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League of Legends Build Guide Author Weeznaz

Trust Me for 100-0%

Weeznaz Last updated on November 23, 2015
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Introduction: Hello, my name is Weeznaz and I would love to share my guide on my favorite assassin, LeBlanc. LeBlanc is a high early power, high pressure, single target assassin. She can have a dominating laning phase that can handle and be picked blind into almost every enemy mid laner in the game. She has 100-0 potential at level 3! If you have played against her, and want to learn how to play her I hope this guide helps. Bear in mind, this is how I like to play LB. This is not a definitive guide on playing her, but is the way I like to play her.

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Pros and Cons of LB

1. EXCELLENT single target damage
2. Extremely mobile
3. Decent early mana control: Not a mana ***** like Ziggs, she can use her spells a decent amount in the early game. Does require 1 mana regen item though.
4. Has a slow/ potential snare, potential for a double snare.
5. Short cooldowns

1. Lack of spammable waveclear: LB’s waveclear is tied to the Mimic of her Distortion, her mobility spell. She doesn’t want to Mimic for waveclear, but may have to in certain circumstances. Having waveclear means you give up kill pressure.
2. Not the best teamfighter. LB is great at killing ONE target: LB does not do well against multiple enemies when compared to other assassins, such as Katarina and Akali.
3. Long cooldowns in a teamfight situation. After you blow your combo on one person in a team and multiple enemies start attacking you: odds are likely you may have a bad time. Your cooldowns are oriented around beating 1 person, not an entire team.
4. HARD CC: you are squishy, if you are held down by hard CC, even for the smallest amount of time you are dead.
5. Combo Reliant: you are not a Ziggs who can spam one spell an do consistent damage. You need to land your combo in order to deal meaningful damage.
6. Banshee's Veil shuts you down. This one popular situational item can completely ruin your damage combo. With it's spell shield, health, and magic resistance killing the person wearing Banshee's is extremely annoying. this item might as well have a second passive written as : "Buy this item if the enemy team has a LeBlanc".

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Passive: Mirror Image

Mirror Image is a very potent passive that many people don't use correctly. Once a minute, when you drop below 40% health, you spawn a clone that runs in the direction you were facing when your health got popped. For the sake of controls, this clone is coded as a minion, so junglers can use smite it to try and check who is the real LB. This clone is laso considered a pet, and can be controlled as such by using Alt and right clicking it. If you don't do anything, your passive will walk wildly in a random direction, in this case it is pretty easy to tell which LB is which. Instead of Alt Rightclicking the clone I prefer to have my clone mapped to one button and control it by just pressing the button once, and the clone walking to the point you indicated (Similar to how effortlessly you can control Summon: Tibbers on Annie). This will save you time, and help you make clutch plays with LB. The question once you learn to control this passive is what do I do with it.
There are three general clone controlling techniques I use

1. I have it run in the opposite direction of myself, have the enemy try and choose who to follow.
2. Have it run right behind me so it can intercept a skill shot. Say for instance you are being chased by a Nidale, one more spear will kill you. Have the clone run right behind you so you don't ear a spear. Also, follow this this technique if the situation under Clone Wardrobe is in effect.
3. Have to clone run in a more logical direction and you run in what looks to be a random direction. If being ganked by multiple people, simply using technique 1 won't do. You need to outsmart them and not be turret dove.

Clone Wardrobe: This is one of the main reasons you want to use technique 2. If you are wearing red buff, blue buff, Guardian Angel passive, other items that effect LB's visual appearance, these effects will not be transferred to the clone. Meaning when the clone pops the enemy will easily be able to distinguish you from the clone. In this case, mind games aren't and option, so use the clone as a body shield.

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Q: Sigil Of Malice

Sigil of Malice is a medium range point click spell that does damage on contact with an enemy. There are a couple of things to note about this spell. Sigil of Malice has two proc of damage, the first upon impact with the champion and the second after the enemy is hit with another one of LB's abilities. This spell is relatively useless used on its own, which is why you should never get this spell at level 1. This spell should always be in the beginning of your combo, never at the end of your combo. Because this spell is point click, has 2 procs of damage, and offers up quicker burst than Ethereal Chains, we are going to max this spell second.

