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Mordekaiser Build Guide by SageAdvice

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author SageAdvice

The Metal Man who farms all day.

SageAdvice Last updated on July 27, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

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Utility: 21

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This will be my guide to Mordekaiser. He is a tanky AP character, who specializes in KOing squishies, but he can also run into the other team and do some serious ****. This guide will not be a full AP Mordekaiser guide (aww... but still, VMan7 rocks!), and will also focus a bit on tanking for you team.

Eventually, it will come down to team comp, though.

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Two options:
1) Go standard caster and go for 9/0/21 with exhaust and flash masteries.
2) Get some balls and go 21/0/9 with exhaust and ignite masteries.

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Reds-You want them magic pen ones so your ult goes omnomnom.
Yellow-Get that HP regen because that's what you use for your shield, spells, survival, and other stuff
Blue-We get them AP blues because it gives us more damage. And more damage gives more shields.
Quints-Basically the same thing as blues, but with these, your E will get your shield filled up with 1-2 Es.

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Summoner Spells

Exhaust: This guy allows you to chase someone, to run away from someone, to shut down that xin for part of the fight, and since you are Morde, you should win 1v1.

Flash: This guy allows you to blink to someone for a kill, flash away from someone chasing you. It's pretty OP for a summoner spell. (But Riot, don't remove it k?)

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Passive:Iron Man

This is what defines Mord. His freaking shield. It can save your life, and it makes you so hard to kill in teamfights if you just keep you W on and keep on Eing.

Q:Mace of Spades

This makes 1v1ing so easy for you. With lichbane proc, it does SO MUCH FREAKING DAMAGE.

W:Creeping Death

This allows for easy farming and shield build-up.

E:Siphon of Destruction

You main ability used to farm, but it is a great AoE you can use every few seconds.

R:Children of the Grave

You ult. You can melt squishies with this combined with E and Q. You can make a extra carry on your team for the duration of the fight. An extra Ashe can't be bad. You can control this badboy with alt-right click.

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Skill Order

1) E. This is for farming capability, and it builds up your shield the fastest.
2) W. You want this if you are getting harassed way to much.
2) Q. You want this if you are harassing a lot.

Always get R (thank you Captain Obvious)

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Starting Items

3 ways to go:
1) x3 OR wait in your base for 1 more
2) x5
1) This is good for lane control, as you move around faster, and can dodge skillshots easier.
2) This is good against Physical DPS (Panth, Ashe)
3) Good for building up your shield or getting wraiths(if you are mid)

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Early Game Core

This is what you ABSOLUTELY NEED.
1) Good sustain, built into Hextech Gunblade late game.
2) Even more sustain and CDR is always good. The MR and HP also help a bunch.

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I want these Items

You really want these 2 guys.
1) The slow helps a bunch, because your ult will slow them (muahahaha) and allow easy finishers. Also the HP is good as you are part tank.
2)Armor + Magic Resistance all in one. Don't forget the passive which allows you to dominate with the illusion and win most games.

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Boots Time

3 options of boots. Which shall you take?
1)This is good against Physical DPS teams
2)This is good against CC heavy teams
3)This is good if you want to do some serious damage.

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What you wish for (but you might not get)

Your last and final build should ideally be:

and whatever boots you want. You can trade in that Spirit Visage for something more productive it you'd wish.

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Laning Phase

Mord is a freaking BEAST at laning. You have to be pretty dumb not to have a lot of CS. What you want to do is to just AA the minions at level 1, but if they try to harass you, just E them to get you shield almost full.

If you get a gank early on, you should be able to do some serious damage at early levels, say level 4. If you have someone with CC, then wait for the Fear, Stun or whatever, then E, W yourself or the ganker, then Q and they should drop down pretty low. If you were ballsy enough to get ignite, it's even better.

At level 6, you can actually almost guarantee a kill with a Warwick or Ammumu. Just get them to ult and you should unleash a full combo, then exhuast them if you're not sure if you are going to get a kill. Then once you have your ghost, just push the turret and back.

Easy Matchups for Mordekaiser are Squishies such as Ashe, Anivia, Veigar. It lets him almost deal true damage and true damage is true. (Maybe not as true as dat true arrow from Chaox)

Lanwick, Lanedyr, Laneturn, Lunu, all pose a bit of problems for Mord. This is why cloth armor is sometimes a necessity. Hextech Revolver should then be priority, so you can heal for more than Warwick.

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As Morde, never forget you are part tank. Feel free to initiate by jumping in and E and Ulting their squishy. But generally let your tank initiate.

Main Goals in a Teamfight:
1)Focus your damage so that most of it hits the AD carry. This way you may make it a 6v4.
2)If the squishy is too far back, you're next priority is to focus the AP carry, because dat AP just do TOO much burst.
3)If the AP flashes out of the way, your priority becomes either the Bruiser or the Support.
1.Bruiser is going for your squishy. Attack him NAO.
2.Bruiser not doing much. Attack Soraka NAO.
4)You generally don't want to be ulting the main tank. He is just too tanky. Unless he has got armor items and little to none MR. Then you want to insta kill him, so you have 3 tanks.

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I heard you needed a bit of warding help...

As Mord mid-lane I put wards in the two side brushes to avoid getting insta-raped by a gank. I also put one next to the enemy wraiths, so maybe I can get a lucky kill, and so I can see that Fiddle in the Middle ulting.

I generally tell my team to buy at least 1 ward every time they back, but carries and AD and AP carries don't have too, but probably should. This way, we can see the enemy teams every movement. If I don't die that much early on as Mord, I pick up a Oracles. This way I can omnomnom wards more extra money.

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Closing Statements

Well. If you're looking for a champ who can pub-stomp, tank, get kills, and carry all in one. You have it in Morde. He's only 3150 IP, so you get him relatively easily.

Hope you win some games with Morde.