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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author EpicLightning

Tempestas Confractas - Destroy the Middle

EpicLightning Last updated on April 6, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Welcome to my strategy guide for League of Legends. For this strategy guide to work...with or without a jungler...your team needs to play VERY smart and your tank needs to know when to go in. The champions used in the team above are "ideal" for their particular class, here we examine team one: Rammus--the tank, Master Yi--the melee DpS carry, Caitlyn--the ranged DpS carry, Sona--the support, and LeBlanc--the ranged AP carry. As you explore this guide, you will find a few..."strange" things about it; those "strange things" can either win your team the game...or give you a devastating loss. This build REQUIRES that your tank be VERY good at leading the team as to when going in is viable...and when falling back to regroup is necessary. Failure on the tanks part WILL lose you the will failure to listen to him. The reason that this guide is called "Tempestas Confractis" is because the idea is to unleash a storm in the mid game.

Using our "Ideal" champions from above in team one, here are the laning assignments:

    Master Yi & Sona; top lane
    Rammus; middle lane
    Caitlyn & LeBlanc; bottom lane
The reason for this laning will be given later on as you continue to read.

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Runes are standard runes for all listed champions, these can be changed as you like, I considered these pretty normal and ideal.

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The Masteries are set up to where the team can push well; note that Demolitionist is taken on both Master Yi and Caitlyn, while Siege Commander is taken on Rammus...this is to ensure extremely fast pushing of towers.

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Feel free to use your own items for your game; these are just standard items for the champions, nothing too unsual...a few notes though:

    Master Yi: The Madred's Bloodrazor at the end is situational, take it if you are versing a tank, or more specifically, a tanky team. Consider buying MAGIC RESIST if the enemy team buys Thornmail--this is due to the fact that Thornmail does Magic Damage.
    Caitlyn: This build focuses on Armor Penetration, but feel free to change to your liking.
    Sona: Consider replacing the Will of the Ancients with a Zeke's Herald, this will give bonus Life Steal to Caitlyn and Master Yi.
Sell the Philosopher's Stone 30 minutes after you purchase it.

Like I however you wish, this is a strategy guide, not a build guide.

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Skill Sequence

Skill Sequences are standard, nothing too important.

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Pros / Cons


    Catches the enemy off guard with a tank in the middle, thus causing confusion
    Makes your middle lane very sturdy
    Gets you carries VERY farmed up
    Shows great skill and teamwork ability
    When executed properly, "bursts" the entire enemy team's morale down
    Breaks the middle lane

    Puts much pressure on the tank
    Requires lots of experience playing LoL
    Makes teamwork something that CANNOT IGNORED
    Your tank is in the middle
    Lanes two squishies together
    Can win...or lose the entire game in about 5 minutes of an action

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Note that when I am referring to the champions named, I am referring to the CLASS that you are playing: "Master Yi" means "Melee DpS Carry", "Sona" means "Support", "Rammus" means "Tank", "Caitlyn" means "Ranged DpS Carry", and "LeBlanc" means "AP Carry".

Top Lane:
Master Yi needs LITERALLY all of the farm (or as much of it as he can get). By the time you have maxed your Wuju Style, you should have around 50 farm (if I calculated correctly).
Sona should focus on simply keeping Master Yi alive so that he can farm.
Middle Lane:
Rammus, your duty is to HOLD THE MIDDLE. DO NOT push your lane. Farm as much as you can to keep your tower alive but PLAY EXTREMELY SAFE!!! If you can, push the middle back a bit, but make sure that you keep your tower ALIVE AND WELL! Prepare to be in lane for a long time in lane without going back. When you wish go back, then tell bottom that you are needing to return to base; at this point, bottom lane should push their lane as far as they can, then CALL CAITLYN or LEBLANC to take your spot in the middle, depending on who their middle is (their Ranged Carry, go with Caitlyn, their AP Carry, go with LeBlanc, their tank, then either one). Due to the idea of a tank being in the middle lane, the enemy team may end up putting their tank in the mid (this is a good thing, as it keeps our precious squishies safer)! Then return to the laning, I strongly recommend getting gold-per-5 items at this point, and if you can, get boots.
Bottom Lane
Caitlyn. Needs. The. Farm! LeBlanc. Needs. The. Kills.
It's as simple as that. As Caitlyn, focus on farming as much as you can; as LeBlanc, focus on bursting down the enemy champions and getting the kills. When one of you needs to go back, tell the other one. If you are left alone in lane, go back to tower range and DO NOT OVEREXTEND! This is especially important if they have a jungler, or if you have MiA's in another lane (namely: middle).