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W: Distortion

Distortion is an immensely powerful spell. This is a good length dash, and upon reactivation will return you to your original position. This spell has an immense amount of mobility, good poke, and is your only realistic and viable waveclear. You are arguably the most mobile champion at level 1 with this spell, and your mobility in the late game is only truly matched by Kassadin. It is because of the AOE damage and mobility that Distortion is maxed as your first spell. Distortion, unlike Sigil of Malice or Ethereal Chains does not have 2 procs of damage, only one. Because Sigil of Malice depends on a LB spell being used to proc the second form of damage, Distortion is the most reliable spell to get off more damage with. So in summary, most of the time you want to use Distortion after Sigil of Malice.

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E: Ethereal Chains

Ethereal Chains is a skill shot that once it lands onto an opponent, does an initial burst of damage and slows their movement speed until they either get out of its tether range or it snares the target and gives off a second round of burst damage. It is the only "skill shot" in your kit, and it contributes to 25-33% of your burst, no math involved here just a rough estimation. This spell is very hard to land because, while being as long ranged as a Blitzcrank hook, it is an extremely slow moving projectile. The best way to land this spell is a similar tactic used to land in lane Blitz hooks or Thresh hooks: pay attention to the minion wave. After you last hit one minion that is directly in front of the enemy mid laner, immediately shoot out your Ethereal Chain. This is the best surprise tactic for landing Ethereal Chains.
Another element of Ethereal Chains to note is that there are two points of damage that come with this spell, once upon contact with the enemy, and another after 2 seconds when the chain snares the enemy. This second proc of damage can proc the second damage proc of Sigil of Malice.

So.. You can perform either combo: Q>R>E or E>Q>R and be able to proc of the second Sigil of Malice damage. Keep this in mind when laning. Keep this in mind for Combo 6 under Combos.

Although this spell has more damage than Sigil of Malice, it is the hardest part of your kit to land,hence we are going to max this spell last.

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R: Mimic

Mimic is not a unique spell, but will act as a copy of the last spell you performed. So for example if your last spell was Distortion, and then you press R then you will perform another Distortion in the direction you are pointing. Mimic is where LeBlanc's flexibility comes as you can use a wide variety of combos in order to be able to handle a wide variety of circumstances. Just know, Mimic is basically a copy of your last spell with bonus damage added to it. Always take points in this spell at levels 6,11, and 16.

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Ability Leveling Order

As with all ultimates, Mimic should be taken at levels 6,11, and 16.
Distortion is your core mobility spell and your only reasonable form of waveclear. For the sake of having your mobility on a shorter cooldown, we are always going to max our Distortion first.

The next spell we are going to max is Sigil of Malice. While this spell does not do as much damage as Ethereal Chains, but Ethereal Chains is a more conditional spell than Sigil. Sigil of Malice is point click and MUCH easier to land than Ethereal Chains. also at all levels Sigil has a shorter cooldown than your chains. With the ease of use benefits and shorter cooldown, we will be maxing Sigil of Malice second.

Ethereal Chains is a hard to land skillshot with a longer cooldown than any of your other spells. We will be maxing this spell last.

Summary: R>W>Q>E

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How to Dominate laning phase.

Without discussing matchups, there are several general things you should be doing as LB in lane. Level 1, try not to use our Distortion for farming. You only want to use your Distortion for dodging skill shots or poking in lane. If you can get farm and poke the enemy at the same time, great do it. Constantly be auto attacking, don’t let off the aggression. You need to establish a dominating relationship early in the matchup. Try to play to the side of your minions, hug the side of the river your chose to ward. If you play behind your minions it is harder to walk the distance to Sigil of Malice > Distortion them. If you are on the side of the wave, they are either behind the minions or mirroring you on the other side. This makes it easier to walk up to them and Sigil of Malice > Distortion them. In addition, staying to the side of your minions makes them choose: "Do I use my spells for farming or try to harass her?" Make them loose farm and make sure you dodge the skills. Keep up in farm, don’t sacrifice too many CS for poke. Warning, this does make it harder to land your Ethereal Chains. You really should practice farming with this champ once or twice, as it will take some practice to last hit with her responsive , yet extremely weak, auto attacks. See Combos for specific spell rotations to use to win laning phase as well as carry the game.

