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Talon Humor Guide by shendoxjoey

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author shendoxjoey

The Hawk 'Talon'

shendoxjoey Last updated on December 10, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey everyone, I just started to use Talon(As of 9/3/11) and I find him to be a really unique character. I would like state that this build is still very experimental. The point of this build is to get Talon to be very balanced, he will still do high damage and on crits he will just be unstoppable. The only problem I had with Talon when I played as him was if you don't get out of a fight ASAP you are dead, so I decided to try to give him a bit of a tanky aspect, but not so much that he can't deal damage anymore.

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Alright, this section of the build is probably very subject to change because I don't have them yet, they are just what I would imagine would help Talon the most.

Greater Mark of Desolation Alright these armor penetration reds will give you more intimidation early on.

Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction Cool Down Reduction per level blues are going to make it so you have a bit faster skill usage which helps to both escape and to kill.

Greater Seal of Evasion Basically you don't tank so these Dodge Yellows will give you a chance to avoid that fatal blow if you don't get out of combat in time.

Greater Quintessence of Vitality Everyone wants to live right? Well the point of these is to get you to have some more health because you really don't get a whole lot.

Most likely subject to change, I would VERY MUCH appreciate some suggestions from some of you, Runes tend to be my weak spot :).

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Alright, since you should have both Ignite and Exhaust I find it very helpful to go own the offensive tree line then double back for some utility help. In addition Talon is an offense hero therefore I think 21/0/9 is very useful.

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Items (if you read anything you must read this part)

Alright this is probably the most complicated and important section. In my build there is an Item you get rid of, I will explain later in this section.

Boots of Speed Your Basic boots to get you in and out of combat fast and effectively.

Cloth Armor OK this item is going to be used to make a better item later on but for now it will make it so you aren't squishy in the beginning and don't die with ganks if you can't get away quick enough.

Cloak of Agility This item is also going to be used later on to make a better item but for now hopefully it will get you to do some decent amount of crits.

Boots of Swiftness Alright your first full item, I prefer these boots on Talon because I like to keep up the speed and with these boots his move speed is 415 which is faster than just about any other character.

Dagger Now this item is just kind of a filler item, I don't believe Talon is an auto attack hero because he just can't live in combat for that long.

Cloak and Dagger Now this item is important to know about, it is for early game CC defense you don't have to get this item if you don't want to, but if you don't get it then don't get either the Cloak of Agility or Dagger. This item will be sold latter on to purchase the Executioner's Calling.

Madred's Razors This item I find helpful because it is great for farming, getting the buffs, and taking out minions attacking a tower.

Vampiric Scepter This is going to be another item to help keep you in the fight, the life steal it gives is good for this point in the game.

Brawler's Gloves Right after buying the Vampiric Scepter sell your Cloack and Dagger to buy this item.

Executioner's Calling If you haven't sold your Cloak and Dagger yet, sell it now because you will no longer need it. The critical strike this item gives becomes helpful when you are jumping in and out of combat and hitting your enemy once or twice.

Giant's Belt Now this item is going to give you some extra health to stay in the battle and hit a few more times, in combination with your life steal you should be able to take down fleeing enemies without worrying to much about your Health.

Phage This item is going to give you some better ability to chase those guys that retreat when you jump out of no where, the slow down becomes very useful.

Frozen Mallet Time to upgrade you Phage that is really all this item is doing, upgrading an already great item.

B. F. Sword This item is next on the agenda because you are going to need some damage now, and this item gives a lot.

The Black Cleaver Time to get some armor penetration, in a way. This item will reduce your enemies armor therefore your second hit on them will do a lot more damage.

Recurve Bow I suggest this item next because it is the most expensive of the item you need to make Madred's Bloodrazor you are not an auto attack guy therefore it doesn't serve to much of a purpose.

Madred's Bloodrazor This is going to be great for dealing damage, you now deal magic damage equal to 4% of your enemies max Health, doesn't that sound good, now those tanks with a lot of armor and HP but no magic resistance are going to take a beating.

Chain Vest This item is going to be used to buy your next at a cheaper price.

Glacial Shroud Another item that is used to buy a third item at a lower price.

Frozen Heart Your final item, if you have not won or lost by now then this will change the battlefield, this will really make you a tank to normal damage, the 99 extra armor along with cool down reduction is very useful to get into a fight and just dish out damage.

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Skill Sequence

Rake plain and simple your farming skill, get Rake first to rack up the money you will need it.

Cutthroat Needs to be your second skill because it helps you get in and out of combat.

Noxian Diplomacy Is your champion killer use it as much in a fight as you can, a great combo is Noxian Diplomacy with a Cutthroat to hit an enemy champion for more than they are expecting.

Shadow Assault This skill is great for sneaking into combat, and escaping out of combat in a dire situation. Remember the more you can hit someone with these blades the more the damage it does.

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Summoner Spells

Exhaust This is great for slowing down that AP carry you just jumped on because they had 500hp left, but it's also great for slowing down that AD carry that just came out of the bushes and started to hit you or your Lane partner.

Ignite You remember that AP carry that you just used exhaust on? well he just used Flash so now's the time to use your exhaust to get him while he is running past the tower.

Not to Use:

Smite Look you will not be jungling with this build, ganking but not jungling, so this skill will be of absolutely no use to you.

Heal You are not meant to be a tank and hold a lane for 40 minutes without recalling, and this item doesn't heal enough late game to make the early game use helpful.

Clarity You will be fine on Mana so don't both with this skill.

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Pros / Cons

-You do a lot of damage.
-You are not as squishy as you would normally be.
-You are a great ganker.
-This build is expensive but you should be ganking and getting enough assists/kills to get everything

-You are not a tank you will lose health
-You can not stay in a battle, nor focus on 5 enemies at once
-You are not Batman, so don't pretend to be a hero think about your fights.

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So basically this build is going to be a greatly Balanced build and so you can do a lot with it.

Feel free to comment and tell me what you think I did right and wrong. I love feedback, but be reasonable and don't suggest something obviously stupid. Don't come at me either, I don't like people saying stuff like " This build is BS, you couldn't kill a fly without it's wings." be respectful I will have no problem with showing why your comment is stupid if you are rude to me.


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