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Kayle Build Guide by Hawkmenrise

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Hawkmenrise

The all laning archangel kayle

Hawkmenrise Last updated on March 3, 2014
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If you want to be pretty good at kayle you came to the right place. Kayle, in my humble opinion, is the most balanced champion in league. By balance i mean she is not too weak nor too strong. Her kit has found a center where its offensive potential is almost matched by its defensive potential. She can go in any lane and do reasonably well. No other champion can claim this. Besides maybe jayce but i never see him mid in games.(no offense to the jayce midders i dont know your champ as well as you) Further she can be built either ap or ad with devastating results. Both are equally viable. If you disagree with any of this all i got to say to you is", Cool beans BRAH."
2.Archangel build
3.ADC kayle
4.APC kayle heavy hybrid
6.ap heavy hybrid
7. starting items
8. runes

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Archangel Kayle

Archangel kayle is my most recent build that i use for adcing or supporting or jungling or anything really.You buy the appropriate starting build as reasoned for in chapter seven. From there it progresses to standard adc items for alot of damage. Zerkers then zeal for some early game crits along with your attack speed and your e and passive will give you phenomenal damages. Then you get the vampire scepter for sustains building it into bloodthirster. Then finish your zeal into a phantom dance for enhanced chase and life steal/ armour stripping passive effects/ crit chance. Then get your infinity edge just to rip open some rear ends. Then when the enemy team is like **** that kayle needs focusing cuz your splash damaging is hitting all of them for around 100+ damage. You build a banshees veil which should keep you alive through most enemy ap carries assaults if you include it with judicious use of your ult. Then if the enemy adc is like i do more damages you build a thorn mail and laugh as they kill themselves off your rammus like abs. Its important to usually choose the banshees veil first as one of the last nerfs stopped kayle mr from stacking based on level. Thus you need the mr once you get the damages. Amour isn't as an immediate a need as kayles armour scaling isn't bad. If you build this right you should out damage most adcs in a straight up fight through level 6. If you get fed youll own them for the entire game, although thats a given with any champ. This build is weakest right before you get your infin edge. So heads up on that power curve. One last thing. When jungling you go blue to wolves to wraiths to golems to red . And repeat. Do not shun the golems although dont overabuse them either it will take some getting used to to know when for certain to kill golems early on. Also you can merc out dragon at round level 11 if you have zerkers zeal vampire scepter and smite. No team mate aid is needed. Although it will be close. Season two it was a garunteed easy kill but the nerfs sad face.

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Adc kayle was "shocker" kayles original role way back in season one. She was a monster back then. But yet again the nerfs sad face. In season two she was also a viable adc because of the enhanced damage and the mastery that increased damage after a certain percentage of their health was gone meaning you could q then kill most enemies when you were fed.Hitting for over a thousand each time. Although season three and four all the nerfs keep making her less and less viable. To be honest you can still adc kayle but I foresee riot slowly trying to make her into a support which pisses me off a little. Its whatevs. Enough ranting. Adcs kayles strong points are her early game damage which is given to her by her e and passive, her ult which can help you win in fights against other carries if used correctly and can help you escape and help allies escape and deny kills to the opposing adc, her heal which they just buffed so its much nicer, and her q which is decent for catching opponents along with applying a stack of armour stripping. Her weaknesses are that if your opponent is good when your e wears off while csing they can jump all over your face because you are much weaker without e till late game. You basically turn into a bad melee champ without your e. But whatever. And your q costs a little bit of mana so dont spam it. Dont spam your heal either because you must always maintain enough mana for flame sword/e. Although with your heal/speed boost and your slow and ult you can usually out run most ganks which is lovely.

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APC kayle

Apc kayle became very popular a little while ago do to its useage by some very good league people. So much so that some ignorant people think kayle is only viable ap. This is ******ed. In fact you can get most kassadins to charge you without checking your build by walking near them. To their shock and horror if you're ad they die swiftly. It goes even further if you call adc alot of people will be like what isn't kayle a mid laner. Yet again another face palm. To be honest apc kayle is my least favorite kayle build and the one i am least likely to build. Call me a hipster or old school whatever. But apc kayles strengths are a q that does a fair amount of damage used to do a ridiculous amount of damage until riot nerfed it twice. Stripping it of its ability to amplify damage and then reducing its ap ratios a damn good flame sword and a heal that does a lot. Ap kayles heal after the last buff is nothing to be laughed at and will deal a good 300 health back to you at full build. That along with its low cost and relatively low cool down make it very nice.Also it gives you a speed boost that scales with ap YAYYYYY. Your flame sword (in my opinion)should nowadays be your primary damage dealer after all the nerfs kayle has received which is why my build focuses on on hit effects. Your flame sword will give you 60+(ap scaling) + nashors +(nashors scaling) + ad on hit. The other side of my ap build doesn't forget you q lovers and gives you a liandrys and a hextech bullet to make up for qs decrease in damage along with a blackfire torch in case you really want to amp the q's. At all levels during chases and battles never forget your hextech its very useful. Finally theres a fair amount of magic pen between your passive and liandrys and void staff if you really need it enough to make most your enemies at the very least hesitate. This build is what i use to **** stomp teemo. Cuz his blind only hits your ad your e's extra damage still goes through. hweh hweh hweh

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AD heavy hybrid kayle

AD heavy hybrid kayle is for when your building ap and your enemies like oh looky an ap kayle and stacks mr. This build will smoothly replace your on hit effects with massive crits and ad damage while keeping your heal and q decently strong. Remember this is ad heavy hybrid so you aren't going to be as strong in ap as a true ap carry but if a kassadin jumps you, judicious use of your ult should allow you to put him down. In my opinion this build is best for kayle v kayle combat which i'll go into later.