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As LB, it is imperative that you land combos on the enemy if you want to kill them. Understanding which combo to use in what situation can turn the tide of a game. I will describe many crucial combos on how to play LB

Level 3 First Blood Combo: The following combo is most likely either going to give you first blood or force your opponent out of lane.
At level 1: Distortion into auto attacks: Get off this spell for harass and auto attacks for harass
At Level 2: Sigil into Distortion into Auto attacks: More harass
Level 3: Sigil into Chain into Distortion into Ignite into auto attacks

1A. Most Reliable Assasination: This is the second highest damage combo in your kit, and the most reliable combo you want to use in order to kill one person. E>Q>R>W + Ignite or Q>R>E>W + Ignite. The important thing here is to end with your Distortion and Ignite. Getting both procs of Sigil of Malice's damage is the crucial aspect of your damage output. Now it may seem that the more devastating combo would be double Distortion, since you max Distortion. However, I've done the math and just trust me, pretty much at all points in the game this is a superior damaging combo.

1B: Highest Hitting Assassination combo: While Combo 1 A is easier to pull of than this combo, this combo just has a bigger punch due to Ethereal Chain's AP ratio. The combo E>R>Q>W means that you will have to land two skill shot chains. Make sure to auto attack the enemies after using your burst spells while they are snared.

2. Waveclear: There is only one realistic waveclear option in LB's kit. Gather the minions around your and double Distort them. At early levels, this will put the caster minions within last hitting range.

3. Kill the invisible enemy. Combo 1 is always the most optimal form of damage, but this requires using Q which is a point click spell, which isn't possible against stealthed champions. If you manage to land your Ethereal Chain against a stealthed enemy, use your Distortion and then Mimic Distortion against him if he was low on health.

4. Run Away: Double Distortion is the easiest way to put 1200 units between you and a damage Threat. Great for escaping ganks.

5. Juke City: If multiple enemies are coming from multiple directions then the following juke may be needed. W>R. Then press W to return to your original position then R to return to the farthest traveled position. Can be used to disorient and confuse your enemies.

6: Walk the Dogs: This is more of a defensive option to help an ally escape. You your double Ethereal Chains on two incoming enemies as they are making a B Line for your friendly. This, by far the rarest combo you can pull off, but rewarding when it works.

7. Laning phase Harassment. There are two manners through which you can quickly harass your enemy mid laner. The first is double distortion. This quick jab has the added benefit of possible piking up farm from the AOE damage at the same time. The other Harassment combo is Distortion into Sigil of Malice into Ethereal Chains and then take your distortion back to safety. This last combo mentioned is a pre 6 harass combo.

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What to do when you get behind.

This is the worst thing that can happened if your are playing LB. If you get behind as LB, or any assassin really, you can slip into irrelevance. There are a couple of things you can do if this happens.
1. Look for the feeder on their team. If you are loosing to the enemy mid laner, than look to the score board and find out who, if anyone on the enemy team, is doing bad. If there is someone on the enemy team who isn't good, camp him for a few kills. This can get your back on track in terms of gold. This may not always be possible however.
2. Void Staff, Morellonomicon, Sorcerer's Shoes: If you start getting behind, you should forgo the traditional build path, Rabadons Deathcap, and look to buying cheap yet useful items. Morellonomicon, Void Staff, and Sorcerer's Shoes are cheap items that have great stats for LB and are effective.
3. Make use of your chains for selfless reasons: You may not be fed and a killing machine, but you can help someone else do well by holding them down with your Etheral Chains. Hold down an enemy for your, hopefully fed, teammate and help him get bigger. Than just be a support for him.
4. Keep your spirits up: "Never give up, never surrender" Said a William Shatner parody once in a great film, and this advice is true. If you do give over a kill, don't get too worked up. With a optimistic view, planning, and teamwork you can come back from anything. If nothing else, look to Dyrus. He gets camped all the time, and 90% of his games he comes back into use for his team. :)

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Summoner Spells

There is only one combo for mid lane LB: Flash and Ignite. Flash, because it offers god like utility/escape/engage. Ignite should be taken to secure a level 3 kill.

I don't recommend Teleport, even on top lane LB, because your game is dependent on your early kills, and LB doesn't TP engage as well as many other mid lane AP mages.

Barrier, Heal, and Cleanse are defensive summoners: You need to play LB extremely aggressive.

Ghost: Don't even bother, a movement speed boost isn't as good as Flash

Clarity: You rush a mana regen item, no need for this summoner.

