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Quinn Build Guide by Dirtbaq



Updated on March 2, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dirtbaq Build Guide By Dirtbaq 4,618 Views 0 Comments
4,618 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Dirtbaq Quinn Build Guide By Dirtbaq Updated on March 2, 2013
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Hi and Hello everyone! ;)
My name is kARMALOOP the Dirtbaq and this is my first Guide, so I'm going to keep it short!
You all know Quinn and Valor, fun Abilitys, Mechanics and a awesome Skin.

Many might think Quinn? Toplane? But yea, i feel like that she's more of a Toplane Assassin or even a Jungler. Didnt try to Jungler with her yet, but i will! Imagine the ganks! :D
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Try it out! It might look random but if enemy champions come for a gank and you toggle your Muramana you do like 800-1000 DMG with the Mark, about 600 withouth it and 100-160 MagicDMG plus Crits and Static Shiv passiv.

Remember to untoggle your Muramana because it Drains your mana really fast and also try to grab up a Blue buff if you can. Its quiet easy to steal the enemy blue with Quinn. Pop W then wait for...wait for it....Q....tadaaaa!!! Bluebuff for free!

If you dont like the concept of Tear of the Goddess into Muramana and how it feels go for Brutalizer into Black Cleaver. Altough spamming your Q is fun!
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Ranked Play

If you're under 1700 ELO which might be around the Gold Divisions; and you can't carry your Team alone then don't even bother Solo Queuing. YOU CANT TRUST RANDOMS!!!

If you want to become better look for a Group of Players around your skill you can play with, solo q will only waste your time tbh.

But of course thats only my Opinion, once I'm ready to carry my Team alone i'll solo q my LIFE
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Pros / Cons

-High DMG output
-Gap closer and escape E
-Thanks too W you're quiet save from Ganks

-Once CC'd and E on CD..well then you're dead!
-E is backfire's if you're Position sucks...dead!
-Withouth Muramana she's easily countered by heavy armor Champs like Malphite
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Final Words

So thats it, have fun playing Quinn!

DA Dirtbaq
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dirtbaq
Dirtbaq Quinn Guide
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