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Tryndamere Build Guide by Yaksha3

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Yaksha3

Tryndamere - The engager!

Yaksha3 Last updated on March 17, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Read guides and play a lot. Reading guides will give you the knowledge to perform to your best in every situation and perfecting an item build. Playing a lot will give you the feel for the game and Tryndamere. Practise makes perfect in the end so don't give up.

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Good day summoners, I am reffered to on league as Yaksha (Username being Yaksha3). In the upcoming months a guide into the depths of Tryndamere will be released soon enough. Until then sit tight and browse upon other guides. If this build worked for you be sure to vote.

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Personally I find Tryndamere great on top lane. Teamwork is very important in taking out enemies for him and soloing is easily possible for a 1v2 situation. Just stay alive and soon enough, I guarantee you'll find yourself taking that/those kills. Be sure to be observant of mid and always indicate your team mate for a gank when coming across. If they are any good, that kill shouldn't really be a problem. I take my first gank around the early levels getting a great start and rising above the opponents in my lane.

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- What you need to be able to do -

1. You must be aware of what is around you, able and ready for anything.
2. You must be able to communicate effectively with your team from mia's to ganks.
3. You must use your abilities at the right time. Your ult along with Spinning Slash and Bloodlust will be your saviours on many occasions if used correctly.
4. You must be able to last hit well, at higher level you will have a near 100% critical chance so killing minions can take up to one or two hits.
5. You should be using the key interface of R - UP, F - DOWN, D - LEFT, G - RIGHT along with Q, W, E and T for champion abilities is very efficient for any champion once use to the keys. Also Y for summoner spells such as Flash and Heal can be very important if needed to be used right away.

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Pros / Cons

Coming soon.

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Barrier: For Tryndamere I would really not recommend this spell. As effective as it will be early game keeping you alive if you ever come to use it, it will not work out late game. I believe Barrier can easily be outplayed by something like Flash or Teleport. It is you're preference.

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Clairvoyance: Yeah... Sure... Clairvoyance is great for any champion.(Take note of the sarcasm)

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Clarity: Well um... Tryndamere does use fury so a mana spell really won't do any good.

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Cleanse: Cleanse is a viable option. Removing debuffs can save a life or two. Although if your looking for that, a better option would be Quicksilver Sash. It builds into Mercurial Scimitar which is a semi-ideal item for an AD carry.

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Exhaust: This summoner spell can be quite useful at times. With Tryndamere not having such high movement speed this could be the answer to getting that kill. Along with Mocking Shout this is very effective. With a damage decrease by 80 and another by 30% with Exhaust it will save your life in some situations. Overall, this spell would be a good pick helping you close down that gap.

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Flash: Flash is just overall a pretty good spell. Along with Spinning Slash that is basically 2 flashed you have there. This will for sure provide handy in some sticky situations where you really need to get away from your opponent or even when you need to get to an opponent.

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Ghost: Giving you extra movement speed this can be important in some apspects of Tryndamere's game. Over looking over jungle Tryndamere match, ghost can be used very well in the jungle.

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Heal: Heal can be a great summoner spell earlier on just like Barrier but late game it will go to complete waste if you have life steal, plus the health you get from Bloodlust. I wouldn't recommend it.

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Ignite: The rest of the summoner spells are coming soon.

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Battle Fury: This is your source of fury gaining 5 per hit, 10 for a critical strike and another 10 for killing a unit. For each point of fury you have a .35% critical chance. After 8 seconds of being out of combat your fury will go down 5 each second. Nuff' said.

Bloodlust: This ability lets Tryndamere stay out from the spawn for extended periods of time. With it's heal using 100 fury you get a heal of around 300+. At 100 fury if left it will give you a 35% critical chance and 25 attack damage when maxed. As long as you don't use your fury you'll have this passive a lot of the time.

Mocking Shout: This skill can be vital at certain points changing the path of Tryndamere later into the game. It provides a pure 80 damage decrease and to opponents with there back facing towards you it will slow them for 60% lasting 4 seconds when maxed. Great for catching up to enemies. Also, during 1v1s, when losing the fight this can be a game.. No, that's not right. Fight changer? Yeah, a fight changer. It is underestimated but be sure to use it out. With no cost it can only help you.

Spinning Slash: This skill is very valuable to Tryndamere and helps him decrease the gap between him and his enemies while also dealing damage. This ability goes through creeps and champions giving a great damaging effect and also goes through walls. Think of it as flash, when flash is on cool down if you use it Spinning Slash will provide a great escape.

Undying Rage: This ultimate is arguably one of the best ults in League. Giving you a definite 100 fury and 5 seconds to keep fighting, lifesteal and Bloodlust can come back to save your life giving you the ability to keep on fighting. Otherwise it provides a great escape when undoubtedly dead. Once you have gotten out with Flash or Spinning Slash you auto heal using Bloodlust therefore surviving and more damage effects to be dealt.

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This is something decently hard to do at times and one slip up can cause a death resulting in a worse future for the game. Spinning Slash can be used over walls like Flash so make good use of it. Your Undying Rage gives you a 5 second protection and 100 fury so once your 5 seconds is up make sure to use Bloodlust for that 300+ heal. In this build lifesteal is a main aspect so finding some monsters in the jungle can get your health way back up into the 2000's letting you able to keep fighting.

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Coming soon.

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Coming soon.

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There are a lot of tips to be given about Tryndamere and they will be out sometime in the near future. For now I will give you two, Bloodlust is used very poorly by many players through healing to survive so do it right dammit! The second being don't underestimate Mocking Shout. I have noticed a decent amount of players not bothered to use it for most of the game. Make sure you know what it does cause I guarantee you it will help you out in a lot a different situations.

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With Tryndamere I use to think juggling wasn't an option with him but it just might be. Though to be an effective jungler you will have to be a good communicator and get some successful ganks of for him to keep up with the other champions. You auto have Smite as one of your summoner spells as it will help you out.

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At the end of the day Tryndamere can always be pulled of as an MVP for your team or atleast a definite game changer. Upon time and getting to know the feel for Tryndamere such as any champion, if you have a good amount of experience I'm sure you will noticeably carrying games in no time.