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Morgana Build Guide by ettazca

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ettazca

The Fallen Angel

ettazca Last updated on April 21, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi all :) i have played League of Legends for about 4 years now :) Long time ago, i found a new main Morgana! The first 3 games i sucked! but then i read some guides and tried to make my own way of playing Morgana.

I Played Morgana for about 200 games, and i have won about 150 of them, most of the time Mid.

This is my first guide ever. so dont harass it too much, but I'd like some constructive criticism, so that i can make this guide better.

Its short but all you need to know is in here. So here it is, hope you will enjoy it.

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I think the best runes for Morgana are
Greater Mark of Magic Penetration
Greater Seal of Scaling Mana Regeneration
Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power
Greater Quintessence of Scaling Ability Power

Im not going flat AP in mid lane, cuz it gives you a good start, but after some lvls you still have the same amount of AP as before. But if you go AP over lvl, then you can still be in your lane, for as long as you want to, the Ability Power just keep roling in. Greater Mark of Magic Penetration explain itself. and Greater Seal of Scaling Mana Regeneration u really need cuz your Tormented Soil requires so much Mana when you farm with it.

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I focus on being hard to kill and Ap carry, and kind of a late game support.
but maybe you will be a little bit squishy early,and mid game like lvl 1 to 12, but u will be able to do hell of a lot Damage, and seriously much burst damage especially with your Dark Binding and Soul Shackles. Your Black Shield will secure that you wont take much magic damage ( if you know when to put it on). And of course you will be the best farmer in the game with your Tormented Soil.
In many other Morgana items builds they start with Rod of Ages after they have Sorcerer's Shoes but Morgana is so much more GODLIKE! if she first gets Will of the Ancients cuz it gives her more spell vamp beside from her Soul Siphon. so when u have your Will of the Ancients and 20% spell vamp from her Soul Siphon you have 40% spell vamp.

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Mid Lane lvl 1-6

You start off with Doran's Ring, then help the jugle with a pull (if needed). else then wait for the minions, and just spam Tormented Soil on the enemys minions. ( video comming up with a location so you can hit all 6 of the minions).

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Mid Lane lvl 6-12 and Late game lvl 12+

when you have Soul Shackles try to kill the enemy mid lane, maybe with a gang from your jungler. when you have killed him/her recall, and buy Sorcerer's Shoes and start building Will of the Ancients. go back to mid lane and try to destroy the 1st tower, be sure to grab a Sight Ward so the enemy cant gang you.

Just keep on farming and help your team, go back sometimes and buy items. not much too ad here. so just go and destroy their Nexus.

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In my guide it is inportant that you max out your Tormented Soil, so you can farm minions fast . If you are laning against another AP character then level up your Black Shield after Tormented Soil.
If you laning against AD then go and max out Dark Binding after your Tormented Soil.

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
if laning against AP
Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
if laning against AD

This is an insane Passive! And if you follow my build you will have 40% spell vamp most of the game. It makes laning mid easy!

this u need to atleat have 1 point in early game. it makes Morgana a pian in the ***! combo this with your Tormented Soil and you will deal tons of damage!

Put this in a combo, on minions or in team battle. No matter what you do it is a hated spell from your enemies! that take tons of health i they stay in it

[this is an incredible ultimate! burst DMG, 3 sec. wait time, Burst Dmg again and then stun 1.5 sec.! Am I the only one who allmost **** myself when a Morgana use this??? i have made 2 Penta kills, 7 quadra kills, at least 22 tripple kills and i dont know how much dobble and solo kills with this!

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Summoner Spells

Most of the I time take :

You can also take :



is one of the best spells u can have. It gives you and way to escape from gangs, or teleport you forward so you can go and make a good skillshoot with Dark Binding.

can ensure you a kill, if you were close to kill an enemy just put it on him/her and it will do the rest :)

It makes you come back to your lane fast! ( only take this if you are solo top ).

is good because it Reveals a small area of the map for your team for 4 seconds. make it easy to avoid an enemy gang. good spell is you go support.

can help you just like flash. get you out af a gang or if you are chasing.( just not as effective if you are slowed ,snared or stunned).

It restores 190-700 Mana (depending on champion level) to your champion and 50% of that to nearby allies. Only good for people who havent played Morgana long time.

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Pros / Cons


  • Heavy AP dmg.
  • One of the best AP farmers.
  • Isane support character.
  • Most spell vamp in the game.
  • Have insane snare duration.
  • And a ultimate that stuns everyone for 1,5 sec who stays inside a range of 600 from Morgana for 3 sec.

    • Use hell of a lot Mana, (blue buff, cna give you the mana to spam your spells all the time).
    • Soul Shackles is time based, so you need to be close to get its full efect.
    • Low Mobility.

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Morgana are one of the best farmers in League of Legends because her Tormented Soil. just put it on every single minions Wave you see, and you will have about 200-300 minion kills every game.

Remember to take Blue Buff all the time.
Remember to kill the dragon, it gives 190g.

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I hope you have learned something about playing Morgana. If you thought the guide was good. like it and drop a comment.

Thanks to jhoijhoi for the guide " how to make a guide"