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Teemo Build Guide by pannekoek666

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author pannekoek666

Teemo the on hit menace

pannekoek666 Last updated on December 9, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi there Mobafire and peeps, I will be bringing you all a Teemo guide, excuse me for any grammer issues it is not my native language, but hey we are here to learn to play teemo not how to write english, right? So lets get a move on!

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I pick the abilty power blues Greater Glyph of Ability Power for some reasons, as it adds up to the initial poison from your E abilty makes it easier to last hit early game, but it does not stop at early game, as you will deal magic damage throughout the game it is all nice added up in the end. If you really are a beast at last hitting consider magic pen Greater Glyph of Magic Penetration or magic resist blue's Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist or Greater Glyph of Magic Resist.

For red's... what else then magic penetration Greater Mark of Magic Penetration? it adds sooo much oomph to your output around your 2nd/3th core item, MUST HAVE!

Yellow's I chose for armor Greater Seal of Armor , this gives you a little bit less punishment you will take from minions and in lane as Teemo is not played mid that often you will most likely face and Attack damage based champ in your lane, feel free to pick flat HP Greater Seal of Health or HP/lvl Greater Seal of Vitality yellow for easier laning phase.

for Quints you can take 2 things, abilty power Greater Quintessence of Ability Power or magic pen Greater Quintessence of Magic Penetration , just another pinch in your arsenal, again feel free to use other quints, I am just telling you what I used and tested and came out to best of use for me.

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For masteries I went 30/0/0 why? well we aim to kill but more important to not die, with this in mind you need to do one thing early game, play defensive, last hit like a beast, and punish your enemy when they overextend. The masteries focus on magic pen, armor pen(yes I know we take little to no attack damage items but stick with me please, I will explain later on why) CDR and all the other good stuff from the offensive tree.

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Since this is my first guide I ever made I putted all the items needed to forge the eventuall end item, I hope I can figure out how to make the non core items translucent.

Now why did I pick my items? We start off with a Doran's Blade, this is for your early farming and to potentialy score a first blood + the little lifesteal gives you that little sustain, also the enemy team might suggest you will go AD and come to lane with an AD focussed defense item, well the joke is on them!

Berserker's Greaves: Why this item, I thought you would focus on magic damage? True my young padawan, but I found the early Attack speed add up more damage in a commited fight, ofcourse Sorcerer's Shoes would do more damage if you look at 1 hit, like harass. but harras does not net you kills, commiting does! so a faster stream of on hit effects will deal more damage for the items we have now and will get untill very lategame, cuz there you will have 2.417 Attack speed without elixer.

Malady: why? Malady gives you the sweet early Abilty power AND attack speed + it shreds their Magic resist by 6 for 8 second and can stack 4 times (-24 MR after 4 attacks) sweetness! This makes last hitting a breeze, the additional damage is instant and you will see 3 numbers atop of your enemy. 1: base AD damage 2: poison initial damage 3: malady's effect you can basically count this as 1 solid hit as it will happen each time you hit your target thus lets say 60+ 15+20= 95 that is a solid good damage at a high speed too!

Wit's End: This beauty is soooo nice, it gives you Attack speed, on hit 42 magic damage + 30 magic resist and you gain 5 magic resistance each attack you land stacking 4 times!!! just more damage on your dartgun ALOT! and then that sweet defensive feature what not to love on a squishy teemo then to get a 2 in 1 item, especially the defensive part!

Madred's Bloodrazor: Why not this first you ask? well three reasons. 1: it is hella expensive. 2: the items in the chain to get it are not THAT early game friendly(not for magic teemo) 3: early game champs do not have that much health to shred. So we get this midgame/lategame cuz it will add up a large ammount to your damage, more Attack speed, abit Attack damage to add up on that super swift blowing of you(yes it sounds wrong but it is true if you are teemo!) and the 4% magic damage based on targets TOTAL health, not remaining health people! one word : omfgwtfbbqsauceftwIlovethisitem! yes I know it are alot of words without spaces, but hey it works like that too!

Sword of the Divine: yes yes I know dodge runes will be removed so what! this beauty is still magnificent, the Attack speed will go to the cap at this point more on that later, it gives nice features all over the passive makes every 4th hit deal 100 bonus magic damage, since you hit as fast as... as... FAST! that 100 bonus damage will start to take its roll! The active, mhhh armor pen, nice stat but, we dont go AD focussed why take this? well the first 2 thing I discussed on this items are already worth it getting this item besides this anti dodge and armor pen benefit, but since we have that much attack speed, and still a little bit of attack damage, and we took the mastery as well! it is still a + on your damage wither you have 10 attack damage or 100, a + is a + people, can't deny that!

