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Thresh Build Guide by ForeverParagon

Support Thresh:Tanky Bully Aggressive Support IN DEPTH GUIDE (Fully

Support Thresh:Tanky Bully Aggressive Support IN DEPTH GUIDE (Fully

Updated on February 6, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author ForeverParagon Build Guide By ForeverParagon 7 6 15,515 Views 10 Comments
7 6 15,515 Views 10 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author ForeverParagon Thresh Build Guide By ForeverParagon Updated on February 6, 2013
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Introduction about the guide

Thresh: Single Target Support Killing Machine (Aggressive Support)

I've being playing support for a very long time now, and I just wanted to write a guide for Thresh, I think he is one of the most interesting supports.

This guide is specifically for players that likes to play aggressive supports. So lets jump into this guide shall we!!

WARNING: If you are a very Passive support then this guide may not be useful to you!!!

If you want more information you can always add my account on LOL if you like. I really don't mind helping people out :)
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Introduction To Aggressive Supporting

A lot of players who play support are usually passive and they simply just work with their ADC and heal them when they need it or shield them when they predict an incoming attack is about to happen.
However, aggressive supporting for me is trying to bully out the enemy from the lane or do enough damage to them that they must continuously go back to base to heal.

Aggressive support playing style heavily relies on you as the support and the AD to continuously POKE down the enemy champs whether it's the AD or the support of the enemy team. TRADING in damage is key of this play style. If you are able to keep winning in trades then you will be able to bully them out of lane, for summoner spells or have them burn through their pots faster than you. Every little bit of advantage will determine if you will be able to shut down the enemy AD or not.

Aggresive Supporting usually works well with Burst AD champs like Draven, Graves, Miss Fortune, Corki, and maybe Ezreal if played right. However, if your AD knows what they are doing any AD champ would do great with Aggressive supports. Thresh with Caitlyn for example, is really strong because of the pokes BOTH of you will be able to do. It's SOO CRAZY!!!
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Positives and Negatives playing Thresh Support

Thresh is a great support champ but there are positives and negatives about him, and I'll list some here.

+ He has 3 CC in total including his ult that can target a single champ. This makes that one enemy champ literally impossible to escape you.
+ Becomes very tanky near mid to late game.
+ Has the lantern to initiate ganks or to save your teammates from crazy situations. It also provides shield that can cover full team or give vision.
+ Has a CC snare which locks them in place for 1.5 seconds and more if you follow it up with his E
+ Able to poke in lane with damage due to his passive which makes his auto basic attack damage very strong.
+ Post level six he does a lot of damage to the AD if you land his full combo. Easily burst down the AD.
+ Able to protect your AD from your brusier with your CC and Ult.
+ Damnation gives free AP damage and Armor for Thresh.
+ His ult gives amazing slow against an enemy champ which helps your jungler or ad to catch up to them.
+Characters like Katarina Lee Sin Jax can jump onto Thresh's Lantern.

- Fairly squishy early game if runes and masteries are not armor based.
- Have no escapes if being ganked.
- His skill shots are very difficult to land.
- Early game his abilities has a very long cool down.
- Have no burst damage early game.
- Can not heal the AD.
- Doesn't give bonus auras for the AD.
- His ult slows but not stun compared to Sona.
- He doesn't have stuns like Taric or Sona ult.
- Only has one hard CC, E slight knock up only. Compared to Alistar two hard CC.
- Your Q will force you to be near an enemy instead of pulling them towards you like blitzcrank. Which makes his burst less safe.
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Summoner Spells

Definitely take Exhaust and Flash.
Why Flash? So you can flash in and land your E or R or your Q.

Why Exhaust? Use Exhaust on an enemy champ to slow them down so you can land your Q or E or exhaust them after they ate ALL your CC and your Ult. It's pure SLOW MO for the enemy and it brings tears to my eyes. This also helps if the enemy jungler tries to gank you from behind. Exhaust that sucker and drop your ult and E right at his face and watch him weep in slowness and no damage!!!

