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Lee Sin Build Guide by HtG DarkElf

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League of Legends Build Guide Author HtG DarkElf

The HeartBeats Quicken - Jungle/Offtank

HtG DarkElf Last updated on January 7, 2012
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Lee Sin is a fighter and i play him as an OffTank.I also play Lee Sin as a jungler because of his jungling abilities such as Safeguard / Iron Will or maybe because he is a good ganker with Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike and Tempest / Cripple .Lee sin is my main champion and i decided to post this guide here to help you and this is gonna be a full guide not only a build. this is my first guide so dont judge me too harshly and you may also spot spelling mistakes but dont post any comment about that.. English is not my mother tongue.I will add champters gradually in my guide because this can't be done in one day

Ahh traditional lee sin.. i love this skin, coolest skin in my opinion...
I strongly recommend you to buy it but as Phreak says " I play Lee Sin as a jungler " ahem..many people make fun of Phreak because of this..

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Pros / Cons


  • You need to successfully land your skillshot in order to gank
  • If you miss your Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike you can be easily kited
  • Tried to act like Chuck Noris with his ultimate
  • He is blind
  • Constantly asks where is he needed

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Srsly this is a must for every jungler.The armor is very usefull + 5 health potions will cover all your needs in order to jungle since riot buffed the jungle with hp runes every time u kill the leader mob of a camp.Many lee sin players prefer starting with a Vampiric Scepter as it can make a good combo with Safeguard / Iron Will + Flurry whitch makes your attacks hit faster in order to lifesteal

Boots of speed are a must for every jungler.Although a Vampiric Scepter would help you jungling, you can NOT gank without Boots of Speed .... even the slow from Tempest / Cripple or the red buff slow isnt enough to catch your oponent, believe me i have done it many times but i dont think that you will face any dificulties now that the jungle is buffed

what you have this item you can kill everything in the jungle alone (except for baron)...
As soon as you get it solo dragon because that won't be difficult with Safeguard / Iron Will will help you survive.. exept from that it has a number of clever and funny uses from its active.It's active is a very good tool for warding key places or scouting but you can also use it to plan your escape.Simply, when you are being chased and u dont want to waste your summoner spell ghost, or if it is on CD, dont panic, just put the ward away from your enemies or through a wall.. this is a video showing you

This item has a low cost with only 1900 ~ gold and gives a good amount of HP armor and MR i think this one would be very suitable early on for survivability and it can help your teamates with MR armor and damage

This wil cover your most damage out put and attack speed you need.It also reduces your targets armor thats what makes this item so powerfull.If you want to, you can buy B.F. sword and max The Black Cleaver last if you need more durability

Ok, when you complete this item you will have a big amount of armor and it revives you.. this is a MUST for all fighters and especially for Lee Sin who plays a big role in teamfights

Since you already have giant belt, this item wont be difficult to complete.It is a very usefull item for all tanks / offtanks as it gives armor and health and it makes a good combo with aegis of legion and Guardian Angel.... However its passive deals low damage but it can be used in order to farm minions at least

Since you have tons of armor by Wriggle's Lantern Guardian Angel and Sunfire Cape you neeed now magic resist, so this is the item you need because it gives the highest amount of magic resist and it also gives tons of HP regen whitch would help you very much in teamfights

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These are the masteries i chose for lee sin.. they work pretty well


With this mastery build, you can easilly jungle with Tough Skin and Bladed Armor as i play Lee sin ONLY in jungle and be sure to take Summoner's Resolve and Summoner's Wrath
for improved Flash and Smite
I chose Vampirism for easier jungle but you can max Havoc instead of Vampirism because of low lifesteal amount.
Executioner can help you in jungle and make a great combo with Weapon Expertise and Sunder as well as ofensive runes such as greater mark of desolation and greater quintessence of desolation
Be sure to take Hardiness and Resistance for armor and magic resist

In my opinion, these are the best masteries for jungling and AD/offtank lee sin but you can follow the defensive mastery tree if you want more tanky lee sin

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

This is an ability sequency that all people prefer
this is an ability whitch gives you most of your damage output and deals damage with both sonic wave and resonating strike and dashes towards your enemy .It can make a great combo with Tempest / Cripple just use it immediately after dashing towards an enemy champion

i max this ability last because this is a great tool specializing in utility more than damage because of the slow and very low damage as i level it up

I max this immediately after Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike as it can make your jungling easier with bonus armor and shielding yourself as it can make a good combol with Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike , just target the enemy with sonic wave and as sson as resonating strike animation begins, target a minion with safeguard... GREAT HARASHMENT!!!

This pasive can help you jungle with Vampiric Scepter or Vampirism as it makes you 2 next attacks to hit faster in order to lifesteal but these attacks give you back energy whitch may be very usefull sometimes because lee sin has 7 skills and energy will be spent imidiately

Your ultimate. With this tool you can push enemies back to your teamates and make them an easy kill to your team after dashing to your enemy with Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike .It also benefits you greatly in 1 v 1 fights just make sure you cast sonic wave then use Dragon's Rage and then resonating strike

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Screenshots - Proof

I'm gonna upload more screenshots asap

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Summoner Spells And Other Good Choices

Since my other pick is Smite you have to chose a suitable summoner spell..I prefer Ghost .. it enables you to chase enemies or escape situations and since you are a jungler and not hugging the tower you dont need Flash in order to flash to your tower as well as Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike can be hard to land sometimes

A must for every jungler
If you won't take smite, you will probably fail which means : low lvl, can't kill red / blue buff which means fail ganks .Smite can be also used to ensure you kill dragon / baron without enemy team stealing it, or even red buff / blue buff


Very usefull spell in both chasing and escaping, but as i siad before, since you jungle, it is actually less important because you only gank, so Ghost is better to close the gap between you and your enemy and increase even more you movement speed with Tempest / Cripple

Hmm... it might be usefull sometimes for your ganks + more damage output but i don't recommend picking ignite. Ghost is much better... it is your choice though

It actually works on Lee Sin i have tried it out many times... it isnt a very good choice though because lee sin isn't attack speed dependent but it might be usefull. In addition, it gives ap which is good for Safeguard / Iron Will but still it isn't a very good choice... you may be curious to know if it is usefull or not, but then you need to try it out

It is very good for ganking but it won't be much of help when you have the red buff. It is still a very good spell for shuting down AD carries and it is very good in 1 v 1 fights if you have an enemy with low inteligence ( ****** -.-' ) and will not attempt to escape


If you are running our of mana with Lee Sin you may need it but.. nvm dont take it

You are jungling... just don't take it u dont wanna go to a lane, you want to go to your jungle. However u may still want to cover lanes but no, there are way better summoner spells to take for a jungler

You are not a tank or a support so dont take it there are way better choices than this and it is not your work

5 minute cooldown which means TOTALLY useless in dominion and twisted treeline which last 20 minutes each but u dont wanna die, do you? just dot take it, very bad choice... btw, have you ever seen anyone with revive? just let me know

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My guide isn't over yet, i will keep adding chapters gradually im too busy with school these days..