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Lulu Build Guide by Agentkay

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Agentkay

Trolulu - A full support guide *Updated*

Agentkay Last updated on May 16, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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I would first like to state that this is a full support lulu build. This is also my first build. Lulu is a champion I quickly fell in love with and have had great success with. Like any other champion, she has pros and cons. I do not claim this guide to be the be all end all of Lulu, just another approach that I have been successful with.

*** This guide is still being revamped, but I felt that enough had been adjusted and changed to justify this publication. I do hope that you all enjoy the improving guide.

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Alright, so I have obviously taken 9-0-21 in my mastery trees. Why you ask? Well here's why. Early game I take the points in Mental Force for AP, but more importantly so I can get Sorcery and Arcane Knowledge with additional Magic penetration and CDR which is very handy on Lulu. The utility tree is fairly standard in my approach: I take a point in Summoner's Insight for the CDR on flash. Three points into Expanded Mind and Meditation because Lulu is a very mana-hungry champ early on and my build doesn't build a terribly large amount of Mana Regen. One point is Scout because extra vision as a support allows for your entire team to just have a little bit stronger idea of where the enemy team is. Always remember, vision is part of your job. One point in Swiftness for that added mobility. Greed albeit nerfed, is still very handy as a support. With all four points placed into it, and the quints, you already have the effects of one GP10 item. This is beneficial because as Lulu, you will not be getting an enormous CS to work with. The only time you should be snagging some CS is when your carry has to go back. Awareness just gives you a nice edge on experience and allows for you to ward in more advantageous locations that might otherwise leave you underleveled. Intelligence brings our CDR up to 10% right at the beginning of the game. =D *Cheers yay!* and finally a point into Mastermind because some summoner spell CDR is very handy for Lulu indeed.

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Why this build? Why those masteries? God why would you ever put mpen runes

The reason why I named this guide "Trolulu" is because I play a very aggressive early game lulu. Even without AP runes or items, her glitterlance is enough to really screw up many laners and instill fear in your enemy team.As a support, you are not actively farming, this is true, however when your carry that you are supporting leaves lane, you can still hold your own. In fact, I truly believe that Lulu is one of the strongest early-mid game lane holders in the league. The mpen runes are there simply for some added damage in the lane phase to have some extra domination. The other runes are fairly standard for a support, give her a little extra beefiness because she is considerably squishy early game.

I have played both AP and AS Lulus as well. I personally find that AP Lulu falls off in power greatly by endgame. As far as AS Lulu, she's super fun if the enemy team is stupid and doesn't target you first, or conversely cannot target you. Otherwise, I find that she just gets raped before she can do anything particularly useful in a teamfight.

Why this skill sequence? Well, as I have stated already, I play a very aggressive early-mid game lulu. The Q has great damage early game and it's ability to give your carry the edge in a fight is awesome. I use whimsy purely as a utility spell until late game which is why I don't put more points into it earlier. It's great for cancelling channeled ults at any level, a great speedbuff for getting back in lane, and gives your carry an edge in a close fight. The extra length isn't necessary until later. The E is another great spell and whether you level it up or the Q first is up to you, however I recommend Q for ranged purposes and chasing. Later in the guide I will also explain some very handy tricks for this spell.

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Lulu Pros and Cons

Great utility in TFs
High survivability after 6
Can secure early kills in lane
Super strong CC
Awesome versatility

Weak to heavy harassment
Very squishy before 6
Can but shutout in lane phase by long range skill shot shot spam champs such as Ashe Volley, or Cait Q. Subsequently your carry will be underfed.

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Knowing Lulu

This is probably the most important part of this guide. Something I would figure people would know, but don't seem to take advantage of, is Lulu's huge array of utility. If you want to play Lulu you MUST know her skills and what they do and what they CAN do.

- This passive is why Lulu is such a terror in the first few levels. Not only does her skillset allow for great mitigation and control, but this also allows for notable damage that people don't expect. Follows you around unless you cast the shield. At which point it follows the target of the shield around for a few seconds.

- This is a semi-spammable harassment tool of trolling. Use it in lane phase to harass. Use it in teamfights for some extra dmg to their entire team. Use it on a chase to slow the enemy by 80%. Fairly straightfoward skill. More on this later.

- Zomg! Squirrel! But seriously, one of her coolest abilities. A quick and easy cast on the enemy make them unable to do anything except run for a short time. Do note the speed buff aspect, however as it is extraordinarily useful in chases/gank escapes and in just getting back into lane quickly. This skill is very versatile and it is imperative you know when and on whom to use it and when to save it. There is also an AP buff component in this spell that is really negligible. The one occasion that I've seen it really come in handy is when in a team with Ahri. Whimsy while she ults makes her not only have even greater mobility but that extra touch of damage. It's really not worthwhile wasting this spell to improve ap though.

