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Volibear Build Guide by AnusOfGod

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author AnusOfGod

The Healthiest Tank You Know

AnusOfGod Last updated on December 4, 2011
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 0

Honor Guard

Defense: 22

Strength of Spirit

Utility: 8

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Now I had a lot more, but I've been playing a few other champs and I only have 3 game left on history :/ here they are. Oh and yes they all use this build.

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Pros and Cons

Strong early game
Great Initiator
Great Chaser
Nice burst damage
Won't Die

Long Cooldowns
Damage dies off late game
No Stun :(

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Summoner Spells

Best Choices

Yeah yeah I know what your thinking "Heal...really? Yeah I used to use that...when I was level 1." Heal actually works really well with Volibear. First off your a tank so you're in the middle of all the action, meaning your Heal will hit your teammates, also the longer you're alive the better. Second this is very good to bait in champs for a kill. Stay low on life (given your passive allows you to be) bait a champ in, start a fight and pop Heal, watch as your opponents **** themselves.

Then there's Ghost. My favorite summoner spell, this can be used for chasing and escaping. Boots of Swiftness + Rolling Thunder + Ghost = One Fast Bear. Use Ghost to catch up to fleeing champs, or use it to get the hell out of a sticky situation.

Other Choices
Nice for getting around.

Good for chasing and fleeing.

Good to slow down champs speed and attack.

When that extra bit of damage is needed.

Great for keeping the enemy team occupied.

Nice addition of AP and attack speed for his Ult.

Bad Spells
Smite (Unless you jungle)

There is no need for these spells on Volibear...period.

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Masteries I focus Health and Defense, after all he is a tank. Tossing 22 into Defense and 8 into Utility to help with some early game mana regeneration.

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I like to focus straight up health on Volibear. This is good for both survivability and his burst damage which helps early game. Grabbing some magic resist glyphs to make up for the lack thereof in our masteries add a nice little balance.

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Sweet jesus this is a ridiculous passive. This allows for longer laning phases and can be very nice for fights, mix this with heal and you can go from 1/3 to just about full.

This move is great. It's like singed, but you run faster and toss shorter. With this move you can catch up to most champs and toss em back for your fellow teammates to pummel on.

If Volibear had some bread and butter, this would be it. Maxing this early game gives you a great advantage. This raises Volibear's attack speed which allows him to farm decently on top of that early game this move with decimate enemy champs. End game building plenty of health will allow for some squishy killing.

Popping Majestic Roar as your chasing someone down with Rolling Thunder will really ruin someones day. Use this to slow down fleeing enemies, cause extra damage in team fights, and you can also use it to fear away minions (*Note*!! This can be used to fear Shaco's clone, which can help to identify the real one *Note*!!)

As far as ults go, this one isn't that great. It can be used as a great farming tool however, use it on a minion wave mixed with Frenzy and you can take down a minion wave pretty quickly. Pop this in team fights to add to the overall damage to pick up assists and possible kills.

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Now keep in mind when doing a tanks are the most situational characters to build for. I have a basic build which works for most games, however there are times when a Thornmail is needed over a Randuin's. Other times a Banshee's Veil can wait til after the Randuin's, like I said it depends on the situation.

These are the core items for Volibear. Each items provides him with health and you get your armor and magic resist as well.

This is great starting item for Volibear. Health helps for survivabilty and makes his Frenzy all the more powerful. Also the health regen is very nice. Now some people just don't like Doran and his items. So alternatively you can start off with a Ruby Crystal or Boots with Health pots.

Grab this ASAP. Extra health and extra money, what's not to love?

Pick boots up right about now. Most other champs will have them already and this will help you keep up with them.

Catalyst the Protector
After you pick one of these up you shouldn't have to leave your lane unless you want to. This will constantly keep your health and mana up and also adds a boost to them.

My favorite choice of boots for this bear. Extra run speed is just what you want on this champ. Rolling Thunder plus boots will allow you to catch up to most champs with ease, which leads to more kills. Everybody wins.....except the enemy team....but that's cool.

After you pick up your Catalyst rush this as fast as you can. The extra health makes you tank enabled and you can dish out the damage. Not to mention the sooner you get the Warmog's the sooner it will start giving you more health.

With the Warmog's Armor you will have tons of health and can withstand most attacks. Adding in a little more along with some magic resist and a magic shield makes it all the better.

A great tanking item. We get health, health regen, armor, and a nice active. Just remember that you do HAVE AN ACTIVE. Pop it in team fights to slow down those pesky auto-attackers or use it to slow down some fleeing enemies.