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Whether in Solo Que or in ranked On LB I always take flat AP quints, magic penetration marks. The Quints and marks are designed to give more early damage. In solo que I prefer to take scaling health seals and scaling CDR glyphs. The scaling seals are to help me be less squishy throughout the game, and having more health helps me against everyone. As for the glyphs, while the majority of mid laners are AP, there do lie the semi popular AD mid laners: Jayce, Zed, Talon, and Yasuo. Taking say magic resistance runes into these mid laners means that 25% of your runes are not being optimally used. With that said in solo que, I prefer either having scaling AP or scaling CDR glyphs. Now I personally believe LB needs to be played at close to 40% CDR. With the loss of DFG and the rework to elixirs, there is now no reasonable way to add 10 CDR into your build item-wise. Without scaling CDR glyphs, LB in her normal build path is stuck at around 25% CDR, which in my opinion is not enough. And in solo que, depending on others to give you blue buff or for them to not steal it from you is asking so much of random people.
Now in ranked gameplay, when you know who you are going up against you can itemize better. Against AP mid laners you can switch the scaling CDR glyphs for flat or scaling magic resistance.

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This is a fairly standard set up for an AP assassin. I take Double Edged Sword to deal as much damage as possible. I take 4 points in Sorcery because CDR is excellent on LB. Alternatively you could take 3 points in Sorcery and obtain Feast to have a safer laning phase, but I am not as much of a fan of this mastery set up. The rest of the mastery page is based on giving me raw damage. The utility tree is meant to reduce the cooldowns on your igntie and flash for plays while giving you a stronger laning phase through sustain and upgraded pots.

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Item Discussion

As I play LB, I place a focus on CDR, AP, and magic penetration.

Starting Items: I will usually go Doran's Ring + Health pot to increase my initial burst power. However, if I am up against a mid lane that traditionally starts Crystalline Flask, Kassadin/ Talon being most common examples, then I will take Crystalline Flask. Note, if you have Crystalling Flask as you progress into the game and are about to enter a teamfight I recommend doing this: Chug all three charges before entering the fight so you can slightly mitigate the damage you take over the course of the fight.

1. A 20% CDR item: The choice is between Athene's Unholy Grail and Morellonomicon. You need one of these as you need to regen your mana and get much needed CDR. I prefer Athene's Unholy Grail in order to have a late game mana supply and have some durability vs AP enemies. You loose 20 AP from picking Athene's, but you will still do great combo damage. Alternatively, Morellonomicon is much cheaper and gives a stronger AP power spike. I alternate between them, both can be excellent on LB, but I find myself preferring the Athene's Unholy Grail overall.

2. Sorcerer's Shoes: These shoes help LB do the most damage. Simply put, these shoes are mandatory.

3. Rabadon's Deathcap: This item gives the highest amount of AP in the game, which fuels your burst the strongest.

4. Zhonya's Hourglass: This item gives a high amount of power and gives you survivability, defensive properties, and play making potential.

5. Void Staff: This item is pretty much a core item, since most smart enemy champions will buy magic resistance against you. Increases your damage by a ton and is really cheap. There are two paths you can take with this item. After your 20% CDR item, you can pick up this item instead of a 120 AP item for an even quicker powerspike that scales well into the late game. This can be a great solution if the enemy team has already started to pick up magic resistance or if you just want a quick powerspike. Or, you can wait until after you pick up a 120 AP item and save this item for later on in your build. Im not the hugest fan of picking this up as your second item, but if your get behind its probably the best way you can get yourself back into a matchup.

6: Luden's Echo: While we will miss DFG, we have to look to the future and see what this new 120 AP item can do for you. It gives a good increase to your mobility and gives you decent AOE damage. There are two paths for this item on LB. The first, not my favorite, is building it first. Building this first would be a sort of snowball item, giving you increased mobility and good burst damage. Going Luden's Echo first followed by a Rabadon's can make for a heavy hitting damage combo. The second option, my recommended option, is build this at some point after your 20 CDR item followed by a Rabadon's Deathcap. I think Luden's Echo is a great way to increase LB's mobility and burst. One other reason I love this item is that the AOE passive from this item can pop Banshee's Veil! This is shown in this early testing video of Luden's Echo starting at the 2:58 point So if this interaction is AOE, then you can pop 4 Banshee's Veil's! This adds a bit of "offensive utility" as you help open up the team to not just your burst but other hard hitting spells. A respectable situational item.