Sorcerer's Shoes: Okay so I said we are at attack speed cap, so uhmmm, what next? well two words: other boots, yes other boots, we will grab those sorc shoes now since we deal like 5 magic damage based abilities/items/actives name it you got it, that penetration will hit them like no tomorrow!

Last item: so yes we got all the on hit items, it is all cute and nice the build is pretty much melting faces so what now? well say hello to our Guardian Angel , this beauty gives you that MUCH needed survivability, the Magic resistance, the Armor + the passive, yes please, you will have 2 lifes!, so if they focus you down, your team had time to damage them, and the you rise up again to melt their faces once again! and hear them yell omfg that teemo won't die! xD

That are my items, feel free to take a Thornmailor Force of Nature based on situation or a Banshee's Veil or a Quicksilver Sash , make it count!

Take the Thornmail if you are facing a heavy Attack Damage based team, and again it deals 30% magic damage back and since we have some magic penetration I GUESS it adds up as well! This does not mean to not use your blinding dart! the opposite in fact, use it on that AD carry 24/7 cuz the more health you remain with, the more facemelting you can do!

Force of Nature this item is for when you face heavy Abilty Power teams, the Magic resitance might grant you to surive their spells and come out victorious, also it gives some neeto movement speed + some niiiice health regen passively and based on your total HP so all good, will give you some sustain when out of combat and pushing that lane.

Banshee's Veil this beauty gives you Health, Mana, 50 Magic resistance and that ooow so lovely passive, that passive will save you sooo many times for example that Veigar wants to innitiate on you, his first spell does 0, nothing, nada nope. This might save your tiny butt! Also it can save you when that Taric or Sion catches you off guard and tries to land a stun on you, this can mean GG if it hits! also Karthus, I have another name for him but can't put that on the forums hehe, it starts with a G and ends with thus, anyway that ult can pretty much screw you and your team over, that damage can mean bye bye Baron or a big nono on an upcoming teamfight as you all are weakened, but HAIL the mighty Veil, and watch the red beam of Thunder fizzle on your blue bubble!

Quicksilver Sash This beauty is somewhat an cheap version of a Banshee's Veil although there are somethings that are different, This beauty can save you AFTER a stun has being thrown at you, or when that Skarner tries to drag you to your grave with his ult, sadly this won't protect you from Karthus... but overall a cheap, good stats ticket out of doom!

Elixers: why not? you have your build! why not extend yourself! DO IT, buuuuuy!

So yes now when we take a look at our items, runes, and masteries, what can we say?
we have crazy attack speed, we have alot of on hit damage(magic)so mmhhh lets see, ow yeah the magic pen part! we deal almost all magic based damage, this will make all your on hit effect much more effective! even the madreds gains from it as the 4% gets reduced with magic resistance, and you are lowering their magic resist+ the magic penetration = loads of damage!

P.S. get red buff you will love it!

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Optional Items

Optional items would be Void Staff instead of the defensive item, because we deal magic damage, if they build Magic resistance this item will get you through most of their Magic resistance. And VERY late game sell your shoes and get a Rabadon's Deathcap OR Hextech Gunblade. The extra AP will add up to your Toxic Shot and Blinding Dart the Hextech Gunblade having both spell vamp and lifesteal will give you some sustain as well as a sweet 300 magic damage + slow nuke.

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Skill Sequence

Skill sequence I chose is, the early added poison of Toxic Shot on your hits, a quick boost in movement speed through Move Quick, will keep you safe if you dont over extend, and your enemy has no boots. for the rest it is based on the magic damage and the ticks on the poison, the Blinding Dart does an okay amount of damage but look at it as an utility spell when that Yi or tryndamere dives in your face! level Noxious Trap at 6/11/16.

I think there are two ways for Teemo on this guide

1: Noxious Trap > Toxic Shot > Blinding Dart > Move Quick
when you focus more on utilizing an AD carry, especially if you lane against one

2: Noxious Trap > Toxic Shot > Move Quick > Blinding Dart
when you want that movement speed alot more then the utilize :)

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He is invisible with a steroid!