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Team Work

Now we get into the actual mechanics of this guide!
Early Game
For the first few minutes of the game (1-9) farm your carries as much as possible. Unless the enemy team is OBVIOUSLY stupid, do not go into the bushes for first-blood! Play safe, but if you are playing as LeBlanc or Master Yi, keep your eyes open for those moments to get an easy kill in lane. Sona should keep the top bush warded, especially if the enemy team has a jungler and/or solo top (place the ward down about 3 minutes into game, due to the fact that literally no jungler can clear his jungle before this point).
Middle Game
This begins when you activate part I of this strategy: rushing the middle. It should be initiated by the tank. Everyone on the battlefield needs to be at least level 6 before attempting this. THIS CAN OCCUR NO LATER THAN THE 9 MINUTE MARK ON THE CLOCK! I have observed that 9 minutes into game is the ideal time to perform this, as you are leveled JUST enough to pull it off, but the enemy team does not go in this early. Most middle rushes occur at about the 10 to 12 minute mark, whenever the/an outter lane(s) have been taken. Here is how to initiate this move, which I shall call the Primae Motus:

    1. Master Yi pushes his lane with Sona to where the creep wave is nearly at enemy tower, at this point they both go down river to the middle bushes.
    2. Rammus begins to destroy the minion wave in the middle.
    3. Caitlyn heads up the river to wait in the bushes next to the middle, leaving LeBlanc to hold lane.
    4. LeBlanc falls back to "play safe".
    5. Master Yi comes out of the bush to farm the middle minions and head to the tower.
    At this point, Caitlyn reveals herself and begins to attack the tower.
    6. The enemy will obviously know something is "up" and will be middle, Rammus should attack the tower no matter what.
    7. Master Yi should also attack the tower.
    8. When the enemy engages, Rammus should attempt to tank all of the damage as Master Yi and Caitlyn take the tower.
    9. Caitlyn, being at a distance should ignore the enemies and keep hitting the tower.
    10. There is a good chance that Master Yi will die and possibly Rammus, but the tower will be taken, which is the important factor.
    11. Sona should focus on healing both Rammus and Master Yi.
    After this tower is gone, LeBlanc should go middle and begin to farm and even harass.

After the middle tower has been taken in this fashion, Caitlyn and Rammus should go to the bottom tower and take it as well.
Master Yi and Sona should push top then, with Rammus, and take the tower.
At this point, your team now has 3 towers; this should move us beyond the middle game, and into late game.
Late Game
Late game you need to push the middle down to AT LEAST the Inhibitor turret--farther if you can. This is the team fight phase! Team fight mechanics are as follows:
    Rammus should use his "attention grabbing" ability on either one of the enemy DpS Carry, AP Carry, or [if you can] the Support.
    Master Yi should close distance and take out the same target Rammus has focused. Caitlyn should focus their other DpS Carry.
    LeBlanc should be bursting down their Support and then their AP Carries.
    Sona should focus on supporting the melee DpS Carry and the Tank the most.
[*] One of your DpS Carries should build Armor Penetration...and lots of it. This person should focus the tank in the team fight; if it was, for example Caitlyn, then instead of just focusing their DpS Carry, she should poke their Tank as well.

After a won team fight, you should push the mid as far as you can. You should make sure that your AP Carry gets a Lich Bane after they have lots of AP; the reason for this is so that you can have them push towers quickly. Using LeBlanc, from this guide, after she gets her Lich Bane, she should go bottom with one of your DpS Carries and push it to the inhibitor while your other champions go top.
From this point on, the game is pretty much over, if the enemy didn't already surrender.

Like I say, it is EXCRUCIATINGLY IMPORTANT that your Tank be VERY good at timing and have LOTS of experience. Make sure you play smart and don't make stupid decisions.

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Ranked Play

With enough practice you can give this strategy a guide in ranked, remember that it requires excellent communication skills and excellent listening skills. If you utilize this strategy in ranked, make sure that you pick champions that you are very very good at.

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More To Come...

I will be adding another possible team that utilizes a jungler in the near future, keep in touch! LET ME KNOW what you think of this guide and negative criticisms without ideas for improvement. Give this strategy a try before you vote it up or down!


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