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Blitzcrank Build Guide by CFCryo

Top Top Blitzcrank - The Great Steam Juggernaut

Top Top Blitzcrank - The Great Steam Juggernaut

Updated on March 23, 2020
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League of Legends Build Guide Author CFCryo Build Guide By CFCryo 50 4 143,044 Views 2 Comments
50 4 143,044 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author CFCryo Blitzcrank Build Guide By CFCryo Updated on March 23, 2020
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Runes: Mana-Greedy

1 2 3
Presence of Mind
Legend: Tenacity
Coup de Grace

Manaflow Band

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Win 53%
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Support Role Ranked #3 in
Support Role
Win 53%
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Champion Build Guide

Top Blitzcrank - The Great Steam Juggernaut

By CFCryo
Hello and welcome to my Blitzcrank Top guide. Though mostly for AD Blitzcrank, there is also an AP Blitz build I played around with for a bit. Both have had success but I would be extremely hesitant to climb with it, or ask anyone else to.

What I do know, however, is that Blitzcrank's W is comparable to Master Yi's Highlander in Attack Speed and Movement Speed, and his E is a short-cooldown Auto Attack reset that knocks up and deals 200% of your Total Attack Damage as damage. He has great synergy with Sheen and Trinity Force as a result, as well as plenty of AD items such as Blade of the Ruined King, and the new Death's Dance. You'd be surprised just how many other fighters Blitzcrank can stand up to when you give him the Conqueror rune!

Also, hello! I'm Cryo (or Cryobeat), an Off-Meta player that creates off meta builds pretty much all the time and tries to make them work in the most effective way they possibly can. My other builds include AD/Manatank Kassadin, AD Thresh, AD Drain Tank Warwick, and others. The latter two of these I have a guide for here on MOBAFire! The rest you may be able to find on my YouTube channel, Cryo.

Anyway, let's jump right into the Blitzcrank's abilities to understand how he functions as a fighter.
Mana Barrier is a powerful ability that can catch opponents off guard, and prevent enemies from trying to finish you off under turret or otherwise. It has fairly recently been buffed to scale with maximum mana rather than current as well, meaning you don't have to worry about using up mana when considering your passive shield.

The notorious Rocket Grab is what landed the Fighter Blitzcrank in the support role for many years. That said, its usefulness doesn't suddenly diminish in top lane. Use it to engage or save it to pull enemies in after they use Flash! Great for ganking, or being ganked, as well!
Pulling enemies under turret is also great too

Overdrive is basically Master Yi's Highlander at the cost of being slowed at the end of it. You get a ton of attack speed and movement speed at a low cooldown, and on a basic ability. Add some AD, on-hits, or your Ult passive and watch the damage!

As a note, watch when you use it. Using it early can help you catch up, but you may miss DPS by wasting some of the buff duration, AND of course, slow yourself before finishing an enemy. Using it too late could lead to you not catching them and therefore doing no damage at all, however. Get a feel for using it for damage, not just to clutch a Q.

Causes your next auto attack to deal 200% Total Attack Damage instead of 100%, and knock up the enemy for a second as well. Levelling it reduces the cooldown all the way to 3 seconds, which is incredible. We also aim for 40% CDR in every build, so you'll be popping people left and right.
It also functions as an auto-attack reset, so it's synergy with AD Juggernaut/Bruiser-style builds needs no explaining.

Static Field's passive (rather new) stacks up to 3 times per enemy when you auto-attack them. Each second, a charge is used up to strike lightning upon them, dealing 50, 100, or 150 magic damage each. Pretty cool, right?

As AD, it's just an extra, delayed on-hit which is nice. If you aim to build AP, Nashor's Tooth is all the attack speed you need, allowing you to comfortable maintain 2-3 stacks of it on an enemy. Meanwhile, the autos build your Conqueror stats and lead to the big burst of your Ult's Active. You do not need more attack speed than that. As AD, it still has good synergy with the AD you build, but as AP, attack speed that goes over stacking 3 times is practically wasted.

The Active of Static Field is a huge burst AoE around Blitzcrank that does a tiny silence, mostly to interrupt channels and prevent clutch spells (Ekko ult, Zed shadow swap) that are easier for you to predict and time your silence. However, using Ult Active disables the passive until it's back off Cooldown.In a duel, use your passive for as long as you can until your ult can secure a kill, especially as AP.
Conqueror is fantastic on all juggernaut/bruisers, and usually, when a bruiser who doesn't have it fights one that does, the one with Conqueror wins out. You need it, basically.

