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Nocturne Build Guide by AlphaK1ll3r

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League of Legends Build Guide Author AlphaK1ll3r

The Nightmare's Dark Book Of Jungling Secrets

AlphaK1ll3r Last updated on January 5, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hi I am AlphaK1ll3r, this is my first guide posted anywhere and I will be describing how to efficiently jungle with nocturne.

This build contains Offtank nocturne and Attack Damage nocturne. These builds can vary to your playstyle.

This guide will also contain how to use his abilities efficiently,jungle route, explanation for item choices, mastery choices and rune choices.

Please dont vote until you have read the whole guide, just so I get honest opinions and I am very open to constructive criticism

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Pros / Cons


  • He jungles extremely fast
  • Has great ganking abilities
  • Has a free spell block - Which is good against any champion
  • Good escape mechanism
  • Good disabler


  • Can be squishy if played wrong
  • Can be weak at ganking until level 6
  • Can be countered when ganking by AoE/Missile disables
  • e.g. Janna's Howling Gale

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Nocturne's Abilities

- Umbra Blades (Passive) - This helps so much in the jungle because it makes your next attack deal 120% damage but the best part is you get healed X about based on how many targets are hit with your passive, this helps well in the jungle helping him keep a sustainable hp level

- Duskbringer (Q Ability) - This ability makes nocturne a great chaser and increases his damage by a very significant amount. This ability also makes him well at chasing because when he stands on his Duskbringer when he fires it he gains X amount of damage and X amount of movement speed and when he hits a champion with this they leave a trail which when nocturne follows he still gains the movement speed/attack damage bonuses, this ability also help greatly in 1v1, because of the high damage increase

- Shroud Of Darkness (W Ability) - This ability gives nocturne a passive attack speed bonus and when activated it can block one spell, if a spell is blocked with this the passive attack speed bonus is doubled, this ability can save nocturne from death, especially against things like Karthus's Requiem (Ultimate)

- Unspeakable Horror - This ability combined with Duskbringer and Paranoia make nocturne powerful, even without his ultimate it makes him very powerful because the fear allows him to reduce down his enemies while they remain helpless whilst feared

- Paranoia (Ultimate) - This spell makes nocturne a great ganker and chaser, when activated nocturne reduces the sight of all enemy champions and enemy champions have no view of anything but a small area around them, while active nocturne can select target enemy champion within ultimate range and nocturne launches himself at target champion dealing X damage. This ability makes nocturne great at ganking since he can hide behind walls and activate it, to come in for a gank without being seen, this also makes a him a good chaser because if an enemy champion gets away but is still in sight he can activate and launch himself at target champion

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Why Jungle With Nocturne? - Why Play Nocturne?

So do you ask why jungle with nocturne?
lane nocturne doesn't show nocturne's full potential, this is what he can do in the jungle...

  • He can shred the jungle camps to pieces in short amounts of time
  • Has the best ganking ability in the game when he reaches level six
  • Can counter jungle the enemy junglers buffs very quickly
  • Can recover very well if he has been counter jungled
  • Can chase down enemies if they try get away during a gank very well with Duskbringer

So do you also ask why play nocturne?
  • He is a nightmare, what other games to you get to play a nightmare
  • Has great engage,escape,1v1,counter-disabler abilities
  • Can save team mates by taking hits with his Shroud Of Darkness from abilities like Nidalee's and Caitlyn's
  • Has great farming potential thanks to his Duskbringer and his passive
  • Has a skillshot that can steal important things from the enemy, like Baron Nashor Buff/Drake/Blue Buff/Red Buff

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Jungle Route

Run 1
1. Wolves
2. Wraiths
3. Golems
4. Back

Run 2
5. Blue Buff
6. Wolves
7. Wraiths
8. Red Buff
9. Golems

This route is the fastest and most efficient jungling route for nocturne

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- 3/3 - I take Brute Force because it is most useful in the first layer of the offensive tree and helps in the early game with the extra damage in the jungle

- 1/2 - I also take Butcher because of the extra damage to creeps, helping you get through the jungle faster with the extra damage

- 4/4 - I take Alacrity because the attack speed helps nocturne well in the jungle, because of his Passive, each basic attack reduces his passives cooldown by 1 second,also I take this so we can unlock Weapon Expertise

