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Graves Build Guide by SoftiNEW

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League of Legends Build Guide Author SoftiNEW

They cant handle the Attack Speed (Season 3 Graves ADC)

SoftiNEW Last updated on June 17, 2013
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Hi, my name is SoftiNEW (EUW) and i love to play Graves. I gotta admit, right now im not the best in form of rankings, but im just working myself up.
Well i dont know what i should write now, so... go ahead and read the rest of my guide.

Graves for life!

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You are probably asking yourself:
"Why should i play Graves on such a high Attack Speed level and not just use my runes to get more AD?"
My answer to that is:
The combination of his high Life Steal you have early game from Blade of the Ruined King and The Bloodthirster and the Attack Speed you get from your runes and from Blade of the Ruined King and Phantom Dancer and your E Ability Quickdraw makes it really hard for the enemy ADC to 1v1 you if you two get into an early exchange. Late game you will be able to hopefully outburst him with the strong abilitys Graves has. Also, Blade of the Ruined King's active in combination with Barrier makes you really hard to get down.

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+High Burst
+Gap Closer/Escape Spell
+Attack Speed Boost
+Magic Restist+Armor Boost


-Easy to outrange
-Spell dependent
-Mana Hungry

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Well, i said the most about Items in my "Reasons" Chapter, but i think i can make you believe in this build even more.

The reason i start with Long Sword and two Health Potions is just as simple as you want to outsustain the enemy early game. "But a Doran's Blade grants 5 Health per Auto Attack and 80 Base Health!!11!" Yes, i know but with two Health Potions you basically get 300 bonus Health while in lane, and you can counter the 80 base Health with your high damaging early game Buckshot. But you can also start with a Doran's Blade if you plan to play defensive in lane.

Berserker's Greaves and Vampiric Scepter are pretty standard for an ADC, so i don't have to say so much about it, but that you will eventually build the Vamp Scepter into Bilgewater Cutlass.

On your second trip back, you should be able to afford a Bilgewater Cutlass and a Pickaxe followed by one or two daggers. The Bilgewater Cutlass is going to be build into a Blade of the Ruined King and your Pickaxe into Last Whisper for early penetration.

The next items you need are Phantom Dancer and Infinity Edge to get the Attack Speed and Crit. Chance/Damage.

Whether or not the Attack Speed is STILL not enough for you, go ahead and buy a Statikk Shiv to replace Phantom Dancer.

In case that you are getting pwned really hard, you should think about buying a Frozen Mallet, Guardian Angel or Mercurial Scimitar. But if the enemy ADC goes like 20/0 you should 100% buy a Warmog's Armor to not become 0/20.

The Full Build Options I gave are the ones i used in the past. But you can just go ahead and make your own build from the Items given in this Build.

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I usually start with his Q Ability Buckshot to get this early game burst. For those who don't know: The more Bullets hit your target the more damage Buckshot deals. So you deal most damage when your enemy stand right in front of you. This Ability scales on AD.

I take the E as second Ability. Quickdraw gives you a pretty solid AS boost for 4 seconds. Scaling 30%/40%/50%/60%/70% Attack Speed per level, you can get insane late game attack speed by using it. Further more, you can use it to get through some walls. I will leave you figuring out which ones you can get over and which not. Have fun.

His W Ability Smoke Screen is not as good to use in combat as to engage/disengage a bot lane fight, because it slows and blocks your target enemys line of sight just like a Nocturne Ult, Paranoia for 4 seconds. Scales on AP.

His Ultimate Ability Collateral Damage is his most damage dealing Ability. In combination with Quickdraw and Flash you can close up to low health enemys and then use the insane wide range that it has after or before exploding, dealing damage once or even twice if you perfectly hit your enemy with the Ultimate so it explodes in a cone behind the target.

His passive True Grit makes him one of the best 1v1 AD Carrys in game. The longer your enemy fights you, the stronger you get. Thats another good reason to buy Attack Speed and Life Steal.

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Standard Rune Set

Greater Mark of Attack Damagex4 gives you a bit more AD to get the burst that is normal for Graves.
Greater Mark of Attack Speedx5 gives you the Attack Speed that this Guide is made for.

Greater Glyph of Magic Resistx9 is pretty Standard for ADC, to protect yourself from APCs or other AP sources.

Greater Seal of Armorx9 is Standard aswell, to protect yourself from enemy ADCs or other AD sources.

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damagex2 is essential aswell to get the AD for Graves' burst.
Greater Quintessence of Attack Speedx1 is used for the Attack Speed aswell.

Optional Runes

Greater Mark of Armor Penetrationx4 to replace the Attack Damage is an option for those who want to penetrate their enemys (if you know what i mean).

Greater Quintessence of Life Stealx1 or x2 can be used to replace the Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed or one or two Greater Quintessence of Attack Damages for those who want more sustain in lane.

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Graves gets countered mostly by Champs that can outrange or outburst him like

Ashe because she has high burst with her passive Focus, Volley and her ult Enchanted Crystal Arrow
Sivir has a long range with her Boomerang Blade and can block one of his Abilitys with Spell Shield, what leads to outburst.
Caitlyn outranges him with her Q Piltover Peacemaker and can dodge his spells with her 90 Caliber Net.

While those are Champs that counter him, the Champs he counters are mostly champs with poke or close range like
Vayne because she has nothing to say against an Attack Speed Graves. She possibly could stun him when shooting him in a wall with her Condemn. Her Tumble Gap Closer he can counter with Quickdraw.
Ezreal is a champion that is based on poke. Mystic Shot can be easily dodged with Quickdraw or you can just block his sight with Smoke Screen. That counts for all his abilities, except Arcane Shift, which you can close up to with Quickdraw aswell.


Graves perfectly matches with support Champs that have many CC Spells like
Blitzcrank with his Rocket Grab and Power Fist who can give you 2 seconds of free damage, and can protect you from skillshots.
Leona has MASSIVE CC income from her Shield of Daybreak and Solar Flare what gives 4 seconds of free damage if the Ult hits perfectly. Also, she has a Gap Closer ( Zenith Blade) which makes it possible to perfectly engage on enemys if played together with Graves' Quickdraw
Taric, Soraka or Sona are a perfect choice for offensive laning phase and make it possible to start with Doran's Blade because they have a heal. Additionally Soraka can grant Graves Mana so it makes a poking lane possible.

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So... yeah. That was my Graves Attack Speed Attack Damage Carry Guide. I hope I helped some of you with it. I would love to get feedback from you guys, so please write a comment or sth. If you have anything to let me know what i could correct in this guide, please let me know.

Thats it, guys. My name is SoftiNEW and im out.