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Fiddlesticks Build Guide by BoomDeAhDa

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author BoomDeAhDa

A ****py Fiddlesticks Guide

BoomDeAhDa Last updated on January 25, 2012
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Welcome to my FiddleSticks guide. This guide will show you how to play FiddleSticks in jungle or lane.


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Pros / Cons


    Great Disables
    Crowd Control
    Good 1v1 most champs
    Easy to counter
    Gets targeted in team fights
    Relies on early game
    Gets bullied by
Alistar Pantheon Veigar any one that can interupt him with stuns

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Marks - Greater Mark of Magic Penetration
Seals - Greater Seal of Replenishment / Greater Seal of Armor
Glyphs - Greater Glyph of Ability Power
Quints - Greater Quintessence of Magic Penetration

FiddleSticks early game can determine if your team is going to win or not, to increase your early game performance it is best to go with flat AP and MP (Armour for Jungle). This will ensure that you get the most out of your laning or jungling phase.

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Summoner Spells

Flash - Must have Jungle or Lane, you can use flash to catch up to enemies during your ult or to escape

Teleport - If you are laning this will allow you to have a long lane time to soak up as much experience and gold as possible.

Smite - For jungling, early game must need but late game I use it to farm creeps :P

Surge - Have not used much but can be helpful for nuking champions or in team fights

Clarity - Really if you spamming hard, but with blue and mana regen runes FiddleSticks does not have to have it

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Your Abilities


Dark Wind

Depending on what you need you can keep a balance between all spells. For example i may put points in Terrify if i find that when i drain the enemy is still escaping

But always max your ULTI since it is the most devistating in team fights

How to use Crowstorm
  • Never Ult in front of your foes, this gives them the time to react, where they will run or stun you
  • Use walls and Fog of War to conceal your self giving the element of surprise
  • Try to ult into the center of the other team, for this will cause them to become confused
  • You will get stunned if you don't cast Dark Wind in teamfights after you ult

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Try getting items which include some form of AP or MP so Fiddle can get more strong.

Rabadon's Deathcap - You need the AP and it's passive just adds on to the AP you are stacking, really devistates enermies if you get it early. Try rushing one of these if you are doing well but if not it may be wise to build a Rod of Ages, Rylai's Crystal Scepter for a bit more health.
Zhonya's Hourglass - You do get targeted and having more armour increased your duribility in team fights. Activate Zhonya's when getting targeted by multiple enermies. Depending if your team fights are early than late you may want to buy this before Rabadon's Deathcap

Archangel's Staff - only if you have mana problems
Moonflair Spellblade - other team are heavy CC get this and possibly mercury treads
Will of the Ancients - I only get it if my team are heavy AP because of its aura, but still helpfull for Drain
Thornmail - if other team is heavy DPS but Zhonya's Hourglass works fine


Ionian Boots of Lucidity
Morello's Evil Tome
Rabadon's Deathcap
Zhonya's Hourglass

Sorcerer's Shoes
Rabadon's Deathcap
Void Staff
Deathfire Grasp
Abyssal Mask
Zhonya's Hourglass

Mercury's Treads (your choice, really only for early game)
Rod of Ages / Rylai's Crystal Scepter (HEALTH)
Rabadon's Deathcap (CORE)
Zhonya's Hourglass (CORE)
Force of Nature / Banshee's Veil (MR)
Abyssal Mask (MR)

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-Jungle Path-
Blue Buff -> Wolves -> Wraiths -> Red Buff -> Golems -> Look for over extended lanes / lanes in trouble -> Recall ->Clear out Jungle till you hit 6 then roam.

Ask for a small leash at blue buff and possibly someone to guard you.

If you get counter jungled, flash away and ping so your teammates can cut off the intruder.
If your blue is gone, don't stress out, head over to his jungle and gank him and steal some of his creeps, the other jungler would have wasted time and experience coutner jungling you.

