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Yasuo Build Guide by thatsnotmypirate

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author thatsnotmypirate

ThatsNotMyPirate's Yasuo Mid/Top - Swift as the Wind

thatsnotmypirate Last updated on July 15, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Build Breakdown

The 1st build gives you 50% Crit, while giving you a fair amount of life steal and tankiness you need to be a pain to face in team fights. Build two is an Off Tank carry style build, with runes it gives you 100% crit rate even. The crit runes are amazing because of your passive, it doubles the effectiveness of these runes. Also I feel like building crit runes frees you up to build an item like The Bloodthirster rather then Infinity Edge. This is good because it frees you to be tankier then most top laners and still have the epic damage. You don't really have to choice between more crit and life steal. This build lets you crit, tank and life steal in the best way. I also feel as if Yasuo doesn't really need to build much armor pen. Last Breath cooldown is fairly low and gives you a huge armor pen buff. I think if you feel you need some, build The Black Cleaver over Last Whisper, you already have 50% armor pen with your ult.

A few notes about how you would want to build. If you get life steal quints, then I would build Infinity Edge over The Bloodthirster and personally I wouldn't get life steal for the build if you get runes. If you build Crit or speed quints then I think blood is a much in the build.

If you aren't really having problems with ad champs, I would flip the MR and Armor item orders.

Also note, that Yasuo is a very hard to play champion. You have to have a good understanding of positioning, and what other champions have knock ups, and when it is best to use your ult for your team. I have been playing him a lot on the beta servers and as much as I have played him, he is still a tricky champion to master.

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Pros / Cons


+ Easy Jungler even for noobs
+ Very good farmer
+ Hard to gank and very tricky
+ Steel Tempest cooldown is effected by ATS
+ Has great cc with Steel Tempest and Last Breath
+ Very Strong ganks with Steel Tempest
+ Great damage and duelist.
+ Wind wall can win games.
+ Doesn't need to build a lot of crit
+ Pretty good in all lanes
+ No mana
Yasuo is great in all lanes but I feel he is best in top or jungle. Unless you master wind wall. Then I believe you are most effective as a counter in mid lane. But only go mid if you get an AP top or jungler, still need an AP carry. He has no mana which is good for people who love to stay in lane a long time. He has a lot of ways to get away when running and to catch up to others. Last Breath works with a lot of other heroes so he is good in a lot of team comps. He has good cc for team fights and can build tanky and keep his damage.


- Very hard to learn
- Can have a hard time in some ranged lanes
- Early game can be rough for noobies
- Last Breath can only be used on knocked up heroes
- Player will be to tempted to build Stright AD/Crit
- Positioning is very important
- Wind Wall needs a deep understanding of positioning to get the most effect out of it.
Yasuo Has a lot of goods about him. But his biggest down fall is that he is hard to play, even my first game with him I was having a hard time. But when you start to get an understanding of how he works, he is amazing. Positioning is key and lucky for us he has a lot of ways to get into position. Wind wall can win team fights for you, but poorly placed ones can be a huge factor if you win or lose one.

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Summoners Spells

Flash As with most heroes, this skill is great for a lot of reasons and uses. You can flash in and Sweeping Blade through and minion to a champ to knock them up for a Last Breath. You can get over walls to get away. It has many uses.

- Teleport Top laners are best pushing top all day and farming all day. So teleport is the best way to get into a team fight when you are in top lane. This also effects your passive cause it is distance traveled.

- Barrier This skill is always good for dueling. Good to bait people in and punish the greedy. If your flow is up, the flow+barrier combo can be shockingly tanky at the last minute.

- Ignite Another good spell. It can be casted while you are using Last Breath which is pretty cool. It is always good for getting that kill that almost got away. But I feel like you already have a lot of ways to pick up kills, so I feel TP is better for giving you more map presence.

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Greater Mark of Critical Chance

Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

Greater Mark of Critical Chance - Now these runes is why I only have one crit item on this build. I feel these runes are most effective because Yasuo crit chance is always double. This is why I am able to only build one crit item in build 1 and still have 50%. My build makes you very hard to kill. It is hard enough to catch Yasuo or stop him from dancing around the battle field. This makes you perfect for splitting the team or forcing down high vaule targets like adcs or ap carries.

Greater Mark of Attack Damage - The 6 crit runes give you 11.2% crit at starting. If you do build 2 you go over 100% crit if you have 9 crit runes, which is a waste so I put the other 3 runes into AD so you go over but 1.2% which is the best I could do haha. This gives you amazing early game damage and when you grab zeal you will be at 30% crit very fast. I think this is the most effective combo of runes.

Greater Seal of Armor - My goal is to make you as tanky as possible, Yasuo already has pretty good natural armor values. If you are up against an ad top. These on top of Ninja Tabi and your passive shield, you will make you win most trades in your lane. These are also good if you want to jungle Yasuo.

