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Tryndamere Build Guide by Omnislasher2297

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Omnislasher2297

Tryndamre, the 3's God

Omnislasher2297 Last updated on August 5, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Ladies and Gentleman, first of all i would greatly apreciate everyone who views this to please vote this guide up and provide any feedback in the comments, it will only help this guide and therefore anyone who uses it.

As you may be aware, Tryndamere is the most feared, and despised champion in 3's. When opponents start the load screen and see a Tryndamere on the opposing team they are instantly deflated... as they should be. a Tryndamere in the top lane can easily carry almost any team to victory even if the bottom lane is destroyed. Most people think he is simply a right click and win champion, as this may be somewhat true he is much more valuable than that and his skills can be so much more than just a click and crit champion. This guide will help you to learn how to successfully destroy your opponents and have them begging for 15 minutes so they can surrender.


Insane damage mid and late game
Build in Exhaust
Built in Heal
Built in Flash
Built in Crit
Unkillable for 5 seconds
Does NOT use mana
Strongest arms in the game!


Focused in team fights
Vulnerable to ranged harass and CC
Item dependent

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Battle Fury

Fury is your friend, this is a perfect passive for Tryndamere. Each attack gives you 5 fury, each crit gives you 10 fury, and each unit kill give you 10 fury. Each point of fury grants you 0.35% crit chance, so at 100 fury you get 35% crit chance ... Boom Critacular.


Your Q is your heal, and is the first skill you want to max out for sustainability purposes, and for fights. The wait the heal works is that the more Fury you have the more you get healed for, so its pretty useless unless you have alot of Fury. This is kind of a double edges sword because when you use Bloodlust you lose all your Fury, so this should only be used when it is needed or your damage will be greatly diminished. it is also used in a great combo with your ultimate which i will explain later.

Mocking Shout

Your W is basically an AOE exhaust, the way it works is if enemies are near you it is useable, but if they are not near you the skill is not useable. this is important and very valuable for detecting ganks, so keep an eye on this skill if people are MIA. positioning is also very important while using this skill, if your opponents are facing you they only receive lowered physical damage, but if they are facing away from you they still receive the lowered physical damage, in addition they are also slowed for 4 seconds. This is key for chasing down enemies and can also be used to escape if used properly.

Spinning Slash

Your E is also extremely useful and if utilized properly can save your life or give you First Blood. Spinning Slash is exactly what it says it is, you spin forward and slash everything in your patch. the damage is pretty minor in low levels but scales well later on. Its most valuable use in my opinion is that you can spin through walls and barriers, which comes in very handy for escaping, ganking, and even stealing jungle buffs. i dislike seeing this used as an engager at higher levels based on my trying it and not being able to escape when i have ran in to a gank, so i suggest you weigh your risks and rewards before using it to engage.

Undying Rage!

Your R is one of the most powerful ultimates in the entire game and if used properly can turn a gank into an Ace with ease. Undying Rage makes you incapable of dying for 5 seconds, (with the exception of Fountain Tower) which means you can tower dive, steal jungle buffs, stay in team fights longer, escape by the seat of your pants, and so much more. I have seen soo many bad Tryndameres use this move improperly by using it wayyyyyyy to early or way to late, do not be afraid to use it, but keep in mine what champion your are playing against (if they have nuke moves use it early, if not use it later) but the key is to not be afraid.


in many instances you will be faced with this situation, you engage and it turns out that your are going to lose the engagement. Your initial reaction will be to Bloodlust first and then Undying Rage. No is all i have to say. Never use your BLoodlust. Always pop your ultimate and try to escape with Spinning Slash, and just as your Undying Rage is about to expire thats when you want to use Bloodlust to escape with a sliver of health and laugh at the opposing team.

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Runes for Tryndamere are pretty simple.


