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Malphite Build Guide by Shadow Hurricane

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Shadow Hurricane

The lost rock in the jungle

Shadow Hurricane Last updated on February 15, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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- Created on 15-02-2012
- Can't get the mastery builder and rune builder to work.

- Updated on 15-02-2012

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Why malphite jungle?

If you look at him:
He can be a:

  • tank
  • melee
  • mage
but last but not least:

This build also is very different than you've seen before: This rock cannot be avoided!
    You have enough sustain to stay in the jungle or take over a lane for a long time.
    You'll deal considerate damage to all enemies.
    You're an jungling tank.
    You can finish off squishies or tanks.
    You're an constant CC.
    You're doing damage they won't expect from a normal Malphite while not trading in your tankyness.

But why choose Malphite as an jungler?
You'll see why in the next chapter.

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Skill set


Granite Shield will let you jungle with easy.
This skill let's you have an free shield.
That recharges after 10 seconds outside of combat (without getting hit).
Jungling will do less damage to you, and in lane it will annoy people.

1st skill: Q

The gank / escape / chase ability.
This skill slows the enemy while speeding yourself up.
This will allow you to escape / gank or chase with easy.
When used on AP Malphite, this will nuke.

2nd skill: W

Your bread and butter ability:
It will passively give you an AoE damage.
When activated it gives extra armor and attack damage (wich is very good for a jungler).

3rd skill: E

This skill will help you jungle because you'll slow the attack speed of the enemies near you.
It gives an AoE damage and a attack damage slow, do not underestimate this ability.

Ultimate: R

Your ultimate: an dash and AoE stun.
Handy for escaping and for changing the teamfight.
If placed properly it WILL change the teamfight.

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Starting item(s)

Why Vampiric Scepter for the jungle?

Because of your passive () you have an shield wich yeah shields you from damage and your 'W' ().

You'll have an shield that absorbs damage and your AoE AD damage.
Lifesteal will synchronise very well with this.

You'll have great sustain-ability and you'll clear the jungle very fast.


there are 4 choices in this:

Zeke's Herald Philosopher's Stone

Core items

These items will make you an threat even if you're a tank.
Zeke's Herald will gave you lifesteal and attack speed to heal yourself.
Madred's Bloodrazor will make you jungle very fast, and kill everyone in the enemy team.
Philosopher's Stone will give you more gold while keeping your regeneration up.

Viable items

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Greater Mark of DesolationGreater Seal of Desolation


9xGreater Mark of Desolation To make your hits count and make your jungle easier.


9xGreater Seal of Desolation To make you tanky and make your jungle easier.


9x To make you tanky.


2x To make your jungle easier and make you more tanky.
1x To make you faster in the jungle and make ganks easier.

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Tankyness > utility.

21 defense:

  • you're still the tank in this team.
  • Making your jungle easier.
  • Extra health
  • extra movement speed for ganking.

9 utility
  • Better mana regeneration
  • More movement speed
  • Increased buff duration.

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Summoners Spells

Main Spell

Smite you're an jungler, nuff said.

Viable Spells

  • Flash Chase / Gank / Escape (Instant blink)
  • Ghost Chase / Gank / Escape (Boosted movement)

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Jungle Route / Ganking


Malphites default jungle combo:
1. Wait for your shield te regenerate.
2. Use Ground Slam to slow the attacks speed of your target.
3. Activate Brutal Strikes to deal more damage and reduce target damage
4. Repeat step 2 and step 3 until target is dead.

The default route.
Start at blue with an pull from an ally.
Just activate your Brutal Strikes every time you can.
After blue level your Ground Slam and wait for your shield to pop up!
This is very important and you should do this before every mob in the jungle!
After this use the default combo (see above).
Finish Wolves, wraiths, red, golems and wraiths again.

After you finish, go back and buy Boots of Speed and Cloth Armor.

Now you may choose to gank or to peacefully jungle on.
If you jungle on: level your Seismic Shard to gank better in the future.


These are your default ganking spots.
If the enemy overextends, it will be more easier for you to gank.

Ganking BEFORE level 6
This will not be very effective because you didn't level your Seismic Shard very much.
So this will only be succesfull when you either:
If you want to gank before level 6, your build will look like:

Then if you want to gank, go to one of the point as shown above, you'll attack them from behind, and slow them with your Seismic Shard.
Keep spamming this skill so they'll have an hard time to get away.

Ganking After level 6
The best thing to do is open up with your Unstoppable Force which will catch them off guard and then attack them with your abilities and spam Seismic Shard as much as you can.
Ganking will be more succesfull if your ally has an stun, which he can plant with easy because you knocked up your enemy.

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Skill Sequence

This is already discussed in the other chapters, so look there, but again:

level 1 and 2:

Early (better) ganking:

Better jungling: