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Yasuo Build Guide by ExtraTissueBall

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ExtraTissueBall

The Way Of The Wanderer, A Season 7.2 Guide To Yasuo

ExtraTissueBall Last updated on January 28, 2017
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Im ExtraTissueBall and this is my guide for Yasuo, The Unforgiven. Who is Yasuo? Yasuo is a high damage, high skillcap, and hyper mobile champion. He may seem very strong, but without knowledge this champ can be very hard to use. Even just knowing when to ult and how to use his abilities correctly can be quite difficult. If used right he has probably one of the highest outplay potentials in this game!

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Just look at the page I have...

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Warlords has been changed since the last update not for better but for worse. The lifesteal isn't enough anymore which is why you should use Fervor over it.

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Yasuo is a very squishy champion, if he is caught out by hard cc he's pretty much dead. Use your abilities wisely. Remember your E is a fixed distance so be careful where you dash to or from. One way to poke down in laning phase is by dashing onto a minion and using your Q to do an area attack. Use on the minion closest to the enemy champ ensuring he/she is hit by the Q as well. Another way is to dash towards the minion closest to them, aa them, then proceed to Q them, dash onto them once again, aa them again, and then dash away.