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Thresh General Guide by Baylife

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Baylife

Thresh support Guide and Tips for newbies

Baylife Last updated on July 8, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hey there! I'm BayIife a season 2 support player and I like to play Leona, Thresh and Lulu.I belong to silver tier, so if I'm doing something wrong just say it to me :). In this guide I try to explain as best as I can Thresh. Thresh is one of the strongest supports in the game. His high autoattack damage and with the amount of CC he has at his disposal combined with a unique ability in his Lantern Dark Passage makes him a terrifying pick in skilled hands.
P.S.English is not my native language so bare with me.

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Pros and Cons


  • Grab to catch people
  • Strong autoattack damage
  • Large amounts of CC
  • Easy for ally jungler to gank

  • Fairly long cooldown on spells
  • Easy to dodge his ultimate

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Summoner Spells

This summoner spell will destroy the enemy ADC during a 2v2 engagement. It's a deadly spell when used correctly.

This allows you to make plays, force fights, and disengage. Good spell, and is fairly reliable.

A very strong aggressive spell, which usually requires coordination. You use it to snowball the lane, as it's fairly useless in late game.

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This hybrid mastery page is just the best support page right now. The Exhaust mastery lowers enemy's Armor/MR by 10, which I favor over Pickpocket . However, that choice is really up to you.
All of the points here should be self explanatory. Durability and Veteran's Scars for bonus health, Hardiness and Resistance for bonus resistances, and Unyielding and Block for trading. Simple, no? All of the other point options aren't as good for supports, so people tend to stay away from them.
Mastermind and Artificer are better than everything else thus far in the utility tree. You don't need mana, and Scout 's bonus range is literally unnoticeable and useless. Biscuiteer and Explorer are basically a free potion and a mini-ward. Their uses are very noticeable, and they're just very good masteries to get as a support.

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Armor is the best option when playing against a lane that may focus you (support) and try to burst you down.

Armor is pretty much always the best option for seals.
MR is needed against any team that has a decent amount of magic damage. Take flat ones if the opposing lane has magic damage and scaling if they don't.

GP 10 help you scale better into mid/late game.

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Item Builds


In soloQ I usually start with a Rejuvenation Bead, 1 Vision Ward , 2 sight ward and 2 Health Potion.
Also, you can start with 1 Vision Ward, 3 sight ward, 3 Health Potion and 1 Mana Potion.


Rushing Sightstone is better than any gold/10 item, because you save more money from not buying wards than you'd gain from a gp10's passive.. I usually finish off my Philosopher's Stone after my Sightstone, but if you want the regeneration from Philosopher's Stone that badly, go for it. Also, you need to build Shurelya's Reverie last, due to you want the maximum amount of Gold per 5. Furthermore, you need to ward up all over the map. DEny vision by getting Oracle's Elixir or Vision Wards. With that wards you can see if someone is all alone. Ping your teammates to come and get free kills. Don't ward by yourself! You could be caught out. Prefer to go with your AD or other teammate. Also, one important thing is not to blame your ADC if you lose lane. Just play it out, maybe you'll get lucky. At the end don't forget to use actives, such as Shurelya's Reverie, Randuin's Omen or Locket of the Iron Solari.


The Ruby Sightstone is self explanatory. Boots of Mobility are usually my option in term of boots. This lets you roam around efficiently, and with Thresh's skills, roaming around is not a bad idea at all. If you need to go for an Aegis of the Legion because your jungler doesn't have one, don't build the Kindlegem, but since most junglers do go for Aegis, I left the Kindlegem there. Then I build Kindlegem into Locket of the Iron Solari.


I usually get Randuin's Omen, expensive, but against an all AD team, extremely strong. People will think twice about even touching you, and the active will help peel people off of your carries.Also, if we don't have a tanky champion, I get Warmog's Armor, it's a high utility item that keeps you alive in every teamfights. In late game also you have to ward all over the map so as to have the control of your enemies.


The last two items could be Warmog's Armor or Randuin's Omen and if their team has good AD(maybe they have AD mid or top) you should build Frozen Heart. It's kinda expensive item but its passive that reduces the attack speed of nearby enemies by 20% it's just awesome in late game.You also may need to build Mikael's Crucible, if their team has a good AP.

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Laning Match-Ups

Before Alistar hits 6, it's very doable to just pull in the Alistar and harass him. However, Alistar does have a heal and an incredible amount of CC. Also, Alistar has a difficult time ganking a Thresh lane even if he uses Flash due to , as long as Thresh isn't the one being focused.