7. Rylai's Crystal Scepter: This item gives me 400 health and 100 AP. Can help you survive fights a tad bit longer while helping increase my burst damage. A good situational item.

8. Lich Bane: This item gives decent AP, much appreciated move speed, and LB does utilize Sheen procs pretty well. A good increase to your burst and helps you take structures. A decent situational item.

9. Abyssal Mask: This item is useful as an early pickup against multiple AP threats on the enemy team. This item is good in the early game, is not a good late game item.

10. Elixir of Sorcery: Once you are at 6 items, constantly chug this potion in order to do more magic damage.

11. Guardian Angel. I normally don't build this item, but if you are in a 70 minute game where one mistake will cost your the game, this item can make all the difference. A good situational item.

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Items to Never Buy

1. Tear of the Goddess ----> Archangel's Staff: The amount of time and effort required to make this item work are not quick enough to be made effective on LB. In addition, LB doesn't spam nearly enough spells to warrant purchasing this much mana.

2. Rod of Ages: This item might look temping at first: Mana, AP, and making myself not so squishy during my dives would be nice. The item doesn't become fully effective for 10 minutes, and doesn't fuel your powerspike effective enough. Not useful for the mana because a mana regen item is effective enough to fill your mana problems.

3. Liandry's Torment: This item simply doesn't give enough AP for your bursting needs. There are better AP items in the game. The burn passive is nice against tanks, but your first thought shouldn't be to burst down tanks, it should be to burst down squishies. Not a terrible item, but not really a good pick up to increase your burst damage. It can work on some bursty champions, like Vel'Koz or Katarina, but doesn't work well enough on LB to warrant a purchase.

4. Twin Shadows: This items just doesn't give enough benefits/ is beaten out by other item's benefits. For AP burst and mobility Lich Bane or Luden's Echo are better.

5. Will of the Ancients: This item is truly meant for sustained damage mages, not for burst champions. Don't buy it, not strong enough.

6. Trinity Force: Wouldn't you make Phreak proud of this item. More of a fashion statement than an effective item, not enough AP on this item to make it a good purchase. I do however recommend this item for insulting your enemies, but not for serious gameplay.

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LB is a very strong midlane assassin. She can dominate almost every matchup if played right. Her matchups will be described 1= non theat to 10= highest threat, and be described as Good/ Goes Even/ or Bad

Ahri:6/10, Goes Even. Ahri doesn't have the early kill pressure that LB has, but recent changes to Ahri's kit have made her harder to deal with in lane. Also, Ahri can heal up a portion of the damage she takes, combine this with Ahri's superior waveclear and Ahri can win extended matchups.

Akali: 5/10, Good. LB is ranged and has a far superior pre 6 game than Akali. LB should be able to handle this lane easily.

Anivia: 8/10, Bad. Annivia is a lane counter to LB with her egg passive and far superior waveclear and hitting spells.

Azir: 7/10, Goes even. Azir can easily poke down LB, but LB still has greater pre 6 burst and short trade damage. Still, try and avoid this lane, is hard to deal with.

Brand: 9/10, Bad. Brand has really long range farm/poke, has hard CC/damage, and his ultimate doesn't care if you have a clone or not, you will get hit by it. This can be considered a lane countermatchup.

Cassiopeia: 7/10: Goes even. Cass has better sustain damage, and her AOE spells can be annoying to dodge. you have to kill her in laning phase, or suffer a slow sustain damage defeat. However, Cass is relatively immobile and you can work with your jungler to exploit this.

Cho Gath: 9/10, Bad. Not a common mid laner, but with his silence and knock up he is an excellent counter to LB. Cho Gath naturally and through his build path scales into a tanky mage, so this matchup gets worse the longer you lane. Avoid this matchup.

Ekko: 7/10, Goes Even: This is an interesting skill matchup. Ekko's W stun sphere can punish LB if her Distortion is not available. Ekko can easily dodge your Distortion with his dash then use this instant blink auto attack to reengage onto you. His Q poke is annoying but easily dodgeable. In many ways this matchup is similar to facing an Ahri in the sense that his primary poke is dodgeable, but being overzealous with Distortion can be deadly. Best way to fight Ekko, wait out the stun sphere, then go in on Ekko. If you can avoid the stun sphere you have avoided the majority of his pre 6 power.

