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Ryze Build Guide by 1000SunnyGo

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League of Legends Build Guide Author 1000SunnyGo

The Hybrid Mana Way

1000SunnyGo Last updated on October 1, 2013
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Hello everyone.

This is my very first Guide I am creating, so I hope you like it and won't be too disapointed if it doesn't look as extraordinairy as other Guides. The reason I'm creating this Guide is because Guides helped me when I started playing LOL 3 years ago and because I discovered that there are many similar Ryze builds which, in my opinion, miss an oportunity by NOT going Hybrid. Most people simply go for maximum Mana and quite a descent defense. Where i must say this build makes Ryze squishier than he has to be, but on the other side his dmg output is just insane.

The idea behind all this is to utelize his uniquness that he gains most part of his DMG with Mana. Now you might think "why is this idiot telling us this fact - it's not like that's a secret". Well that is true but i actually just want to share the way i play Ryze.

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Well Ryze has been around for some time and i can't reinvent his build from scratch so I'll just say my thoughts why I think this is a viable Build. Please notice that other Guides are very good too and that I just want to focus on the build diffrences. Concerning the Choice of boots and runes are mere examples. Because this build lacks huge amount of Magic Resistance (MR) I can as well recommend picking the Scaling variation of MR runes and Mercury Treads.

Archangel Staff and Manamune have become quite frequent items in Ryze build all over the world with one good reason - they give an insane amount of Mana. And this is where this build grasps that very potential of going Hybrid.

I'll start with the items that are in my opinion not to be argued with in any Ryze build.
As with every Ryze rush the Tear of the Goddess and start stacking it. Then i go for boots. As already mentioned above I can reccomend Mercuries and Sorcceres. My next item is a Cataclyst followed up with a build out Rod of Ages. Note that time is working for u. The more you stack your Tear and the more time passes and your Ages is getting stacks the more u will "feel" him grow stronger. Then I go for a Glacial Shroud.

And this is where my build starts varying from others. Instead of going for a Frozen Heart I prefer building the Gauntlet. The armor diffrence is in my opinion not that big that it should keep a Ryze, whose main job is to do dmg, from wanting that extra armor. On the other hand Ryze gains 100 mana more and few AP points instead which will accumulate in more DMG. The only thing that I don't like is the loss of cooldownreduction (CDR). Where I must say that CDR is wasted at his Q and about the rest one can discuss. But the Gauntlet will give u the capability of kiting much harder. Espescially the autohit boosts dmg it will grant Ryze once he completed his Manamune.

Note that once the Tear is completley stacked you HAVE to purchase the second Tear BEFOR building it to Manamune. Now you might ask why in gods freaking name does this guy build Manamune befor Archangels? And the reason is actually pretty simple. At this point of the game Ryze should have a fully stacked Tear, Ages and a Gauntlet. The synergie of those two items (Gauntlet and Manamune) is incredible, for one will note that he'll deal about the same amount of Magic DMG as in other builds but has got a high amount of AD combined with Gauntlet will make ur autohits hurt like hell.

My next Item is as u can think an Archangels. A needed item on Ryze no matter how u build him. And as my last item I like to pick up a Hextechgunblade for it enhances his overall DMG even further (With Spells and Autohits)and it grants him a massive amount of sustain for he'll heal himself like **** from this point on. But of course this is just a proposel if my enemy team is full of AP I'd grab MR at this very place. Where as I'd go for a Spirit Visage and NOT a Banshies Veil.

As a last word I want to add that this Build is aiming for the late game potential of Ryze.

I hope you enyoed reading, that it hasn't got too many spelling and grammar mistakes and that I gave u an inspiration of trying this build once or twice in a normal game. Looking forward for tipps for my next guide and critismn in your comments =)