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Ryze Build Guide by Dragoleonix

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dragoleonix

The Runic Archmage: TheLoneSorcerer's Guide With Ryze

Dragoleonix Last updated on November 12, 2016
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So once more this is TheLoneSorcerer and welcome to my guide for the updated Ryze for Season 6. I just got to say that the new Ryze is actually a little bit overpowered for me, considering the fact that at 45% max cooldown reduction, he can deal a huge amount of magic damage at the fastest pace than with his previous versions. So without further a do, here's my guide for Ryze: The Rune Mage

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Pros / Cons


  • Can Deal huge amounts of magic damage at a fast pace than other AP champions.
  • Increasing mana also increases Ryze's spell damage. He does not rely too much on Ability Power.
  • Dangerous Late Game Champion
  • His ultimate Realm Warp is the best skill for initiating clashes, especially with champions like, Galio, Nunu, and Thresh and for escapades.
  • His kit can adapt to almost any situation if carefully planned.
  • Can farm easily in early games.

  • However, his Realm Warp can be a pain if not carefully planned, and can only be used on escapades until Ryze reaches level 11.
  • Not recommended to use for players that panic too easily.
  • Once disabled, Ryze can be easily killed if his skills can't adapt to the situation.
  • His Realm Warp is pretty usless with champions that aren't made to survive clashes.

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Skill Sequence

Now let's get on with the skills. The new Ryze kit is pretty unique compared to the other versions. The other versions focus on immortality that heavily relied with his previous ultimate skill Desperate Power which was so over-powered since it granted Ryze spell vamp- and shield for his previous passive skill. This time, Riot decided to end the spamming version of Ryze and modified it with this one. Although, it looks kinda of a spamming version but with smarts. So here are his newly updated skills.

Passive: Arcane Mastery

The mechanics of Ryze's passive skill is simple just like the previous Ryze. Ryze's Arcane Mastery deals bonus magic damage on his spells based on his bonus mana, mind you not max mana. Also for every 100 bonus ability power Ryze has, he gains 5% bonus maximum health. So put to the point, build mana, build damage. Build AP, builds mana, builds damage.

Q: Overload

The first skill of Ryze is just like his previous version but with bonus effects. Ryze's Overload allows him to fire a medium ranged skillshot dealing magic damage to the first enemy unit it hits. And here's a new bonus, casting other spells resets the cooldown of this skill and he gains half a rune. If Ryze casts this skill with a full rune he gains a shield and bonus movement speed for a few seconds. I will be explaining how to master Ryze with his other skills. But for now it's enough for you to know that remember that after casting a non-ultimate skill, don't forget to re-cast this again. This skill is what makes Ryze the champion having the fastest spam rate of skills than any other champion in the League of Legends.

W: Rune Prison

Ryze's second skill is just like the previous version. Rune Prison deals magic damage to targeted enemy unit and roots it for 1 sec. The cast range of this skill is pretty small so be careful of casting this skill.

E: Spell Flux

Now this skill is one of my favorites. Spell Flux deals magic damage to a targeted enemy unit and applies it with Flux for a few seconds. If Ryze kills an enemy unit using this skill or kills an Fluxed enemy unit by any of Ryze's skills, the Flux scatters around the target. When Ryze casts a skill to Fluxed enemy units, they gain bonus effects.
  • Overload: Deals bonus magic damage and chains to other Fluxed enemy units around the target with Flux.
  • Rune Prison: Doubles the root duration to 2 seconds.
  • Spell Flux: Ryze also casts Spell Flux to enemy units around the target with Flux.
I will be explaining how to use this properly later but the main thing you need to know is that try casting Spell Flux first before casting any other skill to enhance the efficiency of your skills, whether you want to deal bonus magic damage by the Overload, increase the duration of Rune Prison, or scatter the Flux with another Spell Flux.

R: Realm Warp

Ryze's new ultimate, Realm Warp allows him to target a location and after a few seconds delay, all allied units, champions and minions, yup MINIONS, in an area in which Ryze previously casted his skill are teleported to the targeted location. Ryze can actually move around after casting this skill so it means that he or he could not join in with the teleportation. However once Ryze is inflicted with any disabling crowd control debuff the skill is canceled. This skill is a very effective mobility for both Ryze and his allies. Use this skill to initiate a powerful clash, or simply use it as a useful escapade. However this skill can also be a pain if it is not planned carefully. So unless you're really obsessed with killing a nearly killed champion but you aren't able to do so due to lack of mobility, don't ever attempt to waste this skill only by teleporting yourself. You must get to level 11 as fast as you can since this skill can only be used on short escapades if not at max level. Get to level 11 to fully use the potential of this skill.

So for the general skill sequence, please see the figures below.
Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Focus on building your first skill as powerful as you can and also your third skill.

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Unique Skills

Ryze is at first hard to master for starters. In order to efficiently use this champion you'll have to remember some skill combos.

Skill Combo #1: Burst Damage

The general combo for dealing the highest amount of damage is as follows.

This combo is calculated to deal the highest amount of damage. Considering the fact that Spell Flux has a very low cooldown, especially at 45% cooldown reduction and that it is used to increase the damage of Overload and that casting another skill other than "Q" resets its cooldown so rely on this skill combo to deal the highest amount of damage.

For mobile enemy champions here is the combo.

The problem of the previous combo is that the the first skill is projectile based so it can easily be dodged. Try to first nab the snare to the target before inflicting any damage to secure that you deal damage. Though it does a lower amount of damage other than the previous combo, you can be sure of by using this skill, damage is counted for.

Skill Combo #2: Escapades and Chases

If in some case you get caught in a tough situation leading to a death, escape by using this combo.

You can also inflict an Overload before doing so. Considering the fact that casting Rune Prison with a Spell Flux has a doubled root duration and afterwards, casting "Q" grants a shield and some bonus movement speed, this skill combo, although low damage, is useful in escaping and also in chases to secure a kill.

If however, you want to scare of your enemy in escapades or simply just want to deal a high amount of damage while securing a kill, use this combo.

The problem is that the snare duration is short but still you can the shield and bonus movement speed.

Skill Combo #3: Clash Fights and Wave Clears

In clashes remember this combo.

Use this combo to deal huge amounts on damage to many enemy units. In clashes try to cast other skills to non-spell fluxed champions.

But the most important skill in using this champion is "INSTINCT." Yay, for Team Instinct in Pokemon Go maybe. Hahahahahahahhah! But the thing is you don't have to remember or memorize these combos. Instinct is the most powerful skill you will need in this champion. And another tip, DON'T PANIC! As much as you can, do not panic whenever you are using this champion in order to concentrate. Even though a clash may fail, a late game Ryze is still the key of turning the game around so as long is that player, DOES NOT PANIC.

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Champion Synergies

Ryze is best with the following champions.

1. Galio

Perhaps the best champion I found so far is Galio especially in a clash initiator. Although champions like Illaoi, Nunu, and Thresh can aslo be good because of their AOE ultimates, the best among them is Galio. Careful planning of Ryze's Realm Warp along with Galio's Idol of Durand can be a huge advantage to a clash. That wide taunt of all enemy champions around Galio makes it easier to finish off the enemy team.

2. Tahm Kench

If mobility is a game to be played by the team having a tandem of Tham Kench and Ryze is good in dominating the game. Their ultimate skills provide the team with unparalleled mobility. Use it for champions having a problem in being mobile.

3. Taric

A major problem with having Ryze to teleport with soft champions is that they could get easily killed if initiating a clash. But it is remedied with just an epic ultimate of Taric. Use Taric as a tandem to make Ryze survive a clash as well as getting a clash-turner strategy also.