I personally don't like to take Heal on Thresh since he doesn't really need it unless four people are ganking your lane....if that happens well....FLASH AND LANTERN!!! muhahha lol
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Thresh's Abilities and Passive DETAILED Walkthrough

Passive: (Damnation)

When I first saw his character spotlight I was really worried that he would be a very squishy support since he would need to collect "souls" to get tanky, however with these runes and masteries it just makes his passive OP as hell. By collecting souls it gives you a little bit of AP damage and Armor each time you pick them up. From early to mid game your armor and ability power will scale nicely. But remember it doesn't scale his Magic Resists!!! So you would still need to buy magic resists items to be able to tank the enemy AP.

Death Sentence

This is Thresh's Q ability. It's passive is that when you are not auto attacking, it slowly stacks magic damage on your next basic attack. The color changes to red once you have fully stack that ability passive. When you activate this ability he throws out a chain snare. A lot of people may have trouble with this ability since they grab is a lot slower than Blitzcrank's rocket grab.

To be honest I think it is the slowest out of the skills shot snares. Slower than Ahri's Charm, Naut's Anchor Pull too!!. So this skill shot requires you to lead your target by about half a second, which makes it really easy for enemies to juke your pulls!! But don't worry, that's why this build I showed you will guarantee you a pull and why? Because you simply walk right up to them and hit them with your E first instead of your snare.

It's like Blitzcrank, tanky blitz don't give a S*** about you juking his pulls. He RUNS AT YOU with his W in lane phase, prop you up and when you try to leave you get grabbed back. It's the same thing here and the better part about this is that his E will actually slow down the enemy so you will be able to pull them easy!! However this way you might be taking a lot of damage so your AD MUST MUST follow through with it or else you are toast. But If you think you can land your Q you should always go for it.

Now how does his Q work doctor? you might ask? Well I'll tell you. So when you land your Q he will kinda of yank the enemy over towards you for about 1.5 seconds. So what you can do is when you land your Q simply walk backwards for a few steps, this will actually let Thresh drag the enemy more closer towards you. Then you click Q again and Thresh fly right next to the enemy where you can land your E and R. But remember they enemy does not COME TO YOU when you land your Q. You CANNOT PULL THEM through walls like blitz!!!

Dark Passage

(See the section "Ability Combos, Set Up for Potential Ganks Visual Example" for visual examples)
This is Thresh's W ability, I like to call it the Green Lantern!!! xD
Now this ability is probably one if the most OP ability in the game. Why you ask? Well I'll TELL YOU WHY!!!! This ability makes up for all those RP or IP you just used. This ability has a long range. Once Thresh throws out this lantern it not only grants himself shield, but also his nearby teammates if they are near the lantern. Now before you go into how op this thing is I'll talk a little bit more about how you can use this lantern.

You can COLLECT souls with this lantern. So if there are souls underneath the enemy tower just throw it near them and you will be completely SAFE!!! Now there is a range limit on this thing...I right? Once Thresh walks out of this range the lantern disappears but it puts a shield right on Thresh. Ok so here is the part that everyone is waiting for!! The ally pull system!! GOD I love this thing. Ok first of all this ability allows so many lane phase ganks it's not even funny. You can have your jungler sneak through lane or even just camp under tower and you just throw your lantern down and flash in towards the enemy bringing along your jungler.

Moreover it helps your teammates out when they are in trouble. Your teammates still can click on your lantern even if they are STUNNED!!! YOU HEARD ME!!!! IF they are stunned toss them your lantern and be a hero of the day!! But remember when you throw out your lantern you want to throw it where your teammates are going to run to. Don't throw it right next to them when they are getting swarmed by the enemy or behind the enemy...that's just trolling, but I'll admit it's pretty funny seeing your teammates run back into the enemy team just so they can touch the lantern.

I've done it accidently a few times and I have to say I burst out laughing hahaha xD REMEMBER when you drop your lantern down and your teammates click on it, they come to where YOU are. so don't drop the lantern in front of where you are going and expect them clicking on YOU because you will feel super ******ed afterwards.....So always drop the lantern behind you so your teammates can FOLLOW UP to where ever you are. GREEN LANTERNS UNITE!!!! Oh and one last thing it also shields all your teammates too if you throw it near all your teammates. But only ONE lucky teammates can Teleport to where you are!! So make sure your team choose wisely.

