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Lulu Build Guide by Drizzable

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Drizzable

Top Lane Lulu - The Laugh of all Laughs

Drizzable Last updated on June 1, 2013
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Yes, you did read the title right. Lulu can be played in the top lane. As an unconventional top laner, Lulu works effectively to shut down melee champions in the lane, as well being an exceptional force in team fights late game.

This guide will help you to become the laughing a**hole in the top lane that everyone thought was trolling, picking up kills and proving to everyone else how badass this little champion actually is.

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Pros / Cons

Ranged poked is very useful against melee champions if they cannot get to you
Easy escape in the 1v1s with whimsy and glitterlance slow
Past 6, ulti is incredibly useful in teamfights
Hard to pick against if the enemy team do not suspect Lulu in the top lane

Without the right play style she is very easy to kill in the top lane
Squishy against high damage champs such as Riven or Zed.
Makes you look like a troll if you play her badly
Does take a relatively high amount of skill

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Runes are shown at the top of the page. Be sure to take armor seals and magic resist glyphs, as these provide the defence that stops LuLu from being killed easily in the top lane.

Basically, the runes are like most other top lane runes. Attack damage with lots of armor to take hits from the enemy champion.

A small note to take into account is that you could use a 1 life steal quint instead of 3 attack damage ones. This would allow for slightly more sustain and allow you to heal back up from range if you are poked by the enemy top lane. #

My suggested runes are:

X3 (For large scale damage against champions from range)
X9 (To stop Lulu from being so quite so squishy in lane)
X9 (To enable Lulu to survive longer in team fights in late game situations)
X9 (Again, to ensure that Lulu has a high damage rate on enemy champions.

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The items for top lane Lulu may come as a surprise to some. Seeing as Lulu is a magic based champion, the items put on Lulu should be those which give her armor and health, as well as AP and AD for her abilities.

Although Lulu is very squishy if she can be reached by melee top lane champions, her escape and poke mean that any good player should be able to deal regular harass damage, so that the enemy champion is kept low. This way, an enemy is less likely to go all in, and is more likely to wait for ganks, in order to make plays.

As seen above, try to rapidly build as much attack damage and ability power early as possible. Using an elixir as a first item is a great way of snowballing the lane. If you can get an early kill or first blood using an you can then recall and get a first back. With any extra gold, buy pots and wards, in order to help your jungler. Then, on second back, buy attack speed, such as , or something such as a . These items give lulu the ability to deal large poke damage and attack quikly against enemies in the top lane, as well as providing early team fight impact.

Rushing and give Lulu insane amounts of power. The life steal and AD from the Blade of the Ruined King provide massive sustain in lane, and then the Trinity Force provides the ability to deal more attacks to an enemy champion than they do to you. The Blade of the Ruined King can be used in both offensive and defensive ways, and as most players know this already, I will say no more.

The other items in the suggested build are just personal preference (with help from Xodera, EUW). As long as you aim to build Blade of the Ruined King and Trinity Force, anything which increases both attack damage and attack speed is useful. One item I would suggest getting is the Spirit of the Elder Lizard. This item is both cheap compared to other items, and has one of the best unique passives in the game for dragon and baron steals.

Remeber, snowballing the lane is a must for this champion pick. If you allow the enemy top lane to stay level with you throughout the early game, then you will be killed once they become tanky in the mid game. Ganks from the jungler would help greatly in the early game, and can often help to ensure that you win your lane (just like any other match).

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Skill Sequence

Follow the skill sequence shown above in most circumstances. If struggling to avoid damage, you may take another few points in Help Pix! early. The shield should help to block most of the poke during lane phase if used right.
Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Little more needs to be said about skill sequence, as this should be adequate for most situations in game.

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Summoner Spells

Summoner spells on AD Lulu are a hard one. the four main Summoner spells I use frequently are:

Exhaust is useful when you have slippery champions with several escapes, or a long range escape (e.g Vi). Exhausting them can be used to secure the kill.

Flash is my most common summoner spell on Lulu, simply because it offers another possible escape if the worst comes to the worst.

Ignite is also very frequently used by me on Lulu. It means that I do not have to heavily dive towers when going for a kill, as long as I get down some good damage. Tower diving with Lulu is not a good idea, so this is sound summoner spell to use.

Lastly, teleport is a very useful ganking method on Lulu. By teleporting bot lane, you can use Lulu like a 2nd support and easily get kills on their ADC and support, because of Lulu's strengths in that area.