Extra Optional Items

Ah the good ol' Thornmail. Grab this just in case you have any AS AD champs coming at ya, grabbing this before the Randuin's or Banshee's is acceptable, especially if you can get it before the enemy AD champs can get Bloodthirsters.

When that extra bit of AP is needed grab one of these. This also adds some very very nice health regeneration, which will allow you to never have to Recall.

When you are torn for a last or second to last item. If you just so happen to be fighting against a well balanced team this can be a nice addition. Armor and Magic Resist as well as a revive, that is a pretty sweet deal. *WARNING* Grabbing one of these can be risky, if enemies see you with this, as tanky as you are they will completely bypass you, which is quite the opposite of what a tank wants *END WARNING*

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Playing Volibear

You are a TANK!! Remember this, you initiate, cause chaos amidst team fights, keep allies alive, and most importantly you win games!

Early Game
For early game it is important to get farm and stay alive, however getting fed is also very nice at this point in time. Volibear is a tank and as a tank there isn't a whole lot of harassment you can do, so at this point in time you want to focus on the farm. With a Volibear can stand as a wall between him and his lane mate and he can stand and fight minions pretty well. You may take some harassment but with your high amount of health and regen you should be fine. If an enemy melee decides to come up and farm with you that's when you can chuck him back to your partner or just take a bite out of him to scare him away.

Remember is better used as an execution move. It will take the enemy by surprise by reducing them to near death or flat out killing them. Also plays a good part in early game. If a 2v2 breaks out make sure to keep an eye on yours and your teammates health. Popping this at the right moment can turn 2 would be deaths into 2 kills.

Using effectively can also keep Volibear in the lane for a very long time. Using this passive right makes you able to stay in lane, the only time you have to leave is when you want to buy something. This move can be used in a couple different ways. The first is passively, well duh, you can be in a fight and it just triggers, you're gaining health at a ridiculous rate and the enemy is trying to output damage faster than you can heal. As for the second way you can use it just to lane longer and better. If your health is low but not low enough to trigger your passive you can intentionally take a few hits just to trigger it. This will then take you from 30% to 60% and will get it cooling down for you to use again.

Last but not least is my favorite thing that Volibear does very well early game and that is Turret Diving. Volibear is pretty tanky so you can take a few turret hits, pair this up with your passive and heal and you can go in and out with no problems. My favorite kind of dive is just to surprise them. When minions are pushed I run up to tower and start hitting it. To shoo me away the enemies normally comes in close for a hit or two, when this happens I pop , , and this will no doubt do some damage killing them if they are low or signaling to your partner to finish the job, as you run back from turret you suck up a few more hits while your buddy finishes the job.

Mid Game
Mid game, this is when team fights start to happen. By now your should have your Warmog's or be close to it. So now does a good amount of damage and you are pretty tanky. When playing in mid game we get a lot of the tag game going on. Your ranged hits one of them, their ranged hits one of yours and so on and so forth, so what is your role in this? Well you pose as a wall between the enemy team and your team. You should always be the closest one to the enemy. As the tag game continues watch for your moment to strike. If you see that ranged get close use and toss him back for your teammates. This is called initiating, when you do this 1 of 2 things happen. 1 the enemy team rushes in to save them and a team fight ensues or 2 the enemy team runs and your team picks up a kill.

When a team fight starts Volibear still has some important work to do. In the middle of team fight it is important to take down their carry as fast as possible. So if that is a ranged try and toss them back with and slowing them down with , doing this should allows for your team to take them down rather fast. During all of the chaos in the team fight it is a prefect time to use your . This will start hitting the enemy team and will make you more of a threat, also this will help to pick up more assists/kills which equals more money. Try to keep and eye on everyone's health bars during the fight. If your allies are low on health use a , if an enemy is low or they are the carry, use .

End Game
Do or Die time. End game you will be a straight up tank and you will want to use this to your advantage. Still doing the same thing during team fights you can now move them to enemy turrets. Volibear will have so much health and defense by now you will be able to initiate on a turret and stay there for the fight. While you and your teammates take the enemy by a surprise fight on turret you can pick up some kills as well as a turret afterward. Aside from fighting on turrets, Volibear can tank them. If no minions are pushed grab a buddy and tank it. Between the two of you the turret should drop and your health should still be fine, if your health gets too low should activate and you're back to 60% health.

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Closing Comments

Now do keep in mind that this is a TANK BUILD. Of course most of the items I put in this build all give health, which in turn gives Volibear damage. Also this is the first week Volibear is out so expect some nerfs and with nerfs comes more guide updates, so stay tuned.

All right, chalk it up to guide #2!! Rate, comment, and enjoy.

Super Ultra Mega Thanks,