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Pantheon Build Guide by 12inchpvpness

Top diamond

The Nuts on This Guy: The 12inchpvpness Guide to Success

By 12inchpvpness | Updated on August 4, 2019
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Eyeball Collection
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+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+15-90 HP (lvls 1-18)

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Middle Lane
Win 48%
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This is not a pretty or eloquent guide, much like Pantheon. This is bare and informative and I don't plan on decorating it anytime soon.

Pantheon is ***. If you read this and for some reason want to play him and don't want to learn a champ that is a better spot for your time and possibly more efficient at climbing then you might be just as autistic as I am. Lets dive right in.
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Who Am I

I play extremely badly (in my eyes) and am terrible at csing, yet as I write this guide I find myself in Diamond 2 elo using almost exclusively Pantheon. I am not entirely sure who knows the most about Pantheon out there, but I am definitely top 5. This guide won't be the most interesting, nor will it look the best, but it will by far make you a better Pantheon than if you haven't read it. I also see video as a more effective version of the written word, because it is one thing to give you a few in wins with Pantheon, but to teach you how to win games yourself is the end goal.
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Honestly, I am not sure what kind of player and at what time in their span of play in League of Legends would want to play this champion, but on the off chance you are new, this tab will explain basic terms that I will use in this guide.
-Lethality: Essentially armor penetration that scales throughout the game that is very effective against unarmored targets
-Cs: Creep Score, the amount of minions that you get the last hit on and receive gold for in lane, every jungle camp counts as 4 Creep Score.
-Map Pressure: How defensive everyone on the map has to play while you are alive or how many opponents you will end up dragging top to shut you down.
-M.I.A.: Missing in action. Used to describe a champion that has left lane; what the missing pings are for.
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Pros / Cons

-Cool as ****
-Tons of map pressure
-Decent laning
-Point click stun
-Is bad
-Falls off
-Gets camped and doesn't get ganks
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You got 4 roles for Pantheon and 4 potential rune setups for him.
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Latest Patch (9.3)

Generally there is 1 way to play Pantheon. Full damage, if you are 0-6 and feel like your team is right telling you to build tank, they are wrong. If it gives damage and isn't on hit damage, then the item is probably good on Pantheon. Generally though the hard hitting "Pantheon is OP" game play comes from Edge of Night and Youmuu's Ghostblade. Build the cookie cutter build and you will climb hard in low elo. Also, either build Duskblade of Draktharr extremely late into the game or not at all.
Squishies buffed and Malphite buffed. You should see a spike in easy ganks an 1v2 potential, with Olaf being nerfed, he may be a secondary ban to Sion. We will see as play rates move throughout the patch. No changes in build that I can see, essentially just stay the course and stay on course for Pantheon buffs in 8.8. Also enjoy the buff of Ninja Tabi now being significantly worse :).
Who cares, maybe Vi makes an appearance top and we **** on her, case closed.
Mundo is a monster so you should either ban or dodge him. It is possible to win lane, but you won't be more useful than him either way. Blah Blah Blah Pantheon buffs never came so we wait for the LDR changes in 8.11 and pray they are enough.
Small patch didn't matter whatever. Wait no jungle Pantheon is good now kind of. I'll make a video on that I guess :).
THIS IS IT BOIS LDR IS A BEAST. Every adc has actually been Thanosed out of the game and here we are. This may be exactly what we needed.
I thought adc nerfs would increase the power of Pantheon and his potential as a champion, however with a lack of targets to assassinate he is much worse than before. I am shelving Pantheon for now and this guide. If he is changed or the meta gives him a shred of rope I will come back. I will periodically update matchups and probably include the jungle tutorial for Pantheon at some point though.
If you're still here and new to Pantheon, it is a good idea to purchase duskblade earlier on this patch because without decent targets to assassinate he needs the extra damage to get work done.
I might consider trying Pantheon jungle. The 8% attack speed bonus is good scaling and actually pretty decent for jungle. I'll play a few games and decide to update or not.
So I'm not the best at updating these... Aatrox nerf is good since he is a highly contested lane, alongside the Akali and Irelia nerfs, Pantheon can now shut them down harder than before. With ADCs coming back with the new items, tanks are less effective which in turn leads Pantheon back into a place of power. More adcs, less tanks, weaker bruisers; a win in my book.
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I BARELY have a 5 cs per minute average. I am also high diamond. To be frank, my early game csing needs some work and could possibly make me a higher elo if I worked on it. Generally with Pantheon, don't waste money on pink wards and don't worry too hard about your cs count. Just try and not fall too far behind in levels and get as many kills as you can.
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Ranked Play

Pantheon plays a game of chess, where macro is your best friend. You know exactly what Pantheon does and with that move you can make low risk or high risk plays. For example if the enemy team comp is much better than yours, and your bot lane just got double killed, maybe you need to ignore your waves and beeline for bot and try to 1v2 for cleanup. If you get them both and live you can bring your team back into the game, however if you ignore bot lane you could potentially have them do horribly and never come into the game.
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Summoner Spells

If you aren't trolling in the mid, top, or support position, you're taking Flash and Ignite case closed.
If you are jungle you are taking Smite and Flash also cased closed.
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How to Jungle Pantheon

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Combos and When and Where to Use them

Not a perfect video, but a basic one on how to combo in teamfights and lane.
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There is one way to play Pantheon as of patch 8.11. Armor penetration. Not armor shred mind you, armor pen. Either Duskblade of Draktharr or Youmuu's Ghostblade into Edge of Night into Lord Dominik's Regards or in very niche situations where heal shred is mandatory Mortal Reminder. Occasionally a resistance item such as a Cloth Armor or Hexdrinker will have to be shoehorned depending on what is damaging you or if you're behind, but generally this build should not be deviated from.

It's also important to remember in the most clutch fights to spend your gold almost no matter what. For example if you have 2400 gold going into the final teamfight, instead of building part of a final item you should build a cheap support item that can help your team and you. They are extremely gold efficient and can catch your opponents off guard. For example a Knight's Vow can keep you alive for quite a while if put on a carry you're peeling for or a Locket of the Iron Solari if you're team is getting blown up. Even Redemption isn't bad, just remember to SPEND. If you end the game sitting on a few racks, you have wasted potential, and a loss could be prevented if you have just a second more of life. This is only a situation when you cannot pick up a regular item due to gold constraints however.

It's me, me from the future, 9.4, Zhonya's Hourglass should be built before or after your Last Whisper item because its the best defense you'll get from any item. Good luck kids.
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Summary and Conclusion

This is very obviously my first guide. I would consider myself a Pantheon expert and will keep adding to this guide per patch and as I grow as a player. You can find me on YouTube here and on Twitch streaming often and answering any questions you might have here.