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ap heavy hybrid

Basically you wanted to run ap then did. Very similar to apc carry kayle although you can include such items as guinsoo's which is beautiful with kayle early game. This build focuses completely on on hit effects. Other not mentioned above ways to build it are tanky: zhonyas, nashors, rylais, liandrys, zerkers,rabadon.
if you want to go late game stronk like bull
manamune, nashors, seraphs embrace, rabadons, liandrys, zerkers or those magic pen boots.
really its whatever you like but place emphasis on on hit effects. Ad comes second.
so center around items like
lich bane, frozen gauntlet, liandrys, rylais, nashors, and malady if you really dont like their tanks

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Starting items

Everyone is different when it comes to starting items. You got guys who like the boots and pots and people who like the new stuff also. Personally I'm one of those trolls whom when laning stacks ten pots and a ward then runs in. ALthough, this is actually viable with kayle as your e will make up in damages for whatever item you wouldve bought.Further with your heal your sustain is massive. Allowing you to one v two and win by level six without ever having gone back. With this combo i think i stayed in lane without needing to go back and while still getting kills to level eleven a few times. Which i dont necessarily recommend but, you can do. ALthough with the advent of the new support items my supp build has changed. For all lanes build the ten pots a ward and a ward totem. For support I would suggest you build a coin or a relic shield depending on who your facing in bot. For tankier enemy combos go relic shield never hurts to have the continuous healing effects and added health. For most other combos the coin is good. So support should run coin or relic shield two health pots one mana pot warding totem. For jungle run hunters machete five health pots. Just the basic stuff. ALso the reasoning behind the two health pots one mana pot ratio is that early game you dont want to use your heal on yourself as it will limit the number of times you can use flame sword or q. Thus when you lose health dont heal use a pot. Use your single mana pot as a precious comodity. When its gone if your at half health and a quarter mana b or heal yourself for one more minion wave.

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If you have no preferences you can do ad carry runes. Or the above runes I list for maximum early game monstrosity. But, really runes should be left up to your preferences. The stuff i show you I know works and for the most part works well but, maybe you want a faster kayle or a more lifestealy, critty, or even tanky kayle thus i leave the runes for the most part up to you.

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Tips tricks and wisdom from a kayle user

How to kill a yasuo. Your average yasuo like your average darius is bad. These are people who like to play op champs. Now mark you I said average yasuo or darious I didn't say all I said average. So if your really skilled and play those champs you have no grounds to jump on me for it.But the average yasuo you will see doesn't know that kayles e can go through his wind wall as it isn't a projectile. So he will be like hweh hweh hweh ima wind wall and laugh at you. And you can be like your dead. Beat on him till he realizes its hurting him. He will immediately jump on you in response ult and then q once his wind wall is gone. At this point he should start to run if you do any damage at all and then just pop ghost and maybe exhaust and kill him. ALthough a caution to you dont go in without your ult.
How to kill a teemo. If the teemo blinds you you ult. Then keep swinging. You should then trade even or if your building a heavier ap kayle win the engagement.
How to piss off a darius. When he goes up you ult his target and laugh. In season two i once convinced a darius who i was wrecking that kayles passive was that she reflected true damage because every time he went up for the dunk i ulted then used my op damages to kill him while his ult did nothing.
AP denials. Any strong ap champ just wait till the ult then ult the person whose their intended target. Easy peasy. If your wondering about intended targets study how strong they are think about the environment and their skill sets then see the health levels of your party members. After this make a guess if you have to. ALthough ulting yourself or the adc will generally never get you yelled at.
Akali. A fed akali will always beat a fed kayle in a one on one in a prolonged fight. But, if you are in a minion wave and she is far away from any brush or place where you cant see her wait for her to jump at you and then you ult. She will spam burst then drop a circle of you can't see me. While she waits for your ult to wear down. Take the opportuniy to bounce your splash damage off the minions nearby because you will be able to hurt her badly even if shes invisible this way. Sometimes the akali will panick and start attacking you. Take the opportunity to slow her and try to kite. as your victory is based upon a straight up quick fight. The longer the fight the higher her chances of beating you.
Summoner spells. ALways run exhaust and ghost. Because with your ult and ghost and your speed up and your two slows you can out run most three man ganks. Its beautiful. I would hazard that depending on the enemy champions and the direction from which they gank you can outrun 70 percent of them. Further exhaust and ghost are also a killer combo for chasing down multiple people. Just turn your ghost on and your speed up on exhaust one enemy q the other flame sword both. If they turn on you wait for exhaust to wear off then ult and kill them both.
Finally don't get kayles legendary skin. That thing is ugly. I would recommend either battleborn or veridian both are much more beautiful and in my opinion less noobish to have. Plus you see far less veridians and battleborns then you do legendarys ironically.