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Thresh Build Guide by xtrapsp

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League of Legends Build Guide Author xtrapsp

Thresh Support - Champion Guide - Tips & Tricks

xtrapsp Last updated on January 26, 2013
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Who is Thresh?

Thresh is technically an AP tank/Support however he does have good AD harass capabilities. He has strong poke damage with his passive from Death Sentence. Because of this he is able to really hurt the opponent from the bushes, the next best part is that his passive armour increase is insanely good, he doesn't get armour from leveling up but he does from collecting the souls of the dead Damnation.

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This is my first guide and has already had a few changes, from playing him a fair bit I understand that it is essential to have a GOOD ADC with you who can farm. I suggest:


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Pros / Cons


    Amazing Harass

    Great CC

    Zones VERY well

    Turret dives aren't a problem

    Don't need to last hit due to passive

    He somewhat reminds me of Hecarim
    Souls do de-spawn

    Bad lategame if no souls collected

    Needs good communication with Bot lane


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The main reason I buildThresh like this is because late game he will be there to take damage, hook and ANNOY the opposition, if your team is winning and you are against their walls it's easy to grab and hook them into the wall, keeping them locked in place.
If your team is losing you can grab them and Pull them into the turret with Death Sentence and Flay.
These masteries allow you to take that damage in case anything goes wrong as well as farm gold without having to keep fighting off the opposition (As much as people like blaming the support you can't do everything).

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Death Sentence
Passive: Thresh deals bonus AD based magic damage on each auto attack. The damage is equal to the amount of souls he has collected plus 80/110/140/170/200% of attack damage, based on length of time since last attack.

Active: Thresh throws his scythe, dealing 80/110/140/170/200 (+.5* AP) magic damage to the first unit hit and dragging them towards him for 1.5 seconds. Additionally, he may re activate the ability to leap to his chained enemy.

Death Sentence is such a vital move for Thresh, the passive is one of it's better qualities and for that it allows your ADC to outfarm the opposition and it stops the enemy support from beating down on you.

Thresh throws out a lantern that shields nearby allies from damage for 60/90/120/150/180 (+.4* AP) for 6 seconds. Allies can click the lantern to dash to Thresh. Allies can only recieve the shield once per cast.

The lantern collects nearby souls for Thresh.

This is great form ganks from jungle. If you chuck the lantern into river or tribush it allows the jungle to jump across and get them by surprise.
Another technique at the moment is to bot lane with Blitz, as Blitz grabs you stand under the turret and he click the lantern taking the enemy all the way back to the turret.

Thresh sweeps his chain in a line, dealing 65/100/135/170/205 (+.4* AP) magic damage to all enemies hit and pushing them in the direction of the swing. Enemies are then slowed by 20/25/30/35/40% for 1.5 seconds.

This move is great for pulling the enemy back in after using Death Sentence, it's power isn't all that amazing but it is a great 2nd initiator if your team panicked at first and its also a great way to make the enemy run!

Creates a prison of walls around Thresh, dealing 250/400/450 (+1* AP) magic damage and slows any champion that collides with a wall by 99% for 2 seconds.

Once a champion collides with a wall, the wall is destroyed.

Enemies that hit multiple walls take half damage and have the slow effect reduced by half after the first wall struck.

This wall isn't as useful as you'd think, unlike Karthus's Wall of Pain it does get destroyed on impact.

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Skill Sequence

There are a few different sequences you can use to chase and hunt down the opposition.
Thresh doesn't have an exact AOE however his Flay is insane for farming late game, it is easy to walk between minions and use Flay.

So basically there are a few techniques:

The Harass:

- - -

The Kill:

- - - -

The Support:


With the support, you can use the grab to stun/slow the Support or ADC depending on who is harassing most. So with this skill sequence you should throw on your friend so they can jump to you if you want to hook line and sinker.

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Team Work

Although at first you may not get along with Thresh... you may not find him all that important in team fights... If played properly he can hunt down and gut the enemy.
Thresh is a character to be feared in 1 v 1 situations. Especially in the jungle.

As for team fights you can use thresh to initiate, focus their main damage dealing and wipe him out! Thresh is great pull away tanks and other annoying enemies while your team focus elsewhere.

Remember, Thresh is like a pocket knife. He is there to annoy the enemy and pick them apart with all his tools.

Thresh is very good when it comes to ganking, a simple Dark Passage in river bush or Tri-bush will allow the jungle to flow out to you and create mass havoc to the enemy!