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Leona Build Guide by Seoseal

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Seoseal

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Seoseal Last updated on January 19, 2013
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The first comment on my guide:

"EDIT: Also, you have Aegis of the Legion as well as Runic Bulwark in your finished build? I don't get it. You can't have 7 items, you don't have enough inventory slots."

If you don't understand the game, the mechanics, how it works, or simple math, than PLEASE TURN AWAY! This guide is obviously too advanced for you. If you want pretty colors, black and white explanations, and every item you can possibly build in every situation, then this is not the guide for you.

However, if you can read, and you want to try the build out for itself, using common sense to build against your opposition and build off of this particular champions strong points, please do. You now need to comment to vote.

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This is my 3rd time attempting a guide, but the first that will be published. I'm not a pro, so remember it's a guide, not a black 'n white "Ur nob baddie, unstall jajajaja" rulebook. It's how I build, and it works for me. Hopefully it can help other people who are tired of being squishy 9/21's bot lane. If enough people at least view it, I may consider taking the time to make it all pretty and show the math behind the decisions, but until then:

She's a tank
Bad AP ratios
Bad AD ratios
Good at sitting in a bush and shooting out a yellow beam of you're sc***ed mate.
Combination of Garen and Kayle, long lost child perhaps?

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I run:
9 Flat AR Marks
9 Flat AR Seals
9 Per Lvl MR Glyphs
3 GP10 Quints

GP10 quints - You're a support, thats pretty much all you can do as Leona. Sure, you get gold from assists(and the occasional kill -oops!), but that's never a definite in this game. Coupled with +2 GP10 Masteries, thats 2 gold every second, on top of whatever .437 you get just from being in game.
Per Level Magic Resist Glyphs - AP champions scale with level, there is no AP item that you can stack the way your ADC can with a BT(no, archangels staff doesn't compare to the damage output). Your MR should scale as well. If you'd rather do 3 Flat MR, and 6 MR per level - do it! Nobody likes that pesky AP Sona/Lux/Taric early game.
Flat Armor Marks - Not only are you laning against high physical damage output, but you're also built like a tank. Build on what Leona already has ingrained in her mechanics.
Flat Armor Seals - More Armor = Less Damage = More EHP(Effective Health Points). The Marks alone just don't cut it for Armor, they're a secondary rune. However if you wanna run 2/4 GP10 Seals along with 7/5 Flat AR's, do that too! an extra .5/1 Gold doesn' hurt.

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1/1 Summoner's Wrath - A given choice for any support.

1/3 Perseverance - For Leona, put a filler point in this. Reducing minion damage isn't as helpful from recovering that HP with her already amazing Regen.
4/4 Durability - Health OP. AR/MR less effective, more expensive in S3. Stack health.
3/3 Hardiness - Again, you're a tank, and against an ADC, +5 armor shouldn't be a question.
1/3 Resistance - +2MR is better than another point in Perseverance, +1.5 is not.
2/2 Unyielding - Damage mitigation, capitalize on your strong points -Tank.
1/1 Veteran's Scars - Read ^^^ +Early lane survivability.
1/1 Block - Basic attack damage from your foe, reduced. Gonna help you survive Kha'Zix? Xerath? Nope, but you're against an auto-attacking champion. Grab it.
3/3 Juggernaut - TANK.
1/1 Defender - In a by-the-book team fight, you have +5 AR/MR. You would need 3 points in Legendary Armor, and 100 AR/MR to get that. Simple math says between the two, you choose Defender.

1/1 Summoner's Insight - 15 seconds off Flash - Get in/out more often.
3/3 Meditation - Leona has some mana issues, not serious, but with 3/3+Philo Stone, you're fine.
3/3 Mastermind - Exhaust(Your support kill secure, remember?) 10% quicker. Your get in/out Flash is 10% quicker, plus the 15 seconds.
4/4 Greed - Support. Don't argue.
1/1 Whatever you wish in the first 2 tiers, filler point to get to Greed.

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Philosopher Stone - Must. Don't argue. Don't comment. Must.
Aegis Of The Legion - Must. Don't argue. Don't comment. Must.
^With these two items, Leona is a walking HP pot. Her rate is already high from the way she's designed. Build on that.
Boots of...whatever - You need to survive. Heavy AD? Tabi. AP? CC? Merc's. Want to taunt some folks? Mobility.
Sightstone/Ruby Sightstone - If you're playing a support, and you don't have this... well then, go back to playing My Little Pony, please. 1.)It pays for itself throughout the game. 2.)You have 12mins/15mins of vision, how long do your games last? 3.)+100/300HP. Supports are usually squishy, easy targets, make the enemy regret thinking that.
Locket Of Iron Solari - Sounds like it's BUILT FOR LEONA. It's the supports version of Heal/Barrier bait. Armor helps you in lane, HP in the game, CD reduction on your ult.
Shurelya's Reverie - +Mana Regen. +CD Reduction PASSIVE(it's unique, the locket does indeed stack), +HP, +MS initiate/reset/escape for the WHOLE team.
Kage's Lucky Pick - Because once you build that Shurelya's, you still need gold! +AP? Why not, everything you do as Leona is based off of AP. Turn it into either of the support items, or if you're doing well, grab an AP item for fun! I prefer Twin Shadows for the extra MR and MS, Leona seems a little slow to me.
Runic Bulwark - Should ONLY be upgraded from Aegis IF your TEAM is having a difficult time with the enemy AP. The only other time to upgrade, is towards the end of the game when your build is finished, and you're buying pots.