Teammates like Katarina Lee Sin Jax can jump onto your lantern like a ward jump.


This is Thresh's E ability, this basically flings the enemy in one direction knocking them up a little bit and slowing them down. Think of this ability like Maoki's Arcane Smash, but with longer range. This ability gets a little bit confusing to use at the beginning since you can move the direction of the path that you want to flay without turning your champs direction. Not like maokai where you have to Face where you want to smash. So my tip to you guys is not to use smart cast on this ablity so you can see the range and the direction of where your flay is going to land. Key thing here is to LOOK at the Arrows when you click your ability. Where ever that arrow points when you use that ability it's where the ENEMY is going to knock towards. This Ability is really good since it slows down the enemy too which helps your jungler out or your AD for pokes.

The Box

No it's not the movie....It's Thresh's Ultimate. This thing is totally crazy because it scales off AP damage. Remember we talked about collecting souls, well all that souls collecting will make this ability do more damage to the AD or Support. It actually does a lot of damage to my surprise because of all the AP stacks you have collected pre-level six!!! This ability simply puts a pentagon shape box AT YOUR LOCATION. You can't click on where you want it to go. This ability slows down the enemy by like about 99% I think. So this is a great tool to lock down your single target foes or keep them at bay. if your AD is in trouble, simply drop a lantern right next to them and your R so your AD is inside the Box. Then flash back and have your AD click on your lantern to safety. It can be used nicely for defense or offense.
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Runes and Masteries Explained.

This rune build is stricly for aggressive play. Thresh's passive "Damnation" keeps Thresh tanky so these runes basically make him untouchable!!! Thus he can tank trades from the AD and Support and laugh at their faces. >:)

With these Masteries you will still be able to have some Utility plus health to accompany those nice armor runes you picked up and some armor from your masteries :)

With These Runes and combine with the masteries you start out already with 51 Armor and 42 Magic Resists and 593 health. Now if you do decide to go with the Early Tanky build option that I listed you will have 66 Armor instead of 51. Now that's a lot of armor for level 1 if you ask me!!! Now use this to YOUR ADVANTAGE!!!! Start poking early game with Thresh's auto. It has RANGE!!! I'll mention more about early to mid to late game strategies down below =)
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Early-Mid-Late Item Builds Explanations.

There are two different ways you can build Thresh and here are the two options I've listed from above.


+ + +sight ward+ sight ward= 66 Armor and 42 MR at lvl 1

This set up simply makes your level 1 Thresh very tanky, as I have mentioned above this allows you to be very tanky and be able to take early trades with the AD and support. However, you do have less wards and have less health potions which means the enemy may be able to out sustain you and your AD if you are not trading damage and farming passively. This build means you are serious about very early level damage trades. About level 3 or 4 is when you start bursting down the enemy AD or Support in trades. This play style is very risky, but the trade off is very good. The risk is high, but the reward is higher if you do it right. Remember to always work with your AD in trade damage. You would usually want to use this type of build against early burst AD champs like or or or or . Now if you go with this build against squishy AD like or or or or or then you are in pretty good shape to bully them out of lane early.


+ + + +sight ward+sight ward+sight ward

This build is simply let you have more sustain in the lane. However you will be less tanky. You would only have 51 armor. However, if you are lanning against supports like you should be ok since they don't do too much damage early game.


philosopher's stone This item will help you maintain your Gold Per Ten earnings and it also helps you to keep up the gold count with the enemy support.

AND INTO These two items are really crucial for Thresh mid game because not only he keeps you ward stacked but it also give you health. Remember all the Runes and Masteries and your Passive Damnation all these things will make you VERY tanky mid game so having that extra bit of health goes a long way.

This item is very important for Thresh since he will be likely going into the enemy team when he is able to pull someone. This would create a reactionary response from your team. That means they will follow you into the enemy team if you pull the right person, E.G AD or AP. So you would want to have this item to keep your team nice and tanky. Moreover it's also a great item to just have on support xD

Plus OR
You would want to use Ninja Tabi because if you are still in lane phase it gives you more armor which will make Thresh super tanky. Now in terms of Enchantments, Enchantment: Captain is a great item on Thresh because when your team needs to run to you to use your Dark Passage it gives them an extra boost of speed to catch up to you.

