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Teemo Build Guide by patricknl

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author patricknl

Teemo: the Hybrid Vengeance (anti ad carry)

patricknl Last updated on October 1, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello, welcome to my first build I've made, I hope you enjoy it.

First of all: this is a build which hopefully makes it easy to understand what i want to learn you, this just in a short build. So you don't have to read such a long story.
So Teemo is a champion who has to take advantage of his posion and movement speed.
so a hybrid teemo needs mainly attack speed,movement speed and ability power.
don't understand this wrong, these things are just good for teemo, ofcourse you need damage to deal more, so dont just make your teemo with only ap,att speed and movement speed.
So in this guide i will explain the chosen items, spells and orther things.
I based this guide on a bot lane carry, you might ask why? because he might be better top or mid, because of his low range. But with this build you can easily go bot, and they Toxic Shot also make it easier to farm, because you hit more each basic attack.
so 1 basic attack of teemo hurts early game more than a hit of the enemy carry on you.

p.s. there need to be some changes at the build, i will make these during the process.

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Pros / Cons

- unlimited invisibilty of teemo's passive
- free small wards
- extra basic damage with Toxic Shot
- Blinding Dart makes enemies unable to hit you
- amazingly fast
- an amazing farmer

- squishy
- it takes a while when his passive activates
- might be the first focussed in teamfights
- can't do much against champs with lots of magic resist

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Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed:
These runes give you 1,5% movement speed each. This is very usefull, when chasing somebody or when you have to get the hell out of a situation. It also stacks nice on teemo's move quick ability.

Greater Seal of Attack Speed:
These runes give 0.76% attack speed. Seals normally are better for defensive runes, but as teemo is a carry he doesn't need those. And I didn't put the attack speed runes on the marks, because the Marks are the ones who have the best magic penetration.

Greater Glyph of Ability Power:
These runes give Teemo 0.99 ability power. So those are Very usefull Early game, because your poison will deal some more damage and your blinding dart too, which sometimes can make the difference between winning and losing your lane.

Greater Mark of Magic Penetration:
This build doesn't have any magic penetration, and a bit is always very usefull for those irritating magic resist champion like galio. So i putted the marks on magic penetration, because marks give 0.95 magic penetration (the most) of all runes besides quintessences.

Well i chose this combo, because these just give the maximum you can get if you want those 4, but if you want, you can swap the attack speed to the marks and the magic penetration to the seals, but my experience is that you'll get enough attack speed during the game, so this bit more magic penetration is always nice. You can also swap the Quintessence to something else, because they aren't very necessery, but they are just nice to make a quick moving champion even quicker.

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I have chosen a 21/6/3 masteries tree, because this build is based on ap/att speed so the offence is based on that, teemo is also a bit squishy so some defence is always welcome, and the 3 on utility are just for faster respawning if death, you can always change those to something else, but i like to put them there, so your death recap is decreased

Summoner's Wrath :
improves your attack speed and ability power after using it, so this stacks on the combi of Toxic Shot and his attack speed. if you dont choose summoner's wrath choose something else what improve your summoner skills like Summoner's Resolve or Summoner's Insight .

Mental Force
some extra ability power for Toxic Shot.

Alacrity :
some extra attack speed for a bit faster basic attacks.

this mastery is actually very good for the cooldown reduction of your mushrooms.

Arcane Knowledge
helps your poison to penetrate enemies magic resist late game.

increases all your damage, so also on your shrooms, which sometimes can make the difference of killing the enemy or not.

sunder armor
helps your basic attacks to penetrate enemies armour.

normally i wouldn't recommend this, but this mastery is very usefull, because if an enemy is not death, but walking away with some of the Toxic Shot hits and ignite on them, than they are very screwed, because your overtime damage will hurt them more, and this mostly causes them to die.

well teemo is squishy, and this magic resist might be handy sometimes.

same sotry as resistance

Good Hands
very usefull to come back faster in the game.

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Doran's Blade:
Start with Doran's Blade, this will help you to deal some extra damage, and have bit lifesteal and health to keep you a bit safer.

Berserker's Greaves:
perfect boots for a hybrid teemo, it adds 2 of the main needs for teemo to you.

Wit's End:
And again some attack speed, passive makes you have more magic resist, at this point teemo is very nice in defence, you won't be killed that fast at this moment, and the offence is also great.

Nashor's Tooth:
very usefull to spam mushrooms and blinding darts with the cooldown reduction and mana regen, this items also adds 50% attack speed, which makes is a good item for a Hybrid Teemo and it also gives 55 ability power, which makes the item even better so teemo's poison will deal more damage. So take this as your third item in any situation, it is very usefull

Frozen Mallet:
this item do i prefer in my build, because as a carry, you will always get focussed. So this item gives you 700 health which is pretty nice and wonderfull to save you some times. it also adds a bit of damage, and its passive makes people slow, so this is also very usefull, because when you chase somebody combined with your movement speed causes a lot of hits. So this item is just not only good for defence, but also for your offence.

