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Amumu Build Guide by Placid247

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Placid247

The Only Way to Mumify the Jungle

Placid247 Last updated on January 9, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi all and welcome to my guide.

This is the first guide I have ever written for a game so I hope it serves some purpose in aiding you with Amumu jungle :). I decided to write this as its something that helped me start and appear to climb my way out of Silver so I thought it might help someone with that frustration of feeling stuck even though you feel like your better than the players you face.

I could still be considered new at this game at only starting 12 weeks before season 3 ended but fell in love with it straight away. One things for certain, is the frustration I faced in ranked. I finished my placements in Silver 4 which I considered to be quite respectable. I proceeded to see-saw around the table before getting to grips with the game and climbing to Silver 2. There I seemingly faced issues with my team (not all the time). I kept getting demoted and felt deflated every time. Silver 3 is where I finished the season. I met a really nice player during some normals on my way up to lvl 30 and have remained friends with him. He is now Platinum 2 as I write this and climbing still. I explained my frustrations to him and he suggested I try jungling as Amumu and I have never looked back.

I am now almost half way up S1 and still climbing. I play against gold players regularly in ranked and know my true elo is higher than that of some gold players I am matched with. So without further time wasted I bring you my Amumu guide to carry from the jungle :).

3 Days worth of normal and ranked games I did. These are all back to back. No editing.

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I played around with all 3 trees but just could not give up the picks in the defence tree. They have saved my backside on a number of occasions.

my feeling is to get the most out of a tree you need to go all the way so I will come back to the 21 in defence and talk about the 9 first.

I have found that Amumu has fight changing mechanics in the mid to late game. This is why I picked up that little extra damage from the offence tree.

The CDR is also very nice early.

However if you are bad at keeping track of your crying toggle (ie mana control), or you feel they just make it away from you. Explore the utility tree here. Pick up the move speed (Fleet of Foot) and mana regen (Meditation) along with the health regen from mana (Strength of Spirit). I would finish off with (Alchemist) and (Runic Affinity).

Now for the defence side. As Amumu im looking for that sweet engage with my Q. The nature of the ability means im headed straight into the thick of everyone. Thus my requirements out of the defence tree want to aid my survivability. Im looking for as much health regen, health and armour as possible.

Now lots may ask why armour and not MR? I have found that early game its not the AP guys that cause you the most damage. Plus after completing your jungle item you can start to build MR to mitigate the damage should anyone be fed. I also find that taking the 10% crit reduction benefits massively late game when you are getting popped from a distance by the ADC or that annoying Yasuo passive! The only reason I take the 1 in Tough Skin is to get me to tier 3 in the talents and it does benefit us a little in the jungle.
Rounding off the 21 with Legendary Guardian

Thats it for my mastery picks.

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The runes I have played around with as well. I have found that the movement speed Quints have just been invaluable to just finishing off that last bit of health during a gank when they are just about to get under turret and would otherwise get away. During early game when everyone rushes boots of speed (for some reason) and I can just about keep up to finish off or hitting with that last millimetre of your bandage toss because you were quicker out of the fog of war than they expected.
Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed +1.5% movement speed

Acceptable swap in here could be straight AP Quints. If you feel the movespeed is redunant to you feel free to pick these up.

For marks I take magic pen.
Greater Mark of Magic Penetration +0.87 magic penetration

These are an absolute must! These turn your mid-late game in to GOD MODE! I cant stress how much damage you do as a tank with these marks and an abyssal sceptre if you were able to build one. Dont think you will be one shotting anyone or picking up kills. What this does is allow you to engage, ult (if needed) throw 1 tantrum and have your team completely mop the enemy up.

My seals and glyphs dont vary much. Feel free to swap the MR/lvl for CDR.
Greater Seal of Armor +1.41 armor
Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist +0.15 magic resist per level (2.7 at champion level 18)

Thats it for Runes

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Standard jungle start.


I will rush my jungle item as quickly as possible. However I dont impact my ability to help my team or survivability. On every back I replenish 1 ward and 2 pots during early to mid game.

so first back I will always get my Spirit Stone roughly lvl 4-5

Dependant on gold on the first back and by this point you should have at least looked at ganking a given lane. If you have the gold buy your Ancient Golem.

THIS IS THE ONLY TIME I WILL NOT BUY 1 ward and 2 pots (gold dependant ward<pots). However this is a dream start and has only happened to me 3 times or so (infrequent).

If I know I cant buy my Ancient Golem. I will first buy 1 ward, 1 pot to make sure I minimise temptation to not buy them. Then I will look to purchase either the kindle outright or the ruby crystal. If I have gold left I will buy another pot.

If I dont have enough for

Then I will just buy boots of speed. Remember gold in your pocket is wasted gold and makes sense as it does help your clear speed and ganks but dont bother rushing if you have enough as your jungle item is a must.

This is the part that will differ in every game you go into and I really cant give you the answer. Your on your own here (I feel a disclaimer coming on haha). The next few items are crucial to you ganks/survivability. All I can do is give you the options, so here goes.

You need to check how your lanes are doing and ask a few questions.
Was I taking too much damage from a given lane when I ganked?
Has any of my lanes fed?
How is the enemy jungler doing?
Have they got tier 2 boots?
What was the source of this damage?
Am I fed?

The safe bet here is HP. If your not sure.

After I start building towards an item I tend to get boots of speed

If your doing well/fed yourself and your ahead you can choose two roots to capitalise on damage. 7/10 I will go with Sunfire however you can go Abyssal dependant on who is doing well in lane.

If your team/you is not doing so well and you need a resist of a given type, build towards what you need.
HP and resist items are king to becoming the good tank for your team. If you find you have heavy AD damage being taken but they have a good bit of AP. Maybe finish off an armour item build a Spectre's Cowl and go back to armour.

I will get either Randuin's or Visage depending on main source of damage from team.
Lastly I will finish off with a Warmog's by selling my Ancient Golem (only when I have enough gold to buy it outright!)

However this item is really flexible.

Final build for me on average looks like

That concludes my item build

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Finally I would like to say I apologies for any typos/mistakes in the guide. I have enjoyed making and now sharing my Amumu build. I think hes a wicked champion with the potential to make some wicked plays with.

Please drop me some comments, if you have any improvements but give me reasoning so I can understand. Im the type of person to go and try out your surgestions first before updating. Second thing is. Im no wizz at these things. My guide will never be super flashy, all singing all dancing. I just wanted to get something up here to give back to the community after I have taken so much from this site for other champs. However!

Is anyone able to tell me how to move/edit the pictures to display in a particular place with in the guide. All mine go to the left as I have to start them on new lines so its not jumbled in the text.

Second thing is how to diplay it so when you hover over an item it displays all the details. I know it must be something with the link but I just cant figure it out.

Im trying to make the guide look as sexy as possible but I can only work with what I understand.

During my games I have not come across an enemy jungle I have feared. Im not saying that you dont get countered as the pint size mummy. But your plays from the jungle and smart thinking allow you to take on anyone from their.

I wish you all the best with your games and GOOD LUCK!

[edited 09/01/2014 swapped Banshee's Veil for Spirit Visage]