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Farming in the top lane is actually very easy with Lulu. With glitterlance and ranged attacks, Lulu can quite easily rack up a large amount of minion kills in a short space of time. Against a melee champion in the top lane, such as Trynd, you can almost take CS with no competition, as long as you go in to get it at the right time.

Against ranged top lane champions such as Quinn or Karthus, Lulu needs to be played in a more defensive manner. In pre-6 circumstances, you can simply use to poly-morph the opposing champion so that they back off, and then use glitterlance to take some of the minions while mopping up the rest with auto-attacks.

If you can hit the enemy champion with glitterlance, this makes farming even easier. The slow effect from glitterlance means that the champion will not be able to keep up with you if they try to engage. Take the minions, and then simply use or for the escape.

After level 6 has been reached. You need only be aware of your escape possibilities. Try to keep Whimsy or Help Pix! up if you believe the enemy champion may be about to go all in or you suspect a gank may be coming.

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Team Work / Team Fights

Because Lulu is also played as a support, her role in team fights is substantial. Think of a team fight with 2 supports, but one of them doing **** tonnes of damage. Got that picture? Yeah, that'll be how it goes if AD Lulu gets fed. With her ultimate (Wild Growth), Lulu can ensure that the team fight is initiated by the tank of the team. By popping her ulti onto the tank when they engage, the knock-up provides an opportunity to deal heavy damage while the enemy team can do very little. A perfectly timed ulti should allow your team a massuve headstart in teamfights, if it is your team that initiates.

After the ulti, Lulu should aim to be positioned in a similar way to that of the AD Carry. Placing Whimsy on enemies as much as possible and Help Pix! on them whenever you can aim to fire off as many glitterlances and auto attacks as possible.Dealing huge damage in the background of fights is the role of AD Lulu. If closed down, you are as good dead.

Positioning is the key to being useful in team fights. Bad positions = easy target = death.

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Useful Tips / Advice

Early Game:

If you manage to snowball your lane early. Lulu can be used to effectively shut down other lanes. If there is very little ward coverage throughout the map, try moving down to mid lane and using glitterlance on the enemy. If you can hit a successful glitterlance, then your mid lane champ may be able to secure a kill. If you believe that the enemy champ may deal a high rate of damage, then use Whimsy to polymorph them as well. This will ensure the kill.

Because of your support-like capabilities, AD Lulu could also play a role in the bot lane with the ADC. If you run Teleport as one of your summoner spells, a successful teleport down to bot lane followed by a glitterlance and ulti onto the ADC can help a turret dive and secure kills for your main carry.

However Lulu is only an effective top laner if she can get early kills. this should be your main priority before you go helping other lanes.

Mid Game:

Mid game Lulu can be used well in turret dives and team-fights. An initiation under a turret may be viable if your tank is high health, and the enemy team have been poked down already. For example, if a Jarvan IV initiated with his Cataclysm , then an ultimate onto him may allow him to take tower aggro for just the few extra seconds to secure the kills. For even more support while diving, placing Help Pix! onto the tank may take more damage from the tower.

BE WARNED THOUGH, tower diving alone on Lulu is a bad idea. Wait for either your jungler or another tanky player to come along before trying anything risky underneath the tower.

Late Game:

Late game goes very much the same way as the mid game, but at this point you will be aiming to deal as much damage as possible onto the enemy ADC and Mid Lane champions. Using glitterlance and Help Pix! on these champions can provide severe poke, giving your team the slight advantage when a team-fight occurs. As usual, you should be aiming to place your ulti onto the ADC (so that they can close down kills) or onto the tank/ jungle so that they can take as much aggro as possible and survive. Only place you ulti onto yourself if you believe that you will be able to take the damage from the champions and still get kills.

Stealing Buffs:

Lulu can be extremely efficient at stealing buffs. If you have ward coverage onto an enemy buff camp (e.g. Acient Golem Camp), then a well timed Glitterlance, can steal away the blue buff, and allow Lulu to gain a massive advantage in her lane. Always be looking to take blue buffs away from enemy mid laners when ever possible, as you can then help your mid lane to win their lane as well.

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AD Lulu is an unconventional champion pick, which people will not expect. If you want to have fun while playing a game, and drive the enemy champion demented by laughing at them, then hey, maybe you should pick Lulu a bit more.

(Little tip: Picking top Lulu first means that the enemy team may pick a counter to her. Therefore, you can deceive enemy top laners and support players into picking wrong champions that can be countered.)

Have fun out there on ye' old rift, and take into account that this is my first guide!