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League of Legends Build Guide Author Teyso

Teyso's Guide Review Shop

Teyso Last updated on January 19, 2013
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Guide Top

Introduction: Myself and this Shop

Hi Reader!

I am currently looking / willing to review guides. I almost never down-vote, I usually make suggestions for improvement and offer to up-vote when some improvements have been made. This guide is meant to be a review-resource for helping you improve your guide. I review an average of 3 guides a week, I do not always respond promptly, but I will get to your guide. Leave a request and be patient, I will place the review in a comment on your guide.


Guide Top

Shop Status: Semi-Active

I am not accepting any more requests, as I am working on opening a review circle with several other reviewers. I will still review the requests that are in my que, but any future requests will receive a PM reminding the requester that I am busy with the review circle. I will post a link in this guide when the review circle is up and functional.

Guide Top

General Tips:

These are things I will recommend anyways if you haven't done them already. These things make reviewing guides easier or they give me more to work with when I review your guide. If you deal with them before requesting a review, it will make my job easier, and will mean the review will be much more helpful.

  • Aesthetics: Good guides have good aesthetics, including formatting and coding. Go to jhoijhoi's guide to making a guide and IceCreamy's Columns Guide if you want to know how to improve your guide's aesthetics.
  • Grammar and Spelling: Use a word processor to find and fix spelling and grammar errors. It is harder to read a guide with grammar and spelling mistakes. Some word processors that work include: Open Office, Microsoft Word, and Libre Office. (Google Chrome has a build in spell checker, thanks JAYZORZ for sharing this!)
  • Too much color: If you use too many colors that are hard to read or
    other, I will have trouble reading the guide, so change blocks of color to something read-able if you want a useful review.

Guide Top


Here are some rules / standards I would like us to follow:

1. ..... The guide has to be in English.

2. ..... The guide should have Require Comment To Vote enabled.

..... If I make suggestions regarding item choice, it is never mandatory to follow it, please just address my questions about the items in a response with good reasons.

4. ..... Follow the request format.

..... If I promise to come back and up-vote when changes have been made, I will not usually come back to vote until you PM me to notify me that the changes have been made. So remind me when you've made changes. I forget things, so help me help you.

..... What I Ask in Return:
  • (optional) +rep
  • A review, or a comment and a vote, on one of my other guides.
  • An up-vote of this guide and a 'thanks' edited into your request post if my review was helpful.

..... What I Will Not Do:
  • If I don't like your item choice I will not insult you for it, but will simply state why I disagree.
  • I might try your build on a champion if I know them... but otherwise don't count on it. If I don't know the champion I feel that I will not be able to judge a build from my own performance. Instead I look at theory and stats.
  • I won't down-vote your guide without giving you a chance to improve or defend your reasoning.

Guide Top

Request Format:

Provide in your request:

  • Your summoner level, so I have an idea of how much experience you have, and can better help you.
  • A link to your guide.
  • Tell me which of the tips from my General Tips chapter you have already followed.
  • Do you want a rating with the review, later, or not at all? (If you want it later you will have to PM me for it when you are ready)
  • Tell me if there is something specific you want me to pay closer attention to while reviewing your guide.

Guide Top

How I Rate:

You get points based on how well you did the following things (multiple point values will be based on quality of the trait being scored):

+ Use of bb-coding and links (1/2) and embedding of images and videos (1/2).
+ Use of Aesthetics: Colors (2/6), lists and columns (2/6), and Formatting (2/6).
+ Details (1/2) and good explanations (1/2).

I reserve the right to withhold rating until you take steps to fix the following:
- Grammar, typing and spelling errors.
- Abbreviations like tbh, imo, ur, and others.

Guide Top

Review Format

This is how my reviews look most of the time:

Hi (your username)(punctuation mark)

Here is the stuff I liked about your guide, what you did especially well and what you did that was unique and/or original. This is basically my compliments section. I complement what you've done well so you know what to be proud of!

Here is my list of suggestions (sometimes I will give only one or two of these, sometimes I'll give all of them, and sometimes I'll give repeats of the same one):

  • This thing about your guide made it difficult to read. Here's how you could go about changing it.
  • I really liked this thing about your guide, but I wanted more! Do more with this in the guide. (Sometimes I'll make suggestions about how to go about this.)
  • I was confused by this thing, did you mean to say something else?
  • Nit picking: You will see this if you've already done a great job of most everything else, I will pick on you for something very small, usually it will have to do with theory, and it is almost never required by me that you change this... unless it is a spelling or grammar sort of mistake. This happens if I feel like I am not needed to improve the guide, but I still want to offer something to fix/change.

Closing complements: I will say more here if I feel like I picked on you a lot in the review.

If I already Up-Voted the guide, or what stuff I want you to work on before I up-vote.

(some sort of salutation),

Guide Top

Request History and Que:

Status / Rating
Completed (ARC)
Completed (ARC)
Completed: 8/10
Completed (ARC)
Completed (ARC)
Completed (10/10)
Pluckin Penguin
Completed: 8.5/10
Completed (ARC)
Completed (WR)
Completed: 6/10
Completed (9/10)
Completed (ARC)
Completed (ARC/WR)
Pending/Awaiting Proof-read
Le Pro of d00m
Wait Listed
Wait Listed
Wait Listed
Kog Maw
Wait Listed
Noob Police
Wait Listed
Wait Listed

If you requested a review before I added the Rating section, do not fear, you can either edit your comment to include if / when you want to be rated, or you can PM me to let me know.

'Completed' means I have finished reviewing your guide, the rating will be in the Discussion section.
'Wait Listed' means there are other guides ahead of yours in que.
'Reading' means I am in the process of reading your guide and writing a review.
'Pending' means I am between steps in the process, but your guide is next.
'ARC' stands for 'Awaiting Rating Confirmation', and it means I am waiting to hear from you before rating.
'WR' means I am withholding a rating until some improvements have been implemented.
'RD' means Rating Declined; basically, the author did not want a rating, and wanted just the review.

Guide Top

Special Thanks To:

jhoijhoi for her awesome guide that taught me how to write guides. Also for the line separators.
IceCreamy for inspiring me to make a review shop.


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