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Volibear Build Guide by Spiritjoo

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Spiritjoo

The Thunder's Roar - Solo Top

Spiritjoo Last updated on November 30, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello LoLers! My name is Spiritjoo, and this is my first guide here on Mobafire, so go easy on me. I have been watching this character since they first announced him, and I must say I am glad I did. Volibear is the kind of champion who can fill a lot of roles (Top, AP, Jungler, Tank), but everybody seems to play him jungle. This is my guide on how to play him top, because I feel like he can be a tier 1 top champion

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Pros / Cons


  • High sustain
  • CC combo ( + )
  • Does ton of damage
  • Great tank allows him to survive a long time in team fights.
  • Ultimate allows him to imitate very well, because he can fear all the enemies, ult for some good damage, and the single out targets. He is a true monster in team fights.


  • Slow, slow and still slow. Damn bears cannot do anything right.
  • AP Ratio is low (not worth going AP)
  • Full melee, so he has to get into the middle of team fights to do anything. This causes him to take a substantial amount of damage.
  • Easy to gank at low levels, because he does not have his health up yet.
  • Escape mechanism = non-existent

The good out weight the bad here, even though there are more cons. Believe me he gets the job done at top lane.

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**Note** Runes can be discussed and changed. These are just the runes I feel benefit him the most.


: I chose nine red Alacrity runes, because of and he is a melee champion. These Marks allow him to dish out the damage he needs. Not only during team fights, but against the other solo top champion. Everybody says he is an AP champion, but seriously with attack speed how can you not be melee. The two (ult and roar) use very little AP, and do not do the damage that they need to do. BE MELEE!


Greater Seal of Vitality: I chose nine yellow Vitality runes, because, once again, scales off your health. This will give you more sustainability (you already have a lot), and cause (activated) to hit much harder.

Just another option for top lane, if you are feeling a bit squishy, and you want longer sustainability. Take these runes, if you are a bit more aggressive at top.


Gives you some early game magic resist, which is always good to have. Honestly, you can place some mana regen or CDR runes in here. Just like to build him like a Tanky DPS.

These runes are another option for the Glyph (blue) runes. They give 5.89% CDR at level 1, which can give you an advantage early game against your opponents.


I choose these runes, because it is MORE health. I hope you guys are seeing a pattern by now. Health is good for this champion. Nuffsaid.

Another option, which gives Volibear some more attack speed. Not as tanky, but you know he can swing them arms a lot faster.

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Since I changed my mastery tree I will now explain what I did. **Note**Do NOT copy me mastery tree, and then say it does not work. Everything works differently than most people, but I am always open for advice.


(Current Mastery Tree)
The DPS tree is pretty obvious for what I picked. Some AD and some attack speed boost, and an increase to your summoner spells. The defense tree is where the rest of our thirty points go.
& give you some armor and magic resist.

gives you some nice health per level, which is always good for the bear.

gives some instant health at level 1, which once again is always good for the bear.

yeah let's go ahead and just reduce that AoE damage that hurts so bad.

increased movement speed, when I am above 70% health, umm, yes please I would like to go faster.

8.1% CDR at level 18 for a champion that needs some CDR. I like it.


health is increased by 3% for a champion who NEEDS health, and the 10% stacks with Mercury's Treads! Yes, this is very, very nice.

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For my items I try to focus on getting that early game gold, and that Warmog's.

Early Game:

| | Philosopher's Stone | | |

The first two items are what you buy as soon as you start. You need to get the gold fast for the Philosopher's Stone. Once you get that, then get those boots ASAP! You are going to need this movement as soon as you can get it. Also, I know that is a lot of item, but you should be able to farm like crazy, and you will get the gold quite fast.

Mid Game:

| | | Shurelya's Reverie OR

These are your mid game items, and these are what will make Volibear the insane DPS he is. With these items you now have the health and defense to last through anything. Along with this, you now have the damage for your attacked speed and for Frenzy. It does not end there though, because you now have an escape mechanism! Shurelya's Reverie will give you that speed boost (and your team) that will let you escape almost any fight. *Note* Get Wit's End if they have some major AP instead of Shurelya's Reverie.

Late Game:

| OR | OR

These last two item will give you some insane tankiness. The Frozen Mallet peaks your health and damage off (along with another slow), and the Banshee's Veil or Frozen Heart will give you the defense you need. Choose between the AP or AD (look at team comp and see what they have more of).

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Skill Sequence

- This skill just tosses the target behind you. Use this when going into a team fight or gank. This can help position an enemy champion for a kill. Get this skill at your third level. Max Last.

- This is your main skill and what you max first. It gives you a lot of attack speed, but it truly shines as an enemy gets low. It adds damage equal to 1% loss of your opponent. Frenzy allows you to basically dive towers and one shot them. MAX FIRST

- This is the skill that gives you awesome ganks. As you and your opponent are farming, this will slow (fears minions/monsters) your opponent giving you the opportunity for your jungler to gank. Take this at level two for those early gank, and then max it second.

- Your ultimate is probably one of the best initiates in the game (if your are going tanky). However, you must wait for them to be bunched together, because this will hit minions, so the closer they are the better. You will hit every enemy champion, and take a good chunk of their health.

How to team fight:

Start off by picking off an enemy champion, try for the AD or AP carry. Then, use your Rolling Thunder and fling them, immediately use Majestic Roar to slow them, and finally use Rolling Thunder again, if you did not kill them. By now they should be dead, and you have your ult to finish off the rest of the team. GG.

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Here are some useful hints while farming:

  • You are a melee champion, so do not extend to their turret.
  • Use your Majestic Roar as a new wave comes. This will fear them, and give you and your minions a lead.
  • Rolling Thunder can be a great way to make sure your opponent does not get farmed.
  • Do not be afraid to be up and personal with the minions. Your passive will usually save you
  • Remember your passive has a two minute cooldown. Watch for it, and work around it.

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All in all, Volibear is a force that be used as a jungler, mid, or solo top. Use him as you want, and my guide is not perfection. I know it probably is not the best build, but it is something to work on. I will change my guide as I continue to test out Volibear.

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Here are the updates to the build. Make sure to check back every two weeks for updates.

  • 11/30/11 - Changed item list
  • 11/30/11 - Changed mastery spec
  • 11/30/11 - Changed Seal run options