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Galio Build Guide by TheGreatHam

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TheGreatHam

TheGreatHams guide for Galio! W.I.P

TheGreatHam Last updated on December 26, 2013
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Hey You there!

Hey you there! Yes you! You have clicked onto this guide either because you want to find out about Galio or you are terribly confused.In this guide, I'll talk about Galio and the art of countering Ability Power mages and Ability Power Assassins.If you are new to Galio or just want to exchange tips with myself, your more than welcome here!

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Confusing Words!

If you know your way around league of legends and know what terms mean, skip this chapter.

But if your still here, Let's talk about:
MR stands for Magic resist and is found on items such as the Null Magic Mantle and the Negetron cloak.Magic resistance is important to weaken damage from Ability Power mages and Ability power assassins.
Mages and Assassins
A caster is a word for someone that uses Ability Power and deal a lot of damage from a distance taking for example Ryze or Annie
An Assassin is a word for someone who is good at taking down a single target using either Attack Damage or Ability Power.But for for moment we are going to look at Ability power Assassins like Katarina or Akali
Mid lane
Mid lane is the lane that goes threw the middle of Summoners rift.It is the shortest lane and perfect for people such as a Caster or an assassin.Galio can go top, mid or support but mid is the best place for him to go.
A counter is a champion who does especially well against another champion and usually has abilities which can make the champion loose farm, pressure him in lane or get an extremely easy kill.
Cooldown Reduction (CDR)
Cooldown reduction can be found on items such as Athene's unholy grail and believe it or not, Reduces the cool down of your abilities.
Stands for Mana per 5 seconds. it;s found on items such as the tear of the goddess and gives you a mana every 5 seconds
Blue buff
Blue buff is obtained by getting the killing blow on the Ancient Golem in the jungle , located just below the wolfs on the purple side or just above the wolfs on the blue side. it can also be optained by killing a champion with the Crest Of The Ancient Golem on it.It gives person who has it Cooldown reduction and a lot of MP5 or energy regeneration

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What items should i get on galio?

If you want to build galio you should look directly at Magic Resist.Magic resist not only weakens magical damage but also gives galio ability power because of Galios passive runic skin which converts 50% of his magic resist into ability power.I sound like a broken record player saying this but i cannot stress enough how important it is.ill talk about them in order of my build i've provided above.

Null Magic Mantle
This item gives you:
10 magic resist
5 ability power
This is used to reduce the damage of Ability Power Mages and Assassins, it also gives you a tiny bit of ability power.
Health Potions
Health potions are used to keep your health up and allow you to stay in lane longer
Boots of Speed
This allows your champion to run (Or fly 0.0) faster and helps you dodge other champions abilities or help you land your abilties on them.
Cloth Armor
This item gives you:
15 armor
Start with this a 5 health potions if you are against Attack Damage champions
Chalice of Harmony
This gives you:
Increased mana regeneration (1% for every 1% missing)
7 mana per 5 second
12.5 Ability power (From Magic resist)
25 Magic resist
Yabba dabba doo! You have won the lane! This allows Galio to spam his abilities and untop of blue buff, it's nothing to laugh at.this should be your first item.
Abyssal Scepter
This gives you:
22.5 Ability power (From the magic resist)
70 Ability power (From the item)
45 Magic resist (From the item which also gives you Ability Power)
And an aura which lowers surrounding enemies Magic resist by 20
OOO MAMA! Increases your damage!this should be built straight after your chalice of harmony
Athene's unholy grail
This gives you:
60 Ability Power
20 Ability Power (From magic resist)
40 Magic Resist
15 mana per 5 seconds
Increased mana regeneration (Same as the chalice of clarity 1% for every 1% missing)
Mana on kill and assist (12%)
Dyn-o-mite! This item allows you to stay in lane forever shooting light out of your eyes and with blue buff you can harass your laning opponent non-stop.
Locket Of The Iron Solari
This gives you:
300 health
20 armor
10% Cooldown Reduction
Also a passive aura which gives:
20 Magic Resist
10 Ability power (from the item to yourself)
10 health regeneration per 4 sec
ALSO! an active effetc with gives a sheild to everyone around you based in level!
Alright! The health - Marvelous!
The armor - Fabulous!
The Cooldown Reduction - Supah hawt!
Untop of that the passive and the active effect simply makes this item good for support, top or mid galio!
Banshees veil
This item gives you:
450 health
27.5 Ability Power
55 magic resistance
45 health per 5 seconds after taking damage from an enemy champion
A sheild which blocks a single enemy ability every 25 seconds
All i have to say about this item is that it blocks a teemo shroom or any other ability every 25 seconds and gives awesome effects! it's just self explanatory.
Spirit Visage
This gives you:
400 health
27.5 ability power (from magic resist)
55 magic resist
20% cooldown reduction
20% increased self healing from life steal, spell vamp, health regen AND your w!
That's right! your w will heal 20% more and gives some pretty nice bonuses too!