We also take all the mana-related runes like Manaflow Band and Presence of Mind. You don't have to take them, but they relieve Blitzcrank of some of his mana issues and buff up Mana Barrier. This frees you up to build different items rather than Sheen/Tear first every game. In fact, we don't even build Tear!

Grasp of the Undying is something I haven't tested, but sounds great on paper for a more defensive, tradey lane rather than constantly all-in brawling.

Also worth mentioning Transcendence. It is a greedy rune to take, but it means you should not be afraid of capping CDR. Since so many of Blitzcrank's favourite items have 10%-20% CDR, Transcendence can free you to take more of those items at once without losing gold efficiency. It's crazy how much adaptive force it can grant you at times!
Item Build
A great starting item for bruisers. Though you may think you get enough sustain from Doran's Blade's lifesteal, that would require attacking minions. So if you're zoned with Blade rather than Shield... You'll be low for a long time.

Harder sustain, and mana sustain, for dealing with annoying ranged champions like Teemo.

Early Items to Build

Phage has AD and HP, perfect for AD Bruisers, and a movespeed passive to help you engage, chase, and flee. It builds into Trinity Force.

Mana and CDR are useful, and Blitzcrank's E has great synergy with Sheen effects. However, lacks stats for all-in engages compared to building AD.

AD and lifesteal synergy well with both Overdrive and Power Fist, as your E's damage is completely compatible with lifesteal. May lack the security of Phage, but can build into Death's Dance as a well-rounded, all-in-one bruiser item, or Blade of the Ruined King for an amazing boost to DPS.

It may seem bonkers to build attack speed when you already have so many, but this does help you stack Conqueror faster and rely on the AD and lifesteal from that. You would build this first potentially in an AP build, but it's important NOT to pick up Doran's Ring or Amplifying Tome before level 6, as they AP is practically useless without your ultimate. Conqueror stacking for AD is perfect with your Overdrive and Power Fist, but stacking AP once you have Static Field is a crescendo of bursty magic damage that is really cool to pull off.

Full Items

Of course it is mentioned first. You don't always have to build it, but it has basically everything you need besides Lifesteal. Phage gives stickiness, Sheen gives burst that times well with your low E cooldown. Speaking of which, it gives 20% cooldown reduction. Overall amazing item unless you feel the need for something else first.

First of all, Death's Dance was recently changed as of 10.6, lowering it's AD from 80 to 50, but giving it 30 Armor and Magic Resistance. This makes it an incredible fit for most AD bruisers, such as Blitzcrank. AD works well with W and E, as does lifesteal, and the resistances help you play almost like a drain tank. Cooldown Reduction and the passive damage resistance are also really cool.

Definitely off meta now, even for Blitzcrank. It again gives you everything you need. Attack speed, an on-hit to synergy with W, attack damage, movement speed stealing for Blitzcrank's slow ***, and all of that works brilliantly for helping Blitzcrank deal DPS. Of course, it's anti-tank properties are also great and are a great reason to buy it. It is low in defense, however, and that should be quickly built up in your next items.

Ravenous Hydra is BIG AD with plenty of lifesteal and helps Blitzcrank waveclear without popping ult. This screams "splitpush duelist" andw works incredibly well with builds that promote that. Lacks the utility of the two other lifesteal items, but whoever said you were limited to just one?

Big armor, like BIG armor. 110 armor plus a good chunk of mana for your passive makes you ridiculously effective against physical damage. 20% Cooldown Reduction is always appreciated, especially with Transcendence, and the Attack Speed slow is great when dealing with all sorts of auto-attacking champions, and of course, the enemy's ADC.

Primary magic resist item for Blitzcrank grants MR, CDR, Health, Mana, and magic damage amplification to scale your ultimate's on-hit as well as any other magic damage your team offers. Great item overall, and builds from Catalyst which can be valuable sustain in lane.

Health, mana, armor, cooldown reduction, and a great movement speed/slow active. A fantastic armor item if you can afford the slot and aren't in dire need for Frozen Heart or Thornmail, though you can take both if appropriate.

Alternate Items

Defensive version of Trinity Force. Gives plenty of armour, mana, and CDR, and is way cheaper. The Sheen proc does half of Trinity's damage, but also grants an area slow which can help Blitzcrank stick. Definitely worth it against AD teams.

Defensive version of Ravenous Hydra. More health and scaling with health synergies with other items like Sterak's Gage that grant lots of health. Overall, less damage and less lifesteal, but can be more appropriate given team comps and build choices.

Arguably an alternative to Sterak's Gage as Lifeline does not stack. Maw can be bought reliably against AP team comps and fed, bursty mages, and Hexdrinker can be bought as early as Lane Phase. The AD is also welcome, as is the CDR.