- This skill is deceptively difficult to master. It comes off simple. Throw a shield on an ally, or throw a damaging spell that adds sight to the enemy for a few seconds. Some things that you should note about this spell. Firstly, please realize that when you use this spell on an ally that they get your passive in addition to their autoattacks. You do not have your passive as long as pix is on your ally. This means laning with high attack speed autoattack champions such as fiora or xin zhao can be very beneficial. Also, the way that glitterlance works is that both Lulu and Pix both shoot a lance. So, when pix is on another person, glitterlance fires from BOTH positions. This is extremely useful in chasing should you be lagging behind. Shield your carry, and glitterlance for a slow and, hopefully, a kill. Also, should you find yourself getting shut out in lane, there is one other awesome trick with this spell. You can shield your minions, or enemy minions. So the combination of shield your minion and glitterlance can begin a slow process of harassment, and eventually evens the playing field. As a sidenote, this is VERY effective in ARAM games as a 0% chance of harm harassment technique.Do note that to play Lulu effectively, you must play with an unlocked camera. You will not be able to play her to her full capacity if you do not.

- Her ultimate. It's very cool. Not only does it serve as a way to interrupt channeling ults in a small radius, it basically serves as a strong single person heal with an aura that slows! This is the most amazing chasing ability I have ever seen in lane phase. So, the question becomes, who to use this on? Your options basically boil down to these:

The Tank: They initiate, you pop the ult they are all CCd for an even longer duration your team goes in and rapes yayyyyy victory.

The Almost Dead: Oh nooooeeeees! I'ma gonna die! No wait! I have a pocketed hp load neenerneener. This is also effective for escaping ganks.

The Chaser: He's getting away! *Whimsy Wild Growth* He's dead!

When you use the ult is up to you, but again, it is important to be discriminatory to some degree. A well placed ult can make the enemy team rip their hair out in frustration.

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Summoner Spells

What I use:

- Always a good choice. Easy escapes, also good for the occasional overextending low hp person that underestimates you. Great versatility. Goes well with the versatility that Lulu already possesses.

- Heal is a spell that many people avoid recommending. Lulu is one of the few champions I would actually highly recommend heal. Her only 'heal' of sorts is her ultimate, and while powerful, it certainly doesn't satisfy my tastes. By grabbing heal you have both a summoner spell for your personal survival, but also a spell that can be used to save you or your teammates. I cannot tell you how many times I have run up and saved a teammate with this.

Viable choices:

- A viable replacement for Flash. Particularly for the inevitable time that Riot removes Flash. Extra speed boost for escapes, or for catching up to teammates, or runners. I personally prefer Flash over Ghost due to Lulu's built in speed buff with Whimsy.

- Always a good selection for a support, particularly in ranked games. This would replace heal as a spell and map awareness is always key. However, I have personally had more success with the Heal in teamfights than with the Clairvoyance. It's up to you which you will use.

- Even though you are not a carry in this build, Exhaust can cripple an enemy carry during teamfights, keep a runner from running in lane, and assist in your evading a gank. A versatile skill which is never a bad choice. Personally, I feel that Lulu has enough built in CC for this not the be the best choice, but still it can be useful.

Not as viable:

- Admittedly, Lulu is a bit mana hungry during the early game laning phases. But, with prudence, you will be fine. Also, her mana problems disappear by late game, so this will be a wasted spell slot for later in the game, unless your entire team is perpetually out of mana.

- Moar Powaaaaaa!!!!! Ignite is an excellent spell. That I will not deny. Please remember, you are not a carry with this build. Really, the functionality that you would be going for with this spell would be the debuff attached to it. I think it's ultimately better for your carries to pack this spell than for you.

- Hey, you get ccd, you lose viability. It's a truth. I just don't think that Lulu gets chain stunned and controlled in teamfights as say your Tryndamere or Sion to make it worthwhile. Still, if you find yourself in need of cc reduction, this spell is available. Granted, you could just get Quicksilver Sash and have the same functionality.

- Not an awful choice, quick and easy mobility. But, with Whimsy getting back into lane shouldn't be too big an issue, and you shouldn't, typically, be the one who has to go clean up minion waves in lanes. Still, can be fun with a well organized team.

Never use: Anything else. However I will make a couple of special notes.

- Never. I don't care what champion you play. Just no. This assumes you are planning on dying a lot, and one of the benefits of this build is that you shouldn't be. Also 8 minute CD, really? Useless spell.

- It can be viable for some champions to snag this spell. However, even if you were a carry, one well placed exhaust and your spell if pointless. But, let's remember. You're the cute fairy girl of trolling, not the big hairy king of faceroll Tryndamere.