Greater Quint of Furor

Crit is a huge part of Trynds game, his fury along with these 13.38% crit Quints make you a force to be reckoned with early game. without your crit you are picked on pretty easily in the early stages of the game, so when you crit your top lane opponent for 1/4 health there like sheeet, i hate crit tunes on Trynd...


Greater Marks of Desolation
greater mark of desolation

14.94 armor penetration helps with early tanky champions like anyone who picks up Doran's Shield.

Greater Marks of Furor

More crit is always a good thing when your playing Trynd, but even so i feel the armor penetration is vastly superior for ripping through what armor your opponent has.

Greater Marks of Strength

You could also go for straight AD marks. Obviously this will make your attacks do more damage but as i stated above i still feel the armor penetration marks are the way to go.


Greater Seals of Warding

Even though your are a damage champion you still need some defense. the magic resist from these seals will help keep you alive and allow you to stay in lane longer when facing an AP top lane, or jungle creeps.


Greater Glyphs of Resilience

Again the same principle applies to your glyphs as with your seals. defense is invaluable when considering lane sustain for AD champs and Jungle creeps.

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Starting Items

Boots of Speed, and 3 Health Potions are the items I start with, but Cloth Armor and 5 Health potions is also a good choice. I feel the extra movement speed is invaluable for obtaining First Blood, or preventing you from becoming First Blood. Also the extra movement speed can help to avoid harass early game from skill shots. On the other hand the Cloth Armor is invaluable when facing a strong ad champion early game.

Core Items

Berserker's Greaves, Wriggle's Lantern, Phantom Dancer, and Infinity Edge are your 4 core items and should be purchased basically every single game. Berserker's Greaves provide the early game attack speed and movement speed required for successfully controlling a lane. Wriggle's Lantern is without a doubt the best top lane/jungle item hands down. it provides lifesteal, armor, attack damage, a on hit chance to deal bonus damge, and is a ward!! come on now how could you not love this item. Phantom Dancer proves massive attack speed, crit chance and also some movement speed. the attack speed will generate more fury which means more crit, and therefore more damage and is a very nice item for Trynd. Infinity Edge is the king of all damage items, it provides attack damage, crit chance, and best of all 250% crit damage rather than 200%. this may not seem like a huge deal but it truly is, consider this, a 500 damage basic attack normally would crit for 1000 damage, now hits for 1250. Still not impressed ... OK ... based on a 1.75 attack speed and your 75% crit chance in 10 seconds this will result in an astonishing 2937.5 EXTRA DAMAGE!!!!

Finishing Your Build

Once you have your 4 core items from above, finishing your build is very dependent on what the other team composition is. For balanced teams I like to build Frozen Mallet, The Bloodthirster, Guardian Angel, and replace your Berserker's Greaves with Mercury's Treads. the Frozen Mallet gives you a lot of health, some damage but most importantly it slows everything you hit by a whopping 40%. The Bloodthirster gives you the most AD in game when farmed and Lifesteal to boot, this item keeps you alive in team fights as long as your hitting people. Guardian Angel makes you a little tanky with your magic resist, and armor. Most importantly it deters teams from focusing you in fights because you will just come back to life in a few seconds, paired with your ultimate you basically say kill me please so the rest of my team can kill you as i refuse to die and come back to life. Berserker's Greaves are a good cheap item that give you your tier 2 boot movement speed and a decent amount of attack speed, but are pretty much useless later in the game. Sooooo replace them later in the game for the most valuable boots in the game, Mercury's Treads. These boots give you your tier 2 movement speed and some valuable magic resist and most importantly they give 35 tenacity which is huge. Tenacity lowers the time of all cc on you by 35% which can make all the difference in the world when trying to stay alive with lifesteal, trying to escape or trying to kill dragon.

For heavy armor/tanky teams

Still go with the Bloodthirster, But get add in the Last Whisper instead of Guardian Angel, and finish it off with your Frozen Mallet. Still replace your Berserker's Greave with Mercurys Treads. The reason i drop the Guardian Angel is based on the fact that your enemies have all armor, they will most likely not be able to gun you down so you will probably not die. Also consider adding Madred's Bloodrazor at some point due to its tank shredding ability.