Fizz: 6/10, Goes even: Fizz may have had a recent rework, but that doesn't change what makes him a challenge to deal with: Invulnerability gap close, his ultimate sticks to you( if your clone pops Fizz will be able to easily tell who is who) and Fizz has good burst damage.

Gragas: 6/10: Goes even: Not much of a mid laner anymore, but LB can burst him down before he builds defensive items. LB can auto harass easily, and if she avoids his barrels and body slams his damage becomes negligible.

Heimerdinger: 6/10, Goes Evem: Really ANNOYING, but he is really squishy. Pick your moment and take him out, just do your best to not be poked down beforehand.

Karma: 5/10, Goes Even: Karma is a jack of all trades, has good poke, farming, shields. Will be harder to kill than most, but easy to dodge her harass.

Karthas: 4/10, Good. you can dodge Karthas' pre 6 harass really easily.

Kassadin: 6/10: Good. Kassadin has a really weak pre 6 response to someone as aggressive and damaging as LB. you can shut him down pre 6 really easily. Be warned, if you didn't shut him down pre 6, he will outscale and outperform your.

Katarina: 5/10, Good. Auto harass her, perform superior pre 6 burst, enjoy better waveclear, and make sure not to give her a kill and this matchup should easily go your way.

Le Blanc: 10/10, Bad. Ah, solo que is fun, read my guide to find out why she is 10/10

Lissandra: 9/10, Bad: Mana cheap poke, tons of CC and engage, level 6 burst or survivability, and handles teamfights much better than LB. A LB counter and strong response to LB.

Lulu: 7/10, Goes even: Similar to Karma, except has better speed boost, better anti assassin ultimate, and still great poke. She is a sort of counter to assasins in general.

Lux: 6/10, Goes even. Has really annoying poke, CC and snipes. If you get locked down, you will get chunked, but you should be able to dodge Lux harass pretty easily.

Malzahar: 8/10, Bad. He has too much free waveclear, free long range devastating AOE, and if you get close to him at level 6 he can outburst your. He also has max health per second damage and a silence. Rito, please rework these champs.

Morgana: 8/10, Bad: A counter to LB, with hard CC lockdown and AOE damage and waveclear. Black shield negates your possible snare.

Orianna: 6/10, Good: Orianna packs tons of damage and good waveclear, but not a lot of early power. Exploiting this can give you an easy lane.

Swain: 7/10, Goes Even: LB has better burst damage, but Swain has better sustained damage and can handle a prolonged laning phase better.

Syndra: 7/10, Goes Even. Traditionally, with the recent removal of LB's silence, this matchup is considered to go Syndra's way, but LB can still win. Just avoid Syndra harass as best you can, and get a kill pre 6.

Talon: 5/10, Good. You outrange him in every sense, he's a realtively less challenging laning phase and pre 6 burst fights go your way.

Victor/ Vel Koz/ Xerath: 6/10, Goes even: Fighting these three is basically the same lane: You can easily avoid their poke and all of them are relatively immobile.

Yasuo: 8/10, Goes even: This is a tricky matchup. While his Windwall only blocks one of your spells, he has lots of in lane mobiliy and can close the gap easily. He has no mana or energy concerns with low cooldowns. He scales into late game and split pushes much better than you do, taking into account his normal build path. Fighting a Yasuo is similar to fighting a Zed, only slightly less early game pressure.

Zed: 10/10. Zed doesn't have mana/resource problems. Zed has strong playmaking potential. Zed has decent AOE shadow damage, his Q poke is safer than your poke, and his level 6 all in is stronger than yours. Avoid this lane.

Ziggs/ Zillean: 6/10, Goes Even: These bomb chuckers play similar. They use bombs to powerpush the lane. They are semi mobile, but a pre 6 kill will keep them down. A specific note on Zillean, if he is low and uses his Chronoshift, stop attacking him. Don't give him the satisfaction of using that ability to make him healthier. Just wait out the Chronoshift and by then one of your cooldowns will be back up, kill him then.

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Team Synergy

While you are a very capable mid laner, having a team comp that synergizes with you is a great way to boost your performance. In this section I will the top champions in each role that either work great with her, or just don't work with her. Now, these combinations are not set in stone to succeed or fail, anything can happen with skill. Just some combos are objectively better than others.