This item will help your team to be able to catch up to you when you are about to use your Dark Passage or your team is getting chased and you want to keep a long distance from the enemy team. This burst of speed can keep that distance and you can also throw out your lantern to your teammates that are hanging back or too slow to catch up to the team when retreating.


This basically helps your team to become even more tanky and have that extra magic resists. This item is a must have when you are playing support!!!!

This item really depends on how fed the enemy brusier or AD is. If they are extremely fed then this item is great. Since it's slow down of enemy attack speed and also it gives a nice cooldown reduction. Remember when you play Thresh you will always go into the enemy team if you hook onto the right person. Once you are in the enemy team your frozen heart's aura will be in range :)

This item basically is help your Thresh gain more health and armor so he will be very Tanky when he goes into the enemy team and apply his CC towards the enemy AP or AD. It's more of a survival item for him. Plus it's magic burn damage gives it a nice extra cook on the AD and AP Carries.

AND These two items pretty much serve the same purpose as the Frozen Heart when used on Thresh. Once you go into the enemy team you can activate Randuin's Omen and the slow will keep the AP or AD in place for your brusier to mop up. Moreover these two items can also be used to protect your AD carry from the enemy brusier. Both of them serve slow CC and keeps them off your AD or AP. Also both of these items scale off Thresh really well since Thresh uses AP for damage and also he's super tanky late game. With these items Thresh becomes a walking CC nightmare for the enemy team.

This item bascially used to make sure your AD does not get CC'd and get mobbed by the enemy team. This item is also really great on Thresh if the enemy team have junglers like Maokai Skarner Fiddlesticks Warwick Ellise that can Snare or stun your AD. This item also helps your support get out of enemy support's ults that can stun them like sona's Crescendo.

This is another great item on Thresh if you need some MR, this not only grants you MR but also movement speed and AP damage. Which all works awesome with Thresh. This item is usually can be used for chasing enemies or keeping enemy brusier from you AD.
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Early-Mid-Late Game Play Style.

Early Game
Now if you follow through with the runes and masteries then you will be one tanky support early game. The key in playing Thresh early game is to play a little bit passive and keep collecting those SOULS! You can trade damage with the enemy support of AD with your auto since once you stack up your passive on your Q, you will do magic damage.

Remember the more souls you collect, the more damage your passive will do! Simply keep poking them WITH your AD. Do NOT POKE without your AD's help. This is very crucial. Coordinate with your AD at the start of the match to tell them that you want to poke down the lane and they would need to help you. This way you can start bullying out the enemy lane or force them to drink those heal pots!!! But Keep in mind early game you don't have boots so over extending can be dangerous. WARD THEM BUSHES!!! Remember to always ward river and the side brush so you can poke their support down if they do decide to hide in the bushes in the lane. You can play a little more aggressive once you have all three abilites. Once you land your Q then drag him back, then pull into him. However, if the enemy team have a support champ that can stun you, throw your lantern to where you are going to pull into first. Then you fly into him so you have that nice shield to help you take less damage. Now remember you do not NEED to fly into them.

Kind of like Lee Sin's Q. EVERYONE wants to fly in, I know trust me.... I want to aswell... your Q can be a good way to CC the enemy since it holds them in place for about 1.5 seconds. Once you fly in then you use your E to Flay them up and towards your AD so they can do max damage to them. Now the reason why you would drop the lantern down at where you are going to fly into is that if the enemy is bursted down fast, and about to die and they flash away.

You and flash in with them and your AD can run up to your lantern and Teleport to where you are to finish the final blow with ignite or auto or abilities. Moreover, this way their support will find it difficult to CC your AD since he basically flies forward.