Blitzcrank is melee and Thresh is ranged, while both are almost equally tanky, this means that Thresh can harass Blitzcrank and his AD for free. Thresh wins in lane, but in teamfights, Blitzcrank has the stronger engage.

Fiddlesticks is squishy enough to be focused down, but it is important that his ultimate channel is canceled by Flay or Death Sentence (preferably with Flay as Death Sentence's cast time is extremely high.

Similar to how Janna works against Leona, it is difficult for Thresh to engage on Janna. Thresh's ult also is negated by Janna ult, making it hard to outlane. It should be relatively easy to go even and just farm.

Thresh is tanky enough to be difficult to focus and is ranged. This makes it hard for Leona to engage, plus each time Leona uses her Zenith Blade (E) to engage, you can counter with a Flay, blocking her in the air.

Lulu is difficult for Thresh. Her strong poke makes it difficult to trade and the amount of CC that she has makes it hard to kill her. At all stages of the game, Lulu has the disengage to make it difficult for Thresh to be useful.

Nami isn't very strong in harassing and is weaker when you go all in on her. Simply don't allow your lane to be pushed against your own tower and trade against Nami. She'll quickly run out of mana if she is constantly engaging and won't be very useful.

Nunu is also tanky and it's difficult to trade versus Nunu's AD due to his huge attack speed/movement speed bonus. Aim to harass the Nunu if he gets close or the AD if he's going for CS. It's important to save Flay (E) for Nunu's ult when past level 6.

Soraka is not tanky enough to survive burst combo with Thresh + any burst AD. It's not ideal to trade against Soraka due to her huge sustain, but do try to get grabs in. All-in fights are going to be your best bet against Soraka.

Taric is also tanky and has a CC of his own. It's not smart to pull in Taric while his stun is still up. Aim to poke at Taric as much as possible with autoattacks, only go all-in if Taric's stun is done or they are low enough to be bursted. Otherwise, you'll likely take more damage just from engaging on creeps.

Zyra is an amazing pick versus Thresh. Her long range poke makes trading very difficult, but if Zyra gets pulled, she'll likely get bursted down. You must gain control of the brush versus Zyra, use autoattacks for harass, while dodging plants/snare and land Death Sentence for all-in trades.

Very similar to how Blitzcrank works against Thresh, but a good Sona will stay behind creeps and make it extremely difficult for Thresh to get grabs. Sona's poke and sustain will win if you can't engage. Always aim for grabs, but avoid as much poke as possible.

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The burst potential if you hit a Q is really strong. the Q, Slow, Double Up and then reduced healing is just really really strong, not as strong as Taric Miss Fortune but it's still really strong. You want to focus on trying to land your Q's. On top of that, Thresh has the tools to save Miss Fortune if she ever gets caught or is ganked. Also, the combo with The Box and Bullet Time makes it impossible to get to Miss Fortune, as well as creates a giant AoE circle of CC and damage. Thresh Miss Fortune is strong both in the laning phase and late game, so these two work very well together.


For the same reason that I like Miss Fortune is the same reason that I like Graves - This is why I like running Kill lane potential; it's very similar to running with Blitzcrank lanes - your going for kills and exchanges if you can land your Death Sentence. In addition, with the really amazing way( Dark Passage) that Thresh makes it easy to gank.Also, due to the nature of Graves and his massive AD scaling on both Buckshot and Collateral Damage, one kill can snowball your lane into an easy win.


The reason that I like Tristana is becuase of the massive burst potential that you have, especially at level 2. If you hit 2 before your enemies trade immediately. With the Death Sentence and the Flay from Thresh and Rocket Jump from Tristana you will dominate the lane from early.

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Team Fights

The goal in a teamfight should be to peel for the AD or engage a squishy. The Box is an extremely powerful slow that can zone out bruisers/assassins. Flay also works well to push enemies back or drag their squishies in. You're the Initiator. That means that you have to start a good teamfight with your Death Sentence. He has so many tools at his disposal. AOE slows, AOE pushbacks, Long range hook initiation, AOE Shields, ganking presence and free flash with lantern.It does take some time to realize that he is more like a Leona than a Blitzcrank. He can hook and pull, but it's more effective to hook and JUMP to other champions and push/slow/pull etc.

  • Use Death Sentence to drag champions like Rammus and Amumu out of your team while they aoe.
  • Drag champions into towers with Death Sentence!
  • If a team fight goes south, throw Dark Passage down and flash over a wall so some one can escape with you.

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Thresh is a strong support and it's very obvious that Riot was going for a playstyle similar to Blitzcrank. Overall, he's extremely fun to play and has an incredible amount of potential.
Thank you and I will try to update this over and over, so as to be a good support guide. :)


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