Alternative to Frozen Heart. Grants comparable armor, but no mana or CDR. You mostly take this against enemies with healing... but that usually means everyone given the current meta.

Why build too much armor when you can build armor and attack damage? The revival passive can help you be more aggressive and daring in teamfights, but does not help much with dueling and split pushing at all, so best to wait till lategame to buy this.
If you've played Sett, well Blitzcrank was Sett before it was cool. An auto-attacking, pure-melee juggernaut with a single pull and a movement speed boost, plus a clutch shield that can be save you at low health. It's insane how similar they are.

Blitzcrank has much more CC available to him through the low cooldown of his E, and his ultimate's Shield Burst ability actually makes him effectively counter Sett when played right. But anyway, let's talk more generally.

You want to sustain with Doran's Shield to shrug off enemy poke, last hit what you can and maybe push a little for Level 2. If you get Level 2 Advantage, confidently level Overdrive and rush at your enemy. Use Power Fist to reset your auto attack for a nice chunk of damage. Either you win a fight, especially with Ignite, or burn a flash, or massively win a trade. Just don't Ignite too soon.
If the enemy gets Level 2 first, you can back off. If the engage, use your Power Fist to knock them up and disengage.

Playing from ahead can allow you to pressure, line up Rocket Grabs to take them away from their tower or into yours, and in general dominate over them like you would if you were Sett or similar champions. Just don't get cocky against dangerous champions like Renekton and Jax.

Once you hit Level 6, you hit a major powerspike not only with your ultimate's active, but the passive on-hit as well. Stack the lightning upon your enemy in full all-ins confidently, or quickly auto and reset with Power Fist to trade and walk away, allowing the lightning to hit them from a safe distance.

Playing from behind though is horrible. Blitzcrank is so horrifically melee that it will be hard for you to get any farm if frozen away from your tower. If you are behind, try your very best to freeze it at or near your tower. Not only does this allow you to CS some, but you can try for Rocket Grabs to pull the enemy under your tower. If they take aggro, be sure to Power Fist to CC them there for an extra tower shot or two.

If behind, be sure to farm up some decent damage and tank stats before you try anything daring.

Mid game, Blitzcrank's roaming, ganking, and tower-destroying potential can shine. Using Overdrive's attack speed and Power Fist's attack damage and reset, as well as Sheen if you have it, really rip towers to shreds just like Sett can. Be sure to roam to other lanes after you win yours, and if yours is truly lost and tower is being destroyed, you're better off trying to use that gank potential and make a comeback that way.

Lategame, Blitzcrank is a beastly juggernaut with a terrifying hook. The difference between this and support is that enemy champions, squishies especially, will be afraid of your Rocket Grab even when you are alone. Correct use of Overdrive and Power Fist will spell your victory or defeat not only in teamfights, but in the game as well.

Like most things, this is merely a guide, and it is hard to tell you exactly how to play something in a game so vast like League of Legends. You will have to try him yourself if it interests you and get a feel for it. Though I can hardly say anything further, I do have a few videos on this champion and build, and hopefully more to come!

A lot of the item builds in this guide are not set in stone, and may not be the perfect ways to play. I have been constantly switching between several, including AD, AP, and starting trinity force or Blade of the Ruined King, so feel free to experiment with what you think could work as well!
Like I mentioned, I have a YouTube Channel that revolves around off-meta builds. Here are the videos I've uploaded about Top Blitzcrank so far:

This Is How I Play Blitzcrank

A bit like a demonstration of everything I've talked about in a mini-memetage vid. Enjoy!

"Nerf Towers Pls"

A mix of Thresh Top and Blitz top pulling people under towers because people fall for it way too often:

And of course, once again, here's my channel. If you like the content, I appreciate all likes and subscriptions, and read every comment if and when I can!
Overall, Blitzcrank was originally a fighter when he first came out many, many years ago. He's outdated for sure by today's standards, but certain changes and buffs have given him some of that ability back. With the right approach, he can stand toe-to-toe with other juggernauts, but he will lack their consistency and ease-of-use.

Top Blitzcrank will not be giving you Freelo.

Though it is very fun and may have extra potential that I have not unlocked, I think he is a little too hit-or-miss with laning, and lacks impact beyond amazing Qs to carry games and scale elo consistently. Amazing Qs can be done by support Blitzcranks, but then again, a support Blitzcrank can hardly 1v1.

Be sure to experiment yourself and see if you find anything that works better! Thanks for reading my Top Blitzcrank guide!
League of Legends Build Guide Author CFCryo
CFCryo Blitzcrank Guide
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Top Blitzcrank - The Great Steam Juggernaut

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