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Sona Build Guide by MetaSLayer

AD Carry The Songstress of Death, ADC Sona

By MetaSLayer | Updated on March 8, 2014

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Sona ADC Trolling?

No. If you use this guide you might find that people will scoff or laugh, they might even dodge; but, if you haven't tried it at least once you should. It's fun and it really works!
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Early game is Key

Sona doesn't creep farm very hard early game but you can still farm champions. As soon as you have enough for the tear get it, and start SPAMMING.
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Team Work

Even as a ranged ad carry Sona can completely change the direction of a team fight. Your ulti is still OP. Your heals won't hit as hard and your speed boost won't boost as much but you can still support while you chunk peoples health away.
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Pretty much get out there and ADC Support Carry!
League of Legends Build Guide Author MetaSLayer
MetaSLayer Sona Guide

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The Songstress of Death, ADC Sona
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