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Singed Build Guide by Grapejuice

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Grapejuice

The Rambo Chemist: First Blood

Grapejuice Last updated on October 10, 2011
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Singed is a boss among champions. He has a more unique play style compared to most. But, if played correctly Singed can destroy anyone. This is my first guide, But i decided to make it because I've been doing very well with Singed and I always come to Mobafire to look at builds so...Here we go!UPDATE

I plan on updating this build/guide when I have more time and where I see fit. Take this build for what it is, Singed is a very complex champion with many different builds. The build I'm sharing with you is a general overview of how I stomp people with Singed. An emphasis needs to be put on the item build, many options exist, and you need to be able to adapt to the enemy team in order to KILL. I CHOOSE to play singed in more of a hybrid build not completely focusing on being super tanky. Can singed be tanky/beefy, yeah sure he IS hard to kill. But, I think this build gives a good hybrid build of Damage/Survivability/Utility.

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Skill Sequence

The skill sequence i have listed is what i generally use. Their are a couple different ways to spec Singed, the other one i would suggest would be to prioritize Mega Adhesive over Fling...... But, the damage from fling is a very nice when leveled.


Fling or Poison Trail??


You must make a judgment call when going to your lane/bush, if you are confident you and your teammate(s) will beat the other team there, you may want to consider Fling. It's a great first blood weapon. However, Poison Trail can be equally great, if things go bad and you have to run, poison trail can turn the tide of a gank.

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Thanks to Singed's passive: every 4 mana Singed gets he also receives +1HP, this may not seem like much, but it enables you to get items with AP/Mana and not worry about to many health items.

Sapphire Crystal is what I use to start because Singed burns mana very quickly early game, so this is a good starting item. Mana and Bonus health

Boots of Swiftness is the next item I rush for, Speed is everything for Singed. The faster you get boots the faster you can chase/fling and keep away from enemy champs while laying down poison.

Rod of Ages is the next core item in this build, it encompasses all the stats we want as a killing machine.

Force of Nature is a great next item to get, the magic resist is nice but the real beauty is the health regen we get from this. Combo with your Ultimate and you are not going down...

Hextech Revolver ----> Will of Ancients is an item I have been working in towards Mid/Late game, but the added ability power/SPELL VAMP is awesome and your poison now keeps you alive... The team buff gained from WotA is awesome and shouldn't be overlooked.

This is going to be the extent of the CORE build. That doesn't mean that it is set in stone, many other options exist and need to be used accordingly.

I am a big fan of Spell Vamp on singed, It adds more survivability and gives you AP for more damage at the same time. But it is not always viable.

Is a great choice, ton of armor and mana which ultimately gives you more HP. But the real key is the attack speed debuff, this can be a make or breaker when facing auto attack champions like or

is a another great choice, this adds another 40DPS dot, which is going to stack with your poison, and if you run Ignite like me its a killer.

This item can come in handy when facing AP champions. Magic resist and ability are what we want. But, the magic resist debuff is amazing, it not only helps you do more damage, but your TEAM.

Rylai's is an excellent choice, I find that a lot of times I don't really need one but, being able to slow with your poison should never be overlooked. Plus added, AP and Health!

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Summoner Spells

I roll out with GHOST and IGNITE

There are many other viable options but i feel GHOST is necessary, for getting to the fight and/or chasing/escaping. Ignite is a great combo because the majority of Singed damage comes from poison, Ignite is another DoT that does decent damage that stacks with your poison.

Flash is also very good, Flash --> Fling combos FTW

Exhaust is always great no matter what, it has the potential to secure a kill or save your life. Never a bad choice.

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Pros / Cons

Great Farmer
Great Chaser
Great Damage Output
Very Hard to Kill
Epic Throw/Glue Combos
Early Game Mana is a Problem

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Team Work

FLING: Know where you are going to fling your enemy, Don't throw them away from your team if you are chasing and don't throw enemy champions towards your team if they are low.

Know when you can secure a kill and WRECK THOSE FOOLS

Mega Adhesive can be used for a number of things, but one of the most effective ways is to combo Adhesive behind enemy champ and then come in with a Fling... People will FEAR this combo...HARD

Lane Combos

Singed really shines when he has a lane partner with a stun or a taunt. Being able to Mega Adhesive and Fling an enemy champion into a stun or a taunt should be an insta kill every time.

+ = Amazing cohesion, Kennen is capable of stunning a whole team let alone one or two champions in your lane. The Fling Stun combo can be used to stop Tryndamere from being able to Ultimate, or Stop Fiddles dead in his ultimate charge.

+ = Fling Taunt

+ = Fling Taunt

Just some of the lane combos I've been playing around with.... any time a fling and a taunt lane combo is present, its truly epic. If the other team is being aggressive, Fling/Taunt back into tower. If they are tower hugging, Fling/Taunt back them out drop a Mega Adhesive.....

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Singed is a great farmer, use poison trail to clear waves of minions and to keep enemy champs off yours.

Early game, use poison trail spareingly because it constantly drains mana so quick bursts go a long way.

Mid/Late game, your poison is enough to kill all minions by just running by. This can be used to push hard, or to kill loads of creeps on a tower. But Singed can revenue a ton of gold with just his poison. Don't be afraid to use poison after level 10 or so, it can be used recklessly and mana shouldn't be a problem.