Mid Game
Mid game is where Thresh shines. Right about now your Passive has stacked up nicely and you should by now have about 100 armor or more depending on how well you have collected the pokemon souls I mean souls.... and that you bought tabi shoes. This is when you can really bully out the enemy AD, This build that I made is simply let you out scale the enemy support in terms of Armor and tankiness. Mid game is where you can really do the poking and hopefully by now your AD will have more items and CS then the enemy AD if you both played it right. Remember, more armor and heal will always get the better trade early game and that's KEY!! At this time you should be dominating your lane pretty well now and your jungler will be able to sneak up to get ganks. Use your lantern and drop it next to the jungler and you GO RIGHT INTO THEM.

IF your jungler is smart he would follow through and BAM!!! FREE KILLS!!!. Once technique you can use is drop your lantern down next to the jungler then Land your Q and wait for your Jungler to Teleport to you. RIGHT when is Teleports to you IMMEDIATELY PRESS Q AGAIN and your jungler will come right next to the enemy with you. It's very hard to pull off but with practice Thresh's Lantern can be very deadly and scary in lane phase.

There are a lot more combinations and skill setups I can mention but that will take forever, but if you guys really want to learn more setups let me know and I'll create another chapter just for you guys :)

Late Game
This is where Thresh kind of falls off the OP scale. By now lane phase should be over! and every one is doing the baron, dragon or tower dancing. Now for Thresh he has two options here.

1) Act as a tool for the team brusier to fly into the enemy team to kill the AP or AD.
2) Act as a suppressor against enemy Brusier that comes flying in to kill off your AD.

I shall explain both :)

1) Now the thing about Thresh is that he can be CC'd so going into the enemy team is very dangerous, that's where the tankiness comes into play. If he is tanky enough he should be able to live long enough for your team to follow through. So here is a setup that you can do to help out your Brusier to get to the back line. Drop a lantern down next to your team and pull into the enemy team. It doesn't matter who it is just DO IT!!. Now here is the problem. Usually if the enemy team have CC or heavy in CC you wouldn't want to do that. If they don't then you can simply pull into the enemy team. Now once you are into their team, flash right next to their AP or AD and drop your R and E down. This way the prop up prevents them from flashing away.

Now your brusier if done right will be able to grab onto your lantern and fly with you right next to the enemy AD or AP without using flash. This way it gives them the ability to chase if the enemy flashes away. or you can do the same process but you want to wait for the enemy team to initiate or your team to initiate with the CC. Alway ALways remember, Thresh can be CC bad and he has NO escapes so once you go all in you have to commit. It's a one way trip and there is no TURNING BACK!!! lol.

You can do the same strat but instead of carrying your brusier with you, you can carry your Tank who has CC. Remember these are very coordinated attacks so COMMUNICATION IS KEY. A successful Thresh really relies on team communication. If you don't like to talk to your team then you may have problems down the line with Thresh.

2) Now Thresh has a lot of different CC so what you can do is to protect your AD from incoming Brusiers. Simply first drop your ult right around your AD so when the brusier come flying in he gets slowed. Knock him back with your E then if he flash forward grab him back with your Q. DO NOT USE YOUR Q till the last minute. Becuase this can really be a life saving moment.

Becuase if the enemy flashes then your E will NOT be able to reach them, but your Q can. Now brusiers like Olaf is just ****ing ******ed I'm sorry to cannot CC what you will have to do is PRAY and hope that your AD can get away from him until his ult is down. Once his ult is down, Exhuast him, walk up to him and drop your Ult right at his FACE!!! then E him and if he still tries to go after your AD Q his *** and drag him back to you. Easy there OLAF!!!.

Thresh can really protect your AD or AP during teamrights because of that slow. It really helps your AD be able to get away from brusiers. Now if the brusier say comes right next to your AD then simply drop your lantern right next to your AD and have them Teleport to you. Since Supports usually don't get focus down in team fights. This helps your AD to preposition themselves in a fight and remember even if your AD is stunned he still can use your lantern. OP I KNOW!!! GREEN LANTERNS UNITE!! MUHAHAH lol....

Moreover you can alway use your wards to position your AD better, if your team is winning in fights then drop your lantern down next to your AD and go after the remaining enemy team. Remember with THRESH you ALWAYS want to be close to the enemy if possible if you are on the offensive.

