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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ketamine

The Characters that took me to gold ELO!

Ketamine Last updated on April 11, 2012
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I'm not gonna bother explaining Abbreviations and stuff like that, because I dont think your ******ed. If you are a new player though you should probably go to some other guide. I wont explain what skills does or what summoners to get, this is just silly, I do know what a characters bread and butter is but I want to know the strength's and weaknesses and how to play vs other champions and what champions I should pick what champions vs, since thats a very large part of the game this is what I want when I read a guide myself, so thats what I'm gonna give you.

Just a quick note before you start getting good with a single character, play all characters for three game's (three is the magic number) Just to get a feel for every champion in the game before you settle on one. Even if you know what character you want to become good at its important to know what other characters can do and what their ability's are. So you can see what they are gonna do before they do it. You cant always do this, but every skillshot dodged is gold.

This is mainly for myself to see how i develop as a player and to keep some history of my gameplay.

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To state the obvious, these are very general item builds and very general runes and mysteries. I optimize everything ofc. I wont go full magic resistance runes and masteries if I'm laning vs a character like pantheon (referring to the rumble build) and vs a character like pantheon or gangplank armor and 5 pots is obviously the better option, not boots and 3 pots. (There are always exceptions to the rule though.)

I personally main solo lanes, this have given me the experience needed to dodge, stay out of range and know when I can trade successfully. And if you have a hard time dodging skillshots maybe mid lane isn't the way to go. I'f you cant react to a nidalee spear or a morgana bind mid lane is not something you should be playing. Junglers doesn't need this as much so that might be a better role for you. However if you can dodge skillshots and anticipate skillshots, stay out of range and know when you can succesfully trade, then in my opinion are you ready to play ranked in a solo lane.

When you have the game mechanics in your muscle memory you will be far more successful in mid lane vs characters like Brand, Sion, Ahri, Anivia and so on. When you have the ability to successfully dodge skillshot's and stay out of range in mid the only reason you will die is due to jungle (or your own stupidity, **** happens sometimes).

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Nothing is more fun to play then a fed akali, tbh you have to be starved to no 1 shot their ad carry in 0.5 sec.

I feel that 21/9/0 is the way to go. (get magic res/armor depending on the enemy team)

I get 20ap and 10ad with runes and masteries because your not that scary before lvl 6 and it kinda helps to do a bit of extra damage and to get that spellvamp during laning phase. Obvious choice.

She has quite many hard counters though, and thats the main problem with her. I wouldn't recommend picking Akali unless you know for sure what your going to face. She is a high risk and high reward character and with the steep learning curve I'd suggest playing lots of normal's before going into ranked with her.

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Akali lane play

I think Akali is a good pick vs a lot of champions that many disagree with me. But I'll explain the game style I use vs them. I'm going to go through all characters I think is worth mentioning. The problem with this champions is the steep learning curve. But when you learn to handle her her counters are reduced drastically.

Akali Relations to following:

Akali has a higher burst potential on single target and can starve Ahri in lane and burst her down in team fights. But if you cant dodge Ahri's Skillsshots then Akali isn't a very good idea. Mordekaiser would be a better option if you have a hard time to dodge Ahri's Skillshots since he can use the shield to eat a lot of the damage.

Same here, if you can bait the stun and dodge it you can burst Anivia down when you get to lvl 6, but if you cant dodge the stun you are like an alter boy and Anivia a priest. Though I personally have a hard time to find a character that can face tank Anivia's damage. But if you can bait the stun you can burst her down and she shouldn't be a problem. Even though she might be more useful in team fights.

Annie is actually considered a counter to Akali, mainly because of her shield that counters hybrid damage but also because of he large amount of skillshots. And honestly you shouldn't stand a chance vs a good Annie, but if you see that Annie wastes her stun you can go right in and just nuke her down. She gets her stun every 5th spell and if she has no stun she cant stop you. But really ur only hope is that she wastes her stun.

Brand: I very much dislike facing brand as Akali, because if you jump him you get stunned. And he does his burst and walks away while you stand like a tard still stunned. If he has a kill on you because of a gank or just a mistake there is a risk that you will get one shotted and your stealth wont really matter since he will W the full area and you will take quite a lot of damage anyway. I really don't recommend playing Akali vs brand. Probably because you need merc threads and Sorc boots increase the damage by so much that I'm not a fan of merc threads on Akali. Merc threads will let you own the lane past lvl 11 though.

