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Gangplank Build Guide by THAGTUSK

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League of Legends Build Guide Author THAGTUSK


THAGTUSK Last updated on March 30, 2013
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This is the golden critplank guide. You need to play a certain way to make this guide work for you. I will get into how to do this and i have to say this before you discredit this guide. You will have more gold then anyone else in the match by level 18. That makes you the strongest champion in the match when it matters most. Be the hero for your team and try this build. Its safe to play this way and i can assure you that this is easier then it looks. Now lets get ready to crit for over 1000 every q. People are going to hate you.

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This is the game plan. DONT FIGHT THEM. Let the minion wave push a little so you are at a safe spot near your tower but try not to be under the tower because the tower will ks your creep kills. If you can't make them push ward that river and get ready to run when the jungler comes. Gangplanks E clears crowd control so when your in trouble just deal eat the fruit and run under tower. If you have to burn a flash make sure you do it before you take enough damage so you can hang out in the lane until you farm up to your next item. LAST HIT THE CREEPS WITH Q TO GET EVEN MORE EXTRA GOLD AND LAST HIT EVERY MINION. THATS WHAT YOU SHOULD BE FOCUSED ON AND DON'T FIGHT UNLESS YOUR JUNGLER IS GANKING. Let him know that your building slow and you dont have alot of damage so he doesn't waste his time trying to get a kill. GO BACK AS SOON AS YOU HAVE Get the philosopher stone and the avarice blade as soon as you have 1215. Thats enough for the those 2 items and a ward. THEN TELEPORT RIGHT BACK TO LANE TO BEGIN THE BANKING. Keep doing this and buy items in the sequence i have put out there and try not to spend alot of money on pots. one mana pot isn't that bad since the E will give you more health then the health pot. Try to ward in the laning phase in the tribush if your on the top of the screen or the river bush if your on the bottom. STAY ALIVE AND DONT FEED.

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Farming the jackpot.

So this is why this works. The GOLD PER 5.

Philosophers stone- 5 gold per 10 seconds
Avarice blade- 3 gold per 10 seconds
Rune page gives us- 3 gold per 10 seconds
Masteries gives us- 2 gold per 10 seconds

So thats 13 gold per 10 seconds = 78 gold per minute = 780 = per 10 minutes = 1560 = 20 minutes = 2340 = 30 minutes.

Thats about 2340 gold by the most important part of the game for doing nothing

Parrley gives around 6 gold per minion kill and it REFUNDS MANA BACK IF YOU KILL THE TARGET.
Avarice blade gives 2 gold per minion kill.

Thats 8 extra gold every time you parrley a creep or 2 gold everytime you kill a creep with a differt attack.

Lets assume you kill 200 minoins by level 16 by the 30 minute mark. Now lets assume you parrley 1/4 of the minions and kill the other ones with other attacks.

50 creeps will give you 400 extra gold.
150 creeps with other attacks is 300 gold.

Now we have 700 extra gold.

COMBINE THAT WITH THE 2340 AND YOU HAVE 3040 EXTRA GOLD. Sell the philosopher stone for 230. Now we have 3270 Gold in bonuses.This doesn't include the gold that you would get from killing the minoin without the bonuses.

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Pros / Cons

These are the pros and cons for this champion with this build.


5. Global Ultimate with teleport makes for a nice trick.
4. Nice team fight boost with raise morale also can take down towers.
3. Crowd control counter and heal makes for good sustain with oranges.
2. your parrley will be the godlike. IT CAN CRIT!!!! WHAT????


5. Kind of squishy (needs to play safe)
4. Weak early game damage output (needs to play safe)
3. Ultimate does not do alot of damage and hits randomly
2. Only really has one damaging ability
1. Early game items and masteries have low stats.

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Creeping / Jungling

Feel free to hit the jungle whenever you have the chance to. Meaning if someone is in trouble or if a tower is about to fall you won't have time.

Once in a while its ok to ultimate across the map on a creep wave minion fight. Make sure they not moving and they are in a fight so you will get kill some of them. When you see the gold you earned you will be ok with the use of your ultimate when ever it comes up.

Make sure to be careful when you last hit minions with parrley. Try to get a feel for how much damage it deals so you don't waste your mana and lose gold.

Early daggers are better then brawler gloves so you can bust threw creep waves when you get the chance too.

When you are pushing a tower it might be better to just kill the creeps in the way or behind the towers your minions aggro the tower and you get gold.

After the laning phase be careful pushing too far down one lane. Try to just kill a minion wave then back off. They can see you pushing so if all your lanes are pushed farm in the jungles or group up to get dragon or baron.

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Damage combos

Now lets talk about damage output with this build. For most of you this is the best part.

Lets look at the late game build in this guide to determine how much damage your doing you have to look at 4 factors.

1.attack damage
2.critical strike
3.static shiv

The key is to see how much damage your parrley will do and how much damage per second you will do.

Your parrley can critical strike which is the main reason why gangplank is even considered an option.

First thing is damage.

Infinity Edge has 70 damage
Blood thrister has 70 to 100 damage but we will say 70
Infinity edge has 30 damage
Thats 170 extra damage on top of his damage so we will just say 300

1.Attack damage 300 0r 420 from a parrley.

Now for the critical strike

Percent of the damage straight up 100%
Infinity edge 50%
masteries 5%
runes 3%

2. critacal strike damage 158%

Static shiv.

deals 100 magic damage that can crit. so were looking at 258 damage. This damage is only when you first strike an enemy really unless a fight last a long time but still 258 extra damage is good here.



sheen deals 150% damage extra equal too your base attack damage after using an ability 2 second cooldown. your damage is 300 so that equals 450. so thats 150 extra damage per 2 seconds but we will say 4 seconds to be safe because your cooldowns might prevent a sheen activation. you should at least get 2 of these off in a fight.


so when you first run up with bloodthrister fully stacked. The static shiv triggered and raise morale to trigger sheen Parrley someone. your attack damage is 346. 30 from bloodthrister and 16 from raise morale boost. So its really around 346 damage but were just gonna say 300 damage and you can use your imagination to count the other damage since im doing all this math in my head and it makes it easier to understand the combo this way.


456 x 1.58 + 258 + 519 = 1497.9 damage from one critical strike.

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Tricks and Tips

1. Using your ultimate on a area then teleporting to a minion near by can be a sick way to score a kill or save a tower.
2. keep your eye out on the map for a team fight or let people know to ping you when they want you to ult on them for a global assist.
3. when you know your in trouble use your E ( raise morale ) then wait for the crowd control to use your w.
4. In fights try to use raise morale when your close right before you parrley. you will get to parrley them again before the buff runs out of time.
5. Try to stay away from champions with high armor. Hunt down the ad carry, ap carry, or any squishy support champ.
6. look at the other teams items and decide who you can take out.
7. you might be able to teleport to a unguarded enemy tower and take it out real fast with raise morale but be careful doing this. Its much better if you have sight of most of the enemy team.
8. take your time with this build and try to be patient. most top lane champs can take gangplank one on one so this i bet is the best way to play him.
9. if your low on health find some creeps to hit so your life steal will build you back up.
10 .SOLO BARON!!!!!!!! just kidding.. have fun