Madred's Bloodrazor:
again some extra attack speed, also a chunk of damage which makes you deal some extra basic damage and some armor which makes the squishy teemo less squishy.

Hextech Gunblade:
As last item you can build a hextech gunblade which adds some damage, some ability power for the poison, some lifesteal for the hits, and some spellvamp for the blinding dart.

you can change some items for extra damage or some extra ability power, its just your own choice.
but some items which are nice for a Hybrid teemo too are:

- Malady
- Phantom Dancer
- Sword of the Divine
- Zeke's Herald

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Skill Sequence

camouflage: teemo's passive camouflage is very nice if used on the right way. it makes you stealth after 3.5 seconds so free unlimited stealth after 3.5 second of standing on the same spot this is wonderfull for being a ward, or you want to ambush. The only downside of it, people mostly don't pay attention to people with oracle's elixer or vision wards, so be not 1 of those guys, because if a team is coming to u and they have any of these object, than u are just screwed.

Blinding Dart i take blinding dart on level 2, and max it last. this is because i want to take advantage of teemo's poison on Toxic Shot and his movement speed on Move Quick. also, the blinding dart just does minimal damage compared to the combination of toxic shot and his attack speed. but it still keeps the effect that the enemy who you shoot it on isn't able to hit you sometimes. So i don't really understand why people want to max this 1 first.
it should do on a ap build, but not on this build.

Move Quick i take move quick on level 3 and max it second. move quick is just a skill which is underestimated by some people, it helps you to get out fight really fast, and its passive makes you faster, so this is nice with teemo's low range, because if chasing somebody, you will mostly hit them all the time.

Toxic Shot i take toxic shot on level 1 and max it first. this is the ability which makes teemo such a strong champion. if you are level 9 ingame, only 2 basic attacks are needed to kill a mage minion. so the damage of the toxic is nice, because it adds a sort of extra damage to basic attack with overtime damage. so if somebody is low health, don't worry the overtime damage will finish him off.

Noxious Trap mostly of the time called "mushrooms" or "shrooms". it can be used for 2 reasons: sight wards or just doing damage to the enemy, but what if you could combine this? so you can deal damage and have vision wards. here is a map which show you the places where shrooms can be damaging and wards. (shrooms in bushes are always good)

this is during the mid/late game fase, if you are still laning use the next picture:

if you are on the purple team, just swap the card around

well, here is the mushroom map for early game while still laning.
I know that this is a bot build, but just if you use it for top or mid i have those places marked too, so for some people it is still usable

and again the if you are on the orther side just swap the map around.

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Summoner Spells

There are some do's , dont's and some are possible , but not really neccesery for Teemos Summoner Spells.
I will explain you why they are good for him and why not.

well flash is wonderfull for any champion, you will be able to get out by jumping over walls, or just the last distance for not getting killed, so this is for teemo the same.

ignite is also good for teemo, special with the combo of the over time poison damage is nice, so somebody will still die even when you can hit him.

well heal is just good for helping your team, or to get rid of ignite, if you are almost dieing, just easy for saving you or you teammates.

Cleanse is underestimated by some people, but it is some times very usefull. Because you can get out of enemy ultimates, who stun or block you. so next time you might consider taking it, because as such a squishy champ, it is not very handy to get so much damage on you, while you cant do a **** back to them.

Ghost is good, but teemo has already lots of movement speed hisself of his ability Move Quick so he doesn't really need ghost too, because Teemo is just quick enough hisself.

Exhaust is also a handy skill, untill teemo gets his Frozen Mallet. So exhaust is not very good on teemo too because he gets his slow during the game with the Frozen mallet.

good for solo top, but this a carry build, not solo top. But it is still possible if you want to be quick back for your farm.

Clarity is not a skill who i recommend for teemo, but some people like it, because if they are on botlane with no mana regen item. so clarity is good in that case, but during the build you will get nashor's tooth which has also mana regen. so clarity isn't very good if you have nashor's tooth.

Never seen anyone playing with surge on teemo, but it could be possible because it gives ability power and attack speed, so it could be very usefull for teemo if you are ambushing or something.

This is a SUPPORT skill, not for a carry, so don't take it!
Well just don't take it.. it adds minimum advantage to teemo, so it's just worthless.

revive has a huge cooldown reduction, and teemo isnt the one who can save a tower if your team got aced, so it is just not good.

well smite is for junglers, not for teemo, keep it this way and just don't pick it.

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well in the end i did a game with my friends and here is the result:
(i know the build is not completed yet, but the game was already ending. Ofcourse you won't get these scores every match, but still a perfect example.)

and another good teemo win (this was 4 v 5 and we won ^^)

and i hope you have a lot of fun with this build.
leave a comment if you liked it, maybe some advice for myself to improve this build/ or guide, because it is my first one, so be gentle.

feel free to add me on league of legends, my name on league of legends is: vuurvlammetje

just remember, teemo as hybrid: attack speed,ability power and movement speed!