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Teemo Build Guide by MnKYi

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MnKYi

Teemo the Penetrator Jungle

MnKYi Last updated on December 23, 2013
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Hey guys, welcome to my Teemo jungle guide.
First things first, in order to really enjoy Teemo the most, you have to be able to kite your opponents and you should be able to know when you are able to kill an opponent and when you should just use your ***** ghost and rush away.

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How to jungle Teemo

So lets get into it.
If you want to jungle Teemo like a Bauws and annoy the sh*t out of any enemy you face, you have to know how to get the buffs without taking huge amounts of damage. So how do you do that?
The only thing you need to know is that you use your Q as soon as the big buff is standing in front of you cause only then it is able to attack you, if you then blind it the time without taking damage from the big creep is even longer, when your blind duration ends you just run from side to side and try to kite it, the idea behind that is as soon as you move away from the big creep it has to walk towards you in order to attack you again (as it is melee) so by running from side to side it has to move a lot and can't attack you as often.
After hitting lvl 6 you can just plant a shroom at the buff to slow it and poison it repeat the kiting and blind when ever you take too much damage.

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How to gank

Ganking with Teemo is a bit different from most other junglers, how ever he is pretty similar to Master Yi, Fiora and other junglers with little or no CC, the goal here is to use the red buff as efficient as possible, wait until a lane is overextended , run in from behind blind the damage dealer and start autoing the sh*t out of them, the red buff and your W enable you to chase people down the lane and never lose track of them. If you don't have a red buff up and don't have Frozen Mallet or Frozen Fist yet, then just run on the lane from behind do the same as before and try to force a flash or another summoner/ult. If you don't see any lane overextended just don't bother ganking with Teemo, rather farm up and level. And if people flame you that you don't gank, tell them to either stop overextending, or tell them to shut the f*ck up, cause nobody b*tches against Teemo. :)
No seriously, you can't really gank a lane that is not overextended by the enemy unless your laner has heavy crowdcontrol like Leona or Thresh.

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What you should focus on

The focus on jungle Teemo is pressure all around the map due to your high mobility you can be everywhere on the map, use that as an advantage, go counter jungling if possible and safe (if enemy jungler ganks a lane, rush into his jungle steal some camps and rush out), shroom key objectives or ganking routes to make the enemy jungler hate you even more (shroom lane bushes or the river so that your teammate doesn't need to ward as much). In general just try to force the enemy team into their half of the map, cause if you get invaded or counter jungled you will have a hard time unless their jungler plays stupid and counter jungles with 1 hp.
And one key aspect with Teemo is to gank to release the pressure on your laners (yeah thats the goal of any jungler I know ;) ) cause Teemo can deal huge amounts of damage without having items and without staying long, just run on a lane from behind drop an autoattack and your Q and disappear in the jungle, or sit in a lane brush until the enemy laner comes back and autoattack the sh*t out of him, just show your presence and your damage, make the enemy fear you so you can move around freely and give as much assistance as possible.

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General tricks

The key aspect in this guide is (as I already mentioned) kiting and annoying people, you should be standing right infront of your enemy and do an autoattackbattle, you should rather run from your enemy and just drop a Q or an autoattack to blind them,slow them, poison them etc. Just try to either run away or chase, never battle the enemy one on one, the beauty of Teemo is his high mobility use it, just run away attack run and attack again, people should hate you for being a **** and running around like a ***** and just poking when they can't attack you.
And another important thing is, if they enemy jungler is a strong counter jungler like Shyvana,Mundo,Lee Sin,Udyr,Nunu,etc. just shroom your jungle and use your Warding Totem, it is crucial for Teemo to stay in the game and not fall behind especially in the mid game where you lack tankyness and don't deal the tons of damage Shyvana or Lee Sin can deal at that time, get every buff and kill every small camp between your ganks to garantee your gold income and to make you able to keep up with the laners. And remember, whenever someone dies to your poison you either laugh and stop attacking/chasing or you just turn around cause cool kids don't look at explosions.

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Good matchup

The best matchup for Teemo is a matchup with massive crowdcontrol, as Teemo has a hard time ganking without red buff. A support like Leona and an ADC like Jinx are perfect to gank for example as your laners can lock the enemy down without your help, so you can just run in deal damage, shove the lane and maybe push onto the tower and run back out. A mid lane with high crowdcontrol is favourable as well, the problem for Teemo is here, that the lane is pretty short and the possibilities to escape a gank are nearly endless so a laner like Gragas or Ori is perfect for you as their crowdcontrol is already enough to keep the enemy in place and prevent them from escaping. The toplane isn't that hard to gank, you only have one target and the only posibilty to escape is either running back to the tower or running down into the river heading towards the midlane or the jungle, to prevent the enemy from escaping through the river you simply plant some shrooms in the brushes and in the river, then run up from behind attack the enemy and watch as they die to your poison.

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Pros / Cons

The pros and cons of Teemo are pretty simple:
+Is a yordle
+Annoying as ****
+Contributes great help for the team if build correctly
+Great late game if build a bit tanky and based on On-Hit-Effects
+Perfect to pressure the enemy or to fear them away from objectives (shrooms of doom)
+Fast clears after the first clear

-Easy to counter jungle if you don't have vision
-Weak one vs. one if not kiting correctly
-Ganks are rather dependant from your laners and not from your skillusage
-Global Taunt
-Can fall off really badly if invaded early or dies early
-No contribution to teamfights if build to squishy (only if you aren't able to kite and play like an adc/"*****")

As you see most of the pros and cons are strongly connected to your capability of jungling, if you know how to help your laners with other junglers then you know how to help with Teemo, if you just gank for kills and not for assissting the lane, then you will hate Teemo jungle and you won't be able to contribute as much to your team.