- 1/1 - I take Weapon Expertise because every AD champion needs armour penetration backing up their total Attack Damage or else it is useless against armour stacking champions

- 4/4 - I take Deadliness because the critical chance stacks with nocturne's later items in the game - Youmuu's Ghostblade/ Atma's Impaler/ Infinity Edge (If chosen instead of black cleaver)

- 1/1 - I take Lethality for the bonus damage on critical strikes

- 3/3 - I take Vampirism for the bonus lifesteal, since we take Vampiric Scepter as our first item which gives 12% lifesteal when added with the Vampirism mastery we have a total of 15% lifesteal which helps a load more in the jungle

- 3/3 - I take Sunder for the same reason as the Weapon Expertise mastery

- 1/1 - I take Executioner because the increased damage significantly can increase chances of getting a kill, or when you ever get into those sticky situations where yourself and the enemy champion are both on low hp, also since Offtank and Attack Damage nocturne build significantly decent damage levels the 6% increased damage makes a decent bonus to his


- 1/1 - I take Summoner's Insight just because it reduces the cooldown of flash

- 3/3 - I take Good Hands for those times when we get killed but then thanks to the mastery we get 10% reduced time while dead so we can get back into the fight faster

- 4/4 - I take Swiftness so we can move around the jungle faster/get our way to lanes to gank for team mates faster and also have better speed to chase enemy champions/retreat from enemy champions

- 1/1 - I take Runic Affinity because this mastery is the bread and butter for any jungler, it increases buff durations which is what junglers need for their blue buffs to stay on full mana and their red buffs to be able to have highly effective ganks

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Greater Mark Of Desolation- 9/9 - I take these marks because I think every AD champion needs these or else having Attack Damage is useless because alot of it gets blocked out

- 9/9 - I take these runes because they are the number 1 runes to take for the jungle, with these you block more of damage that the creep dish out, making it easier to jungle, also these help in the early/mid/late times of the game, stacked with your Wriggle's and your Atma's you get a decent amount of armour in the mid/late game

- 9/9 - I take these instead of Greater Glyph's Of Warding because in the early game stages we dont need to Magic Resist in the jungle, and since we are only taking Mercury's Treads as our only Magic Resist item in the game, unless you choose to take Banshee's Veil, but overall these runes have much greater use than flat Magic Resist Glyph's

Greater Quintessence Of Desolation - 3/3 - Same reason as the marks, every Attack Damage champion in my eyes highly needs Armour Penetration for his/her Attack Damage to have a great effect

Optional Runes

- 3/3 - These Attack Damage Quintessence's are also completely up to you, these runes like the Greater Glyph Of Alacrity, make jungling a bit faster with these, like before, they're not necessarily the best runes but it is up to you if you want your jungling speed to be faster or your overall champion to be more powerful

** - 9/9 - Now these Attack Speed Glyph's are completely up to you if you wish to take them or not, I mention these runes because the attack speed helps nocturne in the jungle, these aren't necessarily the best choice, it just makes jungling bit faster

These mean that those runes wont be the best for your overall in the late game, but help more for your early game jungling

Standard Rune Build

Greater Mark Of DesolationGreater Mark Of Desolation x9

Greater Seal Of Resilience x9

Greater Glyph Of Shielding x9

Greater Quintessence Of DesolationGreater Quintessence Of Desolation x3

Faster Jungling Rune Build

Greater Mark Of DesolationGreater Mark Of Desolation x9

Greater Seal Of Resilience x9

Greater Glyph Of Alacrity x9

Greater Quintessence Of Strength x3

These runes dont increase your jungling speed by a super high amount, just by a small amount, so I dont highly recommend you take these but it is up to you

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Items - Different Situations/Explanations




Attack Damage

Attack Damage w/ Survivability

Versus Heavy AD

Versus Heavy AP

Item Explanations

- Wriggle's Lantern - This item should be used for every Attack Damage jungler because of the lifesteal which is very useful in the jungle, the armour helping take reduced damage in the jungle, the attack damage which helps you kill jungle creeps faster, and the amazing passive of it having a 15% chance to do 425 damage to creeps, as well as this being able to help in the jungle it helps against attack damage champions, and the lifesteal/attack damage helps nocturne in fights

- Mercury's Treads - This item is very useful against any champion that disabled because of the unique passive of 35 tenacity (35%) also since we buy a Wriggle's as our first item Mercury's Treads give us some magic resist making us more tanky against AD and AP champions