His passive people, I made a new section just for this awesome passive! Camouflage This ability is either useless or lifesaving! Don't be afraid at level 1 after you entered the top or bottom two brushed and when they were save, to stand still in the middle of the lane, and as soon as the creeps have arrived, STARTLE them!, blow some darts in that face, because when you unstealth Teemo gets the ''Element of Suprise'' which increases his attack speed for a short duration!

Also when being followed or after pushing a tower, and you have a ward you can make that last second of use to bring down that tower run into a brush and stand still and become stealthed! This is sooo fun to do, it is almost like Twisted fates Teleport, but different hehe. Watch out for oracles or Vision wards, also Skillshots can still hit you!

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Summoner Spells

Summoner Spells are almost all if not all, situational, pick wisely. I chose Ignite Exhaustthese summoners because I know when to, and when not to comit or initiate, with this in mind Exhaust and Ignite CAN net you your early and lategame kills, positioning is key, ward save and take lifes, abuse this people!

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How to actually use Teemo?

Teemo is often giggled at as in ''pffft Teemo... HAAAHAHAHA'' and that is fine with me, let them think this little cute thing is harmless, more advantage for us Teemo players when you prove them wrong for the first time at least, Teemo has SOOO MUUCCH to bring to a team, and he can be play in 4 different builds. 1: Attack damage teemo 2: Abilty Power teemo 3: Hybrid teemo and 4 yes people you guessed it right! my on hit teemo build! Teemo has a short range for an ranged character, he has low base health, and low armor/ magic resistance, so yes an early easy snack if played wrong!

What does Teemo (potentialy) brings to the team: Teemo gives a ranged''possible'' carry role, Teemo brings map awareness with Noxious Trap , Teemo brings escape routes through our mushroom slows, can also function as catch up tool! Shroom give potential teleport locations AND lane control, if creeps can not reach your tower, your tower won't fall right? If your brushes and river are shroomed, you can't get caught(9/10 times) right? well that is what Teemo is all about, make them afraid of the brushes, make them afraid to gank you, just farm up and when that gank appears to come, either safely run to your tower like a little girl, unless you have a jungler nearby and you have the potential to counter gank their gank! Shroom untill that ''R'' letter has fade away from your keyboard! Shroom the river, shroom the brush shroom your red, blue,dragon,baron,lane even shroom your tower if you have to! point is, keep those shrooms flowing 24/7! NOTE THAT: Shroom INITIAL damage and the DOT(Damage Over Time) Does not stack, so space your shrooms like, 400 range from eachother, this is about the range they will walk crippled before the slow/dot is removed. Shroom key points on the map! You can use shrooms differently as such follows: Offensive shrooms, the name says it, the shroom is meant for damage alone, use it in teamfights when you have a moment to breath, this could mean the difference between getting an ace or getting aced, for example a melee dps being slowed means you AP carry or yourself has time to make a gap and blow him of the map. 2nd up is, scout/ward shrooms, these are place one places where people often walk BUT placed as such so they won't step on it, so put em near the walls, do not put em on a corner as a mini-map click chooses shortest paths they will most likely trigger them! 3th is: Defensive shrooms, these are placed on your potential escape routes, so you can dash off into the jungle and when they follow, they will pop the shroom and get slowed and you yordle back home, HUP,2,3,4! also!!! defensive shrooms can be used in lane, in the brushes so if they putted a ward there and they have a Shen or teleport summoner, you will see it coming! and ofcourse the river! if you play top, shroom the Tri brush left of the mini golems and put two shrooms leading from Baron nashor's wall towards the opposite wall. As for bottom, same story, Tri bush, and from Dragon wall to your blue golem entrance/opposite wall. As for mid, shroom your river brushes, and the path leading towards YOUR wraiths, the path to the right of your lane leading to(going up wolfs, going down river) for potential ganks on you, shroom near their wraits leading towards river as well and shroom at their tri path(towards blue, golems and their tower) so that you can escape any potential gank on you!

Then we have Move Quick , this is not really an asset to your team, more for yourself, it gives you more speed passively and on use it ignores unit collision and doubles your bonus speed for a short ammount of time, the passive effect stays active unless hit by a tower or other champion, creep hits won't remove this.

