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Singed Build Guide by Casola

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Casola

The Gas Man Commeth, Speed Freak

Casola Last updated on September 30, 2011
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This is a remake of my first guide. Apparently I removed my first one by error. But enough about that.

This guide is for Singed. He is the first champ I ever used, and the most fun champ I have ever played.

I’ve read through many Singed guides to try and perfect my game but I find most of them missing something, so this is my attempt at a revamped Singed guide.

Of coarse the obligatory, try it before you bash it comment in the intro, blah blah blah.

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Might as well start here.

This rune is what sets my build apart from most Singed builds. I use some pretty simple logic here to figure out why this is beneficial.
- If you use Greater Seal of Health you will receive 48.15 bonus health. This lets you absorb an extra hit or two early game, but by mid to late game is useless.
- If you roll Greater Seal of Vitality then you get an extra 9.72 health at level 1, and 174.96 at level 18. almost 175 seems nice, but lets think about it this way, singed is getting health from every piece of mana gear he puts on, so that 175 at level 18 isn't going to save you if an enemy team has already eaten through the rest of you health.
- You know what will save you? Greater Seal of Evasion. Now this ties in with my mastery selection. Pairing Greater Seal of Evasion with Nimbleness will give singed plenty of damage mitigation, as well as speed. He can plow into an enemy team, lay down a heavy Poison Trail, and Fling a carry into your awaiting team, and still get out alive to rinse and repeat.

The rest of my runes are pretty basic for Singed.

These give your Poison Trail that extra bite to eat through enemy champs.

I use these instead of Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist because Singed has such a weak early game, but also benefits the most from solo top lane, that early Magic Resistance helps against those annoying ranged APs.

These are a Singed staple. Allowing him to spread more Poison quickly, Singed LOVES movement speed!

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I assume most people looking at this guide know what Singed has for abilities, but I'll give a quick rundown.

This makes singed beefier for every piece of mana gear he puts on. This is what allows him to scale to well late game with items like Rod of Ages.

His signature ability, this is where he gets his team damage in, and allows him to farm and control an entire lane alone. This can get a bit mana intensive early game, so don't over use it. you'll be surprised how far one little poison puff will go.

One of the most underrated slows in the game, Mega Adhesive is one of the best ways to close a gap or create one, against one champ, or an entire team.

The ability that makes every say "Damn it, I hate singed". This ability throws an enemy champ behind you, which allows for 2 very important things.
1) Initiate with an enemy and toss them into an awaiting ally or turret.
2) Juke like a boss when being surrounded with enemies.
You will find some very interesting ways to use this ability, so have fun!

Ever lane against someone who just wont return to base, it seems like they can stay in lane FOREVER? That's Singed, and this ability is the catalyst behind it. Increasing pretty much everything, including regeneration of health and mana. It's active for such a long time, and has a relativity short cool down, feel free to pop this while fighting a turret, or if you running a bit low on health.

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"Why aren't you running a normal tank build, your a noob"

Perhaps I am a noob, but there is a method to my mastery madness and it hinges around Nimbleness .

I run 0/14/16 for some key reasons. I'll start in the Defense tree

I go 3/3 in Resistance Hardiness , and Strength of Spirit .

Follow up with 4/4 in Evasion which leads into Nimbleness . This makes Singed harder to kill, harder to catch, and harder to lane against.

The utility tree, I pretty much grab the only non-useless things to unlock Quickness because like I said, Singed LOVES Speed!

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My Item build starts off a bit helter skelter but as with most of this guide, it makes sense to me!

I start here for 3 reasons, it gives you a bit more mana, to spread that Poison Trail a bit longer, makes him a little beefier because of Empowered Bulwark, and its a start to his best item Rod of Ages.

I like to grab two Health Potion at the start as well.

My first trip back I like to have the gold to get Catalyst the Protector or at least a Ruby Crystal and some Boots of Speed if you feel need more speed early, but you should be focusing on staying in lane and getting levels.

You want to get this item as soon as possible. It takes a full 10 minutes for it to reach maximum power, and when it does, you will be realize how incredibly beefy you get.

Some guides tell you this is a useless item for Singed because its not taking advantage of his passive, and its only 15% slow on his poison. But think about it this way. Your team vs. their team. Singed runs in with Poison Trails Ablaze, Snags and enemy and Fling them into you team is you run out. Now that enemy is slowed 30% because of Fling, and the rest of their team is slowed 15% beacause of Poison Trail. So it will take them longer to respond to the attack, and odds are they won't be able to touch your team, before their ally is dead. This makes an instant 5v4 scenario and you can just repeat this process over and over. Ryali's Crystal Scepter is very important for Singed to tank.

There are some big benefits to this item. The health regen is nice, the magic resistance is nice, and the movement speed is a great boost. Nuff said.

At this point we have a flex spot to work with. I like to look at a few things here.
1) Are there melee champs stacked and causing your team problems?
- You might want to get a Frozen Heart, or even a Thornmail.
2) Your AP's forcing the enemy to get more magic resist?
- Grab a Void Staff to give you Poison Trail some more bite.
3) They have one of those annoying snare combo champs? ( Ryze, Brand, Morgana, ect.)
- A Banshee's Veil can be a nightmare for them to deal with.

This is really a flex spot, and you need to pay attention to hoe the game has progressed this far. If you are really having a hard time trying to figure it out, you can't go wrong with a Rabadon's Deathcap.

A lot of people to run tanks, often opt out of the auto res armor that is Guardian Angel. It makes sense for a tank not to grab this in exchange for something more beefy, why would anyone target a champ who is already hard to kill, but will revive soon after death. And if not one focuses you, your not tanking correctly. Well yes and no. A normal tank with this item is a little silly for that reason, but Singed isn't a normal tank. He benefits a lot from the added magic res and defense, and if you do end up dying, you can come back and fling again, and hopefully, change the tides of a team fight.

Do you need to get this item? No
Does it help? Yes

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Summoner Spells

You NEED this to get into and out of team fights fast. and the allowing you to ignore clipping on mobs and champs makes grabbing that protected carry that much easier.

This goes back to the annoying lane presence thing I was talking about before. The faster you can level, and the more farming you can do the better. Even if they do kill you, this lets you get back inline quickly, and hopefully get a revenge kill!

Other Choices

Cleanse isn't a bad choice, especially if your finding yourself getting jammed up in an enemy group a lot.

Flash can help you escape a bit too, its not a bad choice.

I'm not going to waste my time explaining why the other masters are useless

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I enjoy playing Singed, Hes a fun champ and a great compliment to any team.

Give my guide a shot, and let me know what you think.

Oh, and dont jsut down rate to be a wiener either, give it a shot for realz :)