- Berserker's Greaves - This item is very good with high Attack Damage champions since it helps them increase their damage output, same with nocturne, he gets a decent attack speed level from his W, but combined with Berserker's Graveshe has a very good attack rate making him very deadly anywhere on the map

- Ninja Tabi - This item helps well against AD champions because of the +25 armour, these have to be well considered over Mercury's Treads soon because of the removal of dodge in the game but still be used if the enemy team has 4-5 AD champions

Youmuu's Ghostblade - I personally think this item is the core for any type of built nocturne because of the amazing stat bonuses that it gives, it makes any attack damage champion deadly because of the +30 damage, +15% critical chance, +20 armour penetration, +50% attack speed from the active and the +20% movement speed from the active, all this makes an attack damage champion deadly when activated, makes nocturne a very "think about what your doing before you confront" target to come and fight in a 1v1 because the burst of attack speed amplifies your damage output greatly, also it helps for the armour people build with the +20 armour penetration, the 15% critical stacks well with your Atma's Impaler and Infinity Edge (If Chosen)

Frozen Mallet - This item makes nocturne great at chasing/ganking. You may be thinking why take this item over a Warmog's? If you do the Math part of the Atma's you see that Frozen Mallet gives +34 damage whilst Warmog's gives + 26 damage. The passive helps greatly for those times when you Paranoia in at an enemy champion and they try tor un but they cant because of the 40% slow and you can stick right up to them if your Ghostblade's active is ready

Atma's Impaler - This item works great with your Frozen Mallet because the passive of the Atma's with your increased hp from give you higher damage, the armour helps you become more tanky whilst still having a high damage level making you harder to kill, and the 18% crit works well with your and Infnity Edge (If Chosen)

The Black Cleaver - This item is amazing on nocturne because of the 45 armour penetration stack with your -icon=Youmuu's Ghostblade] making you very deadly to the champions that stack armour, the +55 damage which makes nocturne a force to be highly reckoned with, and the 30% attack speed which increases his damage output by a load and works well for his passive

- Warmog's Armor - This item is optional but still very good for those games where you need to be more tanky because a fully stacked Warmog's can give a whopping 1270 hp with will help your survivability by a whole load, also works well with your Atma's giving decent damage levels

- Infinity Edge - This item goes really well with your Youmuu's and your Atma's because all 3 of these items give you a total critical chance % of 58% added with the mastery you gain a total of 62% making your probability to crit more then 1/2 making you very deadly

- The Bloodthirster - This item is very good because it gives a base + 60 damage and + 15% lifesteal but the passive of this item is great because a full stacked Bloodthirster gives you an amazing +100 damage! and +25% lifesteal!, the lifesteal combined with your gives you a total of 40% lifesteal, so this is just for those times where you feel your damage output isnt high enough or your hp is getting low too often

- Banshee's Veil - This item is good because of the passive, block 1 spell every 45 seconds, making it very good with nocturne's Shroud Of Darkness, also good for when your having problems with AP champions it gives a respectable +50 magic resist, and the item also gives 375 hp with goes well with your Atma's giving you more damage

- Randuins Omen - I think this item stands out as the best item versus AD champions because of the stat bonuses and the passive, +75 armour which is great, +375 which goes well with your Atma's for increased damage, +20 hp regen helps you gain some health back when your not fighting, and the passive has a 20% chance to reduce the attackers attack speed/movement speed by 35% for 3 seconds making you hard to chase, it also gives +5% cooldown reduction which helps you get your abilities ready to use again faster, and the active of this item reduces attack speed/movement speed of surrounding enemies by 35% for 3 seconds, +0.5 for every 100 magic resist and 100 armour

- Force Of Nature - This item is great versus AP champions as it gives the highest magic resist bonus out of all items in the game, also gives 40 hp regen and the passive for +0.35% of your max hp turned into hp regen making it very good for when your in need of hp, and the +8% movement speed making you better at chasing enemy champions

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Hopefully this guide opened your eyes out to all the different types of nocturne you can play, and hopefully to the newcomers to nocturne this convinced you to give him a go

Said in the Introduction and said again, since this is my first build I am open to constructive criticism

Hope you enjoyed the build, now get out there onto Summoner's Rift and kick some ...... Behind's.. with your badass Nightmare