Its basically the same as brand but even more annoying. He cds are much shorter and he manacost is much lower. If you jump her she will ult you and burst u down. If you try and farm she will zone you out or kill you. If you get carried by your jungler and get mec threads she wonts stand a chance, but if you cant count on the team to carry your early game I'd say there are better picks vs Cassiopeia.

This is very much a skill game, same as with Ahri and Anivia, if you cant dodge the knockup you don't stand a chance. Don't jump him when he has his silence up since it will have made you lost a stack of you ult. The main problem with Cho'gath is that if you don't kill him before he gains 6 stacks, you wont be able to kill him. But if you play well and save he won't be able to kill you either. Cho'Gath is more useful in team fights with his two aoe CC and built in tankyness. I'd say there are better options vs a Cho'Gath if you'r unsure if you can kill him/outskill him or if the enemy team is squishy enough for you to be more useful.

Mundo is still rarely used but he is coming back so I guess I should go over him too. If he gets Merc Threads and a Warmogs you wont be able to kill him, and its simple as that. Same as Cho'Gath but if get gets to live until lvl 6 you will never be able to kill him one on one. (when i say never I mean "never" as a rule, and there are always exceptions to the rule.)

While this seems strange to many its actually rather funny, Akali counters fiora HARD. First of all akali can poke out fiora with Q, and the magic damage from when you auto attack with the Q proc does not get stopped by Fiora W. That said, Fioras ultimate is cancelled when you stealth, so at lvl 6 she doesn't stand a chance, If you play it smart until then you won the lane.

More info soon


Gangplank is a direct counter to Akali. There is just no chance in hell you can stand and take the poke all day, so its either get zones like a boss from lvl 1 and hope that he doesn't go back and buys some magic resistance so you can burst him down at lvl 6 or die. This lane can be managed if you get a couple of ganks and buy insane amounts of heath pots. But its a very hard lane.

So I do know that Akali get countered by Garen. This is only if you try to eat his damage. If you get boots as first item and just poke him with Q all game and keep hes passive from starting garen shouldn't be a problem. Just get boots before he does. He will try to silence you but if your reaction time is good enough he wont come close. And he will stand and cry at his turrets, affraid to go close to minons because of the constant damage you hit him with. I think i have like a 70% win ratio vs Garens so Its not flawless, I do make mistakes like everyone else but I really do feel that Akali can handle a garen, just dont try and tank him head on, and buy a little armor early.

A bad Gragas doesn't stand a chance and you don't stand a chance vs a good Gragas. A good gragas can make you pay for every last hit you take, A bad gragas will give you every last hit for free. A good Gragas will use his ult to knock you in to the turret, A bad Gragas will use his ult to knock you to safety at your turret when the jungler ganks. But your team fight is much better than Gragas because when he has used his Ult and Q he's done. Your CDs are so much lower and you can just keep on going from target to target and getting your penta.

Shouldn't stand a chance, The slow doesn't really affect you and with 3 stacks on your ult you should be able to kill a Karthus without any problem. But its the same as most skill shot characters, if you cant dodge them you shouldn't pick something squishy without any real sustain against them. Akali cant really trade with anyone since her Q does half of average spell damage if not procced.

Kassadin is a counter, quite hard counter too. Not much to say really, Kassadin wont let you come close. Akali needs to auto attack to procc the Q and when silenced akali is pretty much useless.

You'll never see her. Dont worry.

Also a hard counter to Akali, All spells Kennen have goes through stealth. And since everyone knows where you are when your in "stealth" . I don't really see how you can win a lane vs kennen as akali, I know there are always exceptions to the rule but in this case I think there is an exception to that rule.

I've never really had a problem with leblanc, just make sure to get some magic resistance before she hits lvl 6 so she can't one shot you. But if you feed LeBlanc you have created a big problem. There isn't anyone who can survive in a lane with a fed Leblanc, maybe Galio but whatever.

Lee Sin:
This is basically the reason why you don't first pick Akali, while it is possible to win vs a Lee Sin in lane its renders you useless in team fight's because you will get focused and die asap. He removes your key ability which is stealth, without stealth you really have a problem. Lane can be survived with a couple of ganks but the team fights will be the big issue for you.

A good lux will like gragas, zone you out. If you manage to dodge her Q spell then she's dead past lvl 6 with full stacks on ult. But if you jump her before she wastes it she will manage to get away without any major difficulty. If you get merc threads she will however cease to be a problem since her damage will be greatly reduced and her CC wont effect you that much, just like most CC without any real survive ability.

I'd say that malphite is good vs Akali because if his E spell and the shield that renders pokeing useless. And the fact that he's ult is a skillshot and it does substantial damage, if itemized right in lane you shouldn't stand a chance vs him.

