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Zed Build Guide by RoyalDragon12

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author RoyalDragon12

The Eternum Zed

RoyalDragon12 Last updated on June 24, 2014
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The Eternum Zed

Zed Build

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Not Updated For Current Season

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Welcome to the League Of Eternum Zed!

Welcome everybody to the land of shadow!
My name is RoyalDragon12, and I've been playing Zed for a while, of course with default build (which includes Blade of The Ruined King). Upon hearing the nerf of Blade Of The Ruined King (RIP), I immediately change the playstyle, which results in this new guide.

Of course, this is just a new idea for Zed's item setup, feel free and leave if you dont want it, or leave me a cmt of a better item that fits in this build, I will be very appreciated and will test it out and update my build.

Anyway, this guide is short, since other informations can be found in any Zed guide, so I will only give tips on specialized stuffs.

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Easier reading down here.

Choose 1 of 3 arcoding to the enemy team:
_Swiftness if you find yourself being poked by tons of slow (like Nasus's W, Ashe's Q, etc)
_Ninja Tabi if you're against hard AD top or the enemy team has no AP
_Mercury: Sooner or later, it will become a must for every matches. The Tenacity effect is incredible and will save you tons of times.

Try To Get First
The AD it gives is ridiculously awesome!
The Health Regen + Life Steal, comes with the cleaving attack makes it an ideal item to stay longer on lane!

Choose One in Two
Grab Last Whisper if the oppenent is heavily armored, otherwise just get Sword Of The Divine.
Still in any case, Sword Of The Divine is a MUST, buy it after Last Whisper if needed.

The CC Counter
In my case, this is a must.

Defensive Options
When coming up to this stage, you've already been a true assassin, the last question is how you can survive the combat.
_Thornmail: Against Heavy AD team
_Maw Of MalmorTius or Banshee's Veil: Against HUGE CC Team or against AP.
_Guardian Angel: Grabs this if you find yourself being targeted frequently.
_Frozen Mallet: Effective in most cases, I usually prefer this one.

The Last Item
If u grabbed Last Whisper before... then congratulations! You've done building him! If not:
_Last Whisper: against armor stacked enemies.
_Infinite Edge: guarantees a 100% dead to ANY ENEMY, even with or without ulti,has best effect when combining with Sword of The Divine.

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Laning Phase

Be cautious.
Farm, farm and farm.
Once you've got Hydra, it will be time for you to maximize your poke and might ensure a kill. Remember to use its active and don't push creeps too high.
Having Sword Of The Divine ensures you a kill. You can also use it to destroy turret faster if in a hurry.

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Killing Phase

When aiming for a kill, it's a wise choice you shouldn't spam your W, because you should always be using the "Old School Zed" technique to deal with an enemy: After ulti him, simply W behind him and immediately tele to there, which might make him confused and fails to land a CC on you.

When you're near to him, remember to spam E and Q first, then activates Ravenous Hydra's Active, then Sword Of The Divine's Active, most of times this will ensure you a kill.

WARNING: this sounds perfect, but not! This Sword Of The Divined Based Zed might not catch up to any flashy enemies so use your W wisely !

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Combat Phase

Do NOT charge in first! Stay for a while after a successful engagement, then aim for their weakest enemy! (prefers AD). Activates Sword Of The Divine immedietly after you dive into him! Remember, Sword Of The Divine reduces 50% its current cooldown if kill/assist, and Hydra's cooldown is 10s, so remember to spam it. Additionally, when CC-ed, don't forget your friend - Mercurial Scimitar!

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Thanks for looking at my guide!
I know some of you wont like this setup ( I also miss BoTRK too,bro..), but try it once! It will be fun to play!

And don't be sad if you lose, hearing Zed's words will cheer you up xP *Fanboy-ing*

Your text to link here...

^ Proof of successful Eternum Zed

Laning against Tryndamere didnt give me hard times, but that Lee Sin did, ganked me like hell, and I wasnt cautious at any time so... feel free to blame me :P

Btw, my acc name is iKTC.TacticianRD, Platinum II, Server VN.

And again, thks for reading!