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Trundle Build Guide by ShadowHunterzz

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ShadowHunterzz

Trundle in the Jungle Season 3!

ShadowHunterzz Last updated on March 11, 2013
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Hey im ShadowHunterzz and this is my first guide on mobafire. Im Dutch and play on the EUW server.
I have played League of Legends for 3 years and now I want to make guides and a Youtube Channel.
Trundle is one of my favorite champions because he has an amazing Baseball Skin and amazing taunts and jokes. Also i like to play with the terrain, (and if you are in a trolling mood, you can use your pillar to stuck your allies. :P)
This guide will make you imune to cc with your Contaminate and your Mercury's Treads and your masteries, this all together will give you 67% tenacity in team fights!
I hope my guide will enjoy you and makes you a better Trundle player.

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Pros / Cons

-I keep saying this, very much tenacity on your Contaminate
-Good escapes with your Pillar of Filth and Contaminate
-Anti-Tank with your Agony and anti-AD with your Rabid Bite
-Good Sustain in Jungle and even more in lane, wait after you ganked for a moment in lane, and you will heal up for a good amount of health for free!
-Good Initiate on one person, good for ganks.
-You can spam your Rabid Bite because of a short cooldown and low mana cost
-Low cdwn Ultimate
-Good Counter Jungle with your Contaminate and your Pillar of Filth

-Initiate on a team is sometimes very hard, you cant stuck a whole team unless you are in the jungle and you use your Pillar of Filth
-Using your Agony wrong in team fight can Ruin the fight.
-If underleveled because you are being counter jungled, its hard to get up again. But it's more usual that you are counter Jungling :P
-If Used Pillar of Filth wrong, it can Ruin the Fight or/and the Gank.
-You need your Items to snowball, if you dont get assist or kills because you ganked not very much, you will have not enough money to buy your items, Trundle is a good ganker after lvl 3, so make use of this!
-When used Contaminate too early or too late, you can ruin the gank, or you die because you dont have the tenacity and the epic movement speed.

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Hunter's Machete +5 Health Potion actually the standard items for jungling what also makes your Rabid Bite even stronger.

Boots of Speed+ Madred's Razors. Or Spirit Stone if your mid lane really needs blue and you are spamming and ganking a lot what i normaly do. So i prefer to take Spirit Stone.

Phage this will help you gank because u dont have much cc by yourself after your Pillar of Filth

Mercury's Treads after you get this item, u will have 45 procent Tenacity without your Contaminate!

Spirit Visage this is an amazing item on Trundle, this will make your Decompose and your Agony even stronger!

Frozen Mallet actually the same reason as buying Phage but u will only make it stronger and you become more healthy what is always nice on Trundle as you want to be an initiater.

Warden's Mail later you will upgrade this item to a Randuin's Omen but the Warden's Mail is a good Boost of armor and the passive will make you escape all fights, what is actually the best thing of trundle.

Bilgewater Cutlass , you are going to upgrade this to a Blade of the Ruined King wich is a very good item against tanky champions and your Rabid Bite has got on-hit effect's too, so it will work on this as well.

Randuin's Omen like I said. This is a very good item because of the active in the middle of teamfights. The armor, that is great, the health, you want to be a tanky trundle so 500 HP isn't 'bad' :P.

The Brutalizer, maybe late, but you are gonna build it into a Black Cleaver, Tanks are going to hate you even more :D.

Now finish your Blade of the Ruined King , this item combines really good with your ultimate, tanks are going to hate you.

The Black Cleaver, this combined with the Blade of the Ruined King and your Ultimate Agony will make tanks no longer tanks anymore!

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

I love my Rabid Bite, more attack damage for you, and less attack damage for your enemy, this does work on jungle monsters and minions, so you do also take less damage from buffs and other camps, and you help your whole team with Dragon and Baron. Some creeps while have less than 0 attack damage!

Some people max their Pillar of Filth for the slow and the cdwn, but this is a tanky trundle guide and you want to stack tenacity for escaping all fights and initiate and all the good stuff :D

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For summoner spells i take Flash and Smite, Smite is of course normal for jungling, and Flash is just what i prefer to take for more escaping with trundle :P and initiate.

More good spells on Trundle

Ghost is very good with your Contaminate, and also this is a good summoner spell for initiating and escaping, but i just prefer Flash like i said.

Teleport and Ignite and Exhaust are very good for top laning, u will have more farm and more EXP than your enemy with teleport, and ignite counters champions who have big heals and its just to secure kills and take exhaust if you play to a heavily basic attack based champion like Riven or Tryndamere. But this is a jungle guide so I leave that behind.

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As you can see, i take here the 15 procent Tenacity and the 15 procent redeced slow effects, Slows dont bother you anymore, Stuns doesn't take long also. :D

And i pick the health regen masterie, this is very nice with your passive, the more sustain the better!

I take Armor and Magic resist because you want to be a tanky trundle :P.

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Creeping / Jungling

Trundle is a very good farmer with his Rabid Bite, I think it is the fast basic attack in the game. Also you have a good sustain in the Jungle and good counter Jungle. In top lane you have with your Rabid Bite good last hits, like i said, such a fast basic attack!

Trundle does need his first blue buff, but after that, I prefer to buy a Spirit Stone, after that you don't need blue buff anymore. You can also take Madred's Razor but you have good basic attack damage with your Rabid Bite.

Also there are some good tactics with your Pillar of Filth, place it good and half of the jungle camp wont attack you for the duration, also the raves unless they are ranged!
And if Counter Jungling, you have great escape with the movement from your Contaminate and if you like to be annoying, use your Pillar of Filth up on them, do that a whole game, and they will RageQuit :D

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As I said, such a fast basic attack with your Rabid Bite! Also, if you want to take the last hits, use your Pillar of Filth so you can savely last hit if you place it good. When Playing top lane Trundle, wait for Ganks to kill, dont try to kill by yourself, your job is to have much farm.

(This is what I experienced, but i dont play much Top lane Trundle)

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Team Work

Helping with Pillar of Filth

Trundle is a very good Team Champion, you can help your carries with your Pillar of Filth. Try to place it in the middle of your carry and the enemy, if placed good, you can place it perfect in the middle even if it is a melee champ.

But you have to train on this, you don't want to use it wrong and stuck your team mate.


You have bought Randuin's Omen late game, you can use the active to slow them, also you are a tank and you have massive tenacity, so you actually always escape, you can just walk in and fight and scare them, and if it isn't going well, you just walk out with your Contaminate

Very more isn't there very much you can do, but if placed well, one Pillar of Filth will be enough.

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Unique Skills

Some People think a gank is useless if you don't kill them, wrong. The role of Trundle is to let te enemy team use Flash, just pop your Pillar of Filth Up on them and they will have to flash, and most of the time, if the enemy has got Exhaust they will use it on you because of your epic movement speed when walking on your Contanimate.

But why do you want to burn their Flash and/or Ghost or Exhaust?

This makes your laner secure kills easier, if the enemy hasn't got Flash, it's harder to escape for them.

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Ranked Play

Trundle is a good pick for playing ranked, you have a fast jungle clear and good counter jungling and ganks with your Contaminate, Pillar of Filth. And your Rabid Bite makes you jungle very fast.

The best thing of Trunle in Ranked is, that he will never be banned because he is a underplayed champion :P.

I've not met many Trundle's in Ranked, im not at very high Elo (around silver 2), but it workes for me very well.

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9-3-2013 Uploaded!

I am gonna update it soon with Pictures to help you understand what i mean with good placing Pillar of Filth and Contaminate.

10-3-2013 chapters Ranked Play and Team Work updated, and checked and adjusted my English.