Good Malzahar and you don't stand a chance, bad Malzahar and he doesn't stand a chance. Either you stomp or you get stomped. If you jump him and he manages to do his full combo without dying, your screwed if he doesn't he's screwed. If both of you get some magic resistance the one with the most wins.

This guy totaly stomps you in lane. As soon as you go close to minions he will hit you with something, Mordekaiser has no trouble taking you on 1 on 1 either, his shield mitigates so much damage so its hard for you to even get through it, even if you use shroud you will take his w+e spells to the face and his Q spell will be waiting as soon as you show yourself and all this while ignite and his ult is ticking on your health. This lane shouldn't be possible to win, just like many others for Akali.

Just lika all other skilshotters with CC, if she misses it she's dead. Her ult goes through your stealth so you might have a problem if flash is down. The stun is fairly long so you shouldn't dive her. This is also a problem for Akali, since she doesn't have any CC's. The lane can go either way but I'd be on morgana.

If you kill him you win the lane, if he kills you he wins the lane. You can poke him when he uses his Q spell on minions or zone him out for a second but poking him is rather useless since his passive gives him quite a lot of life steal, ergo hes just hitting his hp back up. But this lane isn't impossible and you can out skill a Nasus with some smart play.

Hard lane, just like vs nasus, I'd give the lane to nidalee but there is a chance the you'll win it because of the ability to chase nidalee in a way that makes her pounce useless. But it's a lane that can go either way. The one who makes the most/biggest mistakes will lose the lane. This is base fact.

Okay, I've been seeing Olafs in lane a lot now. The only way to beat an olaf in lane is to dodge the axe, the axe damage is not that scary but the true damage is, olaf will poke you out of lane or kill you if you try to take him on early. You have to farm and dodge his axe until lvl 6, get 3 stacks and then you can be able to kill him. Its not a certain lane in any way but I'd say Akali wins.

Barly se her anymore, but she can prove to become a problem if shes good at hitting her skillshots. She's very unpredictable, her burst is surprisingly high and her shield and the magic resistance it gives does reduce your damage substantially on her and on others she put's it on. How ever she doesn't have any hard cc so in team fight she's not that scary. but in lane a good Orianna wont have a problem with an Akali.

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Akali Counter list summerize

I pick Akali vs:
Ahri, Brand, Cassiopeia, Cho'Gath, Fiora, Garen, Gragas, Irelia, Karthus, Nasus, Nidalee, Olaf, Orianna, Riven, Ryze, Singed, Talon, Teemo, Trundle, Tryndamere, Vladimir, Ziggs.

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Personally i think Amumu is the strongest jungler pick in the game mainly because his late game is just unmatched. His team fight late game is just silly. Janna is the only real counter to him and there are very few character that only has one counter. The feed doesn't even matter that much, since your ultimate is always very useful.

I think there are two mastery options, its the 0/21/9 standard with cdr and damage return to creeps and the 9/0/21 with all cdr, gold/10 and experience. The 0/21/9 choice is very good indeed, strong early game, strong late game, but i feel that flash is a spell that's insanely important for amumu to get that ult just right and gold over time is very powerful, especially for amumu who's late game is already very strong.

As tank the items are very situation but it something you'll learn, you can basically make a book about what tank item to buy in what situation. when FoN is better then BV and when Sunfire Cape is better then Frozen Heart.

I use Amumu as a jungler when I feel that the team doesn't have much ccs and because Amumu is always a safe choice vs and with any team.

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Vladimir is a very strong pick, even as first pick, but he does have more counters than most characters so I'd advice against picking him first unless your are very comfortable with him and playing at low elo.

Don't use your ability's to last hit unless your alone in the lane or have low health, never use pool to farm unless you know for sure that you are 100% safe. You don't really need it and its an unnecessary risk.

Exhaust is always a viable option vs Melee characters and flash is always a viable option for ghost.

Runes and Masteries
I go for CDR and Spellvamp runes and masteries, mainly because vladimirs ap ratios aren't that great. And after the health/ap and the spellvamp nerfs I decided ap runes and masteries is not the way to go anymore, not for me anyway.

Item build is very standard, Abyssal Scepter is also a viable option if there your going duo ap or if none is stacking any magic resistance.

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Vladimir lane play

Okey, So we have skillshot characters like Morgana, Cassio, Brand and so on. If your not good at dodging these you shouldn't play mid, because most mid characters has skillshots that you cant keep on "eating". Then maybe jungle or support is a better option for you.