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Pros / Cons

Tank..but also support 0_0!
Three stuns
Can walk away instead of burning Flash
+Damage for your entire team(passive)
Great initiates for fights
Very good champion for peeling, baiting, and PtC

Has no good form of escape
Slightly mana dependent
Pretty squishy early game
Dependent on skill shots
Kind of slow

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Team Work

-Ready to push bot and take the tower? E an entire minion wave and thats +damage for your ADC to push. Stupid ADC? Then it doesn't work.
*Communication is KEY*
As a support, your role in this game is to support your team through items. Protect your ADC through... yourself(Taric/Leona) as a meat shield, and/or spells(Janna/Sona).
-When team fights role around the entire enemy composition will try and kill off that damage(Your best friend Graves/Ashe!) You don't want to sit by while your best friend dies do you?
Q=Stun. E=Stun. R=Stun. Save your best friend! Support your team. Peel for your damage. Be on the front line and take the damage, because you know you can take it.
-Not used to taking damage for your team? W it up! W+Runes = "Psssh, yeah, keep hitting me while I casually walk back to my tower after my teams gotten away." OR "Haha! My EHP is... +100%(of 2,000=4,000 Effective Health) attack me while my team burns you and your inhib!"

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[Sunlight-Passive] - E a minion wave, your ADC will appreciate the extra damage securing their CS. R an entire enemy team, yours will love 140(max) extra damage on top of their own.
[Shield of Daybreak-Q] - Level 1 fights are won with CC. Whether you're invading or just saving your ADC from an early gank, take Q first, level it second.
[Eclipse-W] - Easily the most OP MR/AR buff, especially since the S3 changes to the cost and effectiveness of Armor and Magic Resist. Max it first, the Q-W-E combo puts out all your damage, but leaves you in melee range. Damage going in, mitigation going out.
[Zenith Blade-E] - Your initiate/zone skill. Take it at 2 for early kills, or to catch+stun that crafty Graves who flashed past you to finish off your ADC.
[Solar Flare-R] - Running for your life? Chasing someone running for theirs? Need to initiate? Save a tower? Take a tower? Prolong that dreaded Amumu ult as long as possible? Take it when its available for more damage, more often.

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Leona is already a tanky little ray of sunshine, so running with that much armor from runes alone can allow you a Rylai's Scepter as a 6th item if you're owning, or a Warmogs, if you're not. Going the extra GP10 route, gets you your built-in HP pot and Sightstone much quicker for lane dominance.


1/1 Summoner's Wrath - I don't care if you're a pantha-port, EVERY SUPPORT SHOULD HAVE THIS! I can understand heal bait, I really can, but that's on the ADC, NOT YOU! Cripple MS for gap closing, reduce AS by 40% for exchanges(less life steal). Why not capitalize on this and reduce their AR/MR by 10? +Damage from you AND your ADC. It's the supports version of Ignite, a Kill Secure.

3/3 Juggernaut - TANK. At 18, you'd have +80HP without runes, masteries, or items. Now, add 138(masteries)+items(1375)= 108.36 Ever wish you had 100 extra HP? Ever get out of a tight spot with a single digit of HP? There ya go.

1/1 Defender - In a by-the-book team fight, you have +5 AR/MR. You would need 3 points in Legendary Armor, and 100 AR/MR to get that. Simple math says between the two, you choose Defender. [.Why not -Time dead? You're a tank/support... you don't do damage, you're only scary with a team behind you, if they're still dead well... run in circles. 10% reduced crit? Grab it if you feel more than 1 person(which will be your teams first/second priority to kill) is going to cause you trouble. %5 tenacity? Doesn't help unless it's combined with Merc Treads, or you take points out of Max EHP for %15. Reduce Slows? May as well take the Tenacity. +1.5 MR? not as effective as +2-5. Reduce turret damage? You plan on diving turrets?.]


Leveling Q before E?:
But E scales better with AP! The damage from leveling the skill is more potent! Very true, but your job isn't to do damage. The stun doesn't increase with level either. By the end of the game, I feel it's kind of a surprise that the support is not only a TANK, but she does actual DAMAGE too. Just when they think you're not worth paying attention to - strategy.