Blinding Dart: does damage based on your AP and blinds the target causing them to fail EVERY autoattack for the duration it gives depending on rank level. Your anti AD carry skill! Use it, hug it, love it and call it freddy or whatever name you prefer, it will make AD's miss translating into 0 damage to you or a teammate for that time, and if that AD carry is based on lifesteal, he is screwed cuz 0 damage = 0 lifesteal! :D

Toxic Shot: deals damage based on AP, deals an amount on hit and a Damage over Time after the first hit, auto-attacks will refresh this duration on the Damage over Time and does not stack. Well since the AP ratio on this is poor, stacking AP won't do toooo much, so the base damage it does is good enough if you ask me, and since we pick up abit of AP, and endgame elixer, the damage will be more then good.

So in a nuttshell, Shroom till you die(ingame) autoattack like a lazy *beep* use your sword of divine whenever you fancy tho! Blinding dart that AD carry and sing a happy song if you win the fight.

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How to actually use the shrooms?

Well I made a new section just for this aswell, his shrooms have so many ways to be used... Would be a pain to explain so I just made a custom game two minutes ago just to pop shrooms around the map and I will upload my pictures I made in this section, I hope they will size good, if not please someone message me on how to make them lifesize on the forum so you wont have to actually click on them to see them properly, thanks for understanding since it is still my first guide ever :D. without further ado, here goes... hopefully! RED= offensive/must place shrooms, GREEN= scouting shrooms/ward, BLUE= escape/defensive shroom.
And yes I know the shrooms placed from behind the wall did not reveal dragon, but it has potential to see if their jungler is engaging it or when their team goes for it, the trick works at Baron as well, don't do it to often but can be that quick check sometimes.


the first shroom you should place when you play mid, prevents early jungle gank.

The 2nd, prevents early jungle invade/gank.

This prevents you from being ganked from top/jungle, and allows you to play abit more aggresive on this side of the lane.

Prevents your jungle from being stolen/ prevents aggresive ganks.

Prevents you from being ganked/allows you to play abit more aggresive on this side of the lane.

This shroom is red because it is a must to put there, but it counts as a scout shroom as well! Allows you to see their jungler coming for you potentialy.

--- When you play top ---

Prevents you from being ganked.

This one is nifty, the red ones are a MUST and 1 of them will be triggered if mid comes to gank or when their jungler comes from the wraits/mid, hopefully 1 shroom will remain so you can safely replace the sprung one. The green shroom is placed in the middle, chosen knowing players want to move as fast as they can they will cut the corners and use mini map walking which will make the cut the corners, hopefully they do and this shroom provides alot for around 10/15 minutes, It will let your jungler know when he wants to counter jungle, and if he does not step on it, you might even kill this guy if you work together with your team!

This one is red because it is necasary to put there whenever you are able to, the little red circle here would be ideal to put the shroom to keep vision on dragon, but more likely to get stepped on, you can place the shroom also BEHIND the Dragon to keep his vision, this onyl shows how to put a quick safe ward for dragon, as it WILL show people who will come near the Dragon's entrance and you will see it coming, and because it won't set off, the enemy will not know you know! mind game people, does wonders.

This shroom is red as it is a MUST TO PLACE since it prevents ganks that can come from the river OR when you are being counter jungled, it also scouts the enemy if the use mini map walking, it CAN function as a defensive/escape shroom, but it is not there to use it for that, unless you get chased after doing dragon.

This shroom has potential to show a gank from river when someone comes from mid, but also has potential to show when their jungler is going for blue/ or just took blue, and might be beneficial to set up a gank on him so your mid AP can spam those skills!

This shroom is to protect your Red Buff, feel free to put one in the brush there but it will tell your enemy to run! if you pay attention it will most of the times show the enemy and you can go for him without him knowing and have the element of suprise and net a kill, and get a free jungle buff!

Same story as the previous one!

This shroom is more of a midgame/lategame position, as it has potential for an escape after a dragon attempt + it can damage/cripple them when they want to be aggresive or towerdive when your other mid turret is down AND it can see if someone is heading for your red maybe.

This shroom is also a MUST when your outer turret is down, or when your shrooms in the tri bush has wore off, this can safe your life and let you farm/push of that wave with more safety.

this one protects you when outer mid turret is down, it can scout for potential ganks or invades + you can use it as an escape after a baron attempt.

this shroom is put to never get stepped on, as they will never want to head into the left path leading down unless it is veeeery lategame/ they are chasing, this can tell you when they go for your blue/wolves or when they did baron they wanna rush in through the jungle, PERFECT spot!