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist - Most top laners tend no to be ap. Even if they are, it won't take long for these runes to kick in. My build gives good cooldowns already so I don't feel as if it is needed to build cooldowns or anything else other then MR. If you have any other ideas feel free to let me know in the comments!

Now I am putting Quins get there own little aeea because there are a few ways to go. This is mostly based on what you like and to fit your play style. I am putting them in order to what I think is most effective to least effective.

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage - These mixed with your early crit can give you some pretty epic early game damage. An early crit can give up the upper hand in the lane at a level one. I have been testing a lot of runes out and so far these seems to be working best with your rune combo.

Greater Quintessence of Critical Chance I think with marks and these you get about 13.95 crit. So on Yasuo that is 27.9 crit at level one. That is pretty epic. It is an attractive start and end game crit. So end build will be 67.9 crit vs 55. That is a good bit more but I feel as if that 55% is enough. You could also build 1 and have 2 ad quins.

Greater Quintessence of Life Steal - If you like to build Infinity Edge over blood. Then I would grab these and your first item should be a Doran's Blade. This is good for early game but that 6% will be enough for the game. This build really isn't focused around life steal so if you want more damage then go for it.

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Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

There is a lot of information to cover here. Honestly with this champion it is best if I show you combos. So I will be making a few videos to post on here for Yasuo with all the tricks that I use with him, along with basic combos you should know.

Way of the Wanderer - INTENT: Yasuo's critical strike chance is doubled, but the damage dealt by his critical strikes is reduced by 10%.
RESOLVE: At maximum Flow, the next time Yasuo would take damage from a champion or monster he first converts his Flow into a shield that absorbs damage. After 2 seconds, if not already depleted, Yasuo's loses all his Flow.

There are a few things to note here. First is the critical strike. These are why I picked the runes and have so little crit items on this chamption. This passive isn't meant to give you a ready to do 100% all in builds. It is to give you the ability to build less crit and still be very effective in battles as a off tanky dps.

2nd is his shield Resolve. New players or unskilled players will find this passive useless. But in fact is is very strong if used right. It gives you a very small window to win trades. Being able to use this effectively will make the best players stand out. Ranges heroes can poke it out so easy, so don't let them. But knowing when it is best to try and go in is key. Smart players that know you will try to make the most out of it, will use this to bait you into ganks. Play smart.

Steel Tempest - Consecutive successful casts of Steel Tempest within 10 seconds form a chain.
Steel Tempest FIRST ACTIVE: Yasuo thrusts his sword forward, damaging all enemies in a 475-unit line. If cast while dashing, the area of effect is charged to a ~375-radius circle.
Gathering Storm SECOND ACTIVE: Same as the first active.
Empowered Steel Tempest THIRD ACTIVE: Yasuo brandishes his sword causing a whirlwind to tear forward, damaging and knocking airborne all enemies in a ~900-unit line. If cast while dashing, the area of effect is changed to an ~375-radius circle. This active resets the chain.

Steel Tempest can critically strike, dealing additional physical damage based on X% AD. Additionally, on-hit effects will be applied to the first enemy hit within 475-unit range. The cooldown and cast time of Steel Tempest is reduced based on Yasuo's bonus attack speed and unaffected by cooldown reduction.
PHYSICAL DAMAGE: 20 / 40 / 60 / 80 / 100 (+ 100% AD)

This skills cooldown is effected by attack speed. So your last item may want to be an ATS item. With fast attackspeed this skill can be used while running. Always try to cast it after landing an auto attack to maximize your damage. Now this item stacks for a short time when it lanes on a hero or minion. The stack doesn't last forever but it does have a pretty good duration. But players will know you are most dangerous when it is stacked and you are glowing. So it is best to go in on the 2nd stack. If you go in when the knock up is ready, players will know its coming and can react. Most player will make distance when they see it's up. So starting a fight on it's 2nd cast is the best to get people off guard. It is also good for last hitting. Keep in mind that it applies crits and on hit effects BUT only to the first unit hit.

Wind Wall - PASSIVE: Yasuo generates a percentage of his maximum Flow whenever he uses Sweeping Blade or Last Breath, in addition to the amount that is generated for the distance moved.
FLOW: 4 / 8 / 12 / 16 / 20%
ACTIVE: Yasuo creates a wall of wind that slowly drifts forward over the next 3.75 seconds. The wall blocks all enemy projectiles, except tower hits.
WALL WIDTH: 300 / 350 / 400 / 450 / 500

Yasuos that master wind wall will be most effective in mid lanes. I know people think already that this skill is op. But honestly it depends on the skill of the player. This skill is amazing yes, but positioning, timing are so important. Using it early can make it useless, to late and you cost your team a fight. At early ranks its small so it is even more important to place correctly. In jungles early rank team fights are amazing, you can wall off damage from a whole area. With Anivia on your team, you can win most jungle fights because you can both reshape the battle field and where damage can, and can't come from. It is best to play this skill toward the hero that has the most damage, if you are having problems with lux, Make it face her. But it is also important to note that if more damage will be coming from the left and she is on the right. Then it maybe best to play on the left where more damage is coming, Then force down lux. Also its noteable that wind wall has more of a cone effect cause it blocks skills even if they are past the cast line, You can see this in slow motion in my video!

