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Sejuani Build Guide by Finikksu

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Finikksu

The Frozen Treeline

Finikksu Last updated on January 29, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Most of the people see Sejuani as a Health tank with bad AP ratios so she have no damage.
Anyway, thanks to Twisted Treeline Items and bonus characteristics, Seju is a great AP caster there.
Good built and well farmed, is a goddess.

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Full AP Runes.
Some people would want to mix runes, I like full of this. Seju doesn't need other things if you know using her Artic Assault as defense, and her Northen Winds as Offense in early game.
Also, thanks to the masteries she will get even more bonus AP for her runes..

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Offense AP masteries
Straight AP and bonus % of AP.
Magic penetration and bonus % in the max damage (and even more in weaked enemies).
Cooldown reduction in spells and summoner spells.
Bonus movement speed and reduces recall time.
What more can you ask for?

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A lot of people think Seju is always the tank and never see what is she building. So you can concentrate in the offense items early game.
Later when they notice you are the AP killer, you are already building your semi tank part.

Lucky Pick will help you get gold in early game apart from the farming, and it will build in Seju's most important item.
After the 2 cooldown reduction items in Seju's early game build, she will be capable of a good farming, and mobility/ganking in the team.

After build BlackFire Torch, you will can slow health champions fastly, and get gold from them.
The cooldown reduction and magic penetration, also the magic damage per % MAX health per second will make your Northen Winds a fear skill. Also your Permafrost will slow them to land your 6 secons winds on them and add a little of damage.

Hextech Sweeper is the other cooldown reduction item in Sejuani. Giving her also an stealh detect. even if you aren't againt any stealht champion, you can use it to check brushes without risk every 1 minute. Also it keeps a 10 seconds detection in the place. Perfect to avoid ganks from the brushes near turret when you and your team are attacking it.

Mercury's Tenacity and Distortion's Flash CD reduction, togheter with Artic Assault are the best chasing and escaping tools.

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Spells Combos

Sejuani is an hard skill combo mixer. Not because the way her spells are cast, but to make her to the most damage.

Artic's Winds

Sejuani's basic combo.
Cast Northen Winds while Bristle is running in Artic Assault.
Is normally used to farm large mob of minions.
Artic Assault applie all the misions it hit with Frost (Sejuani's innate) for 3 seconds, and Nother Winds deal 50% more damage agaist frosted enemies. So with this combos you can deal the Winds bonus damage during the whole 3 frost seconds.
Additionaly if the mass of misiones is too big, you can cast Permafrost to deal damage to all the frosted minions, and farm a lot.
Always cast Artic Assault in and from the direction to frost the most minions you can.

Assault in the Perma Prison

Glacial Prison (Seju's ULT) have a bit longer rang cast than Artic Assault.
Also, Glacial Prison make a 2 seconds stun in the champion it hits (and 1 seconds to everyone else in the explotion place), so you can't trust in that time that distance if you want to damage.
If you can Secure a kill, send Glacial Prison projectile and fastly use Artic Assault or Artic's Winds to damage the enemy the most as you can.
Always remember, in the moment the Glacial Prison dissapear, use Permafrost. Like that your enemy can't escape and you can kill it (Specially if you are with the ADC of your team).
As you may thinking, in the moment the stun dissapears and you perma them, your enemy can flash into safety. Because of that are the masteries and Distortion's boots, you will almost always have your Flash ready to chase, also if the to re-escape, you can chase them again with Artic's Assault after its cooldown.

If you want to be a Pro Sejuani player, you must know your abilities pro and contras.
Artic Assault is a rush skill. But have a little bug where the image of the skill is a bit shorter than you actually run. Also in the end of the skill Sejuani is rooted for less than a second.
Anyway these kind of thing can determinate kill of be killed.
Know you place, know where and what walls you can pass trough with Artic Assault.
Know Glacial Prison's projectile speed and explotion rank. Like that you can Stun enemies in the edge of the Prison when they are running away from you or your team. Also you can land the 2 seconds hit when you have to send it where your enemy is running to when you are at the other side of the wall.
Know how much damage you can burst and get. Like that you can avoid lost fights or secure kills.

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The More you Know

Know your allies. Comunicate well with them, know the diferences between the options of "Fall off" and "Target" in an enemy, like that they will jump to an enemy togheter with you.

Know your enemies. Know how they work, how they think. If they keep near you with low health or they return to base and let you farm. Know what abilities avoid from them, and what ones hope for get to counter attack them.
Examples, remember when Volibear's innate is active, so you avoid try to kill him while he is healing. Try to cast Northen Winds before get Amumu's stun, Blitz or Darius's Grab and other skills than send you near the enemy, to make them damage theirselfs.

Know your place and what you have.
Know when you can recall while you're in a Altar, to conquer the altar and finish the recall just after.
Remember use your Hextech Sweeper to keep brushes checked while you conquer altars or recall or destroy turrets.
Always try to have minimal 1 altar, the extra gold per kills work perfectly with Sejuani's massive farming skills.

Practice to dominate Sejuani's ULT. The more times you secure kills with it or stun the whole enemy team in a teamfight the best. With this build her ULT will have at lvl 3 a cooldown of 70- seconds. So don't fear use it to kill a single enemy if you know you can.

Enjoy using her. And of course show everyone the Boar Rider's power!!