But if you do not want to risk it better off going to wolves -> wraiths -> red buff -> gank until your blue buff respawns. You may need to recall since you won't have the mana regen.

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Terrify - you will need 1 point for ganks at lv 4
Drain - first pick for draining creeps, one of the best jungling abilities, try get at least 3 points in it by lv 7
Dark Wind - weakens creeps and used for ganks, only needs one point early game
Crowstorm - when you hit 6 use this to jump over walls or out of brush to surprise enermies and take out large chunks of them due to its CC. As it is your main damage source max it at 6,11,16

When draining multiple creeps always hit then with your Dark Wind first then Drain.
Remember to also drain the creep with the most health.

For JungleSticks items such as Ionian Boots of Lucidity and Morello's Evil Tome are needed so you will be able to cast Drain or Terrify more quickly in ganks with out blue buff. These items are all the CDR you need since the cap is at 40%, we get 35%. With your masteries it fills up more than remaining 5%. Early game it is needed to have this CD since there is a short period where your buff wears out and also so you are not dependent on the buff later on..

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If you are playing FiddleSticks in mid, your Dark Wind all you need to spam at thoes casters.When you hit lv 6 this is where you start to gank and get kills. For a kill in your lane there is an old trick where you pretend to be mia or recalled but instead hide behind the wall between your turrent and the river and ult as they over extend.

If your enemy is smart not to overextend or has warded where you are try ganking other lanes for you to get fed.

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Terrify - get a point at lv 4 or 5, helps with getting ganked and securing kills
Drain - rank it up once in a while, try to get rank 5 by 14, when you are damaged drain creeps to heal up, but remember to always have Dark Wind ready incase the enemy interrupts you
Dark Wind - take 2 or more ranks by lv 6, this is your harass and farming ability. If ranked up quickly you will be able to cast more often and deal more damage.
Crowstorm - As always 6,11,16. This

  • It is important to get as much AP and MP for middle lane, it is to dominate your enermy with Dark Wind. It takes out a large chunk out early game and keeps them from farming .
  • FiddleSticks has trouble farming with auto attack, use Dark Wind once in a while to farm creeps, but not to often because of your mana.

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Team Work/Ganking

When you get the chance to gank, after you get red or at 6, remind the peorson in your lane your ganking to let the other champion to push. When the time is right ping on who your attacking to notify your teammate your attacking and if you have Crowstorm ult in to cut off their escape or if not run in when your teammate occupies the enermy giving you the crutial time to Dark Wind Terrify and Drain. This should give you first blood or else the enemy in that lane would have to recall and waste flash, allowing your teammate to push.

When ganking mid you can stand in the brushed to the side the other champion is closer to. Or you can ulting over the walls between your tower and river.

Ganking bot or top you want to be able to get into the brush in the river and ulting when they overextend.

If the brush is warded back off and come back in 3 minutes.

I recommend you stay out of the initiation of team fights due to all the stuns and spells being casted, wait until most of the spells have been used (a few secounds into the fight) then ult in.

It is best to not have the opposition team know where you are so the element of surprise when you Crowstorm over that wall will catch the enemy off guard. Next you want to pick a target (The guy that screws everything up for you) Dark Wind Terrify Drain them. If you are getting focused and are in a narrow area it may be wise to activate Zhonya's Hourglass just as you ult in.

Once you have casted your moves you should run away if you have low CD until they are ready, or cast your Dark Wind at the remainding targets.

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Crowstorm (Team Fights and Ganks)
(Activate Zhonya's Hourglass)
Then go on to your normal combo
Dark Wind
Dark Wind

If they have that annoying Master Yi or Tryndamere Just pop your Terrify and Drain. It should buy you some time.

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Thanks for checking out my guide, i will be happy to have advice to improve it but trolls are not welcome here.

Remember your Crowstorm really scares the **** outta the other team, so use it wisely.
Then when you hear the other team crying FiddleSticks is OP , you know your doing well