Vladimir lane sustain is higher than Ahris and he can simple poke her down. Ahri does have higher damage if you cant dodge her skillshots so make sure you can do that if your going to pick Vladimir vs Ahri.

Same as with Ahri, you can poke Anivia out of lane due to your superior lane sustain, but Anivia has very high burst and can kill you very quickly if stun is not dodged.

Fiora has quite a lot of damage you need armor to not let her kill you, and like most characters Vladimir needs to poke and cant really take them 1 on 1 before he has some spellvamp. Play carefully and defensively, use pool to stop her ult, if you use pool before you will find yourself in a bit of trouble.

Merc threas is very much needed vs Galio, it lets you pool before his ult goes off. His melee range will make it impossible for him to lane vs you and you will be able to zone him out very early.

Don't take unnecessary barrels to the face and you will be fine. When you get your revolver he wont stand a chance and you will be able to face tank most of his barrels and just zone him out.

Kill the turrets for extra gold.

Don't try and face tank her true damage, just poke and zone her out. Pool when she tries to go for you.

Same as vs Irelia, but use flash instead of ghost vs Jarvan because of his Ultimate. Avoid the skillshots and you should be fine.

Don't try and face take his damage, it's just stupid. Poke and zone. Don't gamble and try to go for kills because if he gets ahead of you and can start eating your pokes and have enough life steal to leach it up your screwed.

I'm not even sure why I have Karma here, but Its just to poke her down and not stand to close to enemy minions.

Poke and zone, very simple. Don't try to face tank is damage and dodge the puddles.

You probably wont see her anytime soon since I don't think riot is planing on buffing her. But if you feed her she will become a threat. Don't pool before she ults unless you have flash up and chose it as summoner spell.

Don't eat his shuriken's and he wont stand a chance, you can zone him so easily and when he ults the only thing you have to do is push W.

Just poke and zone, try to anticipate when hes gonna ult and troll pool.

Don't take a dark binding to the face, don't try to pool away from he when she already has ult on you. And don't stand in her puddle.

Poke and zone, don't try to face tank his damage, and stay out of melee range at all times.

Poke, and keep poking, she will run out of mana. Don't try to face tank her cat form though, it does TONS OF DAMAGE.

Poke and poke and poke. He doesn't stand a chance unless you face tank all of his true damage and his axe.

Just out farm her, don't try to kill her. She does out range you by quite a lot.

Play safe, stand as far away from him as possible but try to punish him for taking farm.

Same as Renekton for the same reason, stun is always dangerous. If you get stunned you will take a lot of damage.

Trade with him, you will win and he will get zoned.

Don't tank her damage and you'll be fine.

Don't stand in the cool cloud.

This lane is a bit tricky but its still doable unless you feed him. Early game you can destroy his shield if you Q+E it and this will let you zone him out and starve rendering him useless the rest of the game.

Don't try to face tank his damage, he does a lot of damage and before you have your lifesteal he will out poke you in lane. But when you the the revolver laning vs swain is a breeze.

His damage is rather low and his mana cost's are rather high. Even if you chose to tank everything he does he'd run out of mana and you'd be on full health.

No one plays him top, don't know why I chose to have him in here. But hes melee and have no range whatsoever and this lets you poke him out of the lane.

Twisted Fate:
To be honest I was really thinking being in top vs Twisted Fate as vladimir is usually okey since you can pool away if he tries to telecard to you. Laning vs Twisted Fate is usually not a problem for anyone.

He's 100% melee and he doesn't stand a chance vs Vladimir just like every other melee, he get' s poked out of lane.

Get armor and 5 pots, if he triest to jump you he wont do that much damage but you will do full damage to him. Vladimir E does work through stealth so he wont ever get away unscathed.

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Vladimir works vs:

I pick vlad vs: Ahri, Anivia, Fiora, Galio, Gragas, Heimerdinger, Irelia, Jarvan, Jax, Karma, Karthus, Katarina, Kennen, Malphite, Morgana, Nasus, Nidalee, Olaf, Orianna, Renekton, Riven, Ryze, Shyvana, Singed, Sion, Swain, Talon, Trundle, Twisted Fate, Udyr, Wukong, Yorick.

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Very strong solo lane, just like Kassadin, but better sustain and skill with this champion really pays off. Even though this character is really strong when fed it's hard to starve him, since he has tons of stuns with his ult and his ability's, he can be really useful in a team fight even though he doesn't do that much dmg. If you don't get any kills you just get the hourglass and become a stun but, which actually works.

