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Amumu Build Guide by Jujumufu

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jujumufu

The sad Jungler AP guide!

Jujumufu Last updated on June 4, 2013
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Basically this is my first guide on MobaFire and my first guide will be on Amumu the sad Mummy! Amumu is basically my most favorite champion to play in league and this keep me thinking of making a guide for him and teach you guys who want to know more or how to play Amumu as a juner where he can wreck the whole enemy team into shreds. He is really easy to play but a little difficult to master as you need to know when to use his bandage toss and learn its range.

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Why this runes? I picked this runes because i think it fits well with Amumu. And do feel free to not follow my rune page cause maybe some other runes might fit well with your play style.

- Magic Pen reds: are good for late game cause it synergies well with all of Amumu's skill especially his despair which annoys the hell out of tankers cause of its percentage damage dealt.

- Armour yellows: Good for early jungling so as not to take too much damage from those jungle minions and also works well when ganking AD champions at bottom lane and take lesser damage.

- Magic resist per lvl blues: I pick this rune because i think Amumu have relatively low magic resist even in late game and also that since that op "Force of Nature" item is not there anymore so i thought of taking it anyways.

- Flat ap quints: I pick this rune for faster jungling in the cause of the extra damage that also synergies well with Amumu's passive and the magic pent from our red runes.

Like i said feel free to give me critics and help me improve my Amumu. And this runes are not strict so feel free to use what you want as long as you are comfortable ;)

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Pros / Cons

Well here are whats good about Amumu!
- Really quick jungler
- Good ganks
- Good CC
- Great Ap scaling on all skill.

Here are the Cons!
- Weak if blue gets stolen
- Gets easily countered by strong junglers like Udyr/Lee sin/Shyvana and etc.
- Mana problems (if blue is stolen)
- All alone D:

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Creeping / Jungling

Here is the jungling route:

Smiteless jungle:
Wolves >>> Blue golems >>> Red lizard >>> Wraiths >>> Wolves >>> Stone golems.

I usually get a smiteless pull from my teammates so that i can gank lanes that needs help at lvl 3 when you just finished red lizard. If all lanes are doing fine just continue jungling and look out for other lanes too.

Non smiteless jungle:
Wolves >>> Blue golems >>> Wraiths >>> Wolves/Stone golems >>> Red lizard >>> wraiths.

This jungling route is a little slower cause you did not geta smiteless pull from your team mate but nonetheless its still very good.

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Ok guys thats all i have to say cause i dont know what else i'm suppose to put into this guide. This is just a brief and simple way of how i play Amumu. I'm a noob to this kind of stuff so im just trying out new things. Do support me into making more guides in mobafire. Thank you very much for viewing this guide and do give me some critics for me to improve :) Goodluck trying out this build!