If you are on the defensive you want to be away from the enemy team so your teammates (Usually AD) can teleport to you safely. This is KEY on being a good Thresh and a trash Thresh...oh look that rhymes haha xD
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Ability Combos, Set Up for Potential Ganks (Visual Examples)

Here are a list of different combos for different situations.

1) If you know you are able to land your Q then simply follow this combo either with your jungler or your AD if your AD.

+ +DRAG BACK+ACTIVATE Q AGAIN+ + + (On the target champ).

This combo is a sure kill unless the AD or Support has flash to get away from your combo, but you have already CC them so much that they can't really get away too far.

2) Another combo to use is when you are tanky enough to walk right up to the AD or the Support and CC them. Here is the combo.

a) If you walk up to their SUPPORT first then you would want to use this combo.

(Towards your AD or Jungler)+[ + + (PUT IT ON THE ENEMY AD+ +DRAG BACK+ACTIVATE Q AGAIN (IF their Support tries to flash away then this is when you would use Q to grab them back!!!)

This combo is risky because this opens up their AD to free damage your AD or YOU. So only do this combo when you know your AD can out damage the enemy AD and you ALSO HAVE Exhaust that you can put on the enemy AD if they do decide to attack your AD during this combo.

b) If you walk up to their AD use this combo.

(Towards your AD or Jungler)+[ + + (PUT IT ON THE ENEMY AD)+ +DRAG BACK+ACTIVATE Q AGAIN (IF their AD tries to flash away then this is when you would use Q to grab them back!!!)

Potential Ganking Set Ups and Strategies Using Thresh's Dark Passage

Using Dark Passage to help your teammates escape AOE champs.

As you can see in this Picture, you can use your Lantern to toss to your AD when they get slowed by Karthus' Wall of Pain Wall of Pain. This can be a complete life saver for you teammates because not only it keeps your AD away from AOE damage, but it also helps them get re-position during team fights so they can be away from danger.

Another example is against Nunu's Ult. If your ad gets trapped you can help them out.

Lantern is great against Karthus Ult.


This image shows that you are able to sheild your team from a good distance. Even if you are out of the fight it doesn't mean you can't help your team out using your utilities. You can always toss your lantern into a teamfight fairly safe since the range a HUGE. This Shield effect on your teammates is a great way to help your team deal with karthus Ult, and his AOE during teamfights.

Helpful Boost

Ganking Set Ups

This is a very effective way to hide the fact that your jungler is about to come flying into lane, because when you toss your lantern all the way back there the enemy team won't have vision of it since their minions are not pushed up that far. The only way they can see is if they warded that area. But early games they prob won't.


Remember Thresh's Pull RANGE IT HAS RANGE!!!

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Thresh Vs other Supports

Taric: Not too good because Taric has a stun and shatter, if you build Taric as tanky as my build then you will have a hard time laning with him.

Leona: Not too good because Leona just does too much damage and she can burst down your AD in a blink of an eye. Thresh's problem is that his burst damage comes after level 6, so Leona can out burst your damage early game. So be very BECAREFUL!!!

Alistar: Good, Alistar only has CC but no damage, so you can literally just have him pummel you around and if he is bad he will headbutt you to the enemy AD where you WANT TO BE MUHAHAHAH!!!

Soraka: Just wait until she finishes her heal spell, her silence can be a problem, however if you lane your Q you would have enough time to fly into the AD and burst down your combo after she silences you. Remember with soraka always time your burst attacks after she uses her ablilites. You can always just target her to burst down too.

Sona: Poking war pretty much, but if you want to go in early levels against Sona you can. You will outburst Sona easy if your AD is also a burst champs.

Fiddlesticks: Hmmm this one can be a problem because every time you go in on the AD he just fears you so you have to play very careful with this one. Wait for you junglers to gank since his Fear can basically decommission one of your champs when ganking.

Blitz: This one is a pretty good match up, I main blitz so I know that his damage early game isn't great. Once he pulls you near the enemy AD it's pretty much free damage for you. Remember my tanky build for Thresh? So now you are able to tank the damage and trade. Even after level 6 you should be tanky enough to deal with his ult and if he pulls you right next to you their AD PERFECT!!! drop a lantern down near your ad and start CC the hell out of their AD starting with your ULT and E then follow by your Q. And your AD can teleport up right next to do to do burst damage if possible. Blitz is pretty much useless after his burst. So if you can survie that initial burst, you're golden!! KEEP WHIPPING THAT Enemy AD lol

Janna: Just have to watch that tornado and you should do fine. You can out burst Janna or her AD becuase she does no damage.