This shroom protects you from being tower dove when you are low health by that akali/kassadin, also when your tower dies and you have to make a run for it, heading off into the jungle with this shroom up can save your life as it will slow them down and you run off safely.

This one is also when playing top, it can save you from a gank, it can help you gank if a teleport is on your team.

Lane control, Bush control, escape way, scout ward for when they warded it and a teleport gank could be coming in.

The reds are for anti ganks, he green/blue one is for anti teleport gank, potential run away ticket when pushing, and it can scout for a teleport gank!

Lanecontrol, escape tool and scout for anti teleport ganks through a ward.

This shroom can be used to quickly scout an dragon atempt, sometimes works sometimes don't.

Same as previous.

Mostly lategame shroom, the will tell you when they will come from your jungle and your lanes are getting pushed, also it can be used as a escape shroom when you attempt red and get caught.

This spot is as good as a spot gets for your shrooms, it is 99% sure it won't be stepped on, this will offer vision for you mostly lategame for it's full duration!

Last but not least, the push off/pushing shroom, this shroom will blow up that creep wave and you can either continue pushing or scout off to middle or wherever you fancy!

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Ranked Play

I did not play Ranked so far, on the ranked part I would say, maybe it works, maybe it doesn't, buy wards, comunicate, and play like a team. I bet their is a good Ranked teemo build here somewhere, TheRainMan play Teemo ranked and is very if not the best teemo around so, watch some of his videos I guess? or check out other ranked build, like AD build cuz you play like an AD style, but with some changes and you bring map awareness, sorry guys, I just do not dare to put my bet on this section.

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Pros / Cons

Pros: Map awereness
: Good stream of damage
: Okay utility on his Q + the slow on shrooms!
: He is cute... and small... and can turn invisible!

Cons: Short range
: Squishy as veigar/twitch
: Easily foccues
: Easy to play, Hard to master all his aspects

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Creeping / Jungling

Jungle Teemo? neeeeeeeeeeeeext, no seriously, don't! Teemo's gank ability is next to zero, he has no intitial targeted slow, no stuns, low early damage, just no, he can't survive the jungle, neither is he fast, believe me I tried it, NO!

Creeping: Stay behind your minions, when save shroom the river or the river brushes. Focus on last hitting and punish them when they try to last hit (tip: Be aware! your toxic shot does damage over time, if you want to harras at their tower, hit him once and stay away untill the poison has wore off, or the tower will target you!) so yes last hit, pop that shroom in the middle of the wave if you NEED to push off or want to bluepill, or to farm a large wave of creep use that shroom!

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Team Work

Teamwork, yes, the key to this game, you can't 1 vs 5, hands down. You need your team, and your team needs you, no argue possible. As Teemo you want to stay back like at the mages if needed, let your tank scout ahead, or facecheck that bush if it is needed, but you are little squishy teemo, stay back and wait till the fight started and run in there, Blinding Dart their AD carry and finish him off, then switch to the AP nuker if in range, if not blow that support to the moon, and for the love of god, ignore that tank untill he has 5% health and 1 hit would kill him, or when he is the last person alive, thank you.

Also baiting them with Noxious Trap is fun! Make them think they can catch up to you when you have 100 hp and 1 hit would make you die, but you know better, you run but give them the idea they just might make it, lead them through your shrooms in the hope you get a kill off it or for them to follow to long for your team to come help and melt them all!

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Unique Skills

The unique part of this build is,that it is not stat reliant, you do not focus AD or AP, so you are pretty irritating to counter.

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I putted this part I think in the Creeping/Jungling part.

basically sit back behind your minions, last hit, use a shroom if you do not wanna be pushed to your tower( for them to have brush advantage )

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I hope you guys enjoyed reading my guide, and understood it, and learned from it. Please vote it up if you TRIED it and you like it, link some results on your games! Also if you downvote, please tell me why, and ideas are always welcome! Do not just tell me an item's name, tell me why,how,when,because,instead off, the whole circus!

Thanks for reading,


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Update log

not going into dates all the time, from top to bottom, top is old, bottom is newest tadaa.

- 8th of Decemeber 2011
* added some optional items, will see if I will find more!
* fixed some code fails, it is my first guide peeps gimme a break :D

-9th of December 2011
* added some more explaination on how to use your shrooms
* added a why? part on the situational items
* added a photo guide on shroom placements!

To Be Continued

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here some results, 1 game i was trolling I fed bot but I kept baiting them to our overfed Graves so we won gg Teemo! ]