- Are you a jungler? If the answer to that was yes, then you are reading the wroooooong guide. Don't take this.

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Core build:These are the items I get every game.

philosopher's stone - This should be your first rush item in almost any variation of support Lulu. GP10 and much needed regen for lane sustain makes it an early game must.

- This item might have, quite possibly, the greatest aura ever. You will see a drastic turn in your survivability after just this item. I usually grab it third in my item building scheme after philosopher's stone and boots.

- This item is ultimately the better choice between the boot options. With the MR and the tenacity involved, it makes itself quite handy and really flushes out the early game MR quite nicely.

- This is the best alternative to Mercury's Treads. This really gives an early game edge with the CDR and there have been multiple games where I grab these first and then sell them after I grab Frozen Heart. Not a bad choice. Do note that if you grab these and follow this build as it is, you will have over the cap amount of CDR which we don't want to waste, which is why I recommend Mercury's Treads.

- I only grab these if the enemy team looks something like this: [Tryndamere][Sion][Ashe][Twitch][Volibear]. Otherwise, these are your last choice.

sight ward - Hey, don't forget about these!

My preferred items: My typical build items after core. Not always the same every game, but what I typically strive towards.

- I almost put this into the core build. This item is incredibly perfect for Lulu. It builds a distinctly large amount of armor with some more CDR and flushing out her mana pool and eliminating any mana problems you may have. Also, in team fights you will often be baiting their ad carries pretty hard so the aura does come in quite handy.

- This item is an item for your own survivability and nobody else. It's main function is as follows: Awesome passive against such things as [Rocket Grab], much needed MR, More HP and MP (although your mp problems should be more or less solved by now). This item just greatly improves your overall survivability and subsequently, you will be able to help your team for a greater period of time.

- A final boost to your MR and a little extra touch of AP. Although this is certainly not an AP build, Lulu does scale off of AP, so it does help. Also, as you will likely have some melee carries after you in team fights the aura will be useful, not only for your own spells, but for your AP carries.

shurelya's reverie - The upgrade from your philosopher's stone. A handy active and some more HP make it a welcome addition to the final build.

*****Note that this build, as it stands asks for 7 items if you include wards. Be discriminatory when deciding the right time to buy your last item. Do you need more wards than just eyes on baron and dragon? I would highly recommend keeping room for wards until approximately the 50 minute mark. At which point the game typically turns into run into middle, hump baron, someone dies.

Situational items: A few items that can be good depending on the situation.

- A great item. An even better item if your team is getting rickrolled by a right-clicker. I recommend this over Frozen Heart under these circumstances: Super fed rightclick champion on the enemy team, the enemy team is all AD, the rest of your team has built Frozen Heart and you want to add variation to the armor. This can also be used in conjunction with Frozen Heart if 4-5 of the enemy team is building AD.

- I don't generally like this item. It does, however, have both Armor and MR. The reason why I typically shy away from GA is because by the time you die, chances are, that's the time the rest of your team dies and you're gonna die again and waste the passive. It's rare that I have actually had the passive do much for me other than prolong the inevitable by a few seconds. On the rare occasion that I have gotten this it was a replacement for Abyssal Mask.

- This is the single highest source of MR in the game. So, if the enemy team is all AP, I would grab this. Otherwise, I would stick with Banshee's Veil. The passive doesn't really help Lulu all that much because she doesn't naturally build HP well and this doesn't with that any.

- If you find yourself getting chain********ed by a veritable legion of CC, then you can grab this. I would replace Abyssal Mask.

- Often this is very handy, particularly in the presence of stealthed enemies and such trolls like Teemo. Often a good thing to grab even if neither of the aforementioned are present, simply so you can counterward everything without needing to purchase a billion Vision Ward.

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Laning Partners

Don't lane with Annie. Don't do it. It just won't be as gloriously epic as having someone else.

The best lane partners for Lulu are high attack speed AD champions. Her skillset compliments them well. Whether they be melee or ranged, is up to you and your partner. I have personally had extraordinary success with the following champions in lane.

Xin Zhao
Kog Maw
Sion (AD)
Singed (special tactics must be used. Keep them in his poison as long as possible.)
Nidalee (AD)
* In Progress *

Do take care when laning again long ranged champions that don't need to target you to hurt you like Caitlyn's Q, Ashe's Volley, or Kog Maw's Bio Turret.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you communicate with your laning partner before any killing attempts. Clear communication is key to going in for a kill in lane and making it out alive. Also be aware of the map and if anyone has seen their jungler lately. Don't get too ballsy. Aggressive, not stupid.

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I'll be updating this guide on a fairly frequent basis with further editing and additions to make this a more complete guide for my readers. It is my hope that even if this never becomes one of the top guides for Lulu, that those who do enjoy it will be able to find any information they need here for a support Lulu.