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League of Legends Build Guide Author CrappyName

Teemo-The Murdering Scout

CrappyName Last updated on June 1, 2011
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Welcome. Here's my opinion on Teemo. I believe it's best to go hybrid dps/ap with Teemo. If you go straight dps, your shrooms, blind shot and poison won't be nearly as strong as they could be. And you're a ranged attacker but it's kind of a short range. If you want to be a ranged dps don't be Teemo, be Ashe, MF, Cait, Trist or something. So why not get straight ap with Teemo? similar thing, he benefits from ap but not all that much. If you get tons of ap you could get up to 500-700 ap but that still doesn't help all that much. your shrooms will do about 1000-1200 damage which may seem like a lot but that's nothing compared to what a real mage can do when they get 500-700 ap. And if Teemo is stacked with just ap, his other talents are diminished greatly (poping out of nowhere, doing tons of dps and running like heck). Again, in my opinion, you gotta go hybrid!

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Item Build #1

In this build you're focusing on your so use it a lot.

So you could get (not a bad choice, or you could get if they have a lot of crowd control like or something). But I ususally get with just so that my abilities will do more damage. It's really pretty awesome. You can see the difference right when you first get these boots with your . It will surprise your enemy too.
As you can see, I got the Stinger before I finished my boots. Why? because it provides that great attack speed that Teemo loves to have early, especially because I don't get the atk speed boots . Now about NT: Perfect item for Teemo! gives him ap, atk speed, and cd reduction (speaking of cd reduction, Teemo is in love with it. In case you didn't know, LoL only lets you get up to 40% cd reduction. Anything more is wasted, it caps it off at 40%. If you look at my Teemo's stats he has 38%. Pretty dang good right? only 2% off the cap! You need cd reduction mostly for this bad boy . We'll talk about this more later)
Another must have for any hybrid Teemo! Don't like activate items? Too bad! Get used to it cuz it rocks. Once again, this item is great for hybrid cuz it gives you plenty ap, ad, life steal, and spell vamp (life steal but for when you use spells). The active is great especially for hunting down enemies that are trying to run away. It'll damage and slow them. Only a 60 sec cd so you'll be able to use this item quite often. Keep an eye on it and use it often cuz you might as well.
I thought about this one for a long time. I was debating putting in my build instead. With Teemo u really gotta get one or the other, either or . You need a way to slow them. The cost almost the exact same. I prefer RCS because it gives more ap than FM gives ad with only slightly less health. The health is a big reason why you get one of these items. Teemo can use all the health he can get! So this is how RCS works with Teemo: you have 2 spells that proc the slow ( DOES NOT proc the slow). will proc the full 35% slow and will proc the 15% slow (the nice thing about RCS with your shrooms is that your shrooms damage the enemy over 4 seconds. Each second re-procs RCS's slow! But only slows 15% of course. Still, your shrooms already slow the enemies who hit them so RCS just adds to that). RCS is mostly used for with Teemo. Remember. RCS's slow only lasts 1.5 seconds so it'd be a good time to shoot the enemy with once that 1.5 seconds is over slowing them for another 3 seconds.
Great item for Teemo and works well with having a lot of atk speed so that you can get its 8 stacks up fast. When the 8 stacks are all up you have an additional 32% atk speed and 48 ap (45 + 48 = 93 ap from this item). So you'll have 378 ap if you're level 18 with all of your items.
Another reason why I chose over is because I wanted to get TF. TF's passive that gives 25% chance to slow enemy doesn't stack with FM (cuz that's exactly what FM does, just one every single hit). So I get RCS so that I can get TF too. :) Then when I'm chasing an enemy down 25% of my hits will slow them, and I'll be attacking pretty fast so that will happen often. Ok, now about the different aspects of TF. This item is the most expensive item in the game but it's great for heroes like Teemo who can benefit from every single aspect of it! ap? helps Teemo. atk speed? helps Teemo. 150% more damage after a spell is used? That really helps Teemo! Great item. :)

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Item Build #2

This build on the other hand focuses on your that's why you level that ability up first. But doesn't use any mana so of course you're going to be using your other spells too.