TOP Top Lane Synergy
1. Renekton: This big crocodile has many of the same characteristics you do: Lane dominancy and a great mid game powerspike. Renekton has lots of tools to win a early matchup and you too teamfight well together.
2. Irelia: Has a playstyle and mid game powerspike similar to Renekton's, except she is stronger in the game right now so a better pickup.
3. Lissandra: She has good AP ratios, is a bit of a bully, and can set you up for some great engages.

Worst Top Lane Synergy
1. Dr. Mundo: This champion simply doesn't have a strong early game. Sure Mundo has a godlike late game, but this is way past the point in which LB is most powerful. Simply put, your powerspikes are way to off.
2. Ryze: This is similar to the problem of Dr. Mundo, but worse. Ryze takes SO LONG to ramp up, he may as well be absent from a majority of the critical time you need to get ahead.

Best Jungler Synergy
1. Vi: This is probably your best pairing. While Vi holds someone down in what feels like infinite CC lockup you can land double chains for extra damage. Vi also teamfights well in the late game and can peel for LB.
2. Jarvan 4: He has immense amounts of early power, and while not having the CC lockup of Vi he can keep someone locked in his Cataclysm long enough for you to score a kill.
3. Nidale: you both enjoy high AP power kits with early/mid game power peaks.
4. Rek Sai: Not as effective as Vi or as flashy as Jarvan, but Rek Sai is extremely powerful with great early and mid game dueling potential + knockup.

Worst Jungle Synergy
1. Nunu: Talk about lackluster ganks, which Amumu has all game. If you want a jungler to coem help you get a kill, this is probably the worst guy to use.
2. Warwick: His pre 6 ganks are non existent and he has a relatively weak mid game. His level 6 ganks can be devastating, so not as bad as Nunu but still not good.
3. Evelyn: This champion is just in a bad place in League as a game.

Best mid lane Synergy.. Just kidding

Best ADC Synergy
1. Corki: Has an amazingly powerful mid game spike which corresponds with your powerspike and has decent waveclear.
2. Kalista: Kalista has a monstrously good mid game and assuming she builds Hurricane she will make up for your bad waveclear.
3. A good laning phase against most, a hyper scaling ADC, has good waveclear, and has a good mid game power spike.
4. Graves: Has a great mid game powerspike

worst ADC Synergy
1. Kog Maw: Not extremely potent in the early game
2. Vayne: A terrible laning phase, weak early and mid game, and lack of good waveclear make this champ not synergize with LB
3. Ezreal: Has a more late game oriented powerspike, and doesn't enjoy an outstanding or dominating laning phase.
4. Varus + Caitlyn: both of these champions are all about poking down the enemy while LB wants to go in. Their kits and playstyles simply don't match.

Best Support Synergy
1. Thesh: He has great utility, great catch potential, and gets tanky. He teamfights with LB very well
2. Leona + Annie: Both can snowball a lane, both have mid game power spikes, and both have AOE ultimates that can be used to stun the enemy team or pop their Banshee's Veils for your.
3. Blitzcrank: Has amazing catch potential, he can pop multiple Banshee's Veils with ease, and has a great mid game.
4. Nami: The only defensive support on this list, but can use her Tidal Wave to pop the entire team's Banshee's Veils and she has good teamfighting tools.

Worst support synergy:
1. Soraka: Soraka is a walking heal machine, but doesn't teamfight very well.
2. Bard: Just not enough damage, kill threat, or catch potential to make this combo good.
3. Janna: Janna wants to break apart a fight while you want to start a fight. Your playstyles just don't match.

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LeBlanc Top lane

I don't recommend doing this at all. LB thrives in the mid lane where she can get a level advantage and roam the map to create plays. Sticking her on the isolated island known as top lane is hard for many reasons: LB does not handle tanks well. Most tanks can handle LB, and top lane is full of tanks. Also, top laners are expected to take teleport. So you either give up early kill pressure by taking Teleport or give up map pressure by taking ignite. Only do LeBlanc if you know you are going against a top laner who is a relatively easy matchup in the mid lane, such as Jayce, Talon, or Kassadin.

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What do you think?

Now that you've heard my opinion, I would love to hear yours. Do you agree or disagree with anything I have written here? Is there something you think I missed about LeBlanc? I would love to have nay and all discussions about this in the comment section.