Teams with NO ARMOR

This team comp is where you should shine the most depending on there CC level. Add in another Phantom Dancer, pick up Guardian Angel, and pick up another The Bloodthirster. you may want to consider dropping your boots based on there CC to pick up a Quicksilver Sash, or an Infinity Edge. This comp will allow you to melt the enemy team soo fast its not even funny. With proper use of your ult and Guardian Angel they wont stand a chance.

Heavy AD or AP teams

Heavy damage teams whether they are AD or AP based are basically the same build with the exception of 1 item. All i do to defend myself against these comps is pickup a Thornamil for heavy AD, or a Force of Nature for Heavy AP. the Thornmail will give you the armor necessary to lessen the blows from the AD, and additionally it will hit them for 30% of the damage they deal to you. So basically there hurting themselves and your hurting them...Boom enough said. the Force of Nature provides the highest magic resist item in the game, increases your movement speed, and gives you health regeneration. this item is key for preventing AP teams from blowing you up before you can slam them with your sword. Maw of Malmortius, and Atma's Impaler are also good choices if the situation arises.

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Summoner Spells


Exhaust is so useful for Tryndamere in 3's, and i feel is should always be piked up. It slows movement speed, attack damage is reduced, and ability/item damage is reduced. Used for ganking, protecting other teammates, anti-ganking, or even protecting jungle buffs.


Ignite is also extremely useful, but for less reasons as exhaust. ignite is mainly used for finishing off an enemy champion when running away or to put you over the top in a 1v1 showdown. It can be the deciding factor in many fights, but it also has another component that many people overlook. It reduces the healing done on that champion based on your champions level. this can shut down champs like Dr. Mundo, Warwick, or Volibear who regen and heal soo much.


Flash is one of the most powerful summoner spells in the game but for Tryndamere, i feel it is wasted because his Spinning Slash provides the same effect and has a very short cooldown. For these reasons you should stay away from Flash.


Ghost provides 27% movement speed boost and negates unit collision. it can be very useful for getting away or hunting down champions. but since you have Exhaust, Mocking Shout, and Spinning Slash I feel it is not very viable for Tryndamere.

Pretty much any other summoner spell is off limits for Tryndamere... so dont do it...

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Play Style

OK, as a top lane champion your main goal is to outfarm the opposing teams top lane champion. this is done very simply as Tryndamere. In order to farm successfully you need to prove to the other champ that your not going to take any **** from him/her. Take into consideration which champion your facing when doing this because there are a few champions that just plain shut you down in 3's. For the most part you should be able to say HEY, This is my lane, and im going to farm... so you need to harass the enemy top as much as possible, i do this by waiting in the bottom bush and using spinning slash to jump on them and with a lucky crit they should be at 2/3 health allready. Now they will usually back off, but if they keep coming back just rinse and repeat this using Bloodlust, and Mocking Shout to help. in the meantime just keep last hitting and hopefully your bot lane calls mia, and doesnt fail.

By level 6 you should have plenty of farm for your Wriggle's Lantern, so no you want to push your lane to the enemy tower. when its pushed simply go to the top jungle, drop your ward to see dragon and get the top jungle buffs. At this point you should now strongly consider ganking bot lane due to your ult's strength.

Level 9-10 you should have Wriggle's, Berserkers Greaves, and hopefully a dagger for your Zeal. Wait for an oppertunity, whether you pushed to there tower or you have sight on all 3 champs. Now you can solo dragon, and now your team has a clear advantage.

Boom ... we have entered the team fight era ... Plan your fights smartly look for number advantages, you are an effective initiator due to your Spinning slash for getaway and your incredible ult. Use Mocking Shout for an advantage but save your Bloodlust, until your Undying Rage is just about to end