it as you get closer to your full build.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter helps with slowing down targets when attacking

This next item will help you with defense. Depending if your opposition are mostly AD Zhonya's Hourglass or AP Lich Bane.

Now for the last item, you should buy a Void Staff, 40% Magic Pen plus 70 AP will help with those Champions stacking magic resist.

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Skill Sequence

1. Noxious Trap
2. Toxic Shot
3. Blinding Dart
4. Move Quick

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Team Work

With your Noxious Trap you will give your team great map awareness. Ward Baron so you know when the opposition is attempting to kill it or so teammates can TP there and help defeat it.
Since you are squishy and your attack takes time to soak in you will generally stay near the back in the team fights inserting your poison into the enemy and pinging when you see an enemy set off your traps.

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Lane Partners and who to avoid

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Once you hit level six, it is your time to shine. Try tricking the enemy into walking into them before Using your Toxic Shot Blinding Dart combo on them.
I tend to concentrate my shrooms in the area I work around.

For example if i am in mid, i would place shrooms in the bottleneck part between their tower and ours to cover my retreat. Then i would place shrooms on the two brush patches in case an jungler decides to gank me.
Or at Bot/Top i would place shrooms in all 4 brush's, path leading into the river and river.

Once you get to mid/late game you always want a shroom at Baron. Then you would place them on the closest jungle paths parallel from mid, and the exits to river. Since most of the fighting goes on here why not place them so you get free kills on retreating enemies going into the jungle.

If worst comes to worst and all your towers are gone and your nexus is exposed, don't be afraid to place all your shrooms in your base. You can stop the enemy ***ulting your nexus and may pick up kills.

Where ever a team fight is, drop a few shrooms to cut off the enemy or cover your teams retreat. Remember these shrooms are, in my opinion the most useful Ultimate in the game. Having 10 minute lasting, deadly shroom, wards (that doesn't make sense)with an insane number you can place is far more useful since map awareness is very important in this game.


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I hope my build and tatics have help you, all you have to do now is sit back, relax and watch the kill count rise. Happy Shrooming!

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Unique Skills

This build is great for harassment, it will take a chunk out of most enemies is you just stealth,

this is how you should be able kill early game
wait till they are close to you on your half of the lane.
Toxic Shot
Blinding Dart
Toxic Shot
follow up with your auto attack if you can secure a kill, if not bail

with the ap you get and your shrooms you should be able to secure kills with them, by baiting them into the shrooms, which should at late game take around 1.4k health followed by it's slow and your combo. If you are in your kill zone it is likely that they will step on another mushroom that will finish them off.