Kayle: Can be a problem since she has pokes too. You have to commit pulling into her AD if you know you can get the kill, becaus remember her ult is annoying...

Nunu: What his ice balls and you should do ok, make sure you watch out for nunu's level 6 ult and you should be fine. Nunu won't do a lot of burst damage to you so you should be ok and he cannot stun you out of your CCs.

Nami: She is pretty strong against Thresh since once he goes close all she needs to do is to put him in her Aqua Prison and CC him. So you have to be very careful and time your burst when you are against her.

LuLu: Lulu is a very good counter support to Thresh in my opinion, because everytime Thresh pulls the AD or flashes into him, all lulu have to do is Whimsy you and the AD will be able to get out free or she can use Wild Growth to help out her AD. So you have to make sure when you commit to the burst trade that you will come out on top. If not then I would suggest just play the poke game and don't go all in for the burst.

Lulu: Zyra against Thresh can be a little bit hard since she have snare and her ult can prop up Thresh when he goes in on the AD. So if you do decide to go in make sure you can kill the AD in one burst. Keep an eye out on her snares and as for her plants you have enough range to poke it down safetly :)
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Final Notes

I hope this guide have helped you in deciding how you want to play Thresh, I personally think he's a great Lane partner for the AD since he can be tanky and annoying as hell to fight against. He can not only set up ganks but set up escape routes for your AD. He's like a friend that the AD has always being looking all their life!!!! PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE Thresh is one of the hardest support champs to play since all his abilities are mostly skill shots and it takes time to get use to.

I'm not saying I'm already an expert on him, but I really think he's a very good champ for your team. I can't wait for pro players to pick him up and see the crazy things that they can do with him.

But remember COMMUNICATING With your team is key for a successful Thresh, you don't want to be a TRASH THRESH!!!. Take your time to master him if you can and you WILL. I believe in all of you and I do believe there is a Green Lantern inside every one of you xD

Good luck with Thresh and please don't give up on him. I think he's a really great support and I would hate to see him drop out like Nami.

I can put out more support guides if people want me to :) I'll be happy to help!! :D

Good luck to you all and GO SUPPORTS!!!!!
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Info On Aggressive Support

This type of aggressive play style has it's positives and negative points, and I'll list them all down and you decide whether or not that this type of play style is good for you. If it is I guess you should read on. If not well....keep reading anyway hahaha xD

+ Being able to poke down the enemy AD and support to force them to burn summoner spells, pots, prevent them from roam other lanes.
+ Your AD will always come out ahead in terms of CS count.
+ The enemy AD or Support will always have low health which makes your jungler ganks more possible and the enemy ganks less threatening.
+ Enemy ganks will be less threatening since only the enemy jungler will have close to full health.
+ Your AD will have more health than the enemy AD if trades goes in your favor.
+ Able to damage or take down the enemy tower faster.
+ Your jungler wouldn't need to worry about ganking bot lane too much so the jungler would be able to help our Mid and Top lane more.
+ Makes your jungler more easier to steal buffs or counter jungle due to the pressure that is applied at the tower. The enemy bot lane can not leave their lane or else you and your AD will start chunking down the tower.
+ More likely to get dragon.

- The enemy Support will have more points in the Utility Masteries.
- Your lane is more likely to get ganked if lane isn't warded or warded right. But I will get to this point later on.
- Your jungler would find it harder to gank from river so he would have to gank through lanes (Walking into the bush up in the lane to gank).
- Other lanes may be more likely to gank your lane since you are pushed up. But if your lanes are winning they shouldn't be able to roam down as much.
- Enemy support's Gold Per Ten Count will be higher than yours.
- Enemy Support may have more Experience then you due to them maxing out "Awareness" experience earned.

These are most of the Postivie and Negative points. I'll add more if I can think up more :)

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