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League of Legends Build Guide Author Tengs92

Tengs Fav. Team

Tengs92 Last updated on February 13, 2012
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My name is Tengs and the owner off this built and this is made because I have seen way to many people who play characters I love getting abused with stats like 1-49-4 or so on.
Well that was saying it little hard but you get my point.

Well now in the intro there is some things you guys need to note to self, stuff like how to play and how to get better with the character. These builds will NOT make you invulnerable or the master off this game, but they might give you a good clue about what to buy and how to play.

Team play is the most important thing to do in this game, yo have no idea how fun it could be if people just could stop with the "noob l2p" and "Feeder" when you have a 3-4-2 stat, bad start I tell you. Its not the world ending and telling them that they "sux" aint gonna make them better. Tell them where they do wrong, maybe be there for them next time and do your best as you enjoy this game. We all are playing this game to become better and learn new stuff

(ofc there are those who only play it for winning "host" "host":)

Well this is a start. so get to it!

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Riven I fell in love with you at first sight!

Okey, it took a couple off matches before I got the hang on her but honestly she is a good hero who only lack a Karthuse-R to finish off the enemies who might be that lucky that manage to dodge her ulti.

When playing her you have to remember that you can`t spam her Q, that her ulti requiter time before you can launch the nuke and that you have to time your skill order perfectly.

Many have seen the Champion sportlight to Riven and here is link to those who not have seen it yet, See it!

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Sion, the ultimate killer.
Someone told me a long time ago that there is no way you could jungle with Sion.
Now after so long time I finally made a guide and how to jungle with him!

Route 1
Start off with a vampiric scepter.
Choose your E.
Go to the wolfs, they spawn at 1.40, kill the biggest first and finish the two others.

After this you go on to the wrath camp, smite the biggest one, this will give you a level, take the stun and stun a target. Finish that target off first and take down the two others.

Now here is the tricky part, if the enemy has any junglers you need to be careful, start with the closest one attack it and a fast stun, this will prevent him from hitting you with the first basic attack. kill off the one you stunned, this will bring you very low on HP so always stun when you can. Relax your lifesteal saves your *** here and gives you two easy Golems.

This will give you the third level where you pick the E again. There is no need for further instructions on the skills (just look at the Guide on Sion Skills.


Now back in base grab your cloth armour and two health potions, you must not have two but its recommended for ganking.

Go to the blue and attack - stun, keep on doing this until its 600 when you use your smite. Remember to use one potion, if you use two its okay the second one should wore off just when you start on the wolfs again.

After this you are free to do what you please, look for a ganking oppertunity, if not go to jungle.


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