I prefer tanky masteries with spellvamp, mainly because of the spellvamp nerf. But I think that the offensive tree is best because there is to much gone to waste in all other trees and its balances out the defensive runes build.

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Kennen in lane

coming soon.

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When I pick kennen

I pick Kennen vs:
Ahri, Akali, Anivia, Brand, Cassiopeia, Fiora, Fizz, Garen, Heimerdinger, Ierlia, Jax, Karthus, Kassadin, Katarina, Malzahar, Morgana, Nasus, Nidalee, Olaf, Orianna, Ryze,

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I started playing Mordekaiser not to long ago and found that you can carry a full team with him, if you manage to nuke down the enemy ad carry and get a ghost from him your pretty much unstoppable. And with a Guardian Angle you will get focused but when you come up again your HP will get full asap because of the amount of spellvamp you have. So you basically cant be focused down.

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I used to play ad nidalee, but i just found that Shyvana is basically the same character but a lot more useful in team fights. More over all damage and so on. When shes out of dragon form she is the nidalee cat form, she moves as fast but she cant jump over walls. When she turns into a dragon shes nidalee but tankier and with a full aoe set. And even though i though nidalee was a lot of fun I just find Shyvana more useful.

I use the lifesteal runes because Shyvana's Q spell lets you regain a lot of health with a little amount of lifesteal, and vs a character like gangplank you can survive in lane with the lifesteal and pots until you can afford wrigglers.

So i have two builds for Shyvana one is vs a team with a bruiser and one is vs a team that goes duo ap. And the reason for Ionian Spark vs a top that does ad dmg is because of the 10% extra attack speed and the 250ish hp instead of magic resistance that would be close to useless anyway and in a team fight Ionian Spark does more dmg than wits. But by all means wits is very good but especially after the nerf Ionian Spark does become a viable option.

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Shyvana in lane

more info soon

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When I pick shyvana

Annie, Cho'Gath, Fiora, Galio, Irelia, Jarvan, Lee Sin, Malphite, Nasus, Nidalee, Olaf, Shen, Singed, Talon, Trundle, Volibear, Warwick (so far, people say that he's countered by warwick in top lane, but I've never really had a problem vs him.)Yorick.

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The main thing about Rumble is that you hardly see him played at all, ergo none knows how to play vs him. He has counters and some are really hard and if you know how to play vs him hes not much of a problem. But none plays him. (but me ofc).

I use movementspeed quints because I think that Rumble benefits greatly from it, if you can get one more tick of flamethrower or dodge one auto attack its worth it. I actually use one hp quint, because of the weak early game vs some characters.

The reason for the Extremely squishy build is because you never have to be in range for anything to do damage, you can protect ad carry with your insane damage and your ult have a insane range and very good damage. Its almost like position an ad carry when playing rumble. If you go Rambo in you will die but if you play smart you don't have to be very tanky.

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Rumble in Lane

coming soon

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When I pick Rumble

I pick Rumble vs:
Akali, Cho'Gath, Fiora, Galio, Gangplank, Irelia, Jarvan, Jax, Kennen, Lee Sin, Malphite, Mordekaiser, Nasus, Nidalee, Olaf, Pantheon, Poppy, Shen, Shyvana, Swain, Teemo, Trundle, Udyr, Vladimir, Warwick, Yorick.

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I KNOW it looks really bad, but if you think about it.

infuse = kassadin Q for no mana cost and without particle.
starcall = karthus Defile but reducing resistances and longer range.
astral blessing = okey, cant really compare this to anything but 125 armor... insane vs a triple ad team.
Wish = Karthus requiem, simple as that, except that Wish gives to team instead of hurts enemy. Instead of taking a kill its preventing a kill.

So basically AP soraka is like a karthus but with a kassadin Q that does a little less damage but with no mana cost and a heal instead of a slow. I know this is an extreme parallel but its true. I'm not saying shes viable in all cases but I have yet to lose a mid lane as her.

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Soraka in Lane

coming soon.

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When i pick AP Soraka.

I pick AP soraka vs:
Ahri, Anivia, Annie, Brand, Cassiopeia, Galio, Gragas, Heimerdinger, Karma, Karthus,Karthus, Kassadin, LeBlanc, Malzahar, Mordekaiser, Morgana, Orianna, Sion, Talon, Veigar, Twisted Fate.

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Very standard and boring, wont write anything about him because even though hes fun to play with all his skillshots and insane burst potential hes very standard when it comes to runes, masteries and item choices. And his game style isn't that original either.


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