Sweeping Blade - ACTIVE: Yasuo dashes 475 units in the direction of the target enemy, dealing magic damage and marking them briefly. Each cast increases the next dash's base damage by 25%, up to 100% bonus damage. Yasuo cannot use Sweeping Blade on an enemy that's already been marked.
MARK DURATION: 10 / 9 / 8 / 7 / 6
MAGIC DAMAGE: 70 / 90 / 110 / 130 / 150 (+ 60% AP)
MAXIMUM DAMAGE: 140 / 180 / 220 / 260 / 300 (+ 60% AP)

This skill is my bread and butter. You can dash as many times as you want to minions and heroes on the other team as long as they aren't marked. Can even get over walls to jungle camps with vision. In the lane, when going on the other team, it is best to dash to a minon rather then the champ. Only dash to the champ when they are getting out of range. It also makes you hard to gank cause you can pass through the ganker. You can catch up to running players fast by using this skill to dash through a few minions. But the dash is a fixed distance so be careful not to lane in tower range.

If you use Steel Tempest while dashing, it turns into an circle AOE. This is best for landing your third Q in team fights to start your Last Breath.

Last Breath - ACTIVE: Yasuo blinks to the nearest airborne enemy champion to the cursor. Upon arriving, he suspends all airborne units within a 400-radius of his target in the air for 1 second while dealing physical damage to all of them. Once he lands, Yasuo gains 50% penetration to bonus armor for 15 seconds.
PHYSICAL DAMAGE: 200 / 300 / 400 (+ 150% bonus AD)
Casting Last Breath will reset the chain on Steel Tempest.

This skill can only be casted on airbone heroes. But this means any one can knock them up to start the cast. The skill has a pretty long range so it is amazing for ganking lanes that have knock ups like J4, Wuk, Malp. It's cooldown is very low and it is best cast at the start of fights so you can get the most out of the armor pen that you get from it. This is also why I feel you don't need very much armor pen with Yasuo. In lane, use this skill often because its cooldown is so low.

Watch the video at the top of my guide for some skill combos and more!

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Build Path

Boot's Path

With boots there are two factors to take in mind.
First, who are you facing in lane.
Second, Does there team have more AP or AD

- There are a few reason you would want to build these. If there team is CC heavy, these boots are very important IF you aren't getting Zephyr. If they are AP heavy or you lane partner is AP and you are worried about taking a lot of damage. I will normal start off with MR as my first item if i'm up vs an AP.

- Now if they have a lot of auto attackers or your lane partner is AD these boots are great. The passive is pretty awesome and it pretty check to make with good amount of starting armor.

- If you aren't worried about your lane partner or think you will be tanky enough late game. These boots are awesome. My builds lack ATS, unless your last item has some. But if not then these can help a lot, also makes Q cooldown a lot shorter.

Core Items Paths

- This item is a must. If you rush this item you will have massive early game damage. The extra movement speed also really helps and feel natural. I tend to build zeal first and get Belt to be a bit harder to kill. But if you have a change to rush it, I would go for it.

- I tend to like these over blood. The build makes you very tanky. Shiv and Edge seems to be all you need till late game to deal effective damage. If they are to tanky, then black cleaver end build should be more then enough on top of your Last Breath armor pen passive after casted. I tend to get B.F sword and put off the rest of the items to make sure I able to survive fights.

- Gives you epic damage and life steal, also works well with Spirit Visage. If you want to be harder to kill and want to stay in lane longer, this is the path you want to build. With your runes, you have 50% crit as long as you have shiv so all and all it isn't a bad pick for the build. I tend not to build blood as often as Edge, but it is something to think about.

Defensive Path

- Omen gives great HP, armor and it's passive over all lowers dps dealt to you. Also makes you harder to run from as if it wasn't hard enough already. If you don't need as much armor, build Sunfire Cape because it is cheaper and it deals tons of damage.

- This item deals tons of damage. If you don't need as much armor, then I would build these because it is cheaper then omen and the extra damage is always nice. I tend to like omen better cause it is better late game.

- This works well with bloodthirster. But even without it, this item is great. It gives 20% cooldown and if you want to get warmogs the passives work very well together. It has been given a lot more Magic resistance then it use to. But the cooldown is the best part even more so if you get black cleaver.

- If you feel like you don't need Cooldowns, then this is the way to go. The shield has always been op, but it also gives just as much M.R on top of more HP, and the HP regen passive also makes you even tankier and can save you from close calls.

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