You get this very first even before your boots because it will help your a ton. The more attacks you get on the enemy the better. It will increase the magic pen on them making them take more damage from the poison. Then when their magic rst is down, shoot your blind dart. This item will also give you great atk speed early. You'll do a ton of damage.
If you get these boots you'll be able to fly across the map. Or you can get if you want.
This will complete your atk speed and gives you the ap and cd reduction you need.
In this build I chose to get FM instead of RCS. It just works better in this build. And I don't get in this build too, that's another reason.
Now you get this guy to do tons of damage and and so forth.
tons of ap. That's all I needa say.

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The math in these builds uses the number in Build #1

Camouflage Use this when you know they're gonna be comin and can't see you yet. The nice thing is most people either don't know Teemo has this or they forget about it. You can pop up and surprise the **** outta them.

You can harass the **** out of people with this. Jump out of the bush, hit them with this and one regular attack and run back again. That will do quite a bit of damage cuz the one regular attack will poison them. If you get really experienced with Teemo you'll learn the best times to use your Blind Shot. Use it after they use an ability because the blind only makes their regular attacks miss, not their abilities. So Ashe for example will you first then will hit you with regular attacks. Hit her with after she volleys so that the full blind time will be used with her missing her shots after she volleys. Here's some math for this spell when it's level 5 and when you have all of your items (assuming 's 8 stacks are all up): (260 + 302 = 562 damage from a Blind Dart).

Doesn't need much explanation. Use it to catch up or run away. Great ability for Teemo.

It's nice having a spell that just does everything on its own. You don't have to control this at all. Here's some math for you when this spell is level 5 and you have all of your items (assuming 's 8 stacks are all up): (45 + 53 = 98 extra damage on hit) (30 + 53 = 83 damage per second for 4 seconds; 83 x 4 = 332; 98 + 332 = 430 extra damage just from one shot)

This is why you need cd reduction. Teemo places a shroom in his bag every 27 seconds (at spell level 3 with no cd reduction). with my cd reduction of 38% it goes down 10 seconds to 17 seconds. You see, sometimes Teemo is busy fighting or something and doesn't have the chance to lay a shroom down (or heck, maybe he's dead for a little while and is regenerating shrooms). So you need cd reduction because once he places a shroom in his bag he works on placing another shroom. normally it would take 27 seconds for one, then another 27 seconds, then another 27 seconds to get his third (max). That's 81 seconds to get his 3 shrooms! Or if you have cd reduction it's 17 for one, 17 for the next, so forth. that's only 51 seconds for all three shrooms! But of course you want to be placing your shrooms often. you don't EVER want Teemo to have all three shrooms in his bag because then he isn't regenerating any more till you place one. 600 + 302 = 902 damage from a Shroom.

Great places to put shrooms:
1) In the edge of bushes.
2) Along the river to see when people are moving up/down.
3) in the bushes where people gank from (river/lane bushes)
4) Just simply on the corners of things. People walk along the shortes path to get somewhere. Put shrooms on the corners cuz that's where people will hit them.

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A list of all good items for Teemo (besides boots)

Lets' start with the ones in my builds:

Now other good items for Teemo that aren't in my build:

I don't get this because I have cd reduction runes but it's a great item for Teemo if you don't like using cd reduction runes. Just remember that you can't have more than 40% cd reduction.
Get this if they have mages that are causing problems.
another item if they have mages.
Only get this if they have a Jax (so he can't dodge you).
Good items for anyone who wants to do damage obviously, but I just stay away from them with Teemo cuz I like to get items with both dps and ap.
Only get this if you're going a ton of ap. It won't be worth it unless you have tons of ap (probably at least 400).

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Items that I don't think you should ever get with Teemo

I don't get this cuz Teemo doesn't need that much mana, it's a wasted part of the item.
ditto. Your mana regen runes are plenty. If you ever need more mana go get blue buff.

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That's all

Thanks for looking at my Teemo build! Let me know what you think.