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League of Legends Build Guide Author NHFA

The art of jungling/roaming for new or advanced players

NHFA Last updated on June 24, 2011
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Hello this is as the title says my guide with some things i wanted to share about jungling/roaming for new or advanced players.Why jungle? Coz i say so. Also because most melee characters have trouble early levels in lane. Additionaly one more teammate of yours gets to solo getting ahead in levels. Lastly you get to gank without anyone saying ss or miss or mia.Sound's fun doesn't it?

I will state here that every jungling character has at least one ganking ability and you will ALWAYS get that at level 4 (or 3 if you want) BUT always remember that jungling in LoL is all about ganks.

*I will update this guide as often as I can and i will soon add more heroes.Also know that the advanced player's jungle guide is not complete yet.I'm sorry for grammar or vocabular mistakes I will try to correct those.Feel free to comment and rate.If you feel that there was nothing for you to learn here then you are neither a new jungler or advanced I did not make this guide for you and I do not wish to get negative votes because of that.

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With most junglers I suggest taking amor penetration runes since all creatures have armor. Most people however have trouble sustaining themselves so if you have not created a rune page yet you should get some for armor boost early level and for magic resistance.

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Jungle ways

You can start by either the first or the second route or start with the first and continue with the second. BUT always remember to keep an eye out for a possible gank

First route to jungling is the safest since you cannot get ganked and probably easyest.Smite the big wraith kill the rest with hits then go kill the wolves. By the time you get to the golems your smite should be up kill them.Go back to the base gank if possible and then follow the second route

Second route starts from the blue buff that more characters need when jungling then the wolves and then the wraiths. You can use smite on the big wraith or keep it for the golems but never on the wolves.

Third route is especialy for warwick without smite (please note that you need runes to do that).Start with wolves then wraiths after that you will probably have to go back and then take golems and so on... i don't realy recommend doing that.The alternative is that you can get 3 levels in lane and then start jungling with blue wolves wraiths and probably golems and then gank.

Fourth route is what I use with Yi and some other chars when I fear i might get ganked at blue.Start with golems using q and then smite the one you hit or the one with the most life remaining.If you have runes and full masteries you should have gotten level 2 and you will be able to take out the wraiths if not take the wolves first.Keep the smite, go back to base and then use it on blue.

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New junglers

For those who have never gone jungling before and want to try it out.Out of the characters I have played with and jungled I recommend nunu and yi because both of them have a 450 IP cost and are easy to play.Also Nunu is one of the easyest gankers out there and that's because he has 3 skills to gank. Yi on the other hand is fun to play especialy since most people like cutting enormous amounts of health with each hit, thus making him a good choise.

Ganking with
Basicaly when ganking with nunu you should cast on yourself on your way to a lane to gank. Wait until this ability has 2-3 seconds cooldown and jump out there. Cast it again on the teammate who is further away or to the ad champion in lane. After that throw an to the further away enemy and use ulty between the enemies and their tower, if you have an ulty available.

Ganking with
Master Yi is more difficult to gank early level, has less health than nunu no slow and no stun.That is why i usualy double-gank with yi. (look at jungling/roaming section for more info about double-gank).Always make sure you have a red buff or ulty (or both) available to make a good gank come true. If you already took your red buff take the other team's red buff. use your ulty only when you start the gank and not to get there.

Some people have the habit to not take the ability until they get 14 level i find that wrong and here is why. You like red potions ? Of course you do. It helps getting in a fight and then healing. So why don't you like meditate? It is a free potion every 30 seconds with an extra 100 armor and magic resist at level one while channeling. What more could you wish for?

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Advanced Junglers

If you have gotten used to jungling and have done it many times, make sure you read the common mistakes. If you feel that you already know those things and continue wanting to jungle roam get one such a character. Those characters are: Evelynn , Alistar , Jarvan or Taric! I'm sorry i have not added those characters' to my guide yet but i will as soon as I can.

The Basic idea for Evelynn is that you have to counter jungle.Take a smite and make the opposite team's jungler cry.

The basic idea for Taric. First get someone to assist you with blue.Get some expirience from your jungle up to 3 levels or a bit more if no one needs help in lane. After going 3 level roam all lanes gank if you can but since you have no damage early level your job is to heal everyone back to full life. Get mana regeneration items and only stay in lanes for half a level or less.After that continue roaming. Make sure your allies don't become reckless while you are there.MAke sure to tell them you will stay only as long as it takes to heal them back to full life and be on your way. Whenever possible get more expirience from jungle.

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Jurvan IV and Alistar.If your team has neither a tank nor a jungler.

Got it? Ju(ngle)rvan ?... Funny right? ... Ok i'll stop.

Jarvan and Alistar are the best tank/dps characters out there (at least until they get nerfed) and they can Roam!What does that mean? Alistar can gank from level 2 and jarvan from 3 effectively.Follow the easy jungle route wraiths/wolves/golems or have someone assist you with blue buff.Either way start ganking as soon as possible you don't realy need the kills assists are ok however taking some would be nice. For Jarvan I recomend the build I have listed. For Alistar though I reccomend taking ability power items since your ulty is what makes you tanky anyways.
Also playing as Alistar make sure you use the headbutt pulverize combo effectively.

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Jungling/Roaming,I mean, what's the difference?

Here is the difference you are not a good jungler unless you are a good roamer but being a good roamer does not mean you have to be a jungler. Always pick wise what your team needs.

I wanted to state here some common mistakes made by junglers and the responsibilities you have.

1.Jungling (less exp and money)
If you have played Dota you might think that jungling is simple. I will go there, exit at 40 minutes and then pwn them 1v5.That is a big NO this cannot be done in LoL and this is the big difference you cannot win this game without teamplay. Also jungle here awards little money and even less expirience if you don't gank effectively by the time you get 6 level solo lanes will be 8-9 and bottom lanes will be 6-7. But a lot less farmed thus making it more difficult for you to gank and by 11 you will probably be the more underfarmed hero in game being a liability for your team.

2.Roam to victory
A good jungler ALWAYS roams before midgame.You start at level 4 with the lane you think is more suitable (has a squishy or a low health character) and gank him.
You always deserve the kill,so grab it if you can (unless he was one hit to death) and it will be a gg from there on.Get some more expirience from your jungle and gank as often as you can. Always look at all lanes for opponent's health before starting each camp.You saw someone low health? Run gank him do not say i will go after this camp. The low health char might think "Hey they have a jungler i should go back" and that's a lost kill.


Blue buff
Most of the time you will start at blue buff (also known as golem).Because of the mana regen it gives and the cooldown reduction making it easyer for you to spam your abilities at the jungle.

Red buff
Red buff (also known as lizard) is your ganking buff I mean in the description all i see is GOTTA GANK EM ALL.Why? Because red buff leaves a debuff on opponents whenever you hit them wich slows them and burns them for some damage.

Ganking with buffs
When you gank you will most of the time want to gank with a red buff on you for the slow and the damage.You should not dive into towers when you have a buff cause you need them and cannot aford to lose them unless they where almost over.For me blue buff is a jungle buff only, meaning that you should not get that before going to a gank. You should get it when all lanes are pushed or enemies are back at their base and there is no free lane to grab.
After you get level 9-10 you should give the blue buff to your team's mage and the red to your ad carry, unless you're it, then feel free to take it.

4.Laning while jungling
You must pick a lane whenever you see one available as i said before jungle is less exp and gold.When is a lane available? Only when no one from your team is there do not steal expirience either from mid or from top for no reason.If you see an ally on top or mid lane having low health ask him whether he wants to go back.If he does free farm for you!
However if you take over his lane DO NOT push most people dislike having their lanes pushed by the jungler and i'm one of them so don't do it.

What is pushing a lane ? It is when a character autohits and uses aoe moves on creeps killing them as fast as possible.

Why is that bad? One reason is that the lane will move closer to the opponent's tower making it difficult for your teammate to harass the other side and impossible for you to gank. Also your teammate loses a lot of exp. Last reason when you aoe/autohit you can't get all the creeps and that is less gold for you, if you do not already know how to last hit creeps now is your chanse try and learn.

5.Make the dragon scream "No more"
With more characters you will be able to solo dragon by 8-9 level you can also do it at 6 with some help from a teammate.You usually want to take dragon whenever it is possible.With all the exp you gain and the 190 gold to all teammates it's like a free kill to everyone.If the other team has a jungler or you have a 30 level account the dragon is probably warded. So you might want to gank bottom lane and then have your teammates help you to take him down. After that kill him whenever possible and make him pay ... at least partialy for the next item you need

Being a jungler means you gotta buy wards.If you get some early kills by level 4 you should ward your teammates so that the other jungler cannot gank them making it easyer for your teammates to farm and leaving the other team's jungler behind at levels. If the other team has no jungler just keep one ward outside drake and tell them to just call ss when they have to. By the time you and your team are 14 suggest an early baron and ward the other team's route to him. If you feel you cannot kill baron at the moment always keep a ward on him many games are lost cause of a baron buff.At that time you should be able to solo drake prety fast so no more wards needed there.Also ask for some of your teammates to get some wards too and leave them at the other team's jungle and jungle gank them when you can.

If you have destroyed the bottom or the top lane and have taken the dragon, use your ward on their jungle enemies who have their lane destroyed will not able to farm in that lane and will try going in the jungle instead.

7. T.E.A.M.W.O.R.K I don't know about the rest but w stands for WIN
You are one of the most important players on early game meaning that you will probably get the game with 2-3 good ganks a dragon kill and 3 towers destroyed.
Whenever possible after a gank hit or destroy a turret. If you manage to destroy that turret be ware you are now entering the early midgame. What does that mean? TEAMWORK. What you have to do after the first destroyed turret is always simple get the dragon gank mid if possible and then destroy the top or bottom turret (whichever is still standing) after the first two turrets are destroyed you have definately entered mid game and that means you have to be all 5 at one lane pushing.

You should usualy refrain from destroying the mid turret before both top and bot are down, unless you feel it will be easyer that way. Most of the time you should bot or top. Why? Because the two champions from the lane you just ganked (and then destroyed their turret) will probably go mid and try to assist their teammate and his turret leaving the top champion and his turret an easy kill.

EXTRAS (make sure you read)
*Always make sure your teammates are ready to assist you on a gank. Ping on the map the enemy you wish to kill and say omw (on my way) bot/top/mid

*Knowing=winning see what summoner spells the enemies have and ask your team if they have used them.Sure one enemy might be closer but he might have a ghost and flash as summoner spells so make sure you target the other one.If they both use their summoner spells to get away that is considered a good gank next time they will be defenseless

*when tower diving (cause it will happen) enter the turret's range take a few hits and exit if your teammates are near you and let them get the kill.On any other case DON'T DO it unless you are sure that the character you're chasing has no:fear slow suppress stun blind root OR exhaust as a summoner spell and that does not happen often

*double-gank is double the fun.Did you just gank an enemy (or two) and they lived? Make sure to stick around. Most people will think "Thank god I survived" and will get back to their lane. NOW IS THE TIME go in kill him and make him curse himself for not going back. ALSO make sure you laugh at his corpse. That might piss them off for some reason though.

*Healing potions are great, learn to love them.They are great for double-ganking and because let's face it people who see you going in a fight with almost full health and a healing potion on you will not try to kill you, and won't manage to. (most of the times)

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Alternate items for:

If your team has no tank or it only has one more tanky characher you should consider getting some tank gear up.Okay I won't lie being the tank is pretty boring and most people prefer a dps warwick but being a tank warwick has many privilages. Warwick is all about the ulty initiation and most people will target you when you use it. So being a tank will make some attack you cause they hate the char and others not to attack you cause you are the tank. Your hungering strike gives a lot of health and does a lot of damage and having a tank's survivabilty you will be able to use it more times.Also remember that your passive is NOT lifesteal it gives a specific amount of health no matter the damage.

So here are the items you get for tankwick usualy: , and
You can of course get a if they always stop your ulty with a stun.

I have also tried since madred's bloodrazors, hungering strike and your ulty deal magic damage and the results where pretty good.

If your team has no carry, what's wrong with you? Why did you pick trundle? just kidding. Although i prefer the atma's and warmong's combo on this char you can of course pick the usual ad carry items if you feel your team has sustainability but needs more damage.
These are and

Your ability is the only one you have for damage and it does not crit so don't try to get more critical chanse.Instead pick either or for armor reduction NOT .

*Plz note that trundle does NOT need that much magic resistance and armor since his ulty does that for him (read it carefuly).Also is a must for this char no matter the build

**They don't have enough stuns anyway? Then do not buy instead buy or .

You still have a 40% cc reduction with active and you can buy to also get rid of your mana problems and so give blue buff to a mage.

Nunu can also be some kind of tank (he is an offtank anyway) but only early game.Late game the other team's ad carry will be able to solo you so if you have a chanse to end this game do it asap.You can grab a instead of the and make sure that you use your as often as possible.Don't stand around hitting with autohits, consume instead.

I like the build i stated 110% but i have some friends that dislike as an item and i agree that this is not legit for a first item on any character,get an attack damage item first. I buy it always after the infinity edge and this is the moment where I cut everyone wuju style with a 57% chanse of 600 - 750 critical damage hits with activated.

Anyways if you also prefer other items to phantom dancer grab a for more attack damage and armor reduction but make sure you get for attack speed and movement speed as this item is your 2ond ulty.

Remember that yi can die if he gets stunned only (or feared,or rooted).Slows are not a cc for him so if the other team has no stuns grab instead of

If you feel that the ad characters on the other team do no damage then good news for you is not needed so get an instead and use your cheat of a char to his full potential.
I have seen people getting ad items like black cleaver bloodthirster phantom dancer.I disagree.You cannot go in a fight and right click to victory. This is not such a char. If you want to do that get master yi instead.You will like it more this way too. Warmong's and atma's is the best combo for this char at the moment since his gives all the armor and magic resist you need early on and thus all you need is some more health. Always buy Trinity force so that your first hit does even more damage.

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Summoner Spells For:

Warwick can jungle effectively without smite as i stated on the jungle ways section.If you do not take smite as a summoner spell you can get for more effective ganks

You can also take instead of flash and use it to chase more effectively just make sure you use it at the begining of the hunt since your 3rd move will help after he is down to 50% health.

I have also seen some people taking on warwick.I strongly disagree to that, for me it is a waste of your summoner spells especialy since when used it leaves a debuff that reduces healing received by 50% by items or abilities.

If you can gank effective and do not think that you need extra slow on trundle grab or however i prefer flash since you have ghost on every time you use

You can get ghost instead of flash but this is not recommended since his blood boil gives enough movement speed. You might think that since nunu has an extra smite (his consume ability) you can go jungling without it. This will slow you down though since his autohits do little.

You can get for easyer ganks or for an alternate route of escape and use his ulty instead of . Ignite is almost useless for him.

Since this character has one flash (his e and q combo) I don't suggest grabbing one more flash I prefer ghost however will make the first ganks easyer.

On any case with any champion.
Do not use any summoner spells on the begging of the ganks unless you are certain that the enemies have already used theirs. If you lose your summoner spells for